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Aloe Vera bonus resource


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Jan 10, 2018
Terra Incognita
Some years ago, before switching to the Even More Resources for VP, I used to play with this resource mod by Horem that, among others, featured Aloe Vera as bonus resource spawning on flat desert tiles.
Due to incompatibilities only either mod had to be activated, so for personal use I recovered the code for Aloe because I liked the little boost to empty desert tiles and made a separate mod that works with Even More Resources for VP and Communitu (as far as I understand, during map generation the resource is placed after the mapscript does its thing so it should be compatible with any mapscript).



Credits to Horem for resource art and model.

With VP version 4.13, now Aloe vera placement is fully integrated in the main mod.

Download in the attachment.


  • Horem's Aloe Vera bonus resource (v 4).zip
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You could try to add it to EMR? Just a thought.
Little update in the first post.
Now the Aloe won't spawn on Eye of Sahara and other desert natural wonders added by adan_eslavo.

Thanks to Flamingcheesepie for the notification.
My argument here is that Aloe Vera doesn't seem to fit the luxury definition. According to Wikipedia, it is widely distributed and is considered an invasive species in many world regions. It is not and probably never was anything remotely luxurious to begin with.
Update online for VP 4.8.
Deleted Resource columns that were removed.
I will integrate the aloe vera resource in the AssignStartingPlots.lua present in the Vox Populi folder as it was done for the Even More Resources mod so to have full compatibility.
The result will be that Aloe vera is spawn together with the other resources and not after.
I will try to have it ready and working for the next Vox Populi release.
However, when the new AssignStartingPlots.lua is online, AssignStartingPlots.lua inside More Wonders mod folder will have to be updated. I will try to provide the updated AssignStartingPlots.lua compatible also with More Wonders mod.
For the time being you have to bear the incompatibility that arose in the last VP version.
Ok, I managed to edit the files and make it work, so hopefully it will be integrated in the next official release.
In the meantime I share the new files for a manual update, that interests VP 4.12.1.

Attached here are 5 files:
1) the new version of Aloe vera mod that goes normally in the mods folder (delete older version)
2) the AssignStartingPlots.lua file that goes in MODS\ (2) Vox Populi\ Core Files\ Overrides folder
3) the AssignStartingPlots.lua file that goes in MODS\ More Wonders for VP\ 2.NaturalWonders\ DefaultFiles folder
4) the updated Communitu_79a.lua file that goes in MODS\ (2) Vox Populi\ Mapscripts folder
5) for those using my Bigger huge maps mod, there is the updated JarCommunitu_79a.lua that goes in MODS\ Jarcast's Bigger Huge Map for Communitu_79a (v 4) folder.

EDIT: with new version 4.13 only file 1) is needed now.


  • Horem's Aloe Vera bonus resource (v 4).zip
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