Beyond the play - Community MOD


Sep 1, 2007
This is the official thread of the renewed version of the then Beyond the Game multiplayer community MOD (originally designed on the forum C4P).
The MOD has been redesigned from scratch to accommodate both multiplayer and single player play, but with a very strong focus on competitive multiplayer play.

This new version have been tested and played with at the very least on weekly basis since January 2017, with rountinely more than 10 players having all won Club championship titles and all logged in individually I'd expect 5,000H+ of online play, so we're getting, we hope, close to a very fine and competitive balance

Ultimately, the MOD can be perceived in 2 parts :
- One part where through the offer of many many options, the game can be tailored or adapted better to competitive play. The gameplay is not altered by any means, it can be play exactly like BTS 3.19 if you want to but with quality of life improvements.
- Another part where the MOD offer components that push the game further, offering somehow enhanced gameplay and new content.
It's important to note that every component is isolated in a dedicated game option (or multiplayer option) and they can therefore be run in any combination.

There are supporting documents in the archive but the best reference is the Civelopedia which is 100% updated and fully adapts to all options you would select, so what you consult in game always applies to what you're currently playing


This is a "full" version of Beyond the Game
It's a much heavier download but it's also very easy to install (albeit different way) just unzip this file wherever you want on your hard drive ! You will then find the exe named : BeyondtheGame_231.exe in the BeyondTheGame subfolder
Latest Version - BTG 2.35
Previous Version - BTG 2.34

BTG via Installer and/or to use with steam version
This is an installer version of the MOD which will create an extra folder in your base BTS game (it's different from traditional way of install other MODs). Make sure to reference where your clean version of BTS is installed if you moved it manually, but normally it should be detected properly, even if you use STEAM. And make your version compatible with everyone else on multiplayer lobby, again even if you use STEAM.

Credits :
Spoiler Credits :

For their contribution on the original Beyond the Game MOD : Primax, Asaf, Slaughter, Solver & DTA
without which I could never have suceeeded to compile this,
And the immense resources I could use here on Civfanatics; particularly Platyping which I use a few modules off, and gots tons of ideas, from.

Versions & Logs :
Spoiler VersionsLogs :

Version releases :
Spoiler Versions :

#szVersionName = "2.0" # 2018 11 25 release
#szVersionName = "2.01" # 2018 12 20 release
#szVersionName = "2.02" # 2019 02 10 release
#szVersionName = "2.03" # 2019 02 25 release
#szVersionName = "2.04" # 2019 03 24 release
#szVersionName = "2.05" # 2019 05 07
#szVersionName = "2.06" # 2019 07 12 release
#szVersionName = "2.07" # 2019 08 15 release
#szVersionName = "2.08" # 2019 11 10 Christmas
#szVersionName = "2.09" # 2019 12 16
#szVersionName = "2.10" # 2020 02 10
#szVersionName = "2.11" # 2020 03 31
#szVersionName = "2.12" # 2020 04 08
#szVersionName = "2.13" # 2020 05 14
#szVersionName = "2.14" # 2020 05 xx
#szVersionName = "2.15" # 2020 07 24
#szVersionName = "2.16" # 2020 09 02
#szVersionName = "2.17" # 2020 11 01
#szVersionName = "2.18" # 2020 11 21
#szVersionName = "2.19" # 2020 12 06
#szVersionName = "2.20" # Same week as MOD
#szVersionName = "2.21" # 2021 02 22
#szVersionName = "2.22" # 2021 05 01
#szVersionName = "2.23" # 2021 10 10
#szVersionName = "2.24" # 2021 11 08
#szVersionName = "2.25" # 2022 02 20
#szVersionName = "2.26" # 2022 04 21
#szVersionName = "2.27" # 2022 05 19
#szVersionName = "2.30" # 2022 11 15
#szVersionName = "2.31" # 2022 11 16
#szVersionName = "2.32" # 2023 01 17
#szVersionName = "2.33" # 2023 03 12
#szVersionName = "2.34" # 2023 04 29
#szVersionName = "2.35" # 2023 08 31

Logs - Of all the version since 2.00, when the project restarted the DLL from scratch

Spoiler 2.35 :

Beyond the Game 2.35
Included a 'sub MOD' in MOD folder, to play with 41 Civs. Default game allows 12 Civs (only, to speed up)

Fix Bug - That resources that don't get assigned by default on maps (potato, metals like Jade, Obsidian etc.) couldn't be moved by Polish worker (was neither flatland nor hills)
Fix Bug - That the Widget of Production calculation in cities, with Egypt Civic, was erroneous/inconsistent with real prod
Fix Bug - (from 2.06v) - That some "hard" yield on building did not show properly in descriptions/widget (+2H huns stable, +1F Khmer barry, some espionnage, etc).
Fix Bug - (Firaxis) that Apolistic Palace doesn't show anywhere it gives +2Hammers to Religious buildings
Fix Bug / Balance - That Mali Civic was given a free worker & settler after 4 too (it's only military units now)
Fix Bug / Balance - That Byzantium UB was giving tech in "Crazy Tech" Mode
Fix GUI - Improved the way UUM & WWM widget show on plot & resource. Also expanded the descriptions so that Strategic Resource shows that too
Fix - All Turn Timers have a changed first turn multiplier so that it is (around in some case) 10min for each, just like the slow one always had
Fixed option - Limited & Ban 'Process' production - 1/ Fixed the text in limited mod (the widget says 25% of total prod not 50%) 2/ in banned process production, you have a new process available, it let's you build "nothing" (meaning you can still store chops)
Fix Bug - Government Wise Variant - That if you had UUM + a Unique Civic (like huns Hereditary Rule) you couldn't select it
Fix Bug - Dynasty - Bug where it goes OOS if there is a spectator not reproduce, but excluded Barbarian, minor civ etc from code anyway
Improved - Dynasty - The Tech panel now shows which era each tech is in to better anticipate the dynasties change when the option is on

Improved Game Option - Administrative Societies - Now you can select any of the 5 Civic of the "legal" category, not just bureaucracy

Improved Menu / GUI - Change DAWN menu & Pedia Civilization to show Random Era start of all civs, and uch cleaner look in general, adapted to BTG
New Pedia Menu - Pedia "Boost" is a summary of all effects of the new BTG resources, a go-to page that goes hand in hand with the new resources widgets

Balanced Option OSM - You see the tech currently being researched by players you're at peace with
Balanced Option OSM - You can declare war to everyone, even if you haven't met them
Balanced Option OSM - You receive and give all techs automatically to your friends (players not at war with) after you got alphabet (each time one of you discover something)

Balanced Option Crazy Tech - Developed a feature that requires extra tech for the Unit to be produced. Musket Man require Paper. Rifleman, Hand-Canoner, Grenadiers, need Rifling. Mechanized Infantry requires Stealth

New Game Option - Variant - Slow Cottages - +50% Growth Time for cottages (i.e. slower growth)

New Game Option - Expansion Cavalry Balanced - Cavalry Balanced to 14 Strength, Dragoon also go down from 18 to 16 Strength

New Game Option - Component Dragoon - New technology (Military Tactics) available with Military Science + Rifling, cost 4500 (like Railroad). Code Adjusted for Score etc, Tech Panel,...
New Unit - Dragoon - 16 Strength Horse unit (18 without rebalance Option). The Dragoon can "abandon" his horse and becomes "Line Infantry", a 16 (same strength) Rifle/Gun Unit with no special bonuses.

New Game Option - Improvement Incubator - with Education, +1Hammer, +1Hammer with Scientific Method. After 30T, turns into a village (same 'path' as cottage + hamlet)
Rebalance Option - Improvement Campus - With Education, not RP. Is now 0 native coins, but +3 with Steam Power, & +1 with Assembly line. Upgrade is to village not town, in 30 Turns.
This rebalances (weakens) the campus, as they take longer to develop, but they're still better than cottage presuming you have steam power.
The upgrade time of both improvements is consistent with the cottage route for clarity

Balance Tweak - Longsword, Cost 55 not 60 anymore. But you need to have BOTH Bronze & Iron resources
Balance Tweak - Serfdom does 2 health with warehouse (instead of 1), but potato does 1 (instead of 2)
Balance Tweak Margin - Sun Tsu obsoletes with Physics, not Steel

Civ Simplify - Netherlands - KNIL has +25% attack Cavalries, not +30%

Civ Balance - Inca - Aymara don't take +75% defense Cuirassier anymore, but have +25% city attack & +25% hill attack
Civ Balance - Inca - can also fall in Medieval start

Civ Balance - India - New Civic, Ahmisa (Police State) Can purchase production, 1 worker free every 2 workers

Civ Balance - Khmer - Civic Foraging gives +1H on Elephant, not +2H
Civ Balance - Ethiopia - Civic doesn't provide extra musket-man anymore, but instead a 2nd battery ram when you produce one
Civ Balance - Poland - You can produce UU Pikeman until infantry (longer)
Civ Balance - Mongolia - Civic gives a free Longbow every two not three produced
Civ Balance - Egypt - Civic doesn't give 5 coins on Oasis anymore, it's +1 Food on Oasis, and also a free Slave every two (repeat only twice)

Civ Balance - Byzantium - Byzantium Moai (Galata Tower) only gives +2Food
Civ Balance - Unique Bonus - Byzantium receive Pearls
Civ Balance - Unique Bonus - Vikings is Clam not Fish
Civ Balance - Unique Bonus - Venetia is Crab not Clam

Resource balances :
New Panel "Boost" in Civelopedia is a super summary of all new resources and their impact via the "Strategic Resource" option
Rebalance - Sulphurous doesn't give free promo to Cannons, Hand-Cannoneers
New Resource - Lead - with Drama - Gives free promo "Blast" to Cata/Trebs/Bombard
New Resource - Nickel - with Scientific Method - Gives free promo "Dynamite" to Cannons
New Resource - Pearls - with Fishing - is a Unique Start Resource for Byzantium
New Promos - Siege unit can do extra collateral damage when attacking unit in cities : Blast - 2 Units, Dynamite - 3 Units

UU Madness Updated for Pearls/Lead/Nickel (2 of each assigned, in random hidden resource only 1 Nickel as it's late in tech tree)
Maps - Eldorado adjusted for new UU Resources
Maps - Lakes - Added option for slightly larger. Added Option to make the land "UU Madness like", putting all resources of the game in.

Adapted Maps for new Resources :
Balanced for Lead & Amber : Wheel, Black Forest, Pandemonium
Balanced for Lead & Nickel : Ring, Mediterannea, Caribbean, Caucasia
Balanced for Diamond, Obsidian, Sulphur : Delta
Balanced for Obsidian, some strategic Jade : Inland Sea, Polar Circle

Improved/Create more logic for maps - BTPResourceInBox has a playerCount logic, BTPnormalizeAddExtrasSpecific rewrites the Balance with Odds, minimum distance, list to balance, etc.

