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6otM82 After Action

Discussion in 'Civ6 - Game Of The Month' started by Knowtalent, Mar 1, 2020.

  1. WideCoast

    WideCoast Warlord

    Nov 17, 2013
    Ah, I see! That quote takes me somewhere quite far away lol :D
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  2. Shader

    Shader Chieftain

    Mar 5, 2002

    The way I learn Civ is by trying to follow GOTM guides to figure out what the great players are doing and not doing.

    I've tried every combination I can and I can't get a pantheon on turn 14. I'm assuming that you popped a relic or a +20 faith. On one combination I got a relic on turn 19, but that put me far behind you! I'd give anything for that turn 14 save, though I'm sure you don't have it. :lol:
  3. Victoria

    Victoria Regina Supporter

    Apr 11, 2011
    popped a relic. I should be able to get it again, I’ll post it here. If I remember, I sent my warrior the fastest way left and bumped into a barb camp while I produced a scout, went down and straight over the river where there was a hut.
    I’m not that great.... if you want to k ow roughly what I did I can post that too.
    Once you know How the land looks, where I settled ruined other good spots so I just did not bother making any settlers.
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  4. Shader

    Shader Chieftain

    Mar 5, 2002
    I consider sub-200 science victories to be a great achievement! It’s almost embarrassing how hard I’ve tried to get that early relic. Working from home due to this corona virus has given me a lot of free time! :lol:
  5. Victoria

    Victoria Regina Supporter

    Apr 11, 2011
    It is nothing to do with the relic.
    You can get sub 200 fine without... but you need to do some key things. For example....
    You need to get as many inspirations as possible, culture must be high to make the moon landing work so you reach
    globalisation. So getting a great Merchant in time as well as 2 markets and 4 trade routes means a few early commercial hubs... but do not overdo it as you are doing a science victory too.
    You need an alliance, a 10 pop city, a 15 pop city, 2 caravels... and so on. Just which and how many depends on a lot of things. I missed quite a few in the game and regretted it. In this German game I was stupid, when I met Rapa Nui I should have built some statues to pump culture more but because I did not I finished the moon landing culture rush 10 turns short of globalisation. Whether it be Rapa Nui or Inspirations I was rushing too much and did not keep an eye on my culture target enough.
    I spent too much gold and did not build Big Ben or forgotten city despite having chop and cities available for a good laser chop city which was available on the other continent, lost about another 10 turns there
    I had both a power outage and a spaceport damaged by twisters losing me about 12 turns.
    There are other things as well but you see that if things are done right you are well below 200 so the relic is not vital.
    I can play the game again without if you wanted to see, but I know where everything is.

    I think key thing I did in the game was to take Vilnius, then Armagh, then Preslav and managed to take out most of Mapuche before they Went golden. I used warriors into swords for this and it was pure dumb luck there was iron under Vilnius to allow this. I was an early Suze of Kabul which also helped as promotions heal and every turn helps. Getting a road to Mapuche was a risk but it paid off. (I hate losing trade routes). Also I got a GG which helped all the way to the end..

    At this stage I looked for a city with 10 chops and only found Armagh so did not chop anything there but I should have build a theater first to not only get up culture but so the city would expand so I did not have to buy tiles there later. (So many errors). I did turn most of the city into lumbermills which did allow great production before the chop and I did pillage enough on the second continent for this.

    I could have done Amundsen Scott wonder but do not think that would have helped my game. It’s a wonder for those wanting science to show 2500 at the end of the game IMO.

    I think my best city production was 60 prod. Production is just not important enough to boost when you use chops and workers but you do need it up around 60 so you can hard build your second spaceport while getting to mars/exo techs.

    is it a quote? It just sounded right so I wrote it, not surprised if someone has said something similar... it is just so apt for this game.
    EDIT: You made me go and check... some nice quotes I like there but weirdly not similar to mine

    “I think perfection is ugly. Somewhere in the things humans make, I want to see scars, failure, disorder, distortion.”
    ― Yohji Yamamoto
    “When you stop expecting people to be perfect, you can like them for who they are.”
    ― Donald Miller
    “I am careful not to confuse excellence with perfection. Excellence, I can reach for; perfection is God's business.”
    ― Michael J. Fox
    "So many things conspire against perfection that often it feels intentional"
    - Victoria :)
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  6. TheFinalChiTown

    TheFinalChiTown Chieftain

    Jul 21, 2019
    Hi all,

    I was able to get the same relic start as @Victoria if you want to give it a shot. Save attached.

