A Very Brief Posadist Colombian DoC AAR

Lone Wolf

Dec 4, 2006
This is going to be a brief story of my latest RFC-DoC game as Colombia, latest version with some minor changes. Monarch difficulty, Epic speed.

Simon Bolivar revolted against Spaniards, establishing Colombia. But he knew that in the Caribbean and Guyana, the horrible crime of slavery was still perpetuated by the Brits. So his army, with volunteer British Republican Albion Legions, set up to free the lands held by the British in bondage.

Guyana easily fell before Bolivar's troops.

The Bahamas followed quickly, establishing the free, Colombian rule over the islands.

Colombian troops swept through Peru and Brazil, liberating them from oppressive Iberian aristocracies.

Unfortunately, the reactionary Brazilian latifundists, supported by the Portuguese, revolted against Colombia. They had too many troops for the spread out Colombian Liberation Army to fight them.

Argentina was forced to cooperate with Colombia...

It was rewarded by all Spanish possessions being transferred to it.

But Brazil stubbornly refused to cooperate with Colombia, leaving Bolivar's dreams of the United States of South America unfulfilled.

Colombia still prospered. Its imported goods were famous all over the world. (Meaning, 2/3 of UHV conditions were fulfilled). But the rising inequality lead to a socialist revolution, inspired by the international vision of Comrade Frasnelli.

Many great people rose in Socialist Colombia.

Yet, as Frasnelli pointed out, there can be no socialism in one country. He advocated a space program to find the aliens who have achieved communism. Only they could help humanity to overcome misery and exploitation.

We must call upon beings from other planets when they come to intervene, to collaborate with the inhabitants of the Earth to overcome misery. We must launch a call on them to use their resources to help us.

But it was clear that Colombia won't get to be the first to launch the satellite. The predatory, uber-capitalist Americans had a much more advanced space program.

To this, Frasnelli had only one answer:

We are preparing ourselves for a stage in which before the atomic war we shall struggle for power, during the atomic war we shall struggle for power and we shall be in power. There is no beginning… there is an end to atomic war, because atomic war is simultaneous revolution in the whole world, not as a chain reaction, simultaneous. Simultaneous doesn't mean the same day and the same hour. Great historic events should not be measured by hours or days, but by periods…

The settlement of Cabinda was secretly established in Angola next to its Uranium deposits.

American capitalist army managed to shoot down 4 out of 5 Colombian nuclear bombers. Yet, one heroic pilot managed to evade American interceptors.

American space program was no more.

Overjoyed, Colombians worked harder and harder to reach the stars. They completed the first stages of the Space Program, but they just didn't have the time to overcome the imperialist might of America before the death of comrade Frasnelli.

Still, he ensured that the Americans won't get to launch a spaceship in his lifetime, and his ideas lived on, keeping in his followers' hearts the hope of Socialism on Many Planets.

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