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  1. Oaq

    [BTS] Espionage strategy too slow for island civ

    Monopolizing copper and iron on a two-civilization continent at Emperor difficulty, I eliminated my rival early, taking sole control of 25 percent of the world's land area on a well-balanced landmass including some flood plains and plenty of resources. Unfortunately, lacking access to any trade...

    Won my first victory on Emperor

    It was the Iroquois on a tiny Pangaea so it was kind of cheating. There was some challenge as I left culturally-linked starting locations on and thus had to face the Inca (America was reduced to a city on an island I didn't know existed until I saw the replay and the Aztecs weren't too...
  3. Oaq

    [BTS] The lumbermill

    The forum includes some old threads on the topic of lumbermills, but the better among those threads predate Beyond the Sword (BTS), so I'd like to ask again now. Assume emperor-level play. Chop, chop, chop has been the advice. Fair enough. I get it. If you chop every last twig and stump down to...
  4. Oaq

    [BTS] Sprint to victory from the early Industrial era

    Scenario: emperor difficulty; default settings; random leader; nonexpert player (me). The industrial era is getting underway. Steam Power has been discovered. One empire is researching the Railroad; another, the Assembly Line. Your empire is second largest, but the largest lies on the other...
  5. Oaq

    [BTS] Experienced players that find emperor level easy

    Several players here say that emperor is a fairly easy level for experienced players to beat. I believe them, but I have a question. With default settings and random leader, it took me about 150 attempts to win my first game at emperor difficulty. The game I finally won had a luckier start than...
  6. Oaq

    [BTS] Expediting the finish

    After about 150 tries at Emperor difficulty with default settings, I have finally achieved (due to your sound advice) what seems to be a probable winning position. It is the late 1800s. My random leader is Louis XIV. Fission and Rocketry are in research. Mining Inc is mine and it looks as though...
  7. Oaq

    [BTS] Ancient-era rush at Emperor difficulty

    I wish to rush my neighbor during the ancient era at Emperor difficulty, standard settings, random leader—especially if my random leader happens to be aggressive. I have tried many times. Have usually failed. Why am I failing, please? I seem to depend on blind luck. If my target can find no...
  8. Oaq

    [BTS] Cannot survive the Industrial era at Emperor difficulty

    I cannot win at Emperor difficulty. I can sometimes reach the early Industrial era with a position that seems playable or almost playable, but the Industrial era defeats me. During the Renaissance era, which immediately precedes the Industrial, I cannot simultaneously keep abreast in...
  9. Oaq

    [BTS] Founding an ancient religion (Emperor difficulty)

    At Emperor difficulty, standard settings, is founding an ancient religion always foolish? If not, then what circumstance would make it wise?
  10. D

    Help For Going Tall

    Hi everyone, I've been playing on Emperor, and I can usually do quite well if I choose a warmonger strategy or a wide strategy. However, I'm really having trouble winning when going tall. When I try to do this, I can usually take a solid lead in techs/policies, but as I'm getting close to...
  11. DreamDiver

    [R&F] Rite of Passage (Egypt Narrative)

    Rite of Passage Emperor, Egypt, Rise and Fall, late February 2019. This story ends without an ending. There is much promise to this tale, but perhaps I was carried away by that and the AI took advantage by all declaring war on me at once. That doesn’t fit the story so I gave up, defeated...
  12. J

    England Emperor Photojournal (newbie alert)

    Hello everyone! I am still a newcomer on these forums, but in an attempt to both improve my playstyle and become more situated around here, I have decided to start a photojournal. As this is my first time playing on Emperor (and considering I am still somewhat new to Vox Populi in general), I...
  13. Exterrestrial


    I really wish there was a difficulty level between king and emperor, or, better yet (but not gonna happen, I know) improvement to the AI so they don't need atificially added bonuses like the extra settler. I'd love a balanced competition instead. King is far too easy - I just played a game and...
  14. I

    Entering the ranks of Putin and Erdogan: Xi Jinping to abolish presidential term limit in China

    https://www.nytimes.com/2018/02/25/world/asia/china-xi-jinping.html It's been in the making for some time, but it now seems to be taken for granted that China's president of anti corruption fame, Xi Jinping, will break his four predecessors' precedent and change the constitution to stay...
  15. sjongejonge

    I thought that for a change...

    ... Civ would not become not responding on emperor level for a change. But even after the big battles, destroying 3 civilisations and vast reduction of enemy troops the game got stuck!
  16. Più Freddo

    [C3C] COTM133 Carthage Emperor - Spoiler

    This is the thread where you tell us the whole story of your game and how in the end you did -- win, lose or retire. Only read or post in this thread when your game is ended and successfully submitted.
  17. Più Freddo

    [C3C] COTM133 Carthage Emperor - Pre-Game Discussion

    COTM133 Hannibal of the Carthaginians You will rule as Hannibal over Carthage, which is an Industrious and Seafaring ancient civilization. You start the game with the knowledge of Masonry and Alphabet. Your unique unit is the Numidian Mercenary, a stronger and more expensive replacement for...
  18. Più Freddo

    [PTW] GOTM160 - Spain Emperor Space Race - Final spoiler - Game submitted

    This is the thread where you tell us how you did - win, lose or retire. Only read or post in this thread when your game is ended and successfully submitted.
  19. Più Freddo

    [PTW] GOTM 160 Spain Emperor Space Race - 1st Spoiler - End of ancient times

    This thread is for your reports of events and progress in the GOTM 160 Spain Emperor Space Race game up to the date where you are able to research a Medieval tech. Do not read or post in this thread until you meet this condition. You may reveal Medieval bonus techs from the end of the last...
  20. Fish Man

    Emperor continents space victory - my hardest win yet

    So I moved up to emperor, and tried something new, a continents science victory with IMHO a pretty strong civ, Darius I of Persia. The starting location was pretty much all I could ask for in terms of food but pretty garbage in terms of commerce (financial helped a lot though). I decided...
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