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  7. Tarry

    Tarry Chieftain

    Feb 16, 2019
    Science victory. Turn 251. 2456

    - How many cities did you settle or capture?
    Settled: 8
    Captured: 26

    - What did you prioritize for research and policies?
    All the usual science things. Early Horses to take out my continent.

    - Did you bother with religion?
    Got a relic early on from a goody hut, so I did get a religion. Ended up in a pointless religious war on 2nd continents. Massive waster of time. Having to avoid a golden age in classical so I could beat mapuche was a major hit, I could have really used monumentality.

    - How did you pump your science??
    Loads of cities with universities.

    - Were City-States helpful?
    Yes, for all the bonus'

    - Any surprises you ran into, how did you deal with it?
    wow, mapuche is tough in mountains when I am in a golden age. I let the golden age fade so I could take him.
    Disasters were a nightmare. The mountain near my capitol erupted 4 times in the first 2 ages and I got 3 floods in the same time before I managed to build a damn. Loads of other mountains sprang to live and had many very destructive events. I ended up leaving 1 charge builders nar many volcano vulnerable cities.

    - Did you enjoy the game?
    Yes. But I get too distracted and bored not doing stuff. To releave the boredom I invaded the 2nd continent and that cost me hours of real time managing the war in detail. I don't think it materially sped up my completion at all.
    I mistimed building things everything after the spaceport and it took ages. Even with multiple counterspys protecting the spaceport and city centres through adjacencies I have 3 governess thrown out of my capital. Arrrg.

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  8. Minou

    Minou King

    Apr 19, 2013

    Coming within 1 turn of @Victoria is an honor as half of what I know about the game comes from their posts. I had a great start but completely lost focus for the last 50 turns and cost myself a dozen or more turns making suboptimal moves.
    Early Game:

    Crossed the river before settling so I could work one of the 2 culture tiles immediately. My plan was to conquer most city states rapidly with the +7 attack bonus (preserving any Science ones of course), so opening builds were Warrior/Warrior/Slinger/Builder/Warrior and then a break for Government Plaza for another title, Slinger, and a Holy Site.

    Met Amargh T6 for free envoy and fast Religious Settlements Pantheon. In retrosepct I kind of wish I took Fire Goddess just for kicks. I wasn’t excatly certain where to plant the second city so the Settler ended up wandering a bit and actually popped a hut for a Relic before ultimately settling north of the Eyjafjallajökull for even more culture. Also got a free envoy from Vilinius (T7) and Babylon (T15). Lots of early huts including 40g (T2), BW boost (T12), Archery boost (T21), Relic (T24), 20f (T34), 20DF (T46), Theology boost (T77), 120g (T77), Trader (T108), and Scout (T137). The 120g was by far the most helpful as it was just enough to levy Hong Kong and keep steamrolling.

    Three Warrriors captured Vilinius on T25, and then rolled onward to capture Amrgh on T34. Oligarchy came online in time for them to smash Preslav T44. Found Kandy late and captured them with a Galley and Warrior on T80.

    Meanwhile, Amani gave me control of Babylon which revealed Kabul and Ngarzagamu (both provided free envoys). I levied Babylon’s two Warriors and sent my own Slinger. They captured Kabul T38 and Ngarzagamu T54, waiting a few turns to get the Warlord’s Throne bonus. Annnoyingly, a flood damaged the Government Plaza the same turn, so I lost 3 turns of the 20% bonus.

    Mapuche was a little harder, but with Sword upgrades and some extra levied Archers from Hong Kong I was able to capture their cities on T74, T80, and T85 - a great haul since they had a 3 adjacency and a 5 adjacency Campus. Captured two cities from China on T92 and T98, their cities had Campus, Aqueduct (for boost), and Temple of Artemis.

    Wonders: Pyramis (T61), Oracle (T83)

    Middle Game

    Got a Religion and took Jesuit Education, which ended up letting me buy 3 Libraries, 4 Universities and 5 Research Labs over the course of the game. Not sure if Choral Music would have been better, since I had so few Holy Sites.