Maps Preview Screen - Now if you put extra _xxx behind the name of the map (of any length) you will see the picture regardless (more flexible on script name to show picture)

Improved Graphics - Fast Mine, Fast Chop & Fast Colony (improvement Icon) - Integrated Realism Invictus picture/Icon

Spoiler 2.34 :

Beyond the Game 2.34
Fix Text - in French the Civic text for free unit was not clear/bugged
Fix Text - description of OSM option is longer to say that people can contact each other even if they haven't met
Fix Bug - That copy units for Vikings wouldn't copy the free boat promotion (hardcoded in Brotherhood, including Vanilla/UU cases)
Fix Graphic - That Venician Capalleti was not holding it's spear straight
Fix Spectator bug - that the "eye" to reveal map wasn't appearing on GUI anymore
Fix Trait - Scientific free forest can now only pop in your "area" (= doesn't go on remote island)

Added new exe which incorporates code to make the icon of resource smaller (necessary for very high resolutions)

Added new PlayerOption for the GUI - This is public in all cases for the spectator, you can click them in and out
1 - Great General Person bar - just like you GP Bar but you follow your Great General progress (in Dark Blue)
2 - Team Great Person bar - just like you GP Bar but you see your teammate GP progress (in Orange)
2 - Team Wonder bar - You follow all Wonders beings built by your team (in Cyan)
Incorporate in PlayerOption Menu, there are dedicated Shortcuts for it, the Player Option menu is updated to show those better

New Game Option - Ban Wealth/Science/Culture Hammer production
New Game Option - Limit Wealth/Science/Culture Hammer production (50%)
Game Option tweak - No settling Strategic resource is now only restricting Copper, Horse and Start Era up to Medieval

Trait Balanced - Philosophical - [Rollback] The reduction of unhappiness for slaving is -50% again, instead of removed completely

Concept Balance - Great Legends - The Tree planting action is 5 forests maximum, not 9

Game Extra Balance - LongSword - Cost 60 not 55, requires the tech Iron working (but either copper/iron for construction) + 20% build speed with amber

Resource Balance :
Sulphur = no production boost on Gun Galley/Dromont/Grenadier/Cannon anymore
Olive (Monarchy) - Tea (Alphabet) - Salt (Iron Working) : +1 Happy with Brewery
Potato = Agriculture - 2 Health - Warehouse - Production boost 20% on Gun Galley & Dromon
Amber = Aesthetics - 1 Happy - Elite Barrack - Production boost 20% Sword/LongSword
Jade = Aesthetics - 1 Happy -Elite Barrack - Production boost 20% Paladin
Sapphire = Alphabet - 1 Happy - Elephant Camp - Shiny Armor Paladin
Diamond = Archery - 1 Happy - Archery Range - Production boost 20% Footman & Grenadier
Obsidian = Metal Casting - 1 Happy - Siege Workshop - Production boost 20%Cannons

Civ Balance - Japan - Shogunate is +25%Prod/25%Gold instead of only +50% Gold
Civ Balance - India - "Soft" Worker fined tuned so that it ALWAYS is 1 turn faster to chop : in Reny, you don't need serfdom anymore to be able to chop in 1
Civ Balance - Polynesia - Fisherman can also 'Force' a marae (Granary) in cities
Civ Balance - Korea - Joseon Dynasty doesn't give a catapult for free every 5, it gives 1 unit every 10 of EACH Type
Civ Balance - Mali - Coinage gives one unit free for each type after the 4th unit (only once per unit type)
Civ Balance - Carthage - Punic King - Instead of every 5 HA you get 1 free, it's a War elephant every 5
Civ Balance - Greece - Remove Promo Hoplite from the game/the Unique Civic
Civ Balance - Greece - New UU - Hoplite - 5 Strength Spearman, get +100% on mounted. Doesn't have the +50% on Elephants like other Civs' spearman
Civ Balance - England - Anglicanism - is only +10% science not 15% but gives +2 XP with religion like theocracy
Civ Balance - Babylon - Code of Hammurabi - Replace Slavery not COL, alt requirement Writing, unlimited priest only
Civ Balance - Babylon - The Siege Elephant doesn't get extra promo via civic, it gets the +20% city attack as native bonus
Civ Balance - Arabia - No more free promo with Civic Jihad (Decoy removed). Instead, new UU - Siege Tower, cost 3/4 price of Trebuchet
Civ Balance - Maya - New Unit - Galley with +50% vs Triremes
Civ Balance - Celts - Civic also gives 1 free Galley every 3, Removed free promo "King of Hill"

Graphic - Added more flavored unit for Polynesia (Maori Warrior & Canoe) for better looks

Maps - Firaxis Logic Fix - So that normalizeAddExtras actually adds a randomization and doesn't have "left-bias"
Maps - Fix Logic (BTPForceResourceLand) that could pop resource on floodplain desert and transform the tile on new maps
Maps - Fix Logic (BTPForceResourceLand) so that it will (try) to avoid spawning on river tiles (important for Eldorado)
Maps - Grid - Fix Logic so that the forced Oil couldn't transform a flooplains in 5F tile
Maps - Square - Removed duplication of Bonus balancer of Horse/Iron/Bronze, added some extra (Deer, Obsidian, Potato) around player starts. And some small chance to get Jade/Sapphire
Maps - Cross - Changed default option of new resource and added Sapphire & Jade (once) in the middle
Maps & UU Madness - Eldorado - Changed to include the new resources, and UU Randomizer amended too

Spectator New - Added another Icon, which allows to "cycle" between Global mode and (seeing) each of the teams individually
Spectator Improvement - Improved the reveal map "eye" icon so that it also adapts the reveal of Bonuses discovery, also adapts with 'Dedicated' team
Spectator Improvement - Now sees movements done by unit (example 1/2) as if in same team as every player/unit

Spoiler 2.33 :

Beyond the Game 2.33
Fix Bug - That cargo boats would show 2x the picture of one of their promotion when they where the top line of the selection, bugged since 2.25
Fix Bug - That French winery was not aligned to all changes on brewery
Fix Bug - Great Legend - That Korea could not do an Academy
Fix Bug - Carthage Horse Archer / Korean Catapult, where getting +1 Strength even on "base" units. The feature changed so not applicable
Fix Bug - Made Sid Meier all the same AI attribute as Gandhi, so that he wouldn't ask for open borders every turn

Improvement Menu - Game Analyzer panel re-written to understand the sums of power and hammer produced when we have the option 'Always Default units' on, and we produce the default units; including better UI for combination with draft count (i.e. now if you have inca and choose to produce warrior, not quechas, the counts are all correct and nicely displayed).
Improvement Menu - Game Analyzer & Stats re-written to add the sum of power and hammer of unit "created"/"free" into the totals. This is for civs with Civic that gives free units (Byzantium Paladin, Korean Hwacha...) and Traits (Organized every 8 units).

Improved Multiplayer Option - added an option to view "Civ Tiers" in lobby, to see the playable Civ. Improved logic to See the list. Improved Menu to have better transition in between menus
Improved UI - The widget for great person understands and display correctly for Great Legends too

New Menu - Civ Leader Menu - A subsection of Civ Tiers but dedicated to Leaders

Simplified Option Menu - 'Always Default unit' is a "MP Vanilla" option always checked
Simplified Option Menu - 'Reporting live to Website', which was uncoded, has been removed

Balanced Professions - All Farmers, Shepherds, Miners, Lumberjack, Slaves, etc. can be captured

Trait Simplified - Expansive - Boost on Naval unit via Harbor is 25%, not 30%
Trait Simplified - Philosophical - The reduction of unhappiness for slaving is complete : There is none at all
Trait Simplified - Protective - no more Prod Boost on monasteries
Trait Balance - Builder - Prod boost on monasteries
Trait Simplified - Builder - it's -10% cost discount instead of -7% but it applies only on military units
Trait Simplified - Charismatic - No more Bonuses on the Breweries
Trait Balance - Charismatic - You can build Elephant Camp & Elite Barracks, even if you haven't got the tech prerequisite
Trait Balance - Spiritual - no more 10% extra speed (to chop forest)
Trait Balance - Spiritual - Prod bonuses on stable & monuments
Trait Balance - Creative - The 25% on Mounted & Armor unit is granted via a building (Forges & Factories)
Trait Balance - Scientific - Forest grow is 1 everywhere, but 2 forests on capital

Great Legend - Balance - You cannot gift the unit
Great Legend - Balance - Action 'Plant forest' needs to be done within the player culture
Great Legend - Balance - The base discovery factor is 1000 like other normal GP's, not 500
Great Legend - Balance - Can do a new action 'Reveal map', every plot is revealed / remove fog of war
Great Legend - Rewrote the code of Academy addition in Python, to be able to implement a rule that the team/player must have had the threshold bar increase 100% already (i.e. you have produced a GP yourself before, or several of your teammates have).

Civ Tiers - Amazon is now in list Tier 6 exclusion (because the Chariot can cross forests)
Civ Tiers - Poland is now in list Tier 8 exclusion NOT Tier 6 (because Lumberjack is no longer one of it's UU)

Civ Simplify - Japan - Kaiser Factory is +25%+75% not a complicated set of %age. Still 1 tech early
Civ Balance - Japan - Shogunate (Vassalage with +3XP instead +2XP), also provides +50% commerce on capital
Civ Balance - Mongol - Pax Mongolia (Civic) also gives you a free Longbow every 3 your produce
Civ Balance - Mongol - New UU - Clippers (Frigate) - +50% vs Ship of the line

Civ Balance - Arabia - Civic "Jihad" replace Theocracy not Vassalage, can be discovered with code of laws; it gives "Decoy" not "Chaos" to knights, gives +30% chance flanking not use enemy's road
Civ Balance - Mali - Civic "Coinage" also give a galley for free every 3 galleys
Civ Balance - Korea- Unique Civic gives you a free Catapult every 5 units, INSTEAD of a promo that boost the Hwacha itself (promo removed)
Civ Balance - Carthage - Unique Civic gives you a free Horse Archer every 5 units, INSTEAD of a promo that boost the Numid itself (promo removed)
Civ Simplified - Ethiopia - Unique Civic gives you a free Muksetman every 5 units, INSTEAD of a promo that boost the Oromo itself (promo removed)
Civ Simplified - Sumer - Removed Promo determined with the Civic (Sumer can now build normal axes too, so it's balanced)
Civ Simplified - Byzantium - Roll back (2.32) the Civic allowing to build missionaries, back to normal; also free Paladin is every 5 not 6

Civ Tweak - Inca - Civic also Guarantees you get peak when you settle the capital
Civ Tweak - Aztec - Elder council doesn't do +1 Happy anymore
Civ Tweak - England - Anglo-Saxon Paganism also gives +1Gold to specialist
Civ Simplified - France - The tech %age add-on from Civic is +5% not +6%

Map UI Dev - Maps can now have an option to ban improvement - Mediterranea bans Colony on central land via an Option

New map - Caucasia - added in the Clan Ranking, updated to remove bias to the right of middle starting position

Spoiler 2.32 :

Beyond the Game 2.32
Fix - Turn Clock timer - That if you did multiple enter for end turn it would be the last value to count, now it's the first
Fix - Maya Holkan - Aligned code for the +50% vs Elephant on same option (reported bug but I cannot reproduce, code is 100% aligned now so if there really was an issue it definitely is fixed)
Fix - City interface bug - that when you click a (non-holy) religion icon on top-right it would popup the powerPedia screen
Fix - Expansion Bug - That when you had some combos of option, the extra tech for Grenadier would be apply even in base game (i.e. no unit could be built with just military science) (But Grenadier still requires Nationalism extra with the expansion)
Fix - GUI - That when you toggled the option 'BTG Interface' on off, the new "Version Pane", was not appearing/disappearing
Fix - GUI - That the Beyond the Game text overlapped the Turn counter in some resolution. All Resolution with Y resolution smaller than 850 will have the text higher (squeezed up, was the best choice)
Fix - GUI - That the Game analyzer (red flag) icon is always displayed now, unless it's tournament game (doesn't require the Civ Live option to be checked). Also added noise if someone uses it (on top of written message) before the game is conceded
Fix - GUI Text - Description Widget of Clock alarm was erroneous
Improved Code - of AdvOptions menu so that list are better declared, so that 100% consistency accross menu is guaranteed

Improved Code - Rewrote code for the "MP Scenarios", so the list are consistent (declared in Python called in C++) and there is a menu, in the lobby, to check what the list of all MP Scenrios menus are. This is accessible via the "MapPreview" screen too at all times. The logic is fully integrated with all the "C4F Warlord Style" options as well.
Added some new Scenarios combinations, Pedia has been adapted for this

Improved UI - Added a dedicated tab for Player option in the option menu (CTRL-O), also, broke down the former (4 options) into 14 options so that GUI choice would be more granular and flexible. Made all the new devs consistent with "Tournament mode" and updated shortcuts. The menu also shows shortcuts available more intuitively.

