Battering ram issue in gathering storm


Jul 10, 2023
Battering ram isn't working against ancient walls in Gathering Storm (with secret society game mode activated)
I put a horseman (36 base attack) and a ram next to an ennemy city (23 base defense), then i attack with the horseman. The city takes only 6 wall damages and it's the same with and without the ram.
French Civilopedia clearly says :
"Does not affect cities with Ancient or Renaissance Walls. Ineffective against Urban Defenses." I was first wondering why but it should be "Medieval or Renaissance" as it actually is on the english Civilopedia
so it might be a bug with the french version of the game. I can't check yet if it works on Medieval walls instead

Anyone can confirm this as an issue ?

HDR makes the picture's colors weird sorry. You can see there my horseman and ram together and the ancient walls (remparts antiques) in the city summary
ram issue.jpg

Could it be you need to attach it to an infantry unit - would not be illogical ?

The civopedia says "melee unit", idk. if your cavaliers count as such ?
So I discovered yes, neither my horse archer, my catapult or regular archer will take a city even though all defenders are dead, my shock infantry is across the continent attacking the last Brazilian city, should have produced that spearman instead, will a scout do ?
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