    Finally got to the new continent T92, and thanks to saved Kilwa envoys levied La Venta and Brussels immediately. Used levied troops to take out Persia (captured a Settler the turn I declared, took a long time to capture their two cties since the one by Yosemite revolted before I could take the capital (T126, had Great Bath and Apandana). Veterans from Persia took two small cities from Mongolia just to relieve loyalty pressure on my Persian holdings. Used a single Frigate, two Galleys, and a Musket to take all of England’s cities (only had a Harbor and a Holy Site I think)

    I declared on Mali solely to pillage and ended up getting about 4000g from them. Pillaged about 2000f and 500c from Hungary but Mongolia snuck in and stole their capital before I could get it. My pillaging rampage was ended by a stupid emergency declaration on T137, and I never bothered to declare war again.

    Wonders: Coliseum (T90), Kilwa (T96), Terra Cotta Army (T120), Forbidden City (rushed with Isidore, T120), Apandana (captured T126), Petra (T132).

    Late Game:

    Hit Rocketry T133 and ended up getting 5 total Spacesports (3 built, 1 purchased with gold and 1 purchased with faith). Moon Landing T157 but culture was so slow it got me nowhere close to Globalization. Exoplanet launched T175, but since laser projects were buried as the very last tech in the tree they were not available until T181. Chopped in 3 lasers the turn the tech completed (two in the same turn in the city where I bought the Spaceport with faith), and then built/chopped/grinded 6 more in the next 4 turns.

    Wonders: Big Ben (148), Bolshoi (T155:Scorched Earth/Conservation), Oxford (T165: Telecommunications, Seasteads).


    Eyjafjallajökull was very interesting to live next to. It only erupted twice - thought it would be many more with high disaster setting? The first mega-eruption on T25 was very helpful, killing one pop and removing two sheep, but fertilizing a whopping 11 tiles (7f,4h). The second was absolutely terrible, on T139 killing 4 pop and damaging 10 tiles. Even worse, a 1000 year flood right around the same time wrecked the Campus, Government Plaza, and 5 buildings. Should have built a Dam!

    Never really used Foreign Ministry much but it was fun this game. I had a 50 power Sword romping through Hungary thanks to Oligarchy, Foreign Ministry, Visibility, and Urban Warfare.

    Apparently the Apandana loses functionality if captured? I seized it T126 and chopped Petra 6 turns later just for the 2 envoys, but never got any from Petra or any future wonders. That was disappointing.

    Room for Improvement:

    The biggest thing was that my culture was way too slow. This delayed Globalization till around T170. I should really have taken advantage of Rapa Nui - horrendously I just simply forgot about them after saving the game and starting up after a two week break! Especially with all the volcanic soil this was a boneheaded move. On the other hand, at least I avoid accidentally winning a cultural victory which I might have done if I mindlessly spammed them without thinking of tourism....

    Should have went for Communism a bit earlier. I was beelining Globalization but since I got there so late having the 10% science bonus earlier would have been more effective.

    Delaying Catrography till T92 since I wanted to get all the boost along the path including Buttress. Would have been better to just beeline it to get conquering overseas sooner.

    After T138 I stopped building military and mostly ran projects in minor cities. I wish I made a few mounted units for another round of pillaging, probably co.ld have gotten a second faith Spaceport and/or few more Research Labs. And, I totally forgot about Warlord’s Throne in the late game so left about 50 turns of 20% production bonus on the table.

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  9. arthur486

    arthur486 Warlord

    Oct 28, 2016
    SV @ Turn 205 (invalid due to accidentally finishing Oxford Uni too early :lol:)

    While on King you can easily plan and finish any wonder you want, I find that the computer is too weak to be a reliable trading partner OR a good resource farm, so you have to build a lot of stuff yourself.

