Nov 13, 2000
Eugene, OR, USA
I seem to recall a short discussion somewhere (probably in Dreadtown's poll) about the issue of beginning to build aqueducts in some of our cities. Looking over the screenshots in the governors thread (which may or may not be completely up-to-date) I see two cities in need of this soon: Spycatcher and Cornmaster. Both of these cities have large food surpluses, so will reach size 8 soon and have the potential to maximize the use of an aqueduct. Cornmaster has only one shield production in the current screenshot, so will need to start early or receive some help from rush buying. I would suggest we start an aqueduct in cornmaster once it's current build is completed. Other thoughts on the aqueduct issue?
I think that Kev suggested a cycle of aqueduct building, with one city doing it at a time so that we can continue to make caravans and build the wonders. The trouble is that so many of our cities are supporting units such that they have only one or two shields to produce things. If Cornmaster and Spycatcher are to grow then it would be very useful if they could put the new workers on forests for the extra shields. We will end up with a powerful economy and science but no production power. I see that Spycatcher has 4 production, but only the chance of one more (if that's an irrigated, roaded plains square then that's excellent) until we get Miniaturisation. This ought to be addressed soon.
By the way, these are based on the screenshots in the governors thread (1490AD) and I realise that since Spycatcher has obviously grown since then it has only one more land square to use. With a harbour, it will continue to grow to 12 quite quickly but it has trade corruption (though oddly no shield waste) and will take ages to build sewers.
I believe that out of our home-island cities, 2 have aqueducts and 2 are building them.

duke was correct in the current strategy of "cycling" aqueduct building. Of course, this is really the governor's arena and the production stuff will ulimately come from them.

For the time being, it still seems like a pretty sound one. We need some trade caravans in THDP and with several important wonders on the horizon it still makes sense to pump out the caravans. We'll want Leo's and Newton's at the very least, and could certainly benefit by getting Adam Smith's, Statue of Liberty (how cool would it be to go Fundy so early), Darwin's Voyage and later Women's Suffrage, the UN, and Hoover.

Once we get some trade going (and maybe even Smith's), we'll be doing pretty well in the money situation. I'd then go for buying a bunch of aqueducts and then celebrate our heads off to grow!!
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