[UI] (5-NS) City capture instant-yield bonuses should reset once the new owner of the city has gone through two era changes.

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Jun 27, 2023
Current: You gain certain bonuses when capturing a city for the first time. If that city is taken by someone else and you retake it, you do not gain the bonuses.

Proposal: Once a city is conquered and bonuses gained, after two eras changes occur, the bonuses reset and can be gained again if you retake the city.

Example: I conquer Athens and gain Authority capture bonuses in classical. In medieval Greece takes their city back. In Renaissance the capture timer resets, so if I took Athens again I would once again receive those bonuses.

Currently, instant-yield bonuses from capturing a city NEVER refresh. While for the most part this allows for the intended use of not recapturing cities to gain bonuses again, this also leads to the scenario where a city that was re-captured in a very close war in the ancient era will not provide bonuses when captured all the way in the information era where at which point the city is effectively one of its new owners. In this situation, the player should still be rewarded accordingly as at this point the city will still be a challenge to take like any other city and has been fully redeveloped to the point where it doesn't feel like a cheesy recapture and thus the conquerors should still be rewarded.

I picked the two era pass requirement because in requiring two era changes the new owner of the city must complete both their current era and another era to enable the bonuses again, meaning that in practice one full era or more needs to have passed for the bonuses to re-apply. I believe in that withholding the instant-yield bonuses eternally after the first conquer fails to account for more nuanced and even games where cities can be captured and re-captured during two entirely different phases of the game.
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Unless this is shown on the UI, I don't think anyone's going to remember when they captured a city.

You already benefitted from the yields on the first time you captured the city 300 turns ago, and there shouldn't be any benefits to capturing it again, however hard it is. It also takes a lot of text space to explain to players.
maybe this could be a global thing. Once a captured city has gone through three eras with no ownership changes, the current owner becomes the original owner, and the on capture bonuses and whatnot reset too
MAGI: this proposal needed a lot of clean-up to be ready for congress and since the proposer specifically requested help with proof-reading I have gone ahead and edited the proposal.

@Superpeashootr please review and ensure this still matches your intention for the proposal.
The Proposal has Failed due to a Lack of Sponsorship. It is thus locked and moved to the appropriate subforum.
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