    How many cities did you settle or capture?
    Settled 14 and captured 18
    What did you prioritize for research and policies?
    Get eurekas, inspirations; 44 great people recruited totally; Planned for Kilwa, Oxford and Ruhr Valley; First space port was bought, second was handcrafted :blush:
    Did you bother with religion?
    How did you pump your science?
    Campuses, Pop 10 cities and suzerained the 2 science city states.
    Were City-States helpful?
    Very much so, especially in the end with the +5% bonus for science and culture.
    Did you enjoy the game?
    Very much so,
    prepared a turn-by-turn report below. Thank you 6otM team!
    Spoiler :
    T1 - Aachen settled 1NW
    T12 - Megacollosal eruption, -1 pop in Aachen
    T17 - Megacollosal eruption (+26 fertilized tiles in total)

    T19 - Divine Spark (China took Religious Settlements)
    T27 - Hamburg founded (2 tiles from volcano)
    T30 - Major flood, Rhine river (1 tile pillaged)
    T33 - Major barb invasion from W of Aachen
    T37 - First Campus (Aachen completed - delayed due to barb activity)
    T38 - 1000 year flood on the Rhine (-2 pop)
    T43 - Armagh suzerained (Amani moves to Kabul - mostly to explore)
    T44 - Political Philosophy (classical republic)
    T47 - Gov. Plaza complete in Aachen, barbs again from W!
    T49 - Met Lautaro, Suzerained Hong Kong
    T51 - Currency
    T54 - WAR on Armagh
    T55 - Armagh conquered
    T55 - Classical Age (golden), Pen, Brush & Voice
    T56 - Babylon suzerained
    T59 - Recorded History complete
    T59 - WAR on Preslav
    T60 - Science 29.2, Culture 20.4, +3 Diplo favour
    T61 - Aryabhata recruited
    T62 - Preslav conquered
    T68 - Apprenticeship
    T69 - WAR on China
    T70 - Heavy Chariot lost to Barbarians
    - Hypatia recruited
    T71 - Gunagzhou conquered
    T74 - Feudalism
    T81 - Chinese settler captured
    - Longxi conquered
    T83 - Berlin founded
    T84 - al-Zahrawi recruited
    T86 - Xi'an conquered (China defeated)
    T88 - Mainz founded (Kilwa Kisiwani city)
    T93 - Hattusa, Kandy discovered
    T94 - WAR on Mapuche
    T95 - Crassus, Omar Khayyam recruited
    - Hattusa suzerained
    T97 - Banking
    T99 - Cologne founded
    T100 - Science 101, Culture 82.9, +3 Diplo favour
    T101 - Trier founded
    T104 - Homer recruited
    T105 - Hildegard of Bingen recruited
    T106 - Lost 1 Heavy Chariot!!
    - Medieval Age (golden), Pen, Brush & Voice
    - Puel Mapu conquered
    T107 - +100% to Campus buildings
    - Medieval Fairies
    T109 - Ovid, Hannibal Barca (faith) recruited
    T115 - Bi Sheng recruited
    T116 - Astronomy, The Enlightenment
    T117 - Puel Mapu rebels, Ngula Mapu conquered (Mapuche defeated)
    T118 - Exploration (Merchant Republic)
    T119 - Scientific Theory
    - Irene of Athens, Murasaki Shikibu recruited
    T120 - Kilwa Kisiwani built, Met England, Puel Mapu "liberated"
    T122 - Met Hungary, Muscat
    T123 - Met Mongolia
    T125 - Civil Engineering
    T126 - Met Persia
    T128 - Colonialism, Li Bai recruited, Suzerained Muscat
    T129 - Emilie du Chatelet recruited, Brussels suzerained
    - Magdeburg founded, met Mali
    T130 - Erfurt founded
    T131 - Dortmund founded
    T135 - Kandy conquered
    T136 - Regensburg founded
    T138 - Steam Power, Isaac Newton recruited
    T139 - Rajendra Chola, James St. George recruited
    T140 - WAR on England, Heidelberg founded
    T142 - Flight!!, Buddhism founded (last prophet), Jesuit Education +
    T143 - Munster founded
    T146 - Renaissance Era (golden)
    - 380 science, 152 culture, 9700 gold!!
    - Galileo Galilei, Miguel Cervantes recruited
    T150 - Razed 1 English city, occupied London, peace
    T151 - Rocketry, Mass Media complete, Space Port bought in Aachen!!
    T153 - Isidore of Miletus
    T156 - James Young (faith) recruited, WAR on Persia
    T157 - Wiliam Shakespear recruited
    T159 - Launch Earth Satellite, Raja Todal Mar recruited
    T160 - Electricity, Ideology
    T162 - Mendeleev recruited (faith)
    T163 - Ruhr Valley completed
    - WAR on England, to take Manchaster and built an Offshore Oil Rig :)
    T164 - Class Struggle -> Communism, Manchaster conquered, 1 English builder captured :)
    T167 - Marie d'Aulnoy recruited
    T169 - Mimar Sinan, Charles Darwin (!) and Donatello recruited
    T171 - Moon Landing launched
    T172 - Space Race
    , Nuclear Fission
    T173 - Catastrophic eruption of Eyja...
    T174 - Globalization
    T175 - Nanotechnology, Professional Sports
    T177 - Peace with England
    T179 - Launch Mars Colony, Telecommunications, Social Media
    T183 - Robotics
    T184 - Optimization Imperative
    T185 - Cybernetics
    T187 - Nuclear Fusion, Conservation
    T188 - Peace with everyone
    T189 - Catastrophic eruption of Eyja... (-5 pop)
    - Oxford University completed (delayed on purpose)
    - Smart Materials, Advanced AI, Seasteds
    T190 - Albert Einstein recruited
    T192 - Cultural Heritage
    T193 - Exoplanet mission launched, Predictive Systems
    T205 - Victory (expedition at 11 light-years/turn, Science +1250, Culture +497)
  10. firelord24

