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  1. Monthar

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    Mar 28, 2004
    Elmendorf, Tx
    Culture Victory Turn 237 Score 1140

    The game was mostly peaceful. Until Dido attacked an ally pulling me into war.

    I settled in place. I went with Void singers with the goal of getting lots of relics. I built Stonehenge to found a religion and chose the bonus for relics.

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  2. tarafran

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    Nov 21, 2012
    DV 157.settled in place, built a second city closer to Portugal and went to war.....
    Did not use the secret society til around 150 as I was waiting for the one with the xtra card
    Fun game

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  3. Planktonic

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    Feb 8, 2021
    Dom Vic, turn 228.

    Bit of a weird game for me. Expected to be on small continents map, so most likely maybe one neighbor, so thought I'd try for a culture victory and started building holy sites etc. Midway through Classical came to realize I was on a rather large continent with 3 other civs. Came up to a Golden Medieval at turn 106 and had to decide which way to go, and changed directions to go for Dom Vic. Cleared the continent with muskets while getting to flight, then carried on from there. Nice to have a chance to play Rough Rider Teddy.

    Thanks for the game!

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  4. isopaha

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    Mar 18, 2008
    Helsinki, Finland
    CV 217. SV would have been the logical choice probably, but I was feeling too lazy to go through all the grinding. CV proved strong though, as there were no cultural civs in the game. Took voidsingers (first time ever), which was quite nice. 64 great works did the trick.

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  5. kcd_swede

    kcd_swede Jag är Viking!½ GOTM Staff

    Jun 21, 2007
    Stockholm's B.F.C.
    RV t162 (1010AD), score 593
    I think if the aim is to get the fastest victory using any victory type, then religious victory was BY FAR the quickest. Well, ok, maybe DV could be really fast, too, but not with my skill-set.:blush:

    I could have been a lot faster, I think. Only built 3 cities, then took over Portugal keeping every city. Had a retribution war on Saladin to liberate Geneva, but only took 1 or two of his cities. Then I messed up the end-game thinking the Celts could be quickly conquered and put to the Inquisition, but I had trouble with loyalty and just took peace, and converted with Apos and Misses. Celts were supposed to be the last to be converted to Lionism. However, Mansa had founded 3 more cities and needed a new conversion which wasted another 3-4 turns. Had I better concentration, this was easily a religious win in less than 150 turns. Someone skilled could probably beat 100 turns.

    Pantheon = +1 faith and +1 prod for strategic resources
    Belief 1 = +2 faith for each city with this as dominant religion (i.e. snowball rolling downhill effect)
    Belief 2 = -30% on apostles and missionaries
    Belief 3 = Monastaries for +1 spread

    Used Mosha (relig govenor) with 3 promos to get extra promotions on apostles, but by then it didn't matter much.

    I learned that it is better to wait until religions are founded, because they will all be founded eventually and its a waste to have to convert a city twice. Send missionaries then apostles far, conquer close, and just steamroll. I had ZERO religious unit battles.

    All golden ages, always Exodus of Evangelists for +2 spreads and +2 movement on relig units.

    Thanks for an easy game to get me back in the groove for Civ6.:thumbsup:

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  6. arthur486

    arthur486 Warlord

    Oct 28, 2016
    Religious Victory @ T106

    Realized that I needed no more than 3 cities for this. Played a completely peaceful game, declared friends with everyone (to stop them from attacking my missionaries). Built 2 Holy Sites, got the first religion, built Etemenanki in the Capital for the science bonus -> rushed Cartography to get on the open ocean, built the Mahabodhi Temple for the 2 Apostles. In a bit more detail:

    T001 - Settled 1 NW
    T004 - Tribal Village reveals Voidsingers and provides a Builder
    T023 - Settled Philadelphia
    T046 - Pantheon (Goddess of the Hunt)
    T051 - Met Arabia (gives the last point for Golden Classical Age)
    T052 - Charleston founded (last planned city)
    T055 - Why not build Etemenanki?... I mean we've never built it...
    T060 - Political Philosophy (Autocracy for Wonder building)
    T061 - Golden Classical Era, 36/25 Era Score (and I withheld founding the religion to get Era Points for the Golden Medieval Era, turned out that was not necessary)
    T064 - Etemenanki completed... Washington location with Etemenanki is rather spectacular
    T075 - All Great Prophets exhausted (me, Portugal, Unknown, Mali, Arabia, in this order)
    T081 - Mahabodhi Temple complete!
    T082 - Met Chandragupta - he knows 2 other civs, so there is a shallow water bridge; Cartography is not required per se, but having it can still speed up the game...
    T083 - Lisbon (Portuguese holy city) converted
    T087 - Nan Madol & Hunza are blocking our Galleys ... 8 turns until Cartography (this was the most significant setback, I did not want to declare war as I had no visibility on their water units and other players had too many envoys to suzerain them quickly)
    T095 - Cartography done - time for the final push; I think additional turns could have been shaved off here with better religious unit micro management...
    T106 - Religious Victory with converting 2 out of Dido's 3 cities!

    Thank you 6otM team for a very nice game!

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  7. kcd_swede

    kcd_swede Jag är Viking!½ GOTM Staff

    Jun 21, 2007
    Stockholm's B.F.C.
    Just curious... which religious belief(s) did you choose? Did you launch an inquisition? I did, just in case, but I also needed the Era bonus at the time.
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  8. arthur486

    arthur486 Warlord

    Oct 28, 2016
    Very good questions @kcd_swede, sorry that I did not go into more detail, as I should have...

    I chose work ethic for the production bonus and sinergy with +100% Holy Site adjacency bonus and Holy Order to make religious units cheaper. Together with fur and jade industries, these made for very good cities. Due to the low difficulty level, I focused on getting religious units out and on the map quickly, as I knew the AI would not present much opposition.

    Also, it was very interesting that Mali and Arabia both got Great Prophets, but they had no Holy Sites; only Portugal, Dido and myself established religions.
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  9. SriBri

    SriBri Chieftain

    Jul 14, 2021
    Cultural victory @ T309. Long game.
    This was my first GotM in Civ6, after just getting back into the game with some friends. I conquered Portugal early on, giving me the north part of the continent. I did not found a religion, but sort of adopted (appropriated) Catholicism from the Portuguese once they were gone. Mali took out Saladin around T200 and had a frighteningly large military, but I managed to stay on good terms with him through the game.

    Thanks for hosting these!
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  10. Rutseg

    Rutseg Chieftain

    Aug 22, 2011
    The Netherlands
    Cultural Victory T201, 1174 points, 32 h played.

    Achievements obtained through this play:
    • Pizza Party! Activate Leonardo da Vinci in New York with Great Works from Michelangelo and Donatello -- and a sewer -- all in that city (had to play 3 extra turns to research sewers).
    Thanks for the game.

    The other civilizations were uninterested to expand and left a lot of space. Joao only founded 5 cities, one so badly placed that it shifted to my loyalty pressure in about 20 turns, he had two settlers moving around constantly but they never managed to settle them. Saladin was stuck with 3 until he founded 2 more by the end game, given the graphs I think he left a lot of units to a strong barbarian camp at the south of the continent. And Mansa Musa was the only one that really tried. Interestingly, despite he owned only 4 cities, Portugal was by large the largest menace, with the largest science and culture a massive military and never ending quantity of gold. Mansa Musa and Joao were flowing with coin, despite I sold everything I could to try ruin Joao. The other civs were totally poor and undeveloped for the most part of the game.

    After 30 turns playing, I decided to go for cultural victory based on high tile appeal, getting religion to boost expansion (Monumentality Golden Age) and Natural Parks and Rock bands in the late game (the game ended before rock this time), then researching towards Sailing to boost Diplomacy and earn exploration era points, then Printing Press. I managed to discover all the civilizations with galleys, thus I delayed Cartography much more than I initially planned. Afterwards, I researched towards sea resorts (Radio) but picking other techs while obtaining boosts.

    For Civics the plan was to reach Conservation as fast as possible but trying to enjoy the path.

    The Voidsingers monument building extra slots came very handy for early tourism generation but I needed amphitheaters for the great writer points anyway.


    Strangely, I was not involved in any war in this one.

    Saladin and Mansa Musa fought with Ngazargamu since the Ancient Era but never managed to conquer them.

