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Jul 31, 2016
Title: Canton Pirates civilization
Type: Civilization
File Version: v1.0
Requirements: BNW
File Entry URL:

Author Name: Scissor_fingers

Leader: Ching Shih
Unique Ability - San T'iao - Pillaging a trade route gives Golden Age points equal to the Gold pillaged and Coastal cities generate Golden Age points equal to their population. Units built during a Golden age receive the ability to capture defeated units

Unique Unit - Red Fleet Junk - Renaissance naval Unit. Replaces Privateer. Only the Canton Pirates may build it. Ignores Zone of Control, may move after attacking and may attack twice if adjacent to another unit with the War Junk Promotion

Unique Building - Gambling House- The Gambling House is a Renaissance-era building unique to the Canton Pirates, replacing the Zoo. In addition to +3 Happiness, the city it is built it in recieves +5% Gold for each Unemployed Citizen in the city (max 25%)
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