Option clean - Ancient Scout Start & No settling Capital on Strategic Resources - are now 2 different options (different scenarios list etc.)
Option clean - New option - Ancient Tribes need to found Religion - Effectively overrides the above 'fair religion' option so that in Ancient start it doesn't happen and you can select both options all the time and you have the more 'normal' settings

New Option - Government-wise Societies - The civics of the first column "Government" are usable at all times, similarly to having the pyramid

New Option - Age of Bronze - Only for Ancient start (or Classical start). You get a large fraction of the following technologies already discovered:100% of 6 Base Start techs. 75% of Animal Husbandry, Bronze. 50% of Masonry, Sailing. 25% of Pottery, Archery
New Option - Age of Robotics - Only for Modern of Future start (you start with Infantry instead of Marine) You get a large fraction of several technologies already discovered

Broken down and replace "Warlord Style" by a set of option 1 for each effect :
New Option - C4F - No Start Free Building (Warlord Style)
New Option - C4F - Fixed Settler cost (Warlord Style)
New Option - C4F - No Start Free Extra Population(Warlord Style)
New Option - C4F - No Late Era Scaling (Warlord Style)
New Option - C4F - No Start Free Defense and Explore Unit (Warlord Style)
New Option - C4F - No Start Free Worker (Warlord Style)
New Option - C4F - No Start Free Settler (Warlord Style)

New Option - C4F - GForced Cheap Economic Buildings - Reproducting Cost for building's in Geforced 'Legends' MOD :
New Option - C4F - Moai is a Medieval Wonder - Also added code for "Free tech wonder" not to give the tech if not ancient start (useful for overruling Byzantium Moai)
New Option - C4F - Ancient Unique Unit Cost tweaks - Price change for (Quick speed values) : War Chariot (20-23), Vulture (23-26), Legionnaries (26-28)
New Option - C4F - Always able to build default unit
New Option - C4F - Trait Production Modifier weakened to 50% - Instead of being (typically 100%) the trait production boost on building is only 50%

New 6 Options "Profession" - New Option Category, new Panel in option, new Panel in Game Analyzer
1 option each for Farmer / Shepard / Miner / Slave / Lumberjack, 1 option "High cost" to add 4H (quick speed) of cost to each
Lumberjack and Ore miner removed as UU of specific Civs. UU Madness adjusted too

New Option dedicated to Warehouses & the weaker Granary percentage (35%) - No gameplay change
New Option dedicated to Brewery - Brewery doesn't allow food produce anymore, it doesn't give +1 'flat' happy (but gives it with resources still), the negative econ cost is -2 gold not -10% science, the obsolete tech is now philosophy. Charistmatic +2/+2 still applies same way

Trait Balance - Organized - Simplified - The free unit is every 8 units not 10. The free promotion 'Brave' it's now 100% protection collateral instead of rest, Explosive promoition also been cleaned to simplify and it 'only' has the faculty of killing other units for the siege units receiving it
Trait Balance - Organized - Simplified - Doesn't give 50XP anymore with general
Trait Balance - Organized - Simplified - Doesn't cascade a barrack when producing a stable anymore, nor any other building
Trait Balance - Organized - Simplified - Doesn't give -33% Unhappy with Slaving
Trait Balance - Philosophical - -50% Unhappy with Slaving
Trait Balance - Philosophical - Melee (and Gun?) units don't have free Sentry anymore
Trait Balance - Conqueror - Simplified - Doesn't provide discount upgrade boats anymore

Civ Balance - Poland - Normal units have new Graphics : Horse Archer/Knights/Cuirassier/Maceman/Musketman
Civ Balance - Poland, Nightwatch doesn't give extra %defense anymore but cascade a free wall instead
Civ Balance - Poland, doesn't have Lumberjack as UU of Slave anymore
Civ Balance - Poland - (New) UU - Polish Pikeman : 7 Strength
Civ Balance - Australia - Mining Worker - a normal worker that can mine much quicker (1 turn mine, 3 turns mine forest, 2 turns mine forest serf)

Civ Balance - Russia - Civic (New) - Tsarism (serfdom) - + 25% Unit production
Civ Balance - Russia - is a Renaissance Civ again
Civ Balance - Korea - UU (New) - Geobukseon (Trireme) - 50% chance Withdrawal (Mighty Toad graphics)
Civ Balance - Byzantium - UU (Koursores) cannot bombard anymore, still has +15% city attack
Civ Balance - Byzantium - Civic Crusades - Also allows to produce missionaries, like Org Religion does

Great Legend Balance - Extra resources are available to plant : Deer/Fur/Wine/Dye/spices/Silk/Sugar/Incense/Banana & Expansion resource if option checked
Great Legend Balance - An extra available action is to plant 9 trees around the tile the Legend is currently located

Maps - Hemispheres - Reintegrated in BTG
Maps - TeamBattleGround - Added option to select Elephant spawn: i) Normal BTS ii) No Elephant iii) 'BTG' Balance within 3-4 tiles of starting spot iv) 'BTG' Balance within 4-6 tiles of starting spot
Maps - TeamBattleGround - Added option to spawn extra unit (typically LumberJack or advance defense unit for later eras start).
Maps - TeamBattleGround - Added a new option that get more free units, including up to 3 extra Great Legends
Maps - Eldorado - Added a new option that get more free units, including up to 3 extra Great Legends
Maps - Caribbean - Added a new option that get more free units, including up to 3 extra Great Legends (good for Machine guns)
Maps - Pandemonium - Added a new option that get more free units, including up to 3 extra Great Legends
Maps - Pandemonium - Review code to remove the normal generation of Elephant, and put it (with odds) on the outskirk of the circles, like other happy resources
Maps - BTG_ScenarioWorlds - Integrated in BTG, this is essentially a "WB Pre-made" map loader as script. It's bundled with the 3 Vadus/earth/EarthEvo maps
Maps - Shuffle - Broke down the random choice of the maps (there are 8) so that you can pick a specific one if you want

Spoiler 2.31 :

Beyond the Play 2.31
Fix Bug - Great Legend - doesn't create OOS when using resource planting anymore
Great Legend - Made it that it provides 20XP if used as general, not 15
Civ Balance - Austro-Hungary - Dual monarchy second possible tech to discover is Printing press, not gunpowder
Civ Balance - Russia - is not a Reny possible civ anymore, only Industrial & Modern starts

Spoiler 2.30 :

Beyond the Play 2.30
Fix - Clock Counter screen - Fix bug when a player was dead was erroring the dashboard, and minor (length of text) layout issues
Fix - Clock Counter screen - Fix that the player hidden/anonymous name was not consistent on side panels and top of columns
Fix - Clock Counter screen - Fix a round (1 second) issue between total time played and theoretical, when no one was doing enter
Fix - Option "Large Military Armies" - Sell cost of units with 'Mercenary' is adapted (i.e. twice lower, reflecting cost of hammers appropriately)
Fix Graphic - improved sizing of Shipyard & Arsenal art, Arsenal was incorrectly layered as an Harbor (now Layer_Coast)
Fix Balance Bug - You can now gift the Battery Ram

UI Improvement - There is a clock icon on top right of the screen, it has a logic to allow you to ping, once a turn and presuming you have done enter yourself, all the players that haven't done enter. They will have a message with noise addressed to them, other players are notified but without noise

Menu Option in lobby - Also added a *** view Map Description *** option so you can have an idea of the map from the lobby if you have never played it
Menu "Advanced Option" - Improved UI in Lobby and added two new categories "1.74" & "3.19" so that Vanilla & BTS players can very quickly return the game to the exact format they use to play

New Component - Great Legend - You receive a single unit at the beginning of the game called 'Great Legend' named after illustrious Civ 4 players which can do adhoc action (only) once a game within : 1) Plant Corn/Wheat/Rice/Cow/Pig/Gems/Gold/Silver/Bronze/Iron/Ivory on any tile (any color, hill or flat) without feature (not on forest or floodplains), without bonus (or with a specific bonus required in the case of iron) and with a required technology being discovered. 2) Can start a golden age. 3) Can add 15XP points very similarly to great general (but doesn't open it's unique promotion paths). 4) Can build an Academy 5) Can advance/discover military techs but the advance is 50% of what other GP do (advances the same tech a great General would).

New Building - Component Alchemy - Philosopher's stone, National wonder that can be built by only one person by team, gives 2000 gold when built but the window to build is short : it expires with chemistry, cannot be built in Renaissance start and after
Fix Balance - Component Alchemy - Paladin now can be upgraded from Knights, like all other units

Breakdown Option extension - There are now dedicated option subdivising some effects :µ
Expansion : Advanced Scenarios / Workshop Improvement Hammer Rebalance / Workshop Coins Rebalance / Workshop Civic Rebalance (for detailed fine-tuning of balance in Industrial)
Expansion: Campus Improvement & Paved Road, on top of the colony option

Fix Balance - Mongolia - Keshik don't get consumed when they build Yurt anymore, but needs 2 tiles apart, not just 1
Fix Balance - Portugal - Carrack's don't get consumed when they build Sea Trading post anymore

Spoiler 2.29 :

Beyond the Play 2.29
Fix bug - That all tech description sounds were in French, changed back to English
Fix bug - Terrain "Deep_Sea" - Can no longer be crossed by Galley, Triremes, Ironclad, and workboat before Astronomy
Fix bug - Terrain "Lagoon" (with Sailing) and "Deep_Sea" (with Astronomy) now allow trading like the terrain they replace
Fix bug - Option "Dynasty" - Correctly handles the transition from and to the trait "Builder", by resetting the 'ForcedFoodYES/NO' trigger; there is no muisscalculation of food production after the changes anymore
Fix bug - Option UUM - that reloading when shuffling resource was NOT on was not working anymore (was not restoring the Bonus properly)

New Menu - Clock Counter - On top right of the screen with CTRL-SHIFT-C : a dedicated screen which allows to track the speed at which players have played/are playing the game

Expansion Balance - Conqueror of the sea - all boats (Gun Galley, Dromont, and their UU Galleas/Drakkar) have 1 extra Collateral damage target, also are 50% immune vs Collateral
Expansion Balance - Conqueror of the sea - You cannot build Drydocks anymore. But you can build I) Shipyard, also with Steel. II) Shipyard, +4XP for boats, with Scientific Method, cost 140H.

Game Option - Old School Mapmaking - The option now allows to contact anyone at any time. So you can see/exchange with your unknown teammate (or even declare war!) on turn 1
Game Option - Large armies - The cost of unit upgrade is also scaled down now (half the cost, otherwise proportionally it's very expensive
Game Option - Cheap Building - The (15%) discount only applies to Buildings, not World Wonders

Scenario Balance - UU Madness - Camel Archer are not available anymore
Scenario Balance - UU Madness - Praetorian, Cossack, are not showing the resource they could use anymore when "Soft UU" is on. Had to implement logic to handle this case. As before, if you unselect "soft UU" they're part of the game

Civ Balance (Classi Nerf) - Carthage - Pastoralism is +1 Coin instead of +2 Coins
Civ Balance (Medi Nerf) - Portugal - Agrarian Societies is a replacement of Barbarism, not decentralization ("expires" earlier with Bureaucracy), does not provide the Caravel building Sea post ability anymore
Civ Balance (Reny Buf) - Austria-Hungary - Dual Monarchy is now available with (Constitution +) Gunpowder instead of Rifling, so that's it's a better "Reny Start" civ
Civ Balance (Classi Buf) - Poland - Nightwatch also give an extra culture (+2) and 15% City defense
Civ Balance (Futur Nerf) - China - Unique Civic providing power is HydroElectric Economy replacing Environmentalism, not Maoism replacing State Property, New button graphic (taken by Arsenal)

Map Balance - Pandemonium - Added 1 extra (bigger) size and made the default size medium instead of small

Graphism - Venice & Austria have they're own Art style, Unique Unit look for Archer/Spearman/Axeman/Swordman/Pikeman/Crossbowman/Longbowman/Knights (Georgians), Musketman, Cuirassier (HolyRoman)
Graphism - Zulu - Made Uniqe look for Civ, changed Settler/Swordsman/Cavalry (Zulu Basotho), HorseArcher/Knigths (African set)
Graphism - Nebrudchadnezzar - Replaced the leaderhead graphic, old version had a color fault on top of image

Spoiler 2.28 :

Beyond the Play 2.28

Fix bug - That the king could appear without the option Royalty Component because of confusion in list of options (put options back in correct order)
Fix bug - That when there was a spectator, the 'Trait' Ban option would not apply to the last player
Fix bug - Religion Screen was throwing errors and not display if the Holy city of a player was razed / player was dead
Fix bug - That constructing great wall late in game crashed the game. Remove the GUI / Graphical wall, but coded the Border Obstacle part so that barbarian can indeed not enter when built. The wall doesn't appear if you build it after you have discovered Civil Service (but it does take effect).

Fix Game Option - Pragmatic religion - The option is changed so that cities that already founded a religion are immensely negatively impacted in pick order to found a second one (only way to found a second religion there is to be the only city / capital only).

