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  1. N

    Mod created with ModBuddy doesn't show up in the game

    I created my own Leader+Civ mod in 'ModBuddy', but it does not appear in the Civilisation select menu. However, it does appear in the 'Additional Content' Menu, as enabled. I then tried to just build the template you get when making a new civ+leader into the game. The same issue with that. I...
  2. A

    [BNW] Questions from a noob modder

    Hi everyone, I know I've come pretty late to this platform, but I'm hoping someone can give me a little advice on my first custom civ for BNW. I'm planning on making the Bretons (not from Skyrim, the real Celtic people), and I've had a lot of fun working out the AI flavours and creating a cross...
  3. halfhalfharp

    New female leader for China

    Leader: Dowager Cixi Background: Dowager Cixi was the last dowager empress of imperial China and was the last de facto ruler to hold power. Her reign was a huge controversy in chinese history, not because she was female, but because Chinese empire met its end in her hands. People talked of...
  4. Toussaint10326

    Toussaint's Upcoming Mods

    This mod will add Judah as a Civilization and it will offer three leaders: Hezekiah, Josiah, and Jehoshaphat. It is still early development and Josiah is the only leader with art so far. More info to come.
  5. RFormica

    RFormica's Civilizations and Leaders

    RFormica's Civilizations and Leaders (Click links for steam download) Edward IV (England)
  6. RFormica

    RFormica's (Unreleased) Civilizations and Leaders

    Released: -Edward IV of England -Gudea of Sumeria -Ur-Nammu of Sumeria Coming Soon: -Guadalupe Victoria of Mexico -Ottokar II of Bohemia -Augustus of Rome -Kangxi of China...
  7. RFormica

    New leader elimination

    VOTING CLOSED You can vote each 24 hours. Voting: -3 one leader and +1 another. There will be 5 winners. Priority is determined by number of points ---- WINNER LEADERS WILL BE CREATED--- We have the top 5! TOP 5: Al-Mansur Henry IV Rameses II Shivaji Ur-Nammu Rankings 6 - Alexander Nevsky 7...
  8. FurionHuang

    Eddard Stark of the North

    Winter has come!... Again... I've been working on Stark project for quite a long time and just got the new leader package released! For UU Mountain Clan I took Berzerk Armor as base and added wolf helmet and cloak, re-textured the...
  9. Entarogan

    [Crash and Help needed][Frozen]Arendelle Civilization

    This is a mod that will add Arendelle as a Civilization with Queen Elsa and Princess Anna as leaders.But in the test, it always crash when the figure of the leader has appeared before entering the game. Even just tested with no icons and no artdefs it still crash, without any errors found in the...
  10. T

    US Presidents-No DLC required 2017-04-19

    (Leader art is WIP) This mod adds 7 new alternate leaders to the American Empire. No DLC required Franklin D. Roosevelt - New Deal - Roosevelt's New Deal adds +4 Housing and 2 Amenities to all cities with at least 3 districts. Harry S. Truman - Truman Doctrine and Marshall Plan - Under the...
  11. Lilpanda

    Mod will build but leader and civ don't appear in list

    Hi everyone, I'm trying to hack together my first mod and I can't seem to get my new civ and leader to appear in the list when I create a new game. My mod builds without errors and appears in the additional content list. I've been trying to emulate Arwicks prussia but I can't figure out what...
  12. CivilizationAce

    7 of 9 leads the Borg 2.04

    7 of 9 Tertiary Adjunct of Unimatrix Zero had one last interaction with the Borg. She infiltrated a Borg cube, the ship designed for the Borg's second attempt to change Earth's past, this time by erasing all life on the planet before humans achieved civilization. By the time she managed to...
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