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  1. PDX Firefly

    Developer Diary | Economy Part Two

    Hello, friends. Welcome to part two of our Developer Diary covering Millennia’s economy. Rob kicked things off for us the last time, outlining the different types of Goods and Resources, the role of Needs, and how Workers can scale in more advanced economies. This time, we’ll build on that...
  2. Romegypt

    When did the specialist economy fall out of favor?

    A lot of old guides mention SE, but the people in the discord now say don't do it, it's better to do a hybrid. Is this true, and if so when was it discovered, and what caused a pure specialist economy to become disfavored?
  3. Lexicus

    Who deserves what and how can we achieve the highest good for the most people?

    Obama said "you didn't make the roads and bridges", in fact. He of course did not tell business owners that they did not make their businesses.
  4. Zegangani

    [NFP] Industry/Corporations Mode is comming!

    With the Newest NFP Updates, Firaxis implemented New Tables in the GameplayShema of the game, that aren't yet used (empty). In the latest NFP Mode, the Heroes Mode, they implimented some Hero Mode Tables into the Base Game (without having the Babylon Pack/Exp1 or 2). But another Table was added...
  5. C

    Mini-review of Loffas's economic modmod

    Hello guys. Loffas made a small modmod for C2C, and asked me to test it and tell him what I think. I wrote a small review, and he's given me permission to post it. So first of all, the modmod is in alpha. So there will likely come changes, and we should be gentle to it. On of the biggest...
  6. Z

    Reworking Trade: No more 30 turn deals, new Treaties and more

    As everyone knows, trading in Civ 6 with the AI is a frustrating enterprise that has and remains riddled with exploits, inconsistencies and general annoyingness. The pricing of resources, diplomatic favor and other mechanics is frustrating and RSI inducing, but often necessary in Deity AI...
  7. M

    [BTS] Improving My First Attempt at a Quechua Rush

    Hey there, Long time lurker here. I played Civ4 a bunch ages ago and used this forum extensively to improve at the game. But I'm now getting back into the game (no other strategy game comes close, imo). I used to be a pretty competent player (Emperor was generally winnable, but Deity kicked...
  8. S

    [NFP] Simple Economy System

    Hi, I've posted this on reddit, but I want to post it here too. Here's my idea of a simple economy system in Civilization VI. DISCLAIMER This is just an idea, not like, that we should 100% have in game, all values are out of thin air, so there's no balance at all, but in generally, it think...
  9. Exletrum

    Normal AI Economy 3.0

    Returns AI behavior to a stable economy This is not a mod! You will need to replace the game files! Files from the AI folder move here with replacement (you can save the initial files) Sid Meiers Civilization V\Assets\DLC\Expansion2\Gameplay\XML\AI Files from the +1 Gold (return rivers...
  10. M07

    [Feature] Europe Trades

    The economic system of DoaNE has been refund. Old System Before the v6.00, the yields price was randomly increasing or decreasing. For a temporary system, it was fine but this system had several issues: - Players did not have any control on market price - Each nations were inside a private...
  11. mediumstyle

    [] Indonesia Update - Gold Accumulation Seemingly Not Working

    Hi all, click link for slightly jenky video (OBS i guess really doesn't like dx12) of problem encountered playing as Cleopatra, Team 0 with Indonesia, Prince All, pangaea, barbarians, no active mods. as you can see by my excessive mouse gesturing, the gold doesn't seem to be accumulating...
  12. D

    Dags Industrial Zone Building mod 2017-08-31

    This mod removes the free production from just building industrial zone buildings. Instead Workshop - +1 production for each strategic resource worked by this city. +1 production for each outgoing trade route from this city Factory - +1 production for every specialty district built in this...
  13. D

    Dags Campus Buildings Mod 2017-08-31

    Adjusts how you get science from campus buildings. Eliminates "free" science just for building the building. Campus - +1 science for being adjacent to a river. No other adjacency bonuses from terrain (Still get +1 science if adjacent to two other districts) Library - Adds +1 science for each...
  14. D

    Dags Commerce Building Mod 2017-05-01

    Each commerce district building now adds +1 gold to the origin and destination city for trade routes instead of free gold for no reason. Free Market policy no longer doubles commerce building yields (since this is zero technically) it instead adds +1 gold for all outgoing and incoming trade...
  15. FramedArchitect

    Economics 3.0

    Add a new level of government administration and strategy with this economic simulator, which allows you to manage tax rates, issue debt and enact new economic policies. Enjoy economic prosperity for astute government management; face a new disaster -- the Depression -- if your economy enters...
  16. Windscion

    Suggestion: Require own territory to disband for cash

    Pretty much what it says. My 1 health scout surrounded by 5 barbarian motorized infantry and a mountain, 20 hexes from my territory, can be sold for full price, just like a unit freshly popped in my capital. It just feels wrong. Also, the cash given in return is pretty high to begin with. With...
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