GUI Improvement - All Interface Menu remade in dedicated Python file, it allows smoother code and all the popups are now centered
GUI Improvement - Game Host Menu - There is now the possibility to change (during the game) the amount of turns left (can add or remove turns) and the amount of City Elimination
GUI Improvement - Small tweaks to 'Game Analyzer' to show cleanly the science produced if > 1000/turn, and added few buildings in Production (Brewery) and infrastructure (Aqueduct, Lighthouse) tabs

GUI Improvement - There is a new top-left Icon (CTRL-F8) that can call the "MapPreviewer" popup to appear - it's quick view of a picture of an example of the current map script (it's not a reveal of the map), for players that don't know the mapscript well. All pictures are stored with the map script themselves (flexible for new mapscript), and it comes with new dedicated description for each maps.

New Menu - Developed Advanced option menu, with a new page configured to double check preset options for scenarios. 10-15 scenario list embedded. You can flick from one to the other (same restriction of "lock" linked to spectator, first turn etc. It shows in red the options that are not aligned with your settings. You can click a validation option that will align all options to your scenario. The host player and Spectators will also have a direct link in the DAWN menu at start of the game.
You also VIEW this menu from the custom/staging game screen, by clicking on a special game option listed at bottom of game option list

Component (new) - Dynasty - When you change Era (you discover a tech of the following era), your leader (and therefore your traits) will change, it will be announced to all other players. If Unrestricted Leader is ON, any leader is possible, if not, it will be one of the other leader available on your civilization

Game Option (new) - Old School Mapmaking - You can press "CTRL" on any tile of the map (that you see) and it will give you information related to the map. But you need to unlock the technologies first : Maptype with Calendar (whether map is Toroidal, flat,...). MapSize in X and Y with Calendar. Latitiude of the tile with Mathematics and Sailing. Longitude of the tile with Compass. Your capital X & Y with Compass. All friendly Capital's X & Y with either Printing Press or Copernicus' observatory

Game Option (new) - Hide Resource Madness - There is an extra option for "Madness" Scenarios that differentiate the randomization and the discovery part of the scenarios, so you can play any combination of the two turned on or off. Code has been changed to handle both sets of selection; this option will just hide (put ???) on resources (and units, and wonders) until you discovered the technology required to produce said unit or world wonder

Game Option (new) - Wonder Madness - World Wonder (team share attribute) have now another bonus production modifier than stone and marble (stone and marble are still used for national wonders). There is a list of resources (29) which are preset to play like this. The option "Randomize Madness" is also preloaded the list of 29 resources (with or without the new resource if expansion new resources ticked or not) which are then shuffled at the games beginning. The pedia is update with a new "WWM" section to show all 3 list (default BTS, defined madness, random madness) with any world wonder that has a bonus in any of the cases (it skips world wonder which never do like Cristo Redentor), you can therefore see all possibilities at all time. It's therefore possible to use the Change option panel in game at any time to flick between the three. The logic also understand the option which modifies the boost from 100% to 50%, can also change at anytime. The Random list works with reload and save games, and multiplayer

The interface has been adapted so that the display of Bonus production for building shows the little icon of the resource (in all cases) just like it did for UUMadness units. The hide madness option will make the text black and with ??? too. WWM Pedia panel does ??? too with Hide option turned on. The text on Resource in game (both on the resource and the bubble) will show the wonders that are boosted by the resources

Game Option (new) - Super cheap Technologies - you get a modifier boost of +25% on your research. You can cumulate this option with the other 'Cheap Technologies' option and get a total +40% modifier

Game Option (new) - Large Military Armies - the production cost of unit is reduced by 50%, which effectively doubles the size of your armies

Game Option (new) - Teams don't share - the attribute 'team share' of wonder is always 0 (instead of 1), meaning the effects are for 1 player only (only 1 person receive pop of hanging garden, or culture from Stonehenge, etc).

Balance - Trait - The productive bonus on archery rang is +1/+1/+1, not +1/+2+/+0, it also expires with Replaceable parts
Balance - Wonder - Krak des Chevaliers, is part of the scope of "Wonder ban", with or without OCC. The extra XP for Knight is 2XP, not 5XP. The extra defense is +50%, not +100%.
Balance - Building - Brewery (and French Winery) are -10% tech, not -20% tech; cost 60 (not 50) like the other enhanced military buildings.
French winery gives +1 happy with wine instead of 3, but also give it for the same bonuses as brewery
Balance - Civ - France's Nobility (Unique Civic) is +6% science not +8%
Balance - Civ - Amazon's archery range, is still a market but instead of giving 100/150 gold when built, it gives a free Grocer in the city

Balance - Civ - Portugal - Civic "Colonialism", gives 1 coin on water tiles instead of 1 hammer
Balance - Civ - Native America - Animism, doesn't protect from war weariness anymore, also gives +25% Building production with religion (like Organised religion).

Map Logic - Force Resource land logic (two logics) has been re-written to avoid that resource "lump up" together, this helps with several mapscripts

Map Fix - Grid, fixed the case of 1v1 which did weird land shape for duels

Map (New) - Pandemonium - Ideal for even number of players in 2 teams, fixed that Lava could be walked on where there were forests, Left to right is compatible BTS, Balanced Pandemonium is compatible BTS, There is a logic to help with closeness of resource at the beginning
Map (New) - Caribbean - Ideal for even number of players in 2 teams, made the top vs bottom settings compatible with BTS, There is a logic to enrich the sea foods for the islands starts
Map (New) - Countries - Ideal for even number of players in 2 teams, fixed a bug that the chain of peaks could be underwater (this map and Pandemonium)

Map (New) - Old world - Map designed to favor exploration and discovery, the size can be randomised (a bit) the placement too, it's based on the fractal logic and eventhough proper settings are preselected (with the goal of using the option "Old School Mapmaking"), there are variations. Fully compatible BTS

Spoiler 2.27 :

Beyond the Play 2.27

Fix Bug - Radius 3 tiles - Removed all the code relating to "3 city Radius" and associated option. Venice keeps balance of 2.26 release (which didn't use this code).

Fix Bug & Balance - Babylon - There was a rare OOS occurrence with the Unique Civic when food production was activated, this is removed (not fixed) and replaced by having the ability to slave production with this Civic as well.

Fix - Initial timer is always the very slow one (even slower) and the first turn multiplier is also higher for longer first turn

Fix Spectator - GUI - The 'Civ Selected' screen order of player is not shuffled for the Spectator player even when anonymous is on
Fix Spectator - Now players are able to concede if the Spectator is away (not human)
Fix Spectator - Now when the Spectator is an AI, it cannot change civics (avoid useless notifications to players)

Fix Bug - Unique Resource - When the resource was a fish/clam/crab, if it appeared under unit it would kill this unit, now it pushes the unit away

Fix Screen - Game Analyzer - Production tab doesn't show Ironworks anymore since it's shown in National wonders. It doesn't show laboratories (this is in infrastructure tab now) but it does show Elephant camp, and Elite barracks

Fix Bug - That scientific trait "pop" forest could appear in lava/impassable

Balance Trait - Organized - Also 'Cascade' their Archery range to a free barrack

Spoiler 2.26 :

Beyond the Play 2.26

Fix Bug - That since version 2.25 (implementation of some option/possibilities for larger city crosses), some units (including initial worker) could start many tiles away from player Starting position
Fix Bug - That since version 2.25, starting food & sea food could be placed 3 tiles away

Fix Bug - That there still were cases that a blue square would flash in 0,0 (When option is turned on (rather than off) in dedicated in-game menu
Fix Bug - that if the spectator has left the game (spectator not "human), then no one could use the in-game menu to change options
Fix Bug - That if spectator concedes the game it was putting 1 second timer not 10minutes
Fix Bug - Regen - After Zulu pick, the regen of +2 happy on barrack punished (-2 happy) your following civ (The Civics are reset BEFORE the counter put to 0)
Fix Bug - That Hagia Sophia added +1 national wonder in city, even if option for that was not checked

Improved UI - Anonymous - When Anonymous is on, you can still see the (real) name of your teammates
Improved UI - Civ Selected screen - The screen randomizes the order of player so it doesn't 'spoil' the anonymous part (when MP option anonymous is on) . It also applies to names the same logic the score name display, i.e. you see your name and the ones of your teammates but not opponents. There is also improved color coding to go along with these logics
Improved UI GUI - Game Analyzer screen - Renaissance technologies shown removes constitution and adds Alchemy when the component alchemy is on
Improved UI GUI - Game Analyzer screen - Changed dimension of Economy & Science tabs so you could see 100,000 beaker count

Game Option (new) - MP Vanilla - No Penaly for early slaving (Vanilla Style), the 150% discount factor is removed
Game Option (new) - MP Vanilla - No Combat limit to Siege killing (Vanilla Style)

Improved Option - Softened powerful UU :
Fix Bug - That the legionary was always replacing the Praetorian (the new dedicated option was not working)
Change Scope - The Byzantine Cataphract & Russian Cossacks are handled the same way
Cleaner & easier for UU Madness, if option is on, you can build the soft unit, if not, the strong unit. The display also doesn't show unit for not reason either. It's more straightforward

Improved Options - Age of Late Antiquity / Chivalry / Reason. Improved logic so that it can handle a case where multiple options are checked. It can also do Chivalry start with Ren start, Late Antiquity with Medieval Start. If you pick an era with multiple possibilities, it will pick the latest start it can do (for example if you check all options and launch with Medieval start, it will be Age of Chivalry, not Late Antiquity). Small tech change too for Age of Chilvary (75% of Optics added), and Age of Late Antiquity (100% of Monarchy not 75%, 75% of Compass added). Civelopedia screen updated according to all.

Trait Balance - Protective - Archery camp does +1F +2H, not +1F +2H +1C
Trait Balance - Agricultural - Doesn't have 2x production on coal plants anymore, nor 2x production on Nuclear Plant
Trait Balance - Scientific - Strategic promotion is also given to gunpowder units. Gunpowder unit can then take "attacker" promotion, Which gives 20% city attack
Trait Balance - Scientific - doesn't get 2x Production on Arm's factory anymore, but do get 2x on Nuclear Plant
Trait Balance - Scientific - Doesn't get +1 coin on 2 coins tile anymore
Trait Balance - Scientific - Only gets +1 forest by cities, but it applies to capital too (instead of 0 on Capital and 2 elsewhere)
Trait Balance - Scientific - get +2Health (instead of Conqueror)
Trait Balance - Conqueror - doesn't get +2 Health anymore
Trait Balance - Conqueror - cannot rush buy productions anymore
Trait Balance - Financial - can rush buy productions
Trait Balance - Financial - has x2 production on banks
Trait Balance - Imperialist - Cascade : When you build a courthouse, you get a warehouse (a library if the option to build warehouse is off)
Trait Balance - Imperialist - Golden age are now 3 turns 3 times max (instead of 5x 2). It also scales with game speed unlike before (it's 4 turn in Normal speed, and there is minimum of 2 turns in all cases for super/hyper quick).