    firelord24 Chieftain

    Jun 22, 2006
    Turn 332 - 1911AD - Score 3231 - Science
    - How many cities did you settle or capture?
    44 Cities
    - What did you prioritize for research and policies?
    Industry and then tanks
    - Did you bother with religion?
    Yes, I used faith to purchase campuses and holy city things.
    - How did you pump your science??

    - Were City-States helpful?
    Yes, I ended up not taking many of them and using them for Science + Faith

    - Any surprises you ran into, how did you deal with it?
    Lots of weather conditions, and having so many coal plants made the weather changes more severe, that slowed down the end point.

    - Did you enjoy the game?
    Yes, it was different and I hadn't played with Fredrick before. This is my first submitted game.

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  11. Vlad Dracula

    Vlad Dracula Warlord

    Apr 13, 2003
    Cassville Mo USA
    337 SV
    How many cities did you settle or capture? Settled 11 Captured 15 Vilinius turned out to be in a really good spot.

    - What did you prioritize for research and policies? I went for military units early because I wanted to hit a few city states right out of the gate.Then went eurekas then project stuff.

    - Did you bother with religion? I did Jesuit education is pretty sweet I also had stewardship RC and stupas. I also hit a few monumentality GA's and then used Moksha to buy spaceports.

    - How did you pump your science?? Other peoples campuses lol

    - Were City-States helpful? Yes I had 8 under me and conquered 3 I grabbed two religious and two science early on.

    - Any surprises you ran into, how did you deal with it? Stupid hurricane hit my capitol and ruined my hansa while Mars was being built.I got things sorted and then a spy blew up my spaceport even though my spy killed him.

    - Did you enjoy the game? Yes.

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  12. leif erikson

    leif erikson Game of the Month Fanatic Administrator Supporter GOTM Staff

    Feb 2, 2003
    Plymouth, MA
    This game is closed for submissions as time has run out.

    You may continue to post here and attach saves if you wish.
  13. Arnold_T

    Arnold_T Prince

    Dec 19, 2009
    SV T203 1420 AD score 2397 - submission is late, but thought I'd do it anyway, since I spent so much time on it!

    Re: Please state ... the save choice
    -> what does "the save choice" mean?

    - How many cities did you settle or capture?
    settled only three with my own settlers. three with captured settlers, and conquered all other cities on the map, leaving only London alone. I also had Mathias' last surviving little city convert to Germany via loyalty pressure, eliminating him from the game. I've never seen that happen before.

    I haven't played much Civ lately and was kinda rusty. Haven't played much GS either. Did the Science Victory change? it seemed unfamiliar at the end.

    Milestones T100+:
    t100 founded religion
    t101 Merchant Replublic
    t120 Buda (Hangarian Capital captured)
    t130 Niani (Mali Capital captured)
    t133 Mali eliminated
    t152 Mongol Capital
    t155 Rocketry
    t159 Mongols elim
    t160 Satelites
    t162 Persian Cap
    t164 Persia elim
    t175 Democracy

    I didn't really know (or remember?) how to get science victory, so just winged it from there. Shoulda built fewer wonders at the end and built more spaceports, got more power going, and secured more aluminum.

