Any interest in posted playthroughs?


Nov 4, 2005
Cleveland, OH
Is there any interest in starting up a series of posted playthroughs a-la this, I used to see them all over the place in cIV, but for some reason have seen a lack of them in CiV, possibly due to the frustration people felt in vanilla. Now that G&K is out and the sentiment has changed would this type of playthrough be interesting to anyone? I would be happy to start one and see how it goes. I am, by no means, an expert civ player (even though I've played religiously since Civ II) but I'm not a noob either.

Game would consist of a pre-game post to see what type of leader, map-type, setting, etc people would like. Then post the initial save and a screenshot of starting location. The forum interaction would take place with discussing what I should do and then every day or two I would play through a series of turns and post the results, associated screenshots, and a savegame.

Thoughts? I've been able to comfortably beat King, so I would probably start a level higher due to forum interaction (presumably) helping my gameplay :) Maybe start the first game at King just to get kinks worked out?
I really enjoy checking out other peoples' play throughs. I've watch MadDjinn's and some others. I used to read them when Civ IV was popular, Sistuili(spelling?) was my favorite. He had good pacing and a fun writing style.

I say go for it! I'll check the Stories and Tales forum and have a read while I'm eating lunch at work. (like now)
Heh, I could probably do that; however, due to my dislike of the default game speeds and some of the unit progressions, I almost always play my own mod which wouldn't be much use of a walkthrough to others...
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