Civ Balance - Venetia - Unique Resource - get a starting clam
Civ Balance - Venetia - Doge's Palace - Gives +50% Water unit production, still gives +1 national wonder slot
Civ Balance - Venetia - Doge's Palace - Doesn't have 3 tiles range anymore

Civ Balance - Huns - The stable gives +2H +1C instead of +3H
Civ Balance - Sumer - The oil refinery cost 90 H instead of 120 H like a normal Coal plant
Civ Balance - Phoenicia - SeaPort is more similar to normal Harbor : with Compass (not sailing), is +100% prod expansive too
Civ Balance - Carthage - The Quadrireme doesn't do collateral damages anymore
Civ Balance - Maya - 'Blessed' is +50% Mounted instead of 50% Shock & Archery

Map New - Magma - Ideal for Classical/Ancient TvB teamer style
Map New - Lagoon - Ideal for 4v4 in Medi/Ren starts

Map new Option - Balanced - Option for 1 notch & 2 notches bigger
Map new Option - Delta - Option for two types of start, for teamers 2v2, 3v3, 4v4, move the south player position out of the coast, for 1v1, 2 templates are a) at the bottom of map, b) in the middle position/sea
Map Minor Tweak - Delta - Start position for 2 players are stabilized so that both players start in the middle (Y Axis)
Map Minor Tweak - Eldorado - There is an extra rice (on marsh) in the middle
Map Minor Tweak - TBG - Default settings are perfectly matching the default US Ladder settings

Spoiler 2.25 :

Beyond the Play 2.25

Fix Bug - That you could not sometimes recover saves because some players were not 'available'. Fix the issue by adding a logic at game start which copies the options that restrict the amount of playable civ and turn them off, the real value is stored however, so that dashboards like 'Civ Tiers' are still working properly
Fix Bug - There was a flashing blue square on the mini-map when some text was shown : from the 7 messages possible in CvEventManager, from the Hotkey usage, and from the Regen Game menu. Coordinates were 0,0, removed
Fix Bug - Organized - 10 Unit "Cascade" feature was giving Python error when no rally point was set, avoiding display of 'orange' notification message. Notification is clearer / longer
Fix Bug - That flag of Australian was white/decalc not working

Fix Text & Art - India - Unique Unit Cuirassier is not the Mamluk Cavalry but the Mughal Cuirassier
Fix Text - Japan - Unique Civic name is "Shogunate" not Bushido

Developed Graphic - Austria-Hungary as dedicated set, with dedicated settlers

Improved UI - Tiers Civ Menu - is cleaner, and has an option to click in/out to see or not the playable and non-playable civs
Improved UI - Pedia - Units that do collateral, are shown more information in pedia : How many units they do collateral to., and how many percentage of full collateral they're doing
Improved UI - Cargo Units - When selected as a group, they show total units onboard and available cargo, with player option 'advanced graphics'
Improved UI - Unit Stack - When you hoover your mouse over a unit stack, you can hold SHIFT to show a different set of information, focused on the unit counts of each visible, military, type. You will not count unit inside boats. Also activated with player option 'advanced graphics'
Improved UI - The advanced graphic option adapts the location of the GP Bar depending on if option "Faith" is on or not.
Improved UI - Fixed a bug in the display of GP turns left when all cities produce 0 GP Points after producing some initially, the bar is now shown even if not point are/have been produced

Fix Balance - Organized - the 10 Unit bonus only applies to Military Units now
Fix Balance - Charismatic - Senile worker is now only possible for unit that have full health

Fix Balance - The elephant Camp Prod bonus is on elephants only, not mounted, and it's 15%. It cost 60H, like a stable, not 50H.
Fix Balance - The elephant Camp doesn't force you to produce with food anymore
Fix Balance - The Brewery gives you the ABILITY of producing with Food for melee units
Fix Balance - Archery Range is also 60H, like all "second promo for type" buildings, not 40H (indirect nerf to protective)

Balance Game - Option Resource - The %Prod boost via resource (Sulphur on Grens/Cannons, Gold Paladin, Amber Swords, Sulphur fire Boats, is all +20% instead of mostly 25%)
Multiplayer Option (new) - Ban OCC Centric Civs - a 7th tier of Civ bans for Polynesia and Venice, included in dashboard etc.

Game Option (new) - No Minimum City distance - You don't have to have any minimum distance between cities, they can be next to each other if so you wish
Game Option (new) - Fresh Water is good coastal Cities - The minimum amount of water tile to form a sea (and coastal cities) is divided by 10. So you can produce units in water as soon as the "sea" is 2 tiles, and buildings as soon as 1 tile
Game Option (new) - City Radius Larger - You can work tiles 3 squares away instead of 2 from city center, meaning 37 tiles total instead of 21
Game Option (new) - No Ubiquitous Unique Units - This is option gives you an alternate set of UU for civs, only 1 change as it stands : The Roman have the Legionary instead of the Praetorian (7 Strength instead of 8). Specifically (only) for UU madness - You also cannot build Cataphract, nor Cossacks. This is option is extremely useful for UU Madness.
Game Option (new) - Expansion, Conqueror of the sea, allows to build new types of water units. They all have new promotion "Slow"
Gun Galley - Unit boat light collateral on 3 units, 3 force, 3 move, gunpowder, more expensive galleon, sulphur boost
Dormont - Unit boat light collateral on 4 units, 6 force, 3 move, replaceable parts, more expensive then ship of line, sulphur boost
Balance Civ - Viking - Drakkar is a Dromont, which hits 6 units instead of 4 with collateral
Balance Civ - Spain - Galleon has promo "Admiral" instead of Cargo I for free
Promotion New - Slow - Conflicts with Navigation 1 so that you can never put extra moves on those units (including Viking Drakkar)
Promotion New - Admiral - Gives 1 vision extra, compete with Sentry, is a prerequisite for Cargo I
There is new C++ logic that makes it that if you upgrade into a free promotion (for example Admiral) then it removes the competing promotion from the unit (for example Sentry)

Balance Civ - Huns - Tarkans have only 2 moves, no first defense versus elephant nor extra cost, they dont require Hunlu Hunlu either; but they can move as if they always have a road where they are and where they move to when moving in non-enemy flat land (it looks like they have 4 move in neutral, flat, territory)

Civ Simplify - Native America Colonist has directly 5 moves, Animism doesn't provide the +2 moves anymore, has +50% GP instead of 35%
Civ Tweak - Byzantium - Galata Tower doesn't require water to be built; Koursorses have +15% city attack, not +25%
Civ Tweak - Amazon - Light Cavalry can also ignore terrain cost (like a Keshik)
Civ Tweak - Egypt - is also a Tier 7 Ban (mediterranean civ with Spain and Ottomans)

Pedia Terrain Panel - Now shows which bonus are acceptable on which Terrain
Terrain Fix - Marsh, allows all the resources that plains allows
New Terrain - Lagoon - can Replace coast, accept same sea food as coast, +1coin, +20% defense instead of 10%
New Terrain - Deep Sea - can Replace Ocean, accept same sea food as ocean, -1coin, -10% defense instead of 0%

Fix Maps - BTPForceEnrichFood logic for maps now remove possibility of extra bonus (pig, banana) to be on floodplains or forest
Fix Maps - Improved the New Soundtrack feature and added a SondTrack for SandStorm map, slight fix of Black Forest Track.
Fix Maps - BTG Song feature also makes it that it doesn't get overriden after 1 tech/change of era, and it switches into normal song at end of playlist
Fix Maps - Eldorado / Mediterranea / Ring / Wheel / Hub - Added option "Lagoon" with 4 choices of combinations of Lagoons & Deep sea
Fix Maps - Mediterranea - Coal is also balanced on Mainland
Fix Maps - Eldorado - The map size for duel is all shifted 1 notch larger, less likely to get frozen ice in water (28% to 20%)
New Civilization - Venetian Empire - Venice is a Medieval & Renaissance Era Civ
Leader Dandolo - Replaces Caligula as Imperialist - Conqueror
Unique Civic - Duchy (Bureaucracy) - +1 gold by specialist
Unique Building - Doge's Palace (Palace) - Allows you to work tiles with a Radius of 3 instead of 2 (37 tiles, not 21); also allows you to have 1 extra National Wonder (like the revamped Hagia Sophia)
Unique Building - Mercenary's Barrack (Elite Barrack) - Also adds +25% production on melee units
Unique Unit - Cappelleti (Pikeman) - Does collateral damage, same level as Chokonu
Unique Unit - UU Knight of Saint Marco (Cuirassier) - they can move as if they always have a road where they are and where they move to when moving in non-enemy flat land, like the Tarkan.
Unique Unit - Galleas (Gun Galley) - Unit boat light collateral on 3 units, 4 force, 3 move, gunpowder, more expensive galleon, sulphur boost.

Spoiler 2.24 :

Beyond the Play 2.24b
Balance Trait - Conqueror - Only gives +2 Health, not +3 Health
Civ Balance - Rome - Panem and Circences - Volcano only gets +1 Coin not +4. Gives 100% GP not 125%

Beyond the Play 2.24

Fix Graphic - Version convention of BTG on top right corner is the correct number
Fix Balance - Alchemy - Catapults can still be produced when you have alchemy and can produce bombards
Fix Balance - Alchemy - with option "Age of Reason" you also get 75% of the technology
Fix Balance - Alchemy - Tech cost is 900 not 1000 (75% of Gunpowder cost, not 84%)
Fix Balance - Alchemy - Changed the list of units in Ren & Indus of 'Game Analyzer' to accomodate bombards & Paladin
Fix Maps - Python error on BTG_Battleground if you played with BTS not BTG
Fix Maps - Delta - Margin change so that Lava doesn't recover isolated peaks in the "play" area of front top players
Improved UI - New player option to toggle on/off the BTG text version (SHIFT-B) it's also toggling off/on the Slider bar, just like that advance graphic part does.
Improved UI - You can now click the "beyond the game" title, it enters a new menu 'Advanced option'
Improved UI - You can now do "SHIFT-V" to switch quickly between default and favorite Field of View Settings
Improved UI - Create python widgets for all the new buttons etc. it's a more consistent feel and look for the texts
Improved UI - Redesigned the widget for the "GP Bar" - There is a new widget for when you hoover over the soon to be born GP Icon. The first part tells you the tech you would for each GP. There is a logic included for when option "General are heroes too" is on or off (text is in red in that case). There is a second bloc of description that gives you all the list of tech that the GP could give, for the current situation, current era and next era. If you "Select" another type of GP as active unit, then the list will adapt to that selected GP
Improved UI - New Menu Advanced Option, you can see all Game options, Victory Options, and Multiplayer Options; sorted in different tabs by newly created subcategories. The option are changeable, if the game is not "tournament game", if it's the first turn, or at any turn/time if it's the first/host player. If there is a referee (spectator) in the game, then the controls are all superseeded and he is the only one that can change (and can always do it). A message is sent to all players to notify of the change of options. There are coherence check so that options displayed in the menu update on all screens at same time, and the message tells you if it's the referee, the host player, or 'a' player that changed it.
New Game Options - Ban Trait "Charismatic" / Ban Trait "Spiritual" / Ban Trait "Expansive" / Ban Trait "Imperialist" / Ban trait "Creative"
Trait Balance - Aggressive - doesn't have the -25% unhappy reduction for slaving anymore
Trait Balance - Organized - has -33% unhappy reduction for slaving
Trait Balance - Organized - When you produce 10 units of the same type, you get an extra one for free, it gets free promo "Explosive"
Trait Balance - Charismatic - Can do "Senile" soldier in friendly cities. Can remove promotion, and put another promotion back. The promotion need to be the 'last of the branch' (highest level of a given promotion path), cannot be a special promotion via Civic, Trait or resource. When you select a group, it will remove all the (same) promotion of all the units presuming it's the end of the branch for all. Doing Senile cost a small token amount of money, it doesn't do it for the whole stack if you are running out of money
Civ Balance - Holy Rome - is also part of "Ban Tier 5" with Carthage and Australia
Civ Balance - Byzantium - Crusades - Also Gives you a free Paladin every time you build 6 Paladins, it gets free promo "Mercenary" (with Alchemy option)

Spoiler 2.23 :

Beyond the Play 2.23

Fix Graphic bug - Australia Longbow didn't have clear picture. Also changed the picture & look of Scout, it's clearer for UUMadness mode when you fall on Australia (even though it's Vanilla Civ)
Fix Item bug - Unique Resource - if you were against the wall it could create python error and you would not receive your unique bonus, this is now fixed
Fix Pedia for Terrain - made new column for Marsh & Lava, cleaned some sorting of descriptions
Fix Pedia for Promotion - it shows the requirement of resource, and the usage (which unit type) for the "resource" promotions
Fix Pedia for Bonus - Show on the bonuses "allows" section if they can provide special resource promotions
Fix Info Screen bug - That if you died, you could see graphics of opponent team (confusion with Spectator)
Fix Info Screen bug - That if you died, the demographic menu would not show properly, now it shows the same as when you are Spectator, it shows only relevant columns
Fix Spectator / Concede mode display - You can now push arrow (or keyboard arrow) to scroll through cities, like a normal teammate
Fix Spectator - No more python error linked to Killer points when someone close/changes settings in the Host menu
Fix Trait Display bug - That when option "new trait" was OFF, the "cap" on extra yield (i.e. limit 4 hammers for Industrious) was written down even though there was nothing to apply it to)
Fix Animation bug - Improved animation of the Lumberjack so that you can see him chop wood properly
Fix Display - Gave another icon to Slave for clarity versus Scout
Fix Display - Gave another icon to Phoenician worker for clarity versus Fast Worker
Fix Display - That in the Tech chooser menu, Civic with an alternative prerequisite, didn't have their widget working for both
Fix Display - Tech Chooser will also not show "Ghost" tech tree of Spectator when you enter the menu
Fix Display - Faith - Religious building show how much faith is being produced
Fix Display Text - Name of some Units (Amazon UUs,...) is changed so that it display properly (length of text)
Fix Game Speed - Forever Game speed Time scale (for dates) is better
Fix UU Madness - That Trade elephant can also be used in UU Madness (before was only Siege Elephant)
Fix Regen game - That when the MP option era specific was on, you didn't get a Civ Specific to the era
Fix Dark Age - Extra logic so that it cannot trigger if didn't start game in ancient era

