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B_01 - Cowboy Diplomacy


Idiot riding pedals
Jan 30, 2005
R³ x T's nbhd of North singularity
The spirit is to play cowboys and to use our horses and guns to fight enemity at its source: their capitol. This game will be monarch as I don't really know what to expect from the variant. It'll be some kind of almost passive, almost defiant, fast moving.

Variant explanation:
Fast moving: We will be a civ with a mounted UU, any of the fast ones but the Aztecs, Zulu, Inca, Celts and Japs (they are not mounted). We will take the wheel as first tech. Our only allowed units will be chariots+upgrades, tanks, MA and MI. Planes and boats are ok, but not desireable.

Non-politically defiant:
You may never sign MPP, ally with another civ or embargo against one. "(...)You may never pay for peace (a peace treaty must either be straight-up or the opponent gives a concession to you. A deal where a tech costs 20 gpt normally and you pay 10 gpt for that tech as part of a peace treaty is fine). Any troops on your soil must be given a boot order every turn. No capturing foreign cities or demanding them in diplomacy. No foreign workers merged into existing cities. If an AI razes one of your cities, that civ must be eliminated."
IE we can sign RoP. We can give in to demands before having produced our first UU - which we must seriously consider an urgent matter.

Almost passive, cowboy way: We may never attack an enemy city unless it is their capitol. In other words, we declare war and send a cavalry stack to raze their capitol, then raze their new capitol, etc. Unless we get very high culture, I think it'll be safer to just raze our way.

The world:
C3C 1.22
Landmass: Standard 60% water pangea.
Climate: Warm, Wet, Scrapy.
Difficulty: Monarch
Barbarians: Sedentary
Civ: China
Opponents: All mounted UU opponents
Victory conditions: All enabled, aiming at Diplomatic:worship:, but will go for conquests if we have a too easy time conquering the world on monarch (conquests must be achieved with cavalry at most, before motorized transport is researched). All others prohibited
- Yours truly
- BigNHuge
- Meteor Punch
- Abegweit
- General Mayhem

Roster rolling: 24hrs got it, 48hrs total to play. Any "on deck" player who sees no "got it" 24hrs after is allowed to just play it without asking.

The roster will roll on as it is written, but I will keep track of schedule singularities and players will be allowed to delay/advance their turn in the roll according to the given situations. Just make sure you keep us informed, and this also means everyone must be clear about "got it's" when we are about to play our 10 turns, so we don't overlap.
I would be interested.

I would think Ottoman's, their UU is capable of dealing with rifles and to a certain extent infantry. Scientific industrious is also nice. I would also go with all mounted (gets rid of the Mayan's and Sumerians). I don't have to strong of a preference as far as landmass, maybe leaning a bit towards 70%.

If you let me join I would prefer to be towards the middle/bottom of the roster, I'm not the greatest at starts. I haven't played emporer yet, but I have pretty well gotten the hang of monarch, but don't feel ready to move up to emporer yet.
Sounds interesting. I like your idea of all the opponents having mounted UU's.

Civs/units are:
Iroquios/Mounted Warrior
Egypt/War Chariot (???)
Hittite/3-Man Chariot (???) - do these count as "mounted?"
India/War Elephant
Arabs/Ansar Warrior

I can play if it is standard map. Large takes too long for me.
Alright for standard, will be 60% though. I'd consider egypt and hitties as "mounted", for the sake of cowboyness and riding with horses, though they'll be the first ones to be taken out; if we pick either, India will be taken out.
Sign me up!
An all horse warfare huh. Well if its that i pick either the Ottomans or Chinese, preferably Ottomans.
Reg size map
If we go Mongolia, Mountains and warm
I think cold isnt good for this variant, as the cowboys really fought in the west, where it was *usually* nice and warm
This will be fun, rrll rrll fun.
Question though, Are we allowed to build defense units to stay at home, i.e. spears and pikes?
Welcome in BnH, I take it you are aware of the start date; I like the chinese myselfthough the ottos seem popular.
Agreed on warm settings.
Defensive units are like the most strictly prohibited thing in this variant. We're no coward, we are FKIN COWBOYS, we draw guns and stand up to strike faster than our shadows, we don't wait until they get home. This also does mean we'll build chariots rather than warriors, whatever the price and usefulness difference, as soon as we finish researching our first tech, namely the wheel.
I have to vote for Ottoman, for two reasons. First, if we can't build tanks, the Sipahi is the next closest thing. Second, if we don't start out near horses then an early mounted unit will be wasted. China's Rider is good - as long as we can secure horses by then - but I still prefer the Ottos :p .
Any chance we can go with 4?
This sounds like fun. I would be interested.

Edit 1: Diplomatic would indeed be a victory to look for :king: Great idea.

Edit 2: I vote Chinese. We are gonna want speed for this and I would hate to have to wait for Sipahi to get it.
Alright, that's 2.5 Ottos, 2.5 Chinese with my vote, and well, since I guess I'm the one with power over decisions here, it'll be Cowboy Mao of the Bridled people.

I know I said it would start in a while, but the response was good and I won't be in -that- much of a rush, except next week-end, so let's give this a shot. Since we are industrious, those will be the conditions:

C3C 1.22
Landmass: Standard 60% water pangea.
Climate: Warm, Wet, 3 billion
Difficulty: Monarch
Barbarians: Sedentary
Civ: China
Opponents: All mounted UU: Iroq, Roskies, Mongols, Arabs, Spain, Ottos and Hindus.

I'll roll a few starts tonight.
IMVHO, we will find that this is too easy. OTOH, it is a cool variant. So play on!

Maybe next time we will need to up the difficulty. Perhaps. In any case, PLAY ON! It's a cool variant and I'm sure it will be fun.
I'm just not so sure about how easy it will be, since we will have to ride a long way sometimes to a capital, and we'll probably get jacked many times by then.

What we could do is make it strict fast moving: no warriors, just horsing around. That way it might be difficult enough to be fun throughout.
That will be tough, especially if there are any barb's whatsoever since the only things we will be able to scout with will be workers/settlers
barbs are out of this variant, of course
Beorn-eL-Feared said:
I'm just not so sure about how easy it will be, since we will have to ride a long way sometimes to a capital, and we'll probably get jacked many times by then.

Yeah. I thought about suggesting Celts for this very reason. It's the only civ which has a chance to ride in during the AA. Good traits too, especially for this variant. OTOH, this is monarch and we should be able to play peaceful builder until we get our UU. Horsies will be fine for defence 'til then.

Rulings are needed on a few things.

ROP rape? Moving a ton of units next to the AI capital and slaughtering it
Arty stacks? 30 cats and 30 horses plod up to the capital.
Combat settlers? Building a city in AI land to get a bit of protection.
Amphibious assault? Dumping a bunch of horses on a mountain.

I suggest that the first two are not in the spirit of the variant. The others should be OK.
Suggestion approved, only the 2 last: combat settlers and doomdrops ok. Catapults and every other form of artillery are prohibited, since they have a movement rate of 1, so that's a no go. About scouts, well, I don't hope we'll need such a luxury :rolleyes:
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