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  1. Hawke9

    Possible Egyptian/Arabian Theme from Summer Game Fest presentation?

    Hi all! Did anyone else notice the Egyptian/Arabian theme in the background during Sid's speech after the first reveal of the teaser during summer game fest? It reminds me of the music from VI, but I don't recognize it. I think it could be the first glimpse we have of the soundtrack of Civ VII...
  2. LuciusJunius

    New Bronze- and Iron-Age Scenarios

    Hello, everyone! Over the last year or so I’ve created two new scenarios for PAE VI focused on the Bronze Age and Iron Age. This is my first venture into the world of modding, so I apologize if anything here is clumsily presented. I noticed that almost all existing scenarios are focused on...
  3. MightyToad

    Egyptian Galleys 2021-03-31

    War galley and Two transport galleys https://forums.civfanatics.com/threads/mighty-ships-et-al.655821/page-27#post-16065079
  4. Matsuda123

    Egyptian Samurai 2020-12-05

    A hypothetical Egyptian Samurai unit. :) I saw the art for this unit online, made by Loah Salah, and I thought it would be amazing to have in Civ IV. So with the help of MightyToad on skinning and rigging, and me on modeling and tuned up textures, we bring you the Egyptian Samurai. With big...
  5. Saint Leibowitz

    Twenty-Fifth Dynasty

    The Twenty-Fifth Dynasty of Egypt has the perfect potential for a new dual-civ leader. Arising in Nubia in the 8th century BC, this dynasty took control of a land that was once Egypt's stomping ground in the northern culture's heyday, developed it into a powerful kingdom, and proceeded to...
  6. jorissimo

    Egypt crippling CTDs and MAFs

    I'm experiencing relentless CTDs and MAFs when playing as Egypt. I'm familiar with these errors and even wrote a post once with tips to mitigate them. At some point I was almost completely free of these errors at least up to 1700, playing without modules aside from applying all the other...
  7. D

    why is Saladin leader of Arabia ? (and why i should be something else civ leader)

    hello i don't know if this the right place to ask the question so sorry if this is not why is Saladin leader of Arabia ? should he be technically leader of egypt ? this would introduce a new Islamic Egypt/Misr empire civ unavailable with tons of character from early independent Turkish dynasty...
  8. Mr_PeaCH

    [GS] Early game fun with "weak" civs

    I've been having more and more fun recently setting up situations where some of the civs often thought of as "weak" or "inferior" can shine. Wanted to put the word out, maybe stir some like-minded players, and hopefully get an exchange of other interesting early game mechanisms people are aware...
  9. DreamDiver

    [R&F] Rite of Passage (Egypt Narrative)

    Rite of Passage Emperor, Egypt, Rise and Fall, late February 2019. This story ends without an ending. There is much promise to this tale, but perhaps I was carried away by that and the AI took advantage by all declaring war on me at once. That doesn’t fit the story so I gave up, defeated...
  10. Xandinho

    Choose seven alternative leaders you'd most like to see on Civ6

    Hello everybody. Let's talk about alternative leaders, a mechanism that had in Civ4 and was brought to Civ6, this time leaders can add different flavors to each civilization. I made a selection of thirty notable leaders, some of them quite requested here, and in this poll you can choose seven of...
  11. Quindorrian

    [R&F] Having a Heck of a Bad Time...

    So, I am having a really bad time with this game so far. The biggest problem are the differences from Civ 5 that are preventing a playable experience for the game scenario I want to play. I like to play Egypt and the Byzantine Empire in historically accurate geography, but there are problems...
  12. M

    Egypt - 2 Queries

    Long time reader first time poster. I always have a soft spot in games for the first Civ/character/class etc that I choose, which in this case happens to be Egypt. I find playing as Cleopatra quite balanced but I have two issues I could do with some help with. In case it helps I play for any...
  13. Kahotep

    Hatshepsut for Egypt 2

    Remade for compatibility with the "Rise & Fall" and "Gathering Storm" expansion packs, this mod adds the female Pharaoh Hatshepsut as an alternate (and ethnically indigenous) leader for the Egyptian civilization. Her unique ability, "Expeditions to Punt", imports +2 Gold and +2 Culture after...
  14. DrekkSama

    [VidLP] Turns of War - Campaign 04

    So Turns of War is back, but this time with a twist. Instead of uploading a full 5-hour session on youtube, instead we have condensed it into a 10 min highlight of what happened. I think this format will be more enjoyable to watch and I am hoping you'll agree. Of course if you want to watch the...
  15. ShinigamiKenji

    A consistent Egypt strategy?

    I've been thinking about a strategy that might use all (or the strongest ones) the Egyptian uniques. Problem is, there seems to be no unifying theme. First, the gold bonus and the unique unit. Gold, in my opinion, is best used to buy units and support them. Given that the Chariot Archer is...
  16. A

    Capital name confusion

    I don't understand the choice for Egypt's capital name. For one wasn't Alexandria the capital under Cleo. And if it isn't wouldn't Thebes or Cairo be more fitting then the one it is now? If I'm wrong please let me know because it's been bugging me.
  17. Ramesses With No Body

    Ramesses With No Body

  18. Ramesses Caught Spying

    Ramesses Caught Spying

    Ramesses pointing his crook at you
  19. Enonwnn Egypt Petra

    Enonwnn Egypt Petra

    Enonwnn Petra City
  20. Enonwnn Egypt Start

    Enonwnn Egypt Start

    Enonwnn Egypt Start Location
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