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ADDON: Rise of Mankind: A Better Tomorrow

Discussion in 'RoM Modmods' started by Civ Fuehrer, Jun 16, 2008.

  1. Civ Fuehrer

    Civ Fuehrer Eat, Sleep, Mod

    May 8, 2008
    CA, USA
    RoM: A Better Tomorrow
    With the Future Era dragging on way too long, i've thought to just put them in their own era and start a new one in my addon that will not only expand and attempt at balancing the future techs, it will also add to a few of the past techs. I have a few ideas at the moment, but need a lot more if anyone is willing to help.
    Progress until next release: 40%
    Current Percentage Complete: 8%
    EDIT: VERSION Alpha 0.0.02 here!
    EDIT:VERSION Alpha 0.0.18 will be focused on adding last minute techs, naming, and positioning

    Spoiler :

    XML changes:

    • Transhuman Era

    • Space-Time Continuum (Industrial)
    • Alternative Fuels (Modern)
    • Alternative Propulsion (Modern)
    • Time Dilation (Modern)
    • Laser Propulsion (Modern)
    • Deep Sea Drilling
    • Nanite Mitosis (Future)
    • Holograms (Future)
    • Space Ecosystem (Future)
    • Exotic Matter (Future)
    • Wormholes (Future)
    • Free-forming Nano Organisms(Future)
    • Your ideas here
    • Wireless Electronics
    • Metamaterials
    • Invisibility
    • Space-Time engineering
    • Perfect protein
    • Saltwater Purification
    • Space Economics
    • Asteroid Mining
    • Antimatter
    • Black/White Hole Manipulation
    • Wearable Electronics
    • Anti-Gravity Simulator
    • Interactive Videos
    • Geothermal Energy Harnessing
    • Sea Colonization (how did I miss this one?)
    • Automated Surgery
    • Engineered Food

    • Prophets / Mesiahs / Demigods / Gods(sorcerers that conducted "miracles" by the name of their religion)
    • Hovercraft line
    • Ocean Worker
    • Regenerative Battle Droid
    • Carrier Submarine
    • Orbital Cruiser line (Orbital Destroyer/Carrier/Dropship(Transporter)/Defender/etc.)
    • Satellite Recon
    • Re-integrate Nuclear Mod Units, problem with UnitInfos (includes H-Bomb & Fusion Nova)
    • Peace Maker (Nuke that destroys everything including land)
    • Malfunctioned Bots line
    • Your ideas here
    • Viral Bomb
    • Nanoid Bomb
    • U-bomb
    • Mutations
    • Secret Police
    • Cultists
    • Teleporter (gave me an idea for a wormhole vehicle)

    • Ocean Platform (Multi-purpose; Allows building Ocean Platform Imports, Saltwater Purification Refinery, +2Hammer)
    • Ocean Farm (+2 Food)
    • Ocean Defenses (If I can get the code that allows the outpost to shoot in Final Frontier)
    • Floating City (Ocean Worker action)

    • Slimy Ocean (AoE bomb effects [i.e. Viral Bomb, Fusion Nukes] on water)

    • Divine Favor
    • Divine Touch
    • Divine Healing(line 1,2,3)
    • Divine Shield(line 1,2,3)
    • Divine Strength(line Str, Wra, Fury)
    • Divinity(line 1,2,3)
    • Nanite Mitosis(line 1,2 OR Nano Ref,3)
    • Nano Reformation(line 1,2,3)
    • Your ideas here
    • Teleport I-III (for wormhole vehicle)
    • Raise STR I-III (would be called differently in accordance to non-ranged religions)
    • Raise HP I-III (same as above)

    • Ocean Platform Imports(Allows Deuterium with Accelerator)
    • Fusion Plant(Requires Deuterium to start Fusion reaction)
    • Cold Fusion Generator(Requires Deuterium for Heavy Water)
    • Wormhole Laboratory
    • Cellular Nanite Laboratory
    • Your ideas here
    • Saltwater Purification Refinery
    • Universal Courthouse
    • Black Market
    • Regeneration Chamber
    • Cloned Animals Zoo
    • Fut/Space Commodities Stock Exchange(gave me idea of Corporation and its competition)

    Artificial Resources:
    • Fused Raw Material
    • Exotic Matter
    • Your ideas here
    • Antimatter
    • Deuterium

    Natural Resources:
    • Your ideas here
    • Hydrothermal Vent (too many land sources as is)