    I had alliances or friendship with everyone. I earned a lot of money selling strategic resources to everyone. As many were poor, I got diplomatic favor from them than later I was selling to Joao (Gilgamesh really wanted that, but he got bankrupt very fast).

    This game was strange, no civilization other than me seemed to ever have a copy of a Luxury Resource they could trade with me.

    I used a cultural alliance with Joao to settle the western island, and with the Indians for the south-east of the continent.

    The extra envoy when sending one to a City State with a trade route was very powerful. I was suzerain with many city states early on, and by late game I already had control over all of them.

    I was surprised to discover the extra envoy from trade routes also works when city-states have a route to one of your cities. The text seemed to imply it only works the other way.

    Funded 19 (7 in the first 100 turns) and had Beja turned to me from Joao. It was a powerhouse with so many mines available. The early expansion was powered by the Ancestral Hall, Colonization policy card and Monumentality. Later on I spent gold on a few extra settlers, I could have gone without that, but I thought I would need more sea resorts to power through Joao's culture.

    One settler I got from the barbarians, I think it was originally from Saladin. There was a second one, but Portugal claimed it before me (he never settled it). This captured settler was my foot on the south-east part of the continent. I fought the cultural pressure by performing a cultural alliance with the Indians that I later switched to Mansa Musa when he got into a Heroic Age.

    20210722012956_1.jpg 20210722012930_1.jpg

    I settled Washington in the northern rice by the coast after finding the coast was there through the water green signs. That left room for Baltimor to the south by the desert. I thought Baltimore would be a very poor city, but the may 2 food mines around resulted on a very productive city, specially after giving it a farm on the rice.

    The Temple of Artemis and later on the Colosseum really helped to grow my initial cities, making up for the lack of other civs lack of luxuries to trade.

    Water was a problem for my second wave of cities I funded in the center of the continent. I had to build aqueducts in the 3rd and 4th to nearby mountains, but the one next to the chocolate had a hard time for housing until I suzerained the city state that gives you water in all your cities. It was a good spot, that game me a chocolate Industry and a good place for Chichen Itza.


    I took Earth Goddess for extra faith thinking I would focus on appeal for Natural Parks. The land in the end was better fit for the Lady of the Reeds and Marshes, as there were a loot of flood plains and the continent had much less coast and mountains than I expected for a Small Continents. I took Divine Inspiration and Sacred Places, as I already had two wonders and both wanted a lot of faith and was expecting for a considerable number of wonders. My first 8 cities all had at least 1 wonder.

    I turned to my religion the whole continent with just two apostles and a missionary without any effort. This would have been a very easy Religious Victory should I have focused on that.

    Final thoughts

    I was surprised to discover Monopolies boost so much your tourism reception by other civs. Aggressive expansion helped me to have monopolies in Furs, Wine and Jade.

    I did not know buying a barbarian camp tile spawns barbarians. It cost me an archer.

    [It seems civfanatics does not run on a xenforo with Emoji's enabled, thus I had to convert my symbols to smilies, the best I could]

    Spoiler Full play log :

