[Crash and Help needed][Frozen]Arendelle Civilization


Jun 15, 2017
This is a mod that will add Arendelle as a Civilization with Queen Elsa and Princess Anna as leaders.But in the test, it always crash when the figure of the leader has appeared before entering the game. Even just tested with no icons and no artdefs it still crash, without any errors found in the Logs(which has been uploaded).
I am nearly crazy and can not find the solution...Here I upload the project with the simplest elements(xml, leader fallback and no icons), all the textures, all the xml as a independent pack, all the Logs and whatever I can upload.
I beg someone help me PLEASE, since it is my first mod.
And I will add anyone who helped me get through it as co-creater of the mod.
(I am not a native speaker and it is my first time to create thread so if I say something wrong, apologies.)

The first file is the package of modbuddy project with the simplest elements, which include XML(except icons),and leaders UI.


  • Arendelle_Frozen.zip
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  • ArtDefs.zip
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  • XML.zip
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  • Arendelle_Frozen(build).zip
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  • Logs.zip
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  • packagedDumps.zip
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  • Textures.zip
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There is a preview of config UI but I can't find my way to upload a picture...Apologies.
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