AI had a nuclear war on the other side of the map and I didn't even know?


Nov 18, 2002
This happened in one game for some reason as I still had unmet civs late in the game. I finally see the continent and there had been a nuclear exchange.

There does seem to be less of a penalty overall for using nukes in CIV V for some reason?
Less than what? You get severe damage to troops close to the nuked city, it takes 1 turn to wipe fallout plus 1 turn to repair, and you lose population even with a fallout shelter. Maybe you mean YOU "using nukes" on an AI?
I generally do not seem to get that far into the game. I keep having to turn off all victory conditions except conquest or someone I have not even met wins for a victory condition I had not thought of.
I find it more challenging to permit all Victory conditions. Have on rare occasion lost to a Space Victory or Diplo Victory (by Greece).
I get too distracted by the micro-management and forget what I have been doing for several hours or even what time it is.
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