Fix Removed Size "Gigantic" for maps - was only working for fixed size map like Earth Evo (with poor performance) and would require all map scripts to change

Fix several issues with "Ban" and "New" Trait by removing the logic in C++ which where hardcoding the possibilities of BUILDER & SCIENTIFIC traits and built upon the existing python functions (simplified and expanded) to :
Make it that option "new trait" can be check independently (the builder option and the scientific option) and that if you check both you have 50/50 chance of getting either trait
Fix One Trait & Strong trait Option - That starting unit got promotion of overwritten Traits and not new ones
Fix Strong trait Option bug that you could get extra "Sci" or extra "Build" trait (so 3 traits / 1 too many trait)
Fix Regen game - That if you picked "One Trait" option you only get 1 trait after regen too
Fix Regen game - If you picked option "Strong trait" it will apply again
Fix Regen game - That sometimes you would have 3rd trait if you had scientifc "replacement" trait

Also, made it that it NONE of the option of "ban" trait is checked AND either Scientific or Builder is checked; then it's a total shuffle of all possible traits on all leaders (because otherwise Builder & Scientific cannot appear)

Fix Menu "Civ Selected" and "Civ Summary" - So that if you choose only Vanilla or UUM, you don't see unique resource & Civics
Fix Menu Civilization widget when in Vanilla, showed the wrong starting techs (in widget etc.)
Fix Language issue in french , Where name of options was too long

Fix Game Interface - Improved "Civilization Widget" - so that it shows unique resource & unique Civics too. Including a logic not to appear in Vanilla, UUM
Improved Game interface - Player Option "Enhanced Graphic" also provide a GP tracking bar to the left of the screen, there is a dedicated widget to follow all cities, and if you click the bar you enter the city with next GP

Improved Game interface - Created "Harvest Widget" so that when you hover on the food calculation, you can see breakdown of Citizen + Specialist + building + effect of civics on food production

Game Analyzer Menu - New Tab "Prod Histo" - Gives historical breakdown of production by category, for player and team
Game Analyzer Menu - New Tab "Military Histo" - Gives Unit counts, drafting and upgrading information :
Game Analyzer Menu - Improved Tab "Army Built" Added information of drafted units and changed sum calculations
Game Analyzer Menu - Fixed a bug that you could not "jump to" other widgets
Game Analyzer Menu - Fixed a bug on the religion tab when no religion has been found

Player Option - Enhanced Graphics - Also give you more details in the Tech Chooser menu, when you have discovered ALPHABET
Green Tech - You have discovered it
Blue Tech - You can research it
Black Tech - You will be able to research it in future
Red Tech - Every opponent team you know has it
Yellow Tech - Some of the opponent teams you know have it
Magenta Tech - One (but not all) opponent team you know has it

Game option - Earth-Like North American Civ ban - Also bans The Great Lighthouse

Game option (New) - Ban INDUSTRIOUS Trait - Works like the other option to ban traits, useful for Industrious and later start where workshop can easily have 4 hammers.

Game option (New) - Pragmatic Religion - The city which founds a religion is not determined with the formula of BTS : it goes to the last city built; unless one or more cities has an embassy; in that case it's the latest city within that subgroup.
Missionaries never fail to spread religion. Religion never spread spontaneously.

Game option (New) - Pagan Belief - New Wonder, Sphinx (with Meditation) - Gives a pagan Shrine in every city
Game option (New) - Pagan Belief - New Building, Pagan Shrine - +1 Agnostic Belief point for each
Game option (New) - Pagan Belief - Works similarly and in tandem with the component "Faith". You can now get 1 point of Belief for each Pagan shrine built. This accumulates, and fills your "Pagan Belief" bar. If the bar ever gets filled, an event triggers allowing you to found a (new) religion (the bar gets reset). You need to have no religion state for this. If you switch into a religion state at any point; all your current Belief points are transferred to Faith point of that religion. Pagan Shrine then also contributes 1 Faith point / turn towards your Faith meter. Faith Meter have been rebalanced to take count of this.
Faith Balance - Vassalage also gives +50% Faith
Create python widgets for both Faith & Agnostic Belief so that when you put cursor on top of the respective bars, you get all details and calculations

Game Option (New) - Scenario - Exponential Strength - Changes strength of unit to give more window of opportunities to attack. Particularly good for Ironman / Long games where windows of attack are short. Every unit strength is on a "base" 10 times higher (Warrior strength is 20), this allows 'mid' strength (Longbowman is 65, not 6/60 or 7/70). Strength is going up quicker (Cavalries are 200 not 140/150). There is a new panel to show all combinations of strength in Civelopedia

Game option - Vanilla - Starting tech is now "Mining" & "Agriculture" not Mining & The Wheel. This is to balance more start where someone only has a 'Pasture' food. Also 'hides' the chariot's UU in UUMadness at the very start

Terrain - New Terrain "Lava" - Impassible / Thematic, used in new maps only (Delta)

Expansion - Trait Pacifist - Option disappears to simplify. This means some trait rebalancing :
Trait Balance - Neither Aggressive nor Organized has the ON/OFF food production ability : BUILDER trait has it
Trait Balance - Builder only gets -8% required on Units, no discount on buildings
Trait Balance - Aggressive (with Expansion Trait) get -10% production required for building
Trait Balance - Organized (with Expansion Traits) get another bonus, When you build a stable, you get a barrack (for free). When you build an elephant camp, you get an elite barrack and vice-versa
Trait Balance - Organized - doesn't give 100% Siege Workshop production anymore

Wonder Balance (with Option Wonder) - Stonehedge only does 5 Culture points, not 8 Anymore. Same for Oracle.

Promotion Balance - Created concept of "competing" promotion, this is to help clarity with free promo from trait mostly.
Changed back that "Chainmail" opens "Equestry" for financial leaders instead of "Formation". But "Formation" and "Equestry" are competing so you cannot have both promotions on same unit.

Civic Balance - Emancipation - doesn't get all unhappy removed anymore, but max unhappy is 2 instead of 4 like in original BTS

Base game - Wonder Balance - Krak des Chevaliers is 5XP for mounted, not 10XP
Base game - Wonder Balance - Sun Tzu cost 300 not 420
Base game - Wonder Balance - Leonardo workshop cost 420 not 500
Base game - Building Balance - Brewery cost 50 (not 45), Science modifier is -20% not -35%, no 100% prod for Financial leader, does NOT produce with food (melee) units anymore

Base game - Building Balance - Elephant camp cost 50 (not 45), +4XP for Elephant (not 3), requires Horseback Riding too (mostly just for clean display in research menu), +10% prod on all mounted units. Force Production of all mounted units with Food.

Base game - (New) Building - Embassy. +1 Spy slot, +1 Culture, +1 Espionage. With Alphabet. Marco Polo also requires an embassy in city. Also has special effect if "Pragmatic Religion" is on.

Base game - Building - Arms factory - cost decrease by 20% from 300H to 240H

Unit Balance - Footman & Longsword both don't have Combat 1 Free promo anymore

Component - Alchemy - Adds a new tech (Alchemy) which requires Divine Right. Can be researched as first tech in Reny starts. Cost 1000 science (gunpowder is 1200). Is a "or" prerequisite for Chemistry. Allows Unit 'Paladin' and Unit 'Bombard'
Component - Alchemy - Paladin - is a 11 Strength Knight-type unit. is Produced 25% with Gold, get's free Promotion 'Shiny Armor' with Silver, Requires Guilds too
Component - Alchemy - Bombard - is a 6 Strength Siege unit with +75% city attack, hit a bit stronger than Trebuchet (higher damage limits), requires Construction too, and Copper
Promotion - (New) Shiny Armor - +15 City Attack
Option - Can be turned off, and logic understand how to amend the "upgrade" path (if the option is on, Knights can be upgraded in Paladin, and Trebuchet/Catapults cans be upgrade in bombard). Tech chooser Menu also understand it (tech is 'white' on the menu). This also works for later starts (you cannot build a Bombard in Indus if you de-select option) .
Turning off the option also has a logic not to count that technology in the score calculation, it doesn't "bias" the sum of points to be calculated on
Civ Balance - Holy Rome Civic (New) - Free Trade Fair - With Printing press too, gives free Alchemy discover
Fix Balance Clean - England first Unique Civic is "Anglo-Saxon Paganism" not "Alchemy", same effects
Fix Balance Clean - China's trebuchet different description and buttons
Civ Balance - Australia - (New) Penal Colonies (Slavery) - Capture the last unit when attacking/conquering a tile and defeating a unit or a group of unit. The new Unit start with 60% of the maximum health
Civ Balance - Persia - Ancient Mythology also allows to build missionaries
Civ Balance - Germany - Prussian Navy now requires both Steam Power and Steal, like a normal Ironclad
Civ Balance - Portugal - Colonialism is replacing Mercantilism now, not Free market. It does NOT provide the fishing boat bonus anymore, just the +1 hammer on water tiles
Simplification of UU
Civ Balance - Portugal - Colonialism AND agrarian Societies also allow Caravel to build Sea Trading Post
Civ Balance - Mongolia - (New) Pax Mongolica - Let Keshik's buid Yurt
Both Carrack and Keshik are back to BTS setup (no special improvement), it's done on the civic
Civ Balance General clean up so all UU are like in BTS :
Civ Balance - Russia - "BTG" Cossack are removed so it's consistent in UUMadness. it's still "Red Cossack" for normal BTG games
Civ Balance - Byzantium - Doesn't have Cataphracts as UU Anymore. It's Koursorses which is a 10 strength knight with 25% City attack and can bombard. in UU Madness both Koursorses & Cataphracts are accessible with Silk, but Cataphract is configured like BTS for simplicity (and very good in UUMadness).

Civ Balance - Maya - (New) Unique Civic - City-State (Monarchy) gives free tech Calendar, doesn't have calendar at start anymore.
Civ Balance - Maya - City-State also gives promotion 'Blessed' to Spear your UU which gives +50% vs Melee & Archers on Holkans (instead of +100% defense vs Elephant as 'native' bonus of the unit)

Spectator - You can now see the buttons of (Unit/Building/Wonder) production and the slaving button etc. This is especially useful to see which production can be made with what in UU Madness

Logic Map via CvMapGeneratorUtil - Improved so that the forced Top V Bottom always work (was sometime erroneously flipping player of same team)
Logic Map via CvMapGeneratorUtil - Improved so that the forced Top V Bottom always works with Spectator in team2/middle team too

Logic Map via C++ created "BTGFreeUnit" & "BTGFreeUnitCount" which are called to check if declared in tailor-made maps, to add (option) to add extra unit at start (very clean way of doing).

