A programmer’s perspective on Civ VI

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    I am not programmer, I have no idea of software development.

    There are here very strong statements on quality of programming, and just by the logical thinking (not by knowledge of programming) I can believe they are true. Just logically - I can see that something's broken (being just a player) - thus it's broken. And only if you manage to convince me that it is not broken (try to convience that AI is somewhat effective in any apect), then I can believe those that code is good. The reasons behind the poor state of the game are different story (and on that I have not knowlegdge to comment), but the fact is a fact. The game fails in many areas, especially AI. And again giving the arguments like "ci5" was even worse", "there are dedlines by publishers", or "you have no idea of programming" are not the really valid arguments.

    And I can see that many people react aggressivelly, or at least give absurd arguments to defend the game. This is so called cognitive dissonance. This is a mental stress or discomfort by an individual who holds different values (in that case belief that CIV is a best series ever, an VI will be the best of all) when he is confronted with new fact (AI is terrible, the game is not finished). Some will accept the fact (that the game is broken), but others will use all the arguments, logical or not, to defend the game. But the arguments like - there are deadlines or civ5 was worse, are not those which can really defend the game.

    Another point - we should not give the marks for potential. Beyond Earth had potential, but it was never made to be a good game. Civ5 was never really good game, without mods (thanks modders!!!).

    And what bothers me more - even if there is a will and knowledge in firaxis to fix the game - I believe that it will take months or more. Obviously Scythia horseman exploit or trade exploit are (I believe) easy to fix, but rewriting (or writing form beginning) the AI to be decent will take very much time. The last paragraph is just my, not proffesionally backed, opinion. You are welcome to dissagree, and I will accept all logical arguments:).
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    It's quite different. For instance, the lua code written here is readable. It's just slow, brittle and error prone.

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