AI Science speed editor


Nov 12, 2013
Increases the science generation speed of the AI based on what era it is in.

Ever felt like the game is challenging for the first half, then around the Renaissance the ai's bots just fall behind?

This mod adds a percentage boost for the science speed of every AI city, depending on its era.
By default, it will make the AI research faster and faster the more eras it advances after the renaissance.
My personal recommendation is to set the difficulty to Emperor or Immortal and add this mod so the AI can keep up with your research during the later parts of the game.

You can easily change the values to make the AI advance in science even faster or slower, so it matches the experience and difficulty you want!

A bit in depth explanation for how this works for those who want to edit the values themselves:

The mod adds new free buildings that the AI gets for free in each of its cities, one for each era. The buildings work like regular science buildings and add a % boost to science. For example, the renaissance building adds a 20% boost to its city. These buildings can not be acquired by the human player.

The buildings are cumulative (work like addition) so the Modern sceience building which adds 25% more to science means that the total bonus science the ai gets for each city is +45% (Its cities will have both the Renaissance and modern science buildings).

You can edit these values in "EraBuildingsYield.xml" (change the number inside "Yield" for each era).
The values can be negative, so you can abuse the bots if you wish!

You can get the mod here:

The code posted here can also be used for any era-based effects, such as bonus culture or food per city depending on the era. The variable "freeBuildingsToAiOnly" sets the bonus buildings to be for the ai only or for the human player as well.
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