    Wish List(would need some SDK (maybe even Python!) changes, i know XML so far, but I'm learning): :)
    • Wormhole Transport Center (a.k.a. Portal)
    • Your Ideas here
    • Universal Religion

    Python changes:
    Only doing Py changes that have prewritten code in modpacks

    • Peace Maker ability to turn land into coast
    • Viral bomb Ocean -> Slimy Ocean

    • Nano Reformation (respawns unit at #2+)

  2. Wisaeman

    Wisaeman Chieftain

    May 23, 2008
    My ideas (my crazy ideas)

    Ideas for ROM – Future
    • Techs
    Quantum Chemistry
    Quantum Computers
    Quantum Biology
    Quantum Mathematics
    Quantum Psychology
    Keynesian Economics
    Interstellar scanner
    Oil recycling
    Nuclear recycling
    Dimensional travel
    Genetic recreation
    Gaia’s theorem
    Space-time engineering
    Universal Religion (god had many names and co-exists in various religions)
    Pure reason (mankind gets is full potential)
    Perfect material (super carbon)
    Perfect protein
    Salted water purifying
    Brain surgery
    Soma (Brave New Word drug)
    Space Economics
    Asteroids Mining
    Space Commodities
    International/Universal Laws
    Antimatter shield
    Black/White hole energies
    • Buildings
    Universal Temple
    Future Hospital
    Future School
    Future University
    Ancient Library
    Space-time Manipulation House
    Soma’s Factory
    Quantum University
    Space Manufactures
    Salt water refinery
    Mineral Water refinery
    Commodities exchange
    Global Courthouse
    • Units
    • Resources
    Future Elements
    Ancient Libraries
    Restored Art
  3. Civ Fuehrer

    Civ Fuehrer Eat, Sleep, Mod

    May 8, 2008
    CA, USA
    :goodjob: nice ideas, ill look through them and see where i can fit them into the addon... :)
    still need more, any and all ideas are welcome!
  4. MrCrawford

    MrCrawford Chieftain

    May 16, 2008
    Quebec, Canada
    Can anyone say Terraforming? =D

    Essentially, once the prerequisite tech is researched, desert/tundra/et cetera can be changed to fertile land by workers/clones.

    If not too difficult, maybe even terrain features like mountains and rivers can be added/removed.

    Just a thought :p
  5. Civ Fuehrer

    Civ Fuehrer Eat, Sleep, Mod

    May 8, 2008
    CA, USA
    Well, link me a working mod with it and i'll put it on the Wish List, but if I could get a person who knows Python/SDK well enough to make it compatible with RoM, heck Zapp will have it put in straight to RoM itself :lol:
  6. zappara

    zappara Mod Designer

    Dec 19, 2003
    Terraforming was in earlier warlords version of this mod. That feature was taken from Greenmod 2.10 but I never included it to BtS version of my mod because AI players didn't know how to use those features.


    About your suggested techs:
    Darwinism = I thought about including it to RoM when I was making tech tree but decided it's part of Biology tech

    Keynesian Economics = perhaps better name would be Applied Economics? I've studied economics and Keynes wasn't the only scientist on that time who had effect how modern day economics have evolved.

    Quantum Computers = in RoM this is included in Advanced Computers tech (pedia still missing I know). I had in earlier RoM alpha versions techs: Quantum Computers, DNA Computers, Optical Computers but decided to combine them all to one single tech.

    Few other techs that are on my lists but haven't been mentioned in lists above:


    Unified Theory of Lasers (this was in recent science news)


    Bioactive Paper

    3D Printing (already exists)

    Multicultural Leadership

    Wireless Electricity (already exists)

    Controlled Gravity

    Artificial Gravity

    Interactive Paper (prototypes exist)

    Intelligent Materials (materials that remember their original shape when heated, already exist)

    Invisible materials (first cloaks already made)

    Wearable Electronics (clothes filled with electronics)

    Adaptive Fabrics (fabrics allow sensors and processing devices to be networked together. This technology can produce fabrics that change color. The military is also interested in this chameleon-like technology to improve camouflage techniques.)

    All these techs I mentioned here are currently been researched and some have working prototypes already. When I try to improve RoM's tech tree, I look for real life research projects and use that stuff as a base for my own creations. :)
  7. Wisaeman

    Wisaeman Chieftain

    May 23, 2008
    Its just ideas ^^

    I'm study economics, and Macro economy, its based on Keynes Theorem.
    Can be renamed to Modern Economics, or Governmental Economics.

