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Added Combat Recon promotions

Added Combat Recon promotions

This adds a bunch of combat abilities to Recon's promotions so they can actually participate in battle.


1. Ranger includes +5 CS in Woods, Rainforest and Marsh, faster movement in Marsh, and can see through Woods and Rainforest.

2. Alpine includes +5 CS in Hills and +1 Sight.

3. Guerilla removes river attack and movement penalty. Adds faster embark/disembark and Cliff scaling.

4. (New) Sentry. Adds +7 CS when flanked

5. (New) Spyglass. Adds +5 CS when attacking damaged units. Like the heavy cavalry's Rout promotion, this stacks with Tomyris' ability.

6. (New) Expert Marksman. +1 additional attack per turn. This doesn't stack with the Inca Warak'aq's +1 additional attack per turn.

7. Moved Ambush from tier 3 to tier 4.

8. Removed Camouflage promotion.

9. Melee's Battlecry promotion and Light Cavalry's Coursers promotion works against Recon.

- Since Recon units are buffed, the counters should be buffed as well to balance it out.

10. Bug fix. Ranger movement is also faster in Burning and Burnt versions of Woods and Rainforests.

11. Ngao Mbeba has faster movement on Marsh.

12. In Heroes mode, Anansi, Hunahpu & Xbalanque, and Maui also move faster in Marsh.
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