Above logic applied for Lumberjack, Musketeer & Machine gun on maps : Grid/Hub/Wheel // Polar Circle/Mediterranea/Black Forest

Logic Map via C++ You can Have specific Map-Centric new Music Playlist. New Playlist for Black Forest

Maps - Black Forest - New map, compatible BTS as well, based on Polar Circle but with Forest instead of Water
Maps - Black Forest - Made an option via C++ to call creation of extra starting unit (Lumberjack)

Maps - Delta - New map, compatible BTS as well, based on Donut loosely, uses terrain Lava for BTG 2.23 onwards

Maps - America - Improved link to other continent logic
Maps - America/Grid/Cross - Improved/Added option to handle size better
Maps - Cross - Added all necessaries featur to support 6 players (on a dediacted 7 Hub layout)
Maps - Eldorado - Balance tweak - Ivory is every 2 players, not every 3 players. With minimum of 2 in the game

Maps - Squares - Option for flat, Cylindrical, not just Toroïdal. Removed Ice in that case
Maps - Squares - Option for Top Bottom - Left Right
Maps - Squares - Option to choose amount of squares by player (8, 10, 12, 14)
Maps - Squares - Option for 6 territories, not just 4. Including adapted Sulphur, Amber
Maps - Squares - Starting position adapted for 4, 6 & 8 Players - Take best solution for 3, 5 & 7 players too
Maps - Squares - Bridges adapted for extra territories and players and more descriptions
Maps - Squares - option middle is Jungle + Marsh & Option only 2 lines of forest on top of Marsh
Maps - Squares - Option for 8 Territories (8 players)

Maps - Reviewed all maps and documented - They all (16) maps work with a spectator as ANY player even for Teamers; except TeamBattleGround were spectator has to be first player because starting position logic is very specific to map

Multiplayer Option "Tournament Game" also does not allow you to go to Selected Civ menu, by any means (other menu)

Multiplayer Option "Strong Trait" - Strong trait of Spain is now expansive, of Persia is now Conqueror

Added Multi Player option for "Ban Tier 5" & "Ban Tier 6" & "Ban Tier 7", put them at bottom of MP option, and change the text, redesigned "Civ Tiers" for more clarity.
Changed the order of Civ bans accordingly :

0 - India
1 - Germany, Spain, Huns,
2 -
Carthage, Rome, Russia, Phoenicia
3 - Arabia, France, Zulu
4 - Aztec, Portugal, Poland, Australia

0 - India
1 - Phoenicia
2 - Germany, Portugal , Huns
3 - Rome, Russia,
4 - Arabia, France, Zulu
5 - Carthage, Australia
6 - Mongolia, Aztec, Poland, Vikings
7 - Spain, Ottomans

Spoiler 2.22 :

MOD is now moved as an in-game directory (cleaner) ++ Make sure Map at the right location and their separator

Fixed Technical Bug - That XML file loading was created errors, it's now forced to load each time
Fix bug - that Paved route could not be replaced by railroads, including on the city central tile
Fix bug - that option "era random specific" would crash if not enough civ available for the amount of players due to restriction. Now it auto-desactivate and act as if option is not on. Works with Spectator too.
Fix graphic bug - that some Icons where blurry after this change; increase resolutions of
BTG Promo, New Leaders, Civics, Land, Buildings, Units, base units, base buildings
Fix Graphic Bug - That middle-east Elephants were looking all different
Fix text - in score bar & civ selected menu, for some trait (Conq, Agri, Build) the shortname can be more than 3 characters, was confusing especially in french

Improved Menu - of Civelopedia for Civics

New Logic - Made a proper declaration of the MOD's version for i/display, ii/usage in Maps, iii/futur usage with lobby bot

Improved Logic for Player Option Hotkeys when you start the game. Better display, depending on "tournament mode" activation.

Player Option - Advanced Combat Odds - added an option to activate this MOD COMP. Is not available in "Tournament Mode".

Player Option - Enhanced Visual Feature - Is not available in "Tournament Mode" :
Will allow extended description of name/score
Will allow indicators of increase/decrease of points for each player last turn (New)
Will allow to have Field of view displayed to change camera depth on top-right (New)

Multiplayer Option - Only One Trait by Leader - Will force to remove 1 trait of your leader, priority to remove Spritual. Works in combination with "Strong Trait"

Game Option (New) - Scenario Earth Like - doesn't allow you to get a North American Civ. Useful for EarthEvolution4.

Gigantic Size - Updated the dll so that it could support 41 Civs at the same time (all civs)
Gigantic Size - Created a new World size (default 35 player,s the amount of non-Americas' Civ).
Gigantic Size - Made Earth Evolution compatible

Maps - All maps - Remove the link to BTPMapUtil and moved it in a BTS Python so that maps could be compatible with BTS
Maps - All maps - Made them compatible to BTS by adding error catching on each
Maps - All maps - Removed an issue it would give "balanced" resource to non-existing (spectator) players
Maps - All maps - Removed an issue it would create python errors when running out of players when there is spectators

Maps - Square - Worked on starting position so it's more playable and added support for spectator Civ

Maps - Eldorado - Developed an option not to use the "center logic" for resource, to make compatible with BTS
Maps - Eldorado - added an option to have "left vs right" for team (2 teams) games, support for 10 players added

Maps - Polar Circle - Improved for more options regarding the back "eldorado" islands
Maps - Polar Circle - Worked on starting positions, and added an option to choose if map is 1 or 2 notch smaller

Maps - TeamBattleGround - Created a BTG Version to include regular BTG option and "green" style map
Maps - TeamBattleGround - Added Spectator Option

Maps - Lakes - Created a BTG Version to include regular BTG option and "green" style map
Maps - Lakes - Added Spectator Option

Maps - Improved spectator options also for BTG_Balanced, Inland Mirror, Islands, BTG_Shuffle,...
Maps - Improved a bug of spectator that it was "balancing" item on all -1,-1 tiles

Maps - Update of Earh Evolution for BTG (verify Bug New Start position)
Added a position start for all BTG new civs
Added an option that redoes the land around Polynesia
Added an option that adds the BTG new resources (Amber, Tea, Salt, Olives) on specific tiles
Added an option that adds sulphur under the capital (or close) from each player
Added an option to have Palm forest
Added an option with many possibilities for the combination of starts, on topic of just historic; to reflect what's played online
Made the map compatible with Spectator

Civ Balance - Vikings - Norseman Civic nerfed : Only 1 coin on ice feature, not 3

Civ Balance - Phoenicia - Trade Elephant - Cannot build Seaport anymore, +25% against War elephant

Civ Balance - Promotion "Legendary" (Babylonian Archer) gets removed
Civ Balance - Babylon Code of Hammurabi - You can CHOOSE if you produce with food the military units
Civ Balance - Promotion "City Killer" (for Babylonian Elephant) added. +20% City Attack
Civ Balance - Siege Elephant (Babylon) - Can build Garden

Civ Balance - Indian Elephant Removed
Civ Balance - Mamluk Cavalry (India, Cuirassier) - Can build Mausoleum

Spoiler 2.21 :

Beyond the Play 2.21
Developed in full game mode
Fix Crash - That when you were playing versus AI and losing your last city, the game would crash because of concession victory code
Fix Graphic Bug - That "DAWN" menu was not adapting properly depending on screen resolution
Fix Graphic Bug - Reinserted the Great Wall border look (was crashing before)
Fix Bug - that Artemis was the only wonder without "bTeamShare", which doesn't change gameplay but changes to boos on option Wonder Resource
Fix Bug - Scientific trait "popup tree" could get under an improvement, this is no longer the case
Fix Bug Pedia - New list of leader still appear 'in order' even Trait ban or Strong trait option is checked, including Vanilla

Added a Hotkey function to change quickly some Player Attributes :
CTRL-P : Quick change of "auto-promo". Also include the option resets itself to 0 on gameStart and gameLoad
CTRL-M : Mass Attack

Tiers Civ Menu - One extra column with the "rankings" of each Civ in Ironman, as per feedback of the community

Improved Logic - Brotherhood - Rewrote code for speed and cleaness. Should help with Rally points in UU Madness
Improved Logic - Brotherhood - Conqueror (and Poland) - if the person you copy as a special 'civic' promotion on its UU, you copy it too

Improved Logic - Brotherhood - UU Madness - if Option Expansion is on, you will always have the full civic promotion on the UU
Improved Logic - Brotherhood - UU Madness - Some promotion can be exluced from the above --> Red Tunic for Redcoat
Improved Logic - Brotherhood - UU + Conqueror - Unit with "noFree Promo from trait" (Preatorian) also have this limitation when they copy

Improved Logic - UU Madness - When extension is not on, shows the right list of units on the bonus tiles

Improved Logic - Age of Reason & others - More Dynamic code to allow to add a page in Civelopedia

Improved Logic - Royalty - You get a unique king as soon as/only when you switch into a new monarchy
Improved Logic - Royalty - You can only have 1 King at all times
Improved Logic - Royalty - The king needs to be alive for the hereditary rule bonus to apply
Improved Logic - Royalty - The king spawns around the current capital not the historical starting location

New Scenario 'City Elim' - 32, 2 Explore & 1 Defense Unit. 33, 4 Explorer & 1 Defense Unit

Multiplayer Option (New) - Strong Trait - each Civilization has a 'strong trait' you can find it in CivTiers page in-game. If you don't have this trait, one of the trait of your leader is replaced by that one

New Pedia page for "BTP Eras"
Game Option (New) - Age of Late Antiquity - Gives extra Tech & tech completion in Classical Start
Game Option (New) - Age of Chivalry - Gives extra Tech & tech completion in Medieval Start
Game Option (New) - Age of Imperialism - Gives extra Tech & tech completion in Industrial Start

Game Option - Limited Planes - the vision range is differentiate by unit, default is same (1 square), but second gen (fighter / bomber) (3x3 squares) and third gen (stealth fighter & bombers) (5x5) have more. (i.e. BTS default is 10x10)

Game Option (new) - Expansion Promotion Balance - Promotion 'City Garrison III' cannot be given anymore

Game Option (New) - UU Madness Random & hidden resources - the UU Resource are randomize and you don't know what it is before launching the game. On the tile/resource themselves, it will not reveal (it will show '???') the UU's until you have the technology of said UU. Pedia for resource, Pedia for UUMadness, Unit Description (on the UU itself as an option), and Tech Screen widget) have all been adapted not to show it as well; unless you have conceded, the game is conceded, or you are spectator.
Special logic for game reload after the software is closed written.
There 70 Slots of resources for the 70 UU when playing in expansion mode.
The list is different if/when the option "BTP - New Resources" is activated or not

Game Option - UU Madness - There are now UU that are not available (pointless one / reduced cost ones : ElephantS, Light Rifleman, Red Cossack). There is also a logic to incorporate 'BTP Cossacks' just for UU (bit of a hack : it's a UU of Barbarian Civ).
Game Option - UU Madness - Balance of Resource all re-made from scratch, including using Tea, Salt, Olives.

New Resource - Tea - Essentially just for UU Madness, with Alphabet, Plantation
New Resource - Salt - Essentially just for UU Madness, with Metal Casting, Mine
New Resource - Olives - Essentially just for UU Madness, with Monarchy, Plantation
New Resource - Update the Game Fonts to allow more art

Building Balance - Brewery, doesn't give happy with wheat anymore, but +1 Happy for each Olive, Salt, Tea
Unit Balance - Slaves can pillage the players own road (and nothing else)
Trait Balance - Charismatic - with Brewery, +2 Hammer +2 Coins
Trait Balance - Spiritual - no longer production bonus on slaves (nor lumberjack). Their cost is now 15 & 30 (vs 18 and 35 before)
Trait Balance - Financial - The free Chainmail promotion for trait, doesn't open "Equestry" promotion anymore, but 'normal' formation promotion (in order not to double up the bonus). A promotion (Formation) can now have 3 different 'or' prerequisite.

Concede Mode - Once the game is conceded, everyone can see the content of galleons, the spies, the identities of privateers, etc.