    1 - :c5greatperson:Ancient Era; Antartica:trade:
    2 - Washington:c5capital: (over the rice)
    10 - Scout:c5production:
    11 - Hunza:c5influence:
    12 - Joao:c5influence:
    14 - Animal Husbandry:c5science:
    16 - Code of Laws:c5culture:
    22 - Settler:c5production:
    24 - Baltimore:c5capital: Geneva:c5influence: Owls:c5influence: Amani:c5citizen:
    26 - Archery:c5science:
    27 - Warrior:c5production:
    28 - Avalonia:trade:
    29 - Foreign Trade:c5culture: Geneva?
    30 - Mansa Musa:c5influence:
    31 - Sanguine Pact:c5influence:
    32 - Saladin:c5influence:
    35 - Archer:c5production: Monument:c5production:
    37 - Pottery:c5science:
    39 - Astrology:c5science:
    41 - Pantheon (Earth Goddess):religion: Trader:c5production:
    43 - Hattusa:c5influence:
    44 - Sailing:c5science:
    45 - Mexico:c5influence:
    46 - Early Empire:c5culture: Liang:c5citizen: Ngzargamu:c5influence: Torres del Paine:c5food:
    48 - Mining:c5science:
    50 - Galley:c5production:
    52 - Bologna:c5influence:
    53 - Writing:c5science:
    54 - Nan Madol:c5influence: Voidsingers:c5influence: Galley:c5production:
    56 - Mysticism:c5culture:
    57 - Holy site:c5production:
    60 - Bronze Working:c5science: Builder:c5production:
    61 - :c5greatperson:Classical Era (Golden Age - Monumentality) Builder:religion:
    62 - Craftsmanship:c5culture:
    64 - Settler:c5production:
    66 - Nan Madol? Terra Australis:trade:
    67 - State Workforce:c5culture: Settler:c5production: Magnus:c5citizen:
    70 - Un-met city-state:c5unhappy: (it was Akkad conquered by Gilgamesh) Gondwana:trade: Chandragupta:c5influence:
    71 - Wheel:c5science: Government plaza:c5production: Reyna:c5citizen:
    72 - Great Barrier Reef:c5food:
    73 - Gilgamesh:c5influence: Shrine:c5gold:
    74 - Currency:c5science: Political Philosophy:c5culture: Charleston:c5capital: Boston:c5capital: Autocracy:c5citystate: Dido:c5influence:
    75 - Crater Lake:c5food: Ambiorix:c5influence: First to meet all civilizations:c5trade:
    77 - Builder:c5gold:
    82 - Great bath:tourism: Builder:c5gold:
    83 - Masonry:c5science: Temple of Artemis:tourism:
    84 - First circumnavigation:c5trade:
    85 - Drama and Poetry:c5culture: Hunza? Zoroaster:greatwork: Zoroastrianism (Divine Inspiration, Sacred Places):religion:
    87 - Games and Recreation:c5culture:
    88 - Cardiff:c5influence:
    89 - Irrigation:c5science: Settler:c5gold: Monument:c5production: Mohenjo-Daro:c5influence:
    90 - Water mill:c5production: Muralla antigua:c5production:
    92 - Ancestral hall:c5production: Provision (Magnus):c5citizen:
    93 - New Orleans:c5capital: Settler:religion:
    94 - Engineering:c5science: Monument:c5production: Matterhorn:c5food: Settler:c5gold:
    96 - Los Ángeles:c5capital:
    97 - Granary:c5gold:
    98 - Iron Work:c5science: Defensive Tactics:c5culture: Melody (Voidsingers):c5citizen:
    100 - Theater square:c5production: Settler:c5production: Chicago:c5capital: Old god obelisk:c5gold:
    105 - Beja:c5puppet: Old god obelisk:c5gold:
    106 - Feudalism:c5culture: Entertainment complex:c5production:
    107 - Settler:religion:
    108 - Archer:c5production:
    109 - Shipbuilding:c5science: Archer:c5production:
    110 - :c5greatperson:Medieval Era (Golden Age - Monumentality) Machinery:c5science: Theology:c5culture: Classic Republic:c5citystate: Buffalo:c5capital:
    111 - Horseback Riding:c5science: Recorded History:c5culture: Pingala:c5citizen: Spearman:c5production:
    112 - Geneva? Settler:c5gold:
    113 - Old god obelisk:c5production: Old god obelisk:c5production: Granary:c5gold: Cleveland:c5capital:
    114 - Theater square:c5production:
    115 - Apprenticeship:c5science: Commercial hub:c5production:
    116 - Temple:c5gold: Apostole:religion: Campus:c5production:
    118 - Mathematics:c5science: Theater square:c5production: Builder:religion:
    119 - Builder:c5gold:
    120 - Cincinnati:c5capital: Old god obelisk:c5production: Amphitheater:c5production: Market:c5production:
    121 - Li Bai:greatwork: Builder:c5gold: Theater square:c5production:
    122 - Celestial Navigation:c5science: Military Tradition:c5culture: Builder:religion:
    123 - Trader:c5production:
    124 - Aqueduct:c5production:
    125 - Warrior:c5unhappy:
    126 - Construction:c5science: Old god obelisk:c5production:
    127 - Civil Service:c5culture: Aqueduct:c5production: Man-at-arms:c5moves: Settler:religion:
    128 - Spearman:c5unhappy: Library:c5production: Joao (cultural):c5strength: Gilgamesh (research):c5strength: Mansa Musa (economic):c5strength: Chandragrupta (religious):c5strength: Ambiorix (militar):c5strength:
    130 - Education:c5science: Shrine:c5production: Temple:c5gold: Commercial hub:c5production: Market:c5gold: Murasaki Shikibu:greatwork:
    131 - Divine Right:c5culture: Monarchy:c5citystate: Campus:c5production:
    132 - Amphitheater:c5production: Apostole:religion:
    133 - Encampment:c5production:
    134 - Guilds:c5culture: Moksha:c5citizen: Settler:c5production: Trader:c5production: Missionary:religion:
    135 - Campus:c5production:
    137 - Marco Polo:greatwork: Harbor:c5production: Industrial zone:c5production: New York:c5capital: Dallas:c5capital:
    138 - Military Engineering:c5science: Archer:c5unhappy: Granary:c5production:
    139 - Diplomatic Service:c5culture: Harbor:c5production: University:c5gold: Hattusa?
    142 - Oracle:tourism: Settler:religion: Library:c5production: University:c5gold:
    143 - Printing:c5science: Mercenaries:c5culture: Lighthouse:c5production:
    144 - Medieval Faires:c5culture: Lighthouse:c5production: Stable:c5production: Workshop:c5production: Library:c5production: Catholicism:c5war: Crossbowman:c5moves: Crossbowman:c5moves: Skirmisher:c5moves: Chorus (Voidsingers)
    145 - Industrial zone:c5production: Industrial zone:c5production: Granary:c5gold: Houston:c5capital: Horseman:c5production:
    147 - Castles:c5science: Harbor:c5production: Lighthouse:c5production: Religious Belief (Scripture):religion:
    148 - Military Tactics:c5science: Amphitheater:c5production: Trader:c5production: Brussels:c5influence:
    149 - Buttress:c5science:
    150 - Armory:c5gold:
    151 - :c5greatperson:Renaissance Era (Monumentality) Cartography:c5science: Humanism:c5culture: Trader:c5production:
    152 - Courser:c5production:
    153 - Intelligence agency:c5production: Connoisseur (Pingala):c5citizen: Courser:c5moves:
    154 - Mass Production:c5science: Trader:c5production: Caravel:c5moves:
    155 - Apostle:religion:
    156 - Builder:c5production: Settler:c5gold: Settler:c5war:
    157 - Astronomy:c5science: Arena:c5production: Trebuchet:c5production:
    159 - Colonialism:c5culture: Courser:c5unhappy: Joao (religious):c5strength: Chandragrupta (cultural):c5strength: Workshop:c5production: Brussels? Cardiff? Mexico? Village (+20 faith)
    160 - Granary:c5production: University:c5gold:
    161 - Margaret Cavendish:greatwork: Auckland:c5influence:
    162 - Square Rigging:c5science: Petra:tourism: Village (naval tradition)
    163 - Holy site:c5production: Archaeological museum:c5production:
    164 - Natural History:c5culture:
    165 - Michelangelo:greatwork: Giovanni de Medici:greatwork: Builder:c5production: Harbor:c5production:
    166 - Industrialization:c5science: Theater square:c5production: Granary:c5production: Granary:c5production: Art museum:c5production: Builder:c5gold: Village (scorched earth)
    167 - Stirrups:c5science: Colosseum:tourism: Granary:c5production: San Francisco:c5capital: Old god obelisk:c5gold:
    168 - Jebel Barkal:tourism: Commercial hub:c5production: Market:greatwork: Bank:greatwork: Aqueduct:c5production: Old god obelisk:c5production: Detroit:c5capital: Old god obelisk:c5gold: Water mill:c5gold:
    169 - Banking:c5science: Granary:c5production: Amphitheater:c5production: Theater square:c5production: Settler:c5gold: Apostle:religion:
    170 - Belief (Stupa):religion: Stupa:religion: Shrine:c5gold:
    171 - Factory:c5production: Water mill:c5production:
    172 - Stupa:religion:
    173 - Islam Holy City:c5war:
    174 - Conservation:c5culture: Village (siege tactics) Philadelphia:c5capital: Old god obelisk:c5gold: Water mill:c5gold: Yi-Sun Sin:greatwork: Ngazargamu? Auckland? Harbor:c5production: Builder:c5gold:
    175 - The Enlightenment:c5culture: Chichen Itza:tourism: Water mill:c5production: Commercial hub:c5production:
    176 - Scientific Theory:c5science: Water mill:c5gold:
    177 - Coal power plant:c5production:
    178 - Civil Engineering:c5culture: Grants (Pingala):c5citizen: Miguel de Cervantes:greatwork: Commercial hub:c5production: Lighthouse:c5production: Lighthouse:c5production:
    179 - Factory:c5production: Market:c5production: Settler:c5gold: Amphitheater:c5production:
    180 - Leonardo da Vinci:greatwork: Preserve:c5production:
    181 - Theater square:c5production: Builder:c5production:
    182 - Gunpowder:c5science: Donatello:greatwork: Builder:c5production: Builder:c5production: Trader:c5production: Naturalist:religion:
    183 - Jakob Fugger:greatwork: Builder:c5production: Old god obelisk:c5production: Builder:c5production: Art museum:c5gold: St. Louis:c5capital: Naturalist:religion: Naturalist:religion:
    184 - Siege Tactics:c5science: Nationalism:c5culture: Matterhorn:c5food: Naturalist:religion: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart:greatwork: Builder:c5production: Builder:c5production: Harbor:c5production: Buffalo:c5food:
    185 - Shipyard:c5production: Trader:c5production: Granary:c5production: Dallas:c5food: St. Louis:c5food:
    186 - Metal Casting:c5science: Shipyard:c5production: Settler:c5gold:
    187 - Steam Power:c5science: Scorched Earth:c5culture: Temple:c5production: Stupa:religion: Harbor:c5production:
    188 - Amphitheater:c5production: Trader:c5production: Missionary:religion:
    189 - Lighthouse:c5production: Mohenjo-Daro? Missionary:religion:
    190 - Urbanization:c5culture: Francis Drake:greatwork: Mansa Musa (cultural):c5strength: Chandragrupta (economic):c5strength: Bank:c5gold: San Diego:c5capital:
    191 - :c5greatperson:Industrial Era (Golden Age - Heartbeat of Steam) Economics:c5science: Theater square:c5production: Grove:c5production: Trader:c5production:
    192 - Mont St. Michel:tourism: Ruhr Valley:tourism: Flight:c5science: Art museum:c5production: Theater square:c5production: Musketman:c5moves: Comet debris (knight) Ironclad:greatwork:
    193 - Forbidden City:tourism: Amphitheater:c5production: Theater square:c5production: Naturalist:religion:
    194 - Preserve:c5production: Grove:c5gold: Lighthouse:c5production: Trader:c5production: Settler:c5gold:
    195 - Village (experience) Ironclad:c5moves: Builder:c5gold:
    196 - Radio:c5science: Aqueduct:c5production: Amphitheater:c5production: Builder:c5production: Amphitheater:c5production: Harbor:c5production:
    197 - Mass Media:c5culture: Apadana:tourism: Charleston:c5food: Mimar Simar:greatwork: Builder:c5gold: Canticle (Voidsingers):c5citizen:
    198 - Mobilization:c5culture: Archaeologist:c5production: Emissary (Amani):c5citizen:
    199 - Alexander Pushkin:greatwork: Diplomatic quarter:c5production: Builder:c5production: San Antonio:c5capital: Water mill:c5gold: Old god obelisk:c5gold: Builder:c5gold:
    200 - Ballistics:c5science: Rough Rider:c5gold: Theater square:c5production: Builder:c5production: Industrial zone:c5production: Yosemite:c5food:
    201 - Rembrandt van Rijn:greatwork: Builder:c5production: Trader:c5production: Old god obelisk:c5production: Rough Rider:c5moves:
    202 - Ideology:c5culture: Entertainment complex:c5production:
    203 - Cultural Victory:c5happy: (201 according to Hall of Fame, 1174 points)