    Can release one Civic (Modern capitalism) (if no one knowns the actual way of government, its a mixture of traditional capitalism and governmental influences).

    Unit: Great Economist

    Darwinism was changed actually to New-Darwinism

    Quantum Computers, you are alright ^^

    Some things to think:
    Ecosystems Engineering = Man builds modified ecosystems, like a new specimens of Trees and plants using genetic manipulation, for that can be build combinations of forests with deferents values of hammers, gold and food.

    The Ancient Temple idea can be redone to Forgotten Medicine/Art/knowledge
    So soon thats the player discover some linked technology, these materials appears on the map.

    Forgotten Medicine : Because the Index promoted to a religion on feudal times some ancient knowledge was forget or vanished on the time annals. Forgotten Medicine givers +2H on the plot.
    Forgotten Art: Same as above
    Forgotten Knowledge: Same as above

    Underwater Mining (can appear mines on the sea)

    Sea Engineering : Humans can create artificial islands, like Okynawa

    Volcanism (mountains can generate energy, with natural heat of earth)

    Terrorism: Unfortunately exists this tecnology... Unit: Terrorist, Hidden Nationality, 3 unhappiness per unit on the city was created the unit.

    Scientific Management (its exist tin the fact)

    Acupuncture, Reiki, Prana, Oriental Medicine, Kama Sutra (can be a Oriental Philosophy).

    Modern Art

    Interactive Movies

    Hyper reality



    Modern Architecture

    World Cup (football)

    Universal Hospital (no frontier medics)

    New Great Library (in hypotheses, the humanity decides to build a new great library).

    New Resources
  8. MrCrawford

    MrCrawford Chieftain

    May 16, 2008
    Quebec, Canada
    Here are more of my ideas. I'm not great at modding, but I'd be more than happy to write up the Civlopedia entries for each. :)

    Resource ideas:

    - Titanium (used for advanced alloys for future units)
    - Hydrogen (future fuel, maybe add a fusion power plant)
    - Red Sand/Spice (drug like substance from the Dune novels)
    - Tiberium (alien material like from Command and Conquer)
    - Exotic Crops (extra terrestrial crops... I suppose there should be a feature to "plant" them, otherwise they could be seeded by random event comets)
    - Plankton (seemed missing from the game, could be a future foodsource)

    Tile Improvements:

    - GMO Farm (farm that uses Genetic Modification, I suppose it would increase food but cause unhealthiness in nearby cities like a flood plain)
    - Biosphere Modifier (adds healthiness/happiness)
    - Tiberium Refinery (harvest Tiberium, see above)
    - Spice Mines (harvest Spice/Red Sand, see above)
    - Hydrogen Extraction (harvest Hydrogen, see above)
    - Silo (can rebase missiles to this tile)
    - Magnetic Rails (advanced railroads, increase movement)


    - Tiberium Silos (extra gold and unhealthy with Tiberium)
    - Assembling Factory (additional future unit production with titanium/hydrogen)
    - Sentient AI Terminals (decrease maintenance)
    - Defense Coordination (increase city defense)
    - Aperture Research Center (increase research)


    - SHODAN (Sentient Hyper-Optimized Data Access Network, from the game System Shock. Free Sentient AI Terminal in each city)
    - Positronic Relay (2+ free androids in all cities)
    - Hadron Supercollider (not sure if this is already in, increase research, requires x number of colliders)

    Team Projects:

    - Aperture Science Laboratories (from the game Portal, Enables the building of Aperture Research Centers)
    - Extranet (Internet replacement, increase culture/research output of all team civilizations)

    National Wonders:

    - Economic Capitol (increases gold +50%, increase trade routes by 3)
    - Technological Capitol (researchers in city get +3 beakers, +25% research)
    - Cultural Capitol (Culture increase by 100%, requires X amount of broadcast towers)

    Units (note: Warhammer 40K textures and models can be found in the Dawn of War games):

    - Terminators (from the film of the same name, upgrade from Cyborgs)
    - Imperator Titan (from Warhammer 40K)
    - Space Marines!!!! (from Warhammer 40K)
    - Guardsmen (from Warhammer 40K)
    - Orbital Battlecruisers
    - Spartan Supersoldiers (Halo series)


    - Morgan Enterprises (from Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri, increase spaceship production for titanium and hydrogen)
    - Soylent Green (from movie of the same name, uses kelp and plankton to increase food. To be technical, Soylent Green is people (lol), but they used the cover of "plankton" in the film, so it would be appropriate. If possible, perhaps building a Human Recycling building in a city gives the "people" resource, which SG could then use)
  9. Civ Fuehrer