New Civilization - Australia - Available Ancient/Classical/Industrial
Unique Resource - Sulphur - More likely to pop under cap
Unique Civic - Commonwealth - Can copy current Civic (non-unique) of other players
Unique Civic - Commonwealth - Makes a Gold pop in Terrain after revolution period (on a mine outside first 3 cities, max 4 times)
Unique Unit - Arborigene - Scout with 3 moves, 2 strength
Unique Unit - Ore Miner - Slave that doesn't die, does mines 3x faster
Unique Unit - Commonwealth Troops - also has +50% Grenadier attack
Unique Building - Sport Complex - Reveals GOLD on map. Free Woodsman promo (for all units who can take)
Leader - John Curtis - Pro / Organized (Replace Mieszko who leaves roster)

Civ Tiers - Australia is Tier 4
Civ Tiers - Russia is Tier 2

Small Civ Balance Tweak :
Promotion - Hoplite (Grece) - is +50% mounted, not +75%
Promotion - Bravery (Austria) - Removed from Civic Dual Monarchy and the game. Dual Monarchy also +2 hammers on quarries.
Austria - Huszar - has a 'native' -75% collateral damage.
Russia - Cossack is replaced in BTP by 'Red Cossack', no particular skill, cost 100 instead of 120
Celts - Voice of Ancient - food bonus is each 10% not 9%
Native America - American Colonist is back with 3 moves - Colonist promo only 2 moves. Art redone
Native America - Simplify - no more Apache Tank
Native America - (New) Apache Tank Factory (Coal Plant) - +25% production armor
England - Elite Shooting building is now only +3xp on Musketman, not all guns. Back to normal cost & obsolescence of elite barracks.
Huns - Tarkan - Require Hunlu Hunlu in the city

Maps - All maps renamed BTG_ instead of BTP_

Maps - All maps adapted for new resources : They offer an option to i/Follow the game option and generated via script. ii/ Exluce all new resources iii/Include but the strategic ones (amber & sulphur) are on predetermined tiles
Inland Sea, Grid, Polar Circle, Squares, Mediterranea, Cross, Inland Mirror, Islands, Hub, Ring, Wheel, Americas,
Lakes, Balanced, TBG and Shuffle have a BTG version which isn't fully adapted yet, but is also taking the game option boolean application of having new resources or not (all resources)

Maps - Improved/Merged 'Grid Open' as an option : Grid, Americas, Cross
Maps - Improved Mirroring so tiles would show better aspect : Grid, Americas, Cross

Maps - Further option to allow the spoke to be 4 & 5 Tiles large : Grid, Americas, Cross
Maps - Further option to allow map tile size to reduce 1 or 2 notches : Ring, Wheel, Hub
Maps - Grid - Option to force Top versus Bottom start

Maps - Americas - Fixed general Python errors on the map
Maps - Americas - Added an option that makes it that the new land (Americas) are more like Caribbean islands (no spokes)
Maps - Americas - Added an option that you can actually cross over the new land by land. Either hilly Ice or Flat Marsh

Maps - Logic for resources calculated from center (Eldorado) is in shared code, and is trying not get a block of resources next to each other. This helps having key resources avoid being next to each other (you'll always see them at least 2 tiles apart)

Maps - Eldorado - Added option for Tea, Salt & Olives
Maps - Eldorado - Fur & Deer now appear under tundra like in normal game
Maps - Eldorado - Fixed a bug that the placing of coastal resource didn't happen, there will be some inland as well
Maps - Eldorado - Cleaner Options
Maps - Eldorado - Better Layout for 3 Players position

Spoiler 2.20 :

Beyond the Play 2.20
Version "light" as MOD and not standalone of 2.19. Can be played together

Fix Bug, that in UU Madness or Vanilla you could take all Unique Civics in some cases

Multiplayer Option - Ban Tier 4 - On top of Poland & Portugal, also bans Aztec

Wonder Balance - Leonardo workshop bonus also applies to allies in teamers. it shows bonus has 20% (was showing 25% although computed 20%)
Wonder Balance - BTP Wonders (Copernicus, Krak, Leonardo, Marco Polo, Sun Tzu), all have +6 Culture (was missing or low for all) (XML)

Civ Balance - Netherlands - Civic "East India Company" is replacing Free Market, not Mercantilism. Also available with Astronomy
Civ Balance - Portugal - Civic "Colonialism" - Also gets +1 coin on farms. The +1 Hammer is not just on the fishing boat but on EVERY water tile

UU Madness Balance - Jaguar UUMadness Resource is Clam, not Corn.

Spoiler 2.19 :

Beyond the Play 2.19
Fix bug - OOS - When you rejoin the game, promotion on combattype were not re-applied properly
Fix bug - OOS map option TvBottom - Fixed random seed of BTPMapUtil
Fix bug - OOS 2 forest popup Scientifc - Fixed random seed of Terraform
Fix bug - Crash in "MOD" mode due to mission & control orders in C++
Fix bug - Pedia - Wasn't adjusting the panel of UU Madness for size of list of units properly
Fix bug - Crashes when launching the game unexplained, fixed 2 errors leading to unclean load in C++
Fix bug - Map - Polar Circle - When balanced "with extra" wasn't balancing copper & horse, now resumeds

Fix display - in UUMadness & Vanilla - DAWN doesn't show you receive tech anymore, since everyone starts with same 2 techs

Decrease MOD Size - 4 out 5 archive of Varietas Delectetas where unused --> Deleted
Decrease MOD Size - Extract art from Varieta Delectas unit pack and stopped including unused ones
Redesigned units : Apache Tank, Aymara, Drakkar, English Archer, Heavy Sword, Prussian Navy, Quinquereme, Renault Tank, ,Shepard, T34 Tank, Valentine Tank, Slave, Longsword, Footman

Improved Unit Graphic - from Varietas Delectas, replace in-game : Portuguese Knight of the Order, Indian Mughal Elephant, Dutch KNIL

New UU to balance / Have UU in target era (also useful for Golden age of conquerors)
Civ Balance - Phoenicia - New UU - Trade Elephant - Free Mercenary Promotion, can build Sea Port
Civ Balance - Ottomans - New UU - Dardanelle Guns (Cannon) - Can deal more damage / Higher tresholds.
Civic "Sultanate" doesn't have promo on Cannons anymore
Civ Balance - Spain - New UU - Castilian Galéon - Free Promo Cargos
Civic "Absolute Monarchy" doesn't have promo on Galleons anymore

New Multiplayer Option - Tier Superior - Isolated India as banned civ. Adding Spain in first tier along Germany & Hunnia

Spoiler 2.18 :

Beyond the Play 2.18

Fix Text bug with new option in French (not accepting ":" character in description)
Fix Text bug on improvements relating to Mongolia
Fix Bug with Military Advisor (in 2.17) that it wasn't showing the units to be counted
Fix Display in Tech Chooser you won't see barbarians, nor spectators

Fix Python exception - Some map weren't setup (separator maps)
Fix Python exception - in CivSelected menu
Fix Menu - Tiers & Overview Civ - can never show Spectator civ in any case

Fix Era Random Specific - So that it could apply to games with unselected / random era too. Also understand Spectator in that case

Fix Solo Balance - review all new UB & UU to indicate "flavors" so that AI is not too lost. Including 0 flavor to brewery

Trait Balance - Scientific receives 2 forest 'extra' which grow on cities that are not capital

Civ Balance - Persia - UB - No more Persia Palace
Civ Balance - Persia - Civic - Also gives +50% golden age length

Civ Balance - Germany - Prussian Navy - doesn't have cargo
Civ Balance - Japan - Kaizen Factory - is +35%+55% not +50%+50%

Civ Balance - Ehtiopia - Promo "shooting elite" also has +15% city attack

Civ Balance - Austro-Hungary - Huszar - not immune to collateral, no flanking II for free
Civ Balance - Austro-Hungary - Dual Monarchy (Representation) - with Constitution or Rifling - free promo "Bravery" for Huszar
Promotion - Bravery - -75% collateral damage
Civ Balance - Spain - Absolute Monarchy replaces bureaucracy not vassalage, still +60% gold. Has the free cargo promo instead of civic faith

Game Option - Administrative Society - Take Spain Bureaucracy Civic in consideration
Game Option - (new) - Limited Planes - Planes do not reveal the map/recon, they only reveal the very tile they go on

Concede Victory - doesn't give you all the end of game menus
Concede as Individual - Ad Hoc logic to make sure all cities & culture plots are revealed properly

Spectator Improvement - Units always visible and reveal I/ Invisible units (spies) II/ Cargo unit (transport/Galleon) III/ Hidden national (privateer)
Spectator Improvement - Works with Shuffle team, Spectator stay in its team always
Spectator Improvement - Demographics screen show the relevant columns for spectator (not just empty) all calc amended to reflect
Spectator Improvement - Shows you when a tile is being worked by citizen "bigger Icon"
Spectator Improvement - Added an option/menu for the spectator to turn off / on the reveal of the map
Spectator Improvement - Made that both Spectator & Concede have a clear "visibility" flag, i.e. fog of war applied properly not "always bright"
Spectator Improvement - Updated the assignplot logic so that the spectator could work on more map when not in slot 0 (first one)

Spectator Improvement (and Game Conceded) - Cancelled permanent refresh counter for performance reason - Huge Debug

Map Improvement - New sets of function generalized (BTPMapUtil) allows better calculation for
i/ Top versus bottom template option - Inland Sea, Ring, Wheel, Hub
ii/ New map Option for Central Hub - Mediterranea (offer center has frozen/iced), Inland Sea (Snow or Arctic)
iii/ Rewrite Marsh logics, applies better with bonuses - Mediterranea, Ring, Wheel, Hub
iv/ Forced Oil & Alu on land (Polar Circle)

Map Improvement - Fix a set of error with marble option : Inland Sea, Hub, Ring, Wheel
Map Improvement - Mediterranea - General clean up of code of for Resource
Map Improvement - Mediterranea - New balanced resource "extra food" option - +1Wheat/banana/deer on marsh tile

Map Improvement - Now compatible (starting position) for Spectator - Inland Sea, Inland Mirror
Review map and upgrade definition - Polar Circle, Wheel / Hub / Ring, Mediterranean, Inland Sea, Square, Islands,
Grid, Grid Open, Cross; America & America Open (not working)

Map Redesign - BTP Square - better starting position, not working for spectator, better jungle placement, better distribution of resources, consideration for oil, alu, horse & iron

New Map - Polar Circle - Based on Donuts, full compatible with 3v3 (2 sets of smart position of starting plots), top v bottom, resource allocation, oil on land; option for frozen middle, frozen external sea, extra island "eldorado", jungle option, Sulhpur option, Palm Trees option.

Game Option (New) - Strategic Resources - Always activated via map - New Feature - Palm Forest
Replace Forest, the function just override and replace all forest into palm forest.
Palm Forest only yields 12hammers when chopped in quick speed (8 pre-mathematics)

Game Option (New) - New Strategic Resources - add Amber & Sulphur in the game. They don't come on randomly, only in prepared mapped
Game Option - Strategic Resources - Amber helps produce Swordsmean (& UU) +25% faster
Game Option - Strategic Resources - Sulphur helps produce Grenadier & Cannons (& UU) +25% faster
Game Option - Strategic Resources - Sulphur gives free promotion "Sulphurous" to Musketman/Cuirrassiers/Rifle/Grens/Handcannon/Cannons
Pedia Screens, and Tech Choser etc. adapted for this new option
New Promotion - "Sulphurous" - +15% City attack, Only upgrades if target unit also requires same resource for same promo, and the plot is connected to the resource

All maps compatibles with both Amber/Sulphur and Palm Forest :
PolarCircle / Inland Sea / Wheel / Ring / Hub / Cross / Grids / Americas / Islands / Square / Inland Mirror

Spoiler 2.17 :

Beyond the Play 2.17

Fix Bug - Random trait to replace - When a trait was banned, and it was replaced by Random function. There was some misallocation when rejoining and chances of OOS. When reloaded it would miss some aspect. This is changed so that traits are stored on a PLAYER level fully, not just on leaderhead, and there are several logic of copies depending on timing of usage, to avoid OOS and be consistent. Works with all relaunch, option selection, etc.
Fix Bug - Random trait - that in rare case (protective blocked, and regen trait with random) the starting unit could have an 'old' promotion

Fix Bug - Free promo - That the data wasn't stored properly and rejoining after would leave to OOS

Fix Bug - Mercenary (selling for Spiritual) - could sometime not work, especially for reload. Fixed, can help avoid OOS
Fix Bug - Mercenary (selling for Spiritual) - That when you group selected units it would include (only show) the price of unit you cannot sell

Fix Balance Bug - That Inca Ayamara could upgrade to grenadier unlike other Musketman

Fix Display - Changed Icon of Treasure to be aligned with in-game graphics
Fix Display - Tech tree shows better the builds/improvement extra yield under different option selection combo

Fix Text - That when you're dead in a MP game, you don't see the automated messages of other players or menus anymore
Fix Text - All language of multiplayer option redone and clarified, order also changed slightly
Fix Text - Option Rebalance Civilization changed the description. Big effort so that the 5 UU that are "tweaked" have a clear, big, disclaimer in all cases
Fix Text - Version display on top redefined depending on option selected
Fix Text - Conquis Portugese / Spanish name convention change since rebalance

Fix Text - UUMadness - Even more description of unit list, particularly when you hover over the resources

Fix Text - Yields of Protective on Archery Range improved to be super clear
Fix Text - Description of traits on "flag" improved, mostly for Protective, but also reshuffled order for other traits

Fix Timer - Better spread out timers, including two/three extras. Specifically between (former) speed 3 & 4

Fix - Unique Resource - Added a 3rd & 4th pass for exceptional cases. 1 - assign to tile of right color & type without feature, 2 - if not, on central tile. 3 - If central tile is a resource and would have been overwritten, reloop it all and look for tile of right type/color, remove forest, put the bonus. 4 - if there really is not the type needed, find a tile suitable (any color) remove the forest/feature if there is one, and put the resource. There are also cases for water bonus (fish for viking), where it adds a water tile if it has to.

Fