1. A

    [BNW] Questions from a noob modder

    Hi everyone, I know I've come pretty late to this platform, but I'm hoping someone can give me a little advice on my first custom civ for BNW. I'm planning on making the Bretons (not from Skyrim, the real Celtic people), and I've had a lot of fun working out the AI flavours and creating a cross...
  2. cardgame

    The Very-Many-Questions-Not-Worth-Their-Own-Thread Thread XLI

    Spooktober edition. previously Why me? Why now? Why not 42? Why is the title fine when viewing the topic, but the kerning is broken when viewing it from the OT subforum as a whole?
  3. E

    Questions about the new happiness system and puppet happiness

    Attached is a picture of my current deity Spain game on the continents plus map with no other mods than the full CPB. I am running into some serious problems managing puppet happiness and understanding the current happiness system.. For example, can puppets generate any happiness for your...
  4. Samson

    The Very-Many-Questions-Not-Worth-Their-Own-Thread Thread さんじゅうなな

    Previous thread: The Very-Many-Questions-Not-Worth-Their-Own-Thread Thread 36 Where have all my socks gone?
  5. danpat

    Anyone know what 'AreaBuilder.Recalculate();' is?

    I was just finding a way to make lake with firetuner. I read somethin on forum that any coast with less than 10 area is considered lake, what you need to do is "AreaBuilder.Recalculate();" Well I can't find it in firetuner, I typed this in console command, but nothing changed.
  6. Viralvoid

    Ingame Decision Delimma

    Once again, Hello everyone, I play on emperor, but weirdly, on some games, I do fall behind, I rage quit from foreign invaders, an AI snowballs (Tech snowball from an AI is not a problem though, Policy and military does for me). My population is always meh, cause I focuses on production. I...
  7. Zefyrinus

    Zefyrinus' random scenario editing questions

    I'm updating an old scenario of mine, called Sdrawkcab, and thought I'd collect all the random little questions I have in one thread. Any answers you can provide are highly appreciated! :) The idea of this scenario (or mod; there aren't really any custom graphics or units, but I've changed the...
  8. Narz

    Suggest questions to ask people on YouTube

    I want to interview people on my YouTube channel, what are some good questions to ask? My first interviewee prolly gonna be my 9 year old daughter. After that maybe my housemate or gf. Risque questions welcomed (obviously won't ask my daughter those), anything from deep philosophical questions...
  9. Echoloco12

    A Few Questions About Production Buildings

    First off, do "production-specific" buildings increase the production of everything (assuming you have access to salt for the tannery) or does the boost only apply to the specific types of things they list in their descriptions? The cannon forge, for example says the actual increase in...
  10. C

    Questions about New Civilization City Names

    So with the mod I'm currently developing the second city I founded grabbed the name 'Mecca' instead of what I have told it are names for dutch cities. Thus my brain formulated a few questions: Is there a minimum amount of city names required? Is there a maximum? Can someone provide an example...
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