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  1. TheOneHitPupper

    City Resistance?

    How would I go about coding Resistance in a city in lua? I have pCity defined, but can't find the proper lua method to implement city resistance there. I am also using the Community Patch DLL, if that helps. The only relevant information I've found are these two links: unhappiness revolt...
  2. R

    Happiness System in Civ 5 Vox Populi Explained by Milae

    In my opinion Milae explains the happiness system very well
  3. J

    How did happiness change so much when there were no actual changes to the happiness system?

    With this latest patch I've noticed that happiness (at least on Deity) spirals completely out of control in situations where I'm pretty sure it would have been stable in the previous patch. But there's nothing about happiness in the patch notes. I'm watching Martin Fencka's latest series on YT...
  4. Birdjaguar

    Random Raves Fifty-one: Anticipation of Joy!

    Across the mesa Escaped gaillardia Bloom year after year
  5. M

    Some (crazy) ideas for unhappiness

    Been doing some thinking about how it could be changed as I really like the concept of unhappiness based on yields in Vox Populi but to me it feels like it doesn't live up to its potential right now. 1. Needs modifier contributions could be affected by tourism percentage from each civ (with...
  6. tu_79

    [GUIDE] New guide to happiness

    Updated for October 2019 WHAT IS HAPPINESS? It is a resource that limits how fast and how big any civilization can grow and expand. Its intent is twofold: keeping the number of controlled cities manageable and preventing excessively rapid pace for some strategies. Unhappiness might be...
  7. A

    Please Help Me Make Sense of Happiness

    Hi, First of my gratitudes for everyone who have been supporting this mod for so long and apologies for my English and terminology as they may be a little rusty. I've been playing CIV5 since release on and off, I've 2300 hour of play time including last 3 years of Vox Populi. I was away from...
  8. Randomized

    Is my happiness bugged? It seems ridiculously low.

    As you can see here I am only missing 2 buildings in the city, and have every worked tile improved except one, yet somehow I have a whopping 17 unhappiness (10 net). And given the amount of gold tiles worked it seems insane that I have a deficit of 7 poverty. Am I misunderstanding how this is...
  9. G

    Cannot send trade routes nor see happiness modifiers?

    Hi all, After receiving some advice from this community, I have "upgraded" my game from the November 2018 version to the new January version. Everything seemed to start off good, but then I realized I cannot send trade routes...to anybody. AI civs, city states, and even myself. I also cannot...
  10. G

    Questions and concerns about "Distress"

    Hi there, I installed Vox Populi a few months ago and have played through about 6 or 7 games since then. In every single one of them, I've noticed a running theme: My distress levels in my cities would go from being perfectly fine to suddenly skyrocketing somewhere in the Medieval era. This is...
  11. U

    Reduce Unhappiness values in Vox Populi Files?

    Hello, first of all, i wish to apologize if i am posting this in the wrong subsection. Been reading the forum for years, but just now registered an account in order to ask something. So, i love the Vox Populi package, its the greatest. The smarter AI, the new Resources, the new dialogue text in...
  12. tu_79

    How demands should scale on population?

    There's a debate going on on how to replace crime unhappiness, as apparently it is what is causing the big swings in happiness. But whatever is decided about that, currently demand scaling is reported as being too strict. The goal of the happiness system is twofold. For instance, it should serve...
  13. pineappledan

    Crime overhaul Discussion thread

    @Gazebo has stated his intention to change how crime is calculated. The reason for this change is that the current system, which relies only on city defence, is overly static, inflexible, and harshly punished large cities in a way which cannot be countered. The new proposals have been: Create...
  14. tu_79

    [GUIDE] Handling happiness (reprise)

    Updated for 2018 June. Feel free to add things up! 1. Introduction Happiness is a much recurrent issue for old and new players, especially after the changes done in 2018 March where happiness is scarce, so I'll try to make a comprehensive guide on how it works and discussing strategies. 2...
  15. Victoria

    Civ VI Amenities and Happiness Guide

  16. W

    Editing unhappines defines.

    Hi. I played some games with this mode pack and I love it so far but I have some issues with it, mainly with happiness. I don't know if this is how it's intended to be but unhappiness starts to really mount up after a while for me, to the point where I make nothing else but buildings to satisfy...
  17. pza

    Sooo... Happiness.

    I know, this is a particularly difficult topic, but i beg to look unbiasedly into this. I've played 3 games so far in 4-20 patch until industrial era, single player and multiplayer. I'm not sure as to what it's causing the massive leaps in unhappiness, but they happen every so often, like in my...
  18. pineappledan

    How is City defense calculated?

    So I am aware that city defense is made up of component parts: base value from era population hill or flatland buildings garrison What exactly is the formula, however? more specifically: What are the base values for every era? How much is each population worth, and is it linear? how much of a...
  19. theGuitarist27

    Happiness Trait

    Hey guys, I really need some help with creating my own civ. I'm quite new to modding, and I really hope somebody here could help me. I want my civ to receive +1 (global) happiness for every city in the empire. I also want my civ to receive 100 culture every time a great person is born. A...
  20. theGuitarist27

    Happiness Trait

    Hey guys, I really need some help with creating my own civ. I'm quite new to modding, and I really hope somebody here could help me. I want my civ to receive +1 (global) happiness for every city in the empire. If possible (or if anyone wants to put time into this too), I also want my civ to...
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