    Civ Fuehrer Eat, Sleep, Mod

    May 8, 2008
    CA, USA
    Which is the reason I added "working mod" above

    hmm, this just gave me an idea...
    Under General Relativity, anti-gravity is highly unlikely, except under contrived circumstances that are regarded as unlikely or impossible. The term "anti-gravity" is also sometimes used to refer to hypothetical reactionless propulsion drives based on certain solutions to GR, although these do not oppose gravity as such. - Wikipedia
    I thought if i combine the techs Laser Propulsion (theres a division of LP that IS reactionless) and Wearable Electronics, this could be an Anti-Gravity simulator tech.:D
  10. Civ Fuehrer

    Civ Fuehrer Eat, Sleep, Mod

    May 8, 2008
    CA, USA
    I was thinking of Hydrogen for the Fusion Plant, but decided to just add the Fission Recycling Plant instead... so they throw into the Fusion chamber what came out of the Fission chamber and it makes the Fused Raw Material that can be used for a lot of futuristic materials.
    RoM practically has GMO farm and Mag Rails already.
    The problem with these is that theres already too much gold and research in RoM already... if anything I added around 20-50% maintenance on the three Fission/Cold Fusion/Fusion plants along with the possibility to meltdown.

    RoM has Tech Capitol and Econ Capitol (Global Stock Exchange)
    I already have many of these on the list of unit images i was going to use.
  11. MrCrawford

    MrCrawford Chieftain

    May 16, 2008
    Quebec, Canada
    An idea for Atheism:

    1) No non state religion spread. Since the state religion is none, no religions spread.
    2) Add an inquisitor-like unit (like a lecturing professor or state party official) who would go in and remove religions late in the game. Since it wouldn't act like persecution, the fail rate would be a lot higher, but would yield less anger.
    3) Religious riots, like the slave revolt, could cause anarchy/destruction of buildings/partisan fighters/whatever
  12. zappara

    zappara Mod Designer

    Dec 19, 2003
    Okies, let's "analyze" those a bit shall we. ;)

    Titanium: good resource. Widely in use these days

    Hydrogen: this one is too abundant - even I can make it from water with just household materials and bit of electricity. Water is everywhere so you can't place Hydrogen as resource on map. It's true that it will be used as fuel but the amount used in fusion power plant is insignificant. In my opinion better resource choice would be Natural Gas / Methane. Deep sea areas contain massive Methane fields but currently we still lack the ability to efficiently drill these fields.

    Red Sand/Spice (drug like substance from the Dune novels): not sure about this - sure new drugs get developed but what purpose would this kind resource do in Civ game? Dune's Spice kind of resource won't be found on Earth, we would have found it by now. Only alternative I can think of now would be Nanobots - if we are able to eventually to build these tiny robots, they might give us similar abilities like Dune's Spice.

    Tiberium: This is much like Red Sand/Spice. As an alternative I'd use Super Molecules (also known as Bose-Einstein condensate) which are a new form of material. These have been studied over decade now and scientists have produced small quantities. For what Super molecules could be used is still a mystery, but so far have been verified that these molecules have "laser-like" properties ie. the matter waves of the atoms are coherent. Basically "Atom Laser" could be made from them.

    Exotic Crops: Hmm, these might actually happen because of gene manipulation. While providing more food to people, gene manipulated plants pose a threat to natural environment.

    Plankton: While it's abundant in seas, how would we transform it to something that we would eat? And if we start harvesting it, wouldn't it collapse the ecosystem in the seas?

    Another resource could be Nanotubes - very strong alloys can be made out of them and it's been speculated that Space Elevator type of structures could be made with Nanotubes. Has wide variety of other uses like precision medicine and sports equipment etc.

    @Civ Fuehrer

    Fusion Power Plant won't be using radioactive fission waste. Fission power plant uses Uranium which has atomic weight of 238 while Hydrogen which is used in Fusion Power plant has atomic weight of 1. Splitting atoms (Fission) is quite different process than combining (Fusion) them.

    Anti-Matter could be future resource, though the problem with it is how to keep it from contacting regular material which would lead to explosion. Anti-Matter traps would have to have very strong magnetic fields and most likely made from superconductive materials. As Mythbusters would say: it's plausible.
  13. MrCrawford

    MrCrawford Chieftain

    May 16, 2008
    Quebec, Canada
    Okay, two related ideas for Tiberium and Exotic Crops

    Tiberium (which was brought to earth via a comet) spreads at an alarming rate and is especially toxic. I think that Tiberium should spread once randomly seeded in a Future game, a little like Global Warming.

