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Jan 5, 2003
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Hello everyone,

After careful consideration, I have decided that Flintlock's CX3 mod will not be permitted for HOF use. The rules stand without change, as they have for many years.

I asked for input in a different thread because this decision vexed me. I could see both sides to the argument.

It looks like a wonderful mod that elevates the gameplay experience, and I'm saddened to see some players choose to play only the mod even it means no further participation in HOF entries. It would have been nice to do something that might spark more HOF activity. I've always tried to operate the HOF as a living battlefield more than some crusty museum of legacy accomplishments.

Then again, players move on all the time. The point of a game is to be fun. For some, that's HOF competition; for others, it's this new mod. More power to them. It's honestly amazing this HOF is active at all after two decades, and this is after the release of Civ IV, V, VI, Civ Rev, and so much more. Even though I keep coming back to III because Sid knaws at me, I've played several more recent versions of Civ and will continue to do so.

At the end of the day, there just isn't enough staffing and resources to make such a drastic overhaul to the Hall of Fame, especially such an unprecedented one after all these years. Many utilities have been permitted, but never a mod like this.

TLDR: Legalizing this mod would take too much work for too little payoff, and I'm not even sure it's totally feasible.

Thank you for your time. As always, I'll keep the lights on for the trickle of submissions still coming in.

(Bonus points will be granted to anyone who drops an ICBM on the Mongol capital.)
Even though I don't know how much work would be involved to add Flintock's C3X Mod to the HOF Tables, I would concur with your decision. If for no other reason: only 6 players voted, with 3 voting Yes. Hardly a "Tsunami" of Players showing interest! :)

Thank you 'Slug for "Keeping The Lights On" at Civ 3 HOF. :goodjob::goodjob:
Only 5 votes actually mattered. I voted I Don't Know so I didn't have to keep clicking on the button to see the poll.

My main purpose behind that conversation was to see if anyone had pros or cons I hadn't thought of. As it is, keeping the light switch on is easy. Rebuilding isn't worth it.
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