    - Did you enjoy the game?
    Yeah, fun game! thanks guys!

    BTW this is the first gotm game I've played on both desktop Windows and iPad, moving the save file back and forth between the two occasionally. it works now that both have Gathering Storm. the interface on Windows iTunes isn't very intuitive and it took me a while to figure out to do the movement of the save file each way. it's a little tricky


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  14. Mbccsvb

    Mbccsvb Chieftain

    Jun 13, 2020
    T216 SV, Score 2141 (Invalid due to a few 1 turn reloads)

    This is wildly past the deadline, but I wanted to try a 6otM, but I didn’t have the Frontier pass, and Georgia didn’t appeal to me.

    Settled 5 cities through my own settlers (Including capital), and one captured settler, all at various points in the game.
    Captured 3 city states, and conquered the whole of China, and Mapuche. Took all Mongolian cities but one, took all Mali cities but one, and took all Hungarian cities but one. Didn’t get to England in time. I didn’t keep the civs alive for any particular reason, their last cities were just out of the way of my war path and I didn’t want to spend time going after it.

    I researched the basic techs, went up the top half of tech tree, and picked up machinery when I reached Gothic Architecture. I also had to research Printing due to Mongolia. After rocketry, I went to satellites, then went through the bottom half of the tech tree to get nano technology, then stumbled around till exoplanet.

    I got a religion because it’s fairly easy to get one on king, without too much investment. Didn’t help much, I got a little early culture through choral music, but then I used my faith on monumentality instead of spreading the religion.

    Golden ages throughout the game, monumentality-monumentality-monumentality-heartbeat of steam.

    Pumped science through campuses in almost every city on my continent. The other continent gave me science through pop, and more importantly, lots of culture through theater squares and monuments.

    Kabul was crucial to my game, I didn’t have the money to upgrade all my warriors to swordsmen in the China campaign, but one Urban warfare swordsman was enough to finish China off. After that, my veteran troops let me wage war with very few units.
    Hattusa and Babylon were helpful purely because they are science city states, Kandy let me get a bunch of faith for buying builders, Hong Kong sped up projects, a liberated Buenos Aires fixed my Amenity problem, and Rapa Nui gave me a lot of culture in two Moai + farm cities. By the end of the game I had suzerainity of every citystate left on the map, which skyrocketed science and culture with the appropriate policies.

    My military through the entire game was 3 melee, 3 ranged (one died in Mongolia), 1 heavy cavalry (had two, but one died to barbs before reaching my army), and 1 melee ship. The melee reached Musketmen, the ranged reached field cannons (and the surviving two were upgraded to corps for inspiration), the cavalry reached knights, and the ship reached ironclad. I had unlocked the techs for upgrading all of them, but I was saving gold for builders, and my troops were sufficient for the primitive AI.

    A nice surprise was Germany’s industrial capability, I had hard built space ports in 9 cities, eventually blasting me off to space at 27 light years/turn (Probably overkill).
    An unpleasant surprise was the whole of Mongolia. I conquered Vilnius-Armagh-Preslav-China-Mapuche, and that left my army in Mapuche lands when I unlocked Cartography. Caravan exploration reached Mongolia first, so that was my first target. Their cities were weak so it should be a breeze with veteran Musketmen and Crossbowmen.
    The turn after I declared war, they built a knight, and city defense went up. Their +6 combat strength (printing not trade) caused me a lot of damage in the landings, which slowed me down considerably while healing. Crossbowmen kept appearing, shooting my troops before dying. This slowed me down further. An emergency was called on me, and Mali troops came in and harassed my troops even more. Every thing was made worse with the thick jungle terrain.
    After struggling through Mongolia to Pasadgadae, I used up 5 turns resting. Bakhtri, the source of an emergency again Mongolia, was right next to me, but the army was too damaged to proceed.
    After the rest, I was able to sweep though the most of the second continent without much trouble, finishing the game right before destruction of Hungary. But I probably would have finished the second continent off if I had just started at England instead of Mongolia :/

    I really enjoyed this game, Germany is fun to play, and it ended up being my best SV yet.
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  15. leif erikson

    leif erikson Game of the Month Fanatic Administrator Supporter GOTM Staff

    Feb 2, 2003
    Plymouth, MA

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