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A fantasy mod


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Nov 8, 2001
I'm considering of making a fantasy mod in which I would replace some/all the excisting civs. Each of these new civs would have all their units as unique with their upgrade paths. Also I wouldn't create any clearly evil or good civs. If one of the civs would have undead units or something like that it wouldn't mean that they were evil because of that, but that their culture would be differient.
I'm also considering of making each and every military unit far more important. Higher stats, population costs when build and so on. This would make the wars far more tactically oriented as you would neet to use artilerry or, whee, magic to help the attacks. But if the AI can't handle such change, then it will have to be left out.
Some may notice relations with other excisting fantasy worlds and I can most certainly say that such excist were they with the Warhammer world, LOTR, Wheel of Time, FR, Dragonlance and so on. I have read a lot of fantasy.

Thoughts of the civs:

Imperium(Militaristic, Commercial)
Quite basic, but sturdy infantry and cavalry units. Very similiar to Empire of Warhammer.

Elves(Religious, Scientific)
Fast, but quite weak in defense, units. Archers, cavalry, light infantry, but no heavy cavalry or infantry. Maybe some later flying unit like Gryphons or Pegasi.

People of *****(insert some dreadly name, like Morrowind(which is already take))(Religous, Industrious)
Combination of fast weakish living units and slower but very sturdy undead units. Be aware that the undead units don't make this civ act as an evil one. It's simply a cultural thing as they respect their dead over their living. (or something like that)

*****(expansionist, militaristic)
Lot's of cheap units with some very powerful units. Basicly it's a basic greenskins(orcs, goblins) and some more powerful like(ogres, giants) ruled by a powerful ogre-magi. This may act as an evil civ, but who can blame if they are expansionist, militaristic and with highest agression. At least I never claim that Zhaka is evil.

Reavers(Commerical, militaristic)
Combining lots of hard hitting fast units, but weakish defense, with the best fleet. Very water oriented civ.

more to come... I would really like to have suggestions
Where you are going to find all the fantasy units for the game or are you going to make them by yourself?

It would need massive amount of work making units and also for what tech tree would be used?

Also there are no example chance to build "healer" units neither really flying units (read thins about attack choppers)...
Re-base dragon...heheh...

And how different those undead units could be?
They would have just different look compared to normal ones and then have different move/attack/defence?
Should we give wizard units bombard ability as there isn't any spellcasting abilities?

Don't take this wrong...no offence...
I have also thought some kind of empire building mod which would have strong influence of fantasy but currently it's really hard to do with the editor and someone must do those units
also so...
I think we must wait if possible expansion gives us chance to edit the game more...
Thanks for reply!

Well I'm going to make up most of them, but as I have read a lot of fantasy literature, there will be lot's of similar if not same as in this literature.

I have already replaced two resources. Saltpeter was replaced with Mithril and aluminium with eternium. Tech would work as ways to use these new resources. I replaced bronze working with iron working and after iron working you get mithril working and eternium working. Of course the uses for other resources like oil, spices and incense for the undead has to be researched. Either using those resources should be researched or the advanced forms should be researched.

I had some spare time and I made up three Morrowind troops. I'm certain that more troops lines would be nice, I'm going to work with elves next.

Morrowind Cavalry --->with iron
Shadow C. --->with mithril
Night C. --->with eternium
Dark C.

And same with an infantry.

Then there's a morrowind special unit, which I just call undead(for now at least).
Undead --->with oil
Respected Undead --->with spices
Honored Undead --->with incense
Glorified Undead

Those Glorified undead troops would be extremely powerful, and would start a golden age.

It's a shame that you can't get flying units work properly, so leaving dragons out is an option. After all, dragons don't work for any nation, unless the nation is theirs. At least that's currently true in this world.
Mages would be kinda bombartment/precision strike units with some wacky abilities. Well, healer units can't really be made, but I can use Battlefield Medicine kind of small wonder to do the same thing. For example after researching 'Healing magics' you can build the College of Healers or something similiar.
I've actually been working on a fantasy mod for a week now and it's about 2 days away from being finished. It's mostly based on LOTR, but there's alot of stuff that's from other Fantasy.

Here are the civ's and their uu's:

Trolls (the Barbarian tribes)
Dunedan: Ranger
Gargoyles: Overseer
Sprites: Faerie Noble
Dwarves: Axeman
Hobbits: Guard
Gondor: Schiltron
Imp: Raider
Giants: Aggressor
Southrons: Wraithrider
Merfolk: Mermaid
Gnomes: Garden Dweller
Centaurs: Hunter
Goblins: Wolf Rider
Orc: Urak Hai
Wood-elves: Woodman
Elves: Archman

Some other cool features: Some civ's make Brave's instead of Warriors (same as Warrior, more civilized look). Dwarves and Hobbits have Pony's (same as Horseman, reversed attack/defence), and Wanderer (Explorer after learning literature that can build colonies).
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