    Tiberium fissures, terrain where the Tiberium roots emerge out of the ground, can be harvested for cash like regular resources. Since they absorb all minerals and useful matter, the following should happen near fissures.

    1) All bonuses should cease to exist, since the Tiberium claims them to make more Tiberium.
    2) The area around the fissure (one tile in each direction) becomes either desertified or laced with Tiberium (a tiberium field that cannot be harvested yet still incurs unhealthiness)

    This would provide a very damaging late game mechanic. All of a sudden, resources start disappearing as Tiberium spreads - both a gift and a curse. It can be used for everything from fuel to construction, yet its very presence is toxic to organic life.

    The same could be done for exotic crops on a less dramatic scale. The crops could take over existing plantlife, forever changing the face of the planet. Who knows what kind of far reaching effects our forebearers might unleash?
  14. Civ Fuehrer

    Civ Fuehrer Eat, Sleep, Mod

    May 8, 2008
    CA, USA
    well i thought, the fission(a neutron is shot into the nucleus of an atom, which then bursts causing the particles shoot at other atoms etc.) would break apart anything into sub-atomic particles, they're treated from the radio-activeness, reassembled, then put into the Fusion chamber where they are then fused into something else.

    The Anti-matter could be assembled in a room with perfect vacuum, and suspended in mid air by a wormhole that loops back at itself, since Anti-matter is going to be a future resource, you'd probably have wormholes by then.
  15. Civ Fuehrer

    Civ Fuehrer Eat, Sleep, Mod

    May 8, 2008
    CA, USA
    only problem is that it would need terraforming, which the AI doesn't know how to treat.
  16. MrCrawford

    MrCrawford Chieftain

    May 16, 2008
    Quebec, Canada
    I'm not sure about that. I mean, the terrain is being changed by the Tiberium spores, not the AI or player, meaning the spread is generated a lot like Global Warming (though it might be more realistic if it spread close to itself)

    At any rate, the Tiberium acts like any resource (extra hammers and gold, also supplies fuel for electricity), so the AI would just need minor tweaking (ie: recognize Tiberium as an exploitable bonus like coal)
  17. GeoTeacher

    GeoTeacher Chieftain

    Jul 10, 2008
    I've been on the forums a while, but never got around to posting, but I couldn't pass this up. I love the huge Mods and this seems like a great addition to RoM.

    Nanotechnology has a lot of potential as far as units and technologies go and could be split up to do any number of things.

    • Nanotechnology (prereq to all of the others)
    • Nanoweaponization => Grey Goo
    • Nanoscale Fabrication => Molecular Manufacturing => Self-Replicating Machinery
    • Nanomedicine => Customized Drug Therapy => Molecular Imaging
    • Carbon Nanotubes => Hydrogen Fuel Cells / Thin-Film Solar Panels / High Altitude Wind Tubines => Zero Point Energy


    Grey Goo (Eric Drexler wrote a great book called Engines of Creation where he talks about the horrors of this new WMD)
    Nuclear Nullification
    Chemical Weapon Nullification
    (there are a ton of potential military applications for nanotech and it could even be used as a promotion for other units as well)
  18. sickre

    sickre Warlord

    Oct 28, 2005
    I actually like playing the game with future mod selected - especially if you can get a small isolated island start with enough room for 3 cities, you can develop a niche economy. Its kindof like a cheap Alpha Centauri clone. Unfortunately modern/future era atm in ROM has heaps of game-killing CTDs :-(
  19. JosEPh_II

    JosEPh_II TBS WarLord

    Jun 20, 2007
    Western IL. cornfields
    I quess my setup has been lucky.

    I don't have CTD's. Have only had one since RoM .94 and that was because my unzip program didn't place the files in the right paths.

    I greatly enjoy the modern and future eras when I reach them. They are the usual era's that I achieve my victory or my defeat. Yes I've lost a couple of RoM games since .94 version. :p

    It's sad that some players have had problems, cause this is the Best Mod for BtS.

    If you all get a consensus and develop a good Modern/Future Era Add-on I'll definitely D/L it.

    JosEPh :)
  20. sickre

    sickre Warlord

    Oct 28, 2005
    Hopefully a future/modern era would be integrated into the game when you select that as the starting era. I usually win the game much before I reach the modern era... let alone future. (On noble)

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