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Any experiences with land-carriers?

Apr 3, 2001
Odense, Denmark
And another example of the famous Blaabjerg laziness. If anyone has experimented with this, I'd be very happy if you'd spare me the trouble. ;)

Does landcarriers work? -i.e. can planes land and take off?
Can paratroopers paradrop from a carrier? Can they do it from a landunit with the carrier flag? And last, but not least, can paradropping ships jump from a land-carrier?

Any comments will be helpful. :D
If I am not mistaken, in "Crises of the New World Order,"
there is an airbase unit that is only on land. Planes can take off and land on it, and it also has the "caravan" toggle so it does not violate ZoC. It can't move, though.
Land Carriers :

They do not CARRY air units, (ie, a air unit will not be carried over with the land carrier when the land carrier move) but any air unit that end its turn on the land carrier square will be refueled (ie, number of turn spent in the air reset to 0, same as landing in an airbase or city)

I don' tknow about Paratroopers, I don't think it'd work though but that's just an hunch.
Hmmmm. I once had the plan to make a Minelayer, but that one must be able to take mines with him over land........that's not possible?
There are cannons in PolarisGL's Gettysburg scenario. I am not sure if they are subs or carriers. They carry cannonballs. However, the cannons move and leave the sleeping cannon shots behind, and one must move them back onto the cannon. Kinda represents moving the ammo along with the cannon, but it is kind of a pain in the arse. I dont think carriers can hold paratroopers, not sure tho.

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