    Spoiler Cities production :

    Washington:c5capital: (T2): Scout > Settler > Warrior > Archer > Trader > Galley > Galley > Builder F Builder > Settler > Government plaza > Great bath > Ancestral hall € Settler > Settler > Entertainment complex F Settler > Archer > Holy site > Water mill > Shrine € Temple > Settler > Harbor > Lighthouse > Intelligence agency > Arena > Colosseum > Granary F Stupa > Repairs > Theater square > Shipyard > Amphitheater > Art museum > Apadana € Builder > Mausoleum of Halicarnassus
    Baltimore:c5capital: (T24): Monument > Holy site > Settler € Shrine € Builder € Builder > Temple of Artemis > Water mill > Theater square > Archer > Spearman > Commercial hub € Temple F Apostole > Market > Trader > Aqueduct > Amphitheater F Apostle > Trader F Missionary > Granary > Industrial zone > Trader > Trader > Trader F Apostle > Workshop > Art museum F Apostle F Stupa > Repairs > Factory > Builder > Builder F Missionary F Missionary > Potala palace
    Charleston:c5capital: (T74): F Settler > Monument € Granary > Campus > Library € University > Commercial hub > Chichen Itza > Market > Builder € Bank > Theater square F Naturalist > Amphitheater > Builder > Entertainment complex
    Boston:c5capital: (T74): € Settler > Monument > Muralla antigua > Aqueduct > Oracle > Theater square > Holy site > Granary € Shrine > Commercial hub > Builder > Temple F Stupa > Amphitheater > Market
    New Orleans:c5capital: (T93): Theater square > Old god obelisk € Settler > Harbor > Lighthouse > Mont St. Michel > Diplomatic quarter > Consulate
    Los Ángeles:c5capital: (T96): € Old god obelisk > Theater square > Encampment > Stable > Horseman € Armory > Courser > Trebuchet > Granary > Amphitheater € Water mill > Forbidden city > Aqueduct > Builder > Art museum
    Chicago:c5capital: (T100): Old god obelisk € Granary F Builder € Builder € Builder F Builder > Aqueduct > Campus > Library € University > Commercial hub Jebel Barkal € Builder > Commercial hub > Trader > Trader > Trader > Trader > Preserve € Grove > Builder > Builder > Trader > Market
    Beja:c5puppet: (T105): € Old god obelisk € Settler > Theater square > Aqueduct > Commercial hub € Market > Industrial zone > Workshop > Amphitheater > Builder > Archaeological museum > Builder > Granary > Factory > Coal power plant > Builder > Builder > Ruhr valley > Archaeologist > Builder
    Buffalo:c5capital: (T110): Old god obelisk > Campus > Library € Granary € University > Commercial hub G Market G Bank > Water mill > Holy site F Naturalist > Oxford University
    Cleveland:c5capital: (T113): Old god obelisk > Industrial zone > Workshop > Aqueduct > Water mill > Preserve > Builder > Grove > Trader > Builder > Dam
    Cincinnati:c5capital: (T120): Petra > Granary > Old god obelisk > Harbor > Lighthouse > Shipyard > Theater square > Amphitheater > Art museum
    New York:c5capital: (T137): F Settler > Harbor > Lighthouse > Theater square > Amphitheater € Art museum > Granary > Builder Industrial zone > Old god obelisk > Workshop
    Dallas:c5capital: (T137): Harbor > Lighthouse > Old god obelisk F Naturalist > Theater square > Amphitheater
    Houston:c5capital: (T145): € Settler € Builder > Theater square > Harbor > Lighthouse € Builder > Amphitheater
    San Francisco:c5capital: (T167): € Old god obelisk € Settler F Naturalist € Settler > Harbor > Lighthouse
    Detroit:c5capital: (T168): € Old god obelisk € Water mill € Settler > Harbor > Lighthouse > Theater square
    Philadelphia:c5capital: (T174): € Old god obelisk € Water mill > Theater square € Settler > Entertainment complex > Arena
    St. Louis:c5capital: (T183): F Naturalist > Theater square
    San Diego:c5capital: (T190): € Builder > Old god obelisk
    San Antonio:c5capital: (T199): € Water mill € Old god obelisk € Rough Rider > Theater square


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