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  1. S

    Need Help to Save a Game

    Hi everyone, There is a game we've been playing for a very long time with a friend, on and off. It's in Hotseat mode and we use the mod AND. Everything was going great, and as you'd expect we've grown quite attached to the map and the story of the game. Unfortunately after reaching a certain...
  2. S

    Missing Mods?

    Been playing VP for a good while, last few patches (3 I believe) I have been told I'm missing mods for Community Events, Unique City-States, and Enlightenment Era. Aside from the patch and the mods I'm having Issues with I have Extended Naval Warfare, Info Addict, Extra Victory Conditions, and...
  3. N

    Beginner But I Understand Basics, Several Dozen Errors Encountered

    Hello, Apologies for the strange thread name, figured I'd go with something eye-catching in hopes I can find someone to help me with this. I'm a complete beginner at CIV 6 mod creation, and my errors pertain to my first ever mod attempt, but I've found the workflow quite fun and would like to...
  4. J

    DLC not showing up

    I bought the game with the DLC on Steam. The first few times I started the game everything was fine, But since the third time I tried to play, I found that all the dlc, including all the mods I subscribed to, just disappeared from the game. An Internet search revealed to me that the main...
  5. Lord of Arendelle

    Scaling in game building art (How To?)

    I've been experimenting with trying to scale wonders specifically however I have run into a snag. Directly editing ( Civ5ArtDefines_Expansion2_Wonders.xml ) will give me properly scaled wonders Red Fort, Parthenon, Globe Theater, Uffizi, Parthenon, Prora. Trying to add one the lighthouse and...
  6. M

    Crashing on Startup -

    Hi Folks, Recently built a new PC so im well within specs. Purchased Civ6 with DLC off Steam and installed. No Mods installed, try to boot Civ6 up and I get. Unhandled Exception Code: EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION Error reading address 0xffffffff Call Stack...
  7. Emanuele Bongiovanni

    Adding additional content to a world builder map

    I've created this map with already GS and RF, I also just bought Other civs like Australia, Portugal, Poland and so on, how do I add them to my world builder map?
  8. America civ always

    [NFP] how to edit war greviances

    this just for my enjoyment so i will be editing the files, what do i need to edit? how? and how do i get where that is from civ 6 folder in detail please on how to edit greviaces for wars? im looking to minimize them as much as possible, all hekp would be apperciated
  9. KommissarReb

    Trouble compiling .DLL for mod I'm making

    I followed the instructions written here: and looked at this and tried to create my own DLL but it gave me warnings like Is it...
  10. TheSaltyPilgrim

    [GS] Looking at Scored Competition Progress and Outcomes: RESOLVED

    This has been bugging me a lot recently. I can't find a way to look at the current standings or even the actual outcome of any scored competition. Is there a way?
  11. N

    Can't join Multiplayer (Mod Missing)

    Me and my friend is currently trying to play multiplayer together in for example, my own lobby, or another persons. But the issue is that he can no longer join a lobby succesfully. He used to, but cannot anymore. Below is a screenshot of what he gets when trying to join a multiplayer (internet)...
  12. P

    [HELP] Vox Populi 43 Civs Manual DLL Build

    Hello Everyone, Decided to make a new thread since the other one was made for another completely different reason, and was starting to go off topic. I'm trying to manually create the DLL for Vox Populi called CvGameCore_Expansion2.dll that needs to go into the /(1) Community Patch folder. To...
  13. Andera412

    OOS logging

    I modifyed using Gerikle's OOSLogger so it writes log when the OOS occurs. I need your help in writing more full log with larger number of functions. Log comparation doesn't show any differences now.
  14. R

    [R&F] [Civ 6] Can't get my Mods to work in MP, always Desyncing or getting stuck to Please Wait on bottom

    So at first we tried to play MP with 180 mods. It actually worked quite well first, but at around turn 60 it started to Desync with couple friends. So we decided to lower the mod count to around 50. Not that we only have less than 50 mods, it actually started to work worse than before. We can't...
  15. F

    Custom district invisible. HELP

    So I've made a replacement district, and everything works fine, but it is invisible! I guess I have to reference some of the models to the district, but how do I add for example the commercial hub model to my district, and is there any way I can make my own? Thanks.
  16. E

    Modifying tile improvement

    Hey, so I've been trying to work on creating a custom civ with help from the tutorial at . This is my first attempt at modding civ 6 but it's going pretty well. I've got most of what I want working, but I've been...
  17. F

    [Solved] Civ and leader icons not appearing in game.

    I am working on my first mod and have managed to get it to work, but I cannot figure out why the leader and civ icons and background aren't appearing in game, despite the unit and district icons showing up just fine. They all appear during the civ select screen while creating a game, only the...
  18. bostonbongrips

    Help! My UI mods get disabled when loading a save

    Hello Civ Modding community... I have been playing Civ games with the same 70ish mods enabled for the last 1-2 months with no issues. About 1 week ago, when loading a saved game, all of the UI mods I use were no longer enabled. When scrolling through the list of mods on the saved game, the UI...
  19. Bielsabub

    Extra Unique

    Hi there, i'm new to modding in civ, and have been working on editing a confed states mod to use with a group of friends. I created a custom worker replacement which provides unhappiness as a unique unit, exactly same as the base worker but gives unhappiness. But now on the loading screens and...
  20. conorbebe

    How to replace a civ's architecture style

    I'm new to modding and have recently tried my hand at creating a very simple mod (in theory) to replace the South American architecture used by Brazil and Buenos Aires with the Mediterranean style. I started by editing the Cultures.artdef file on my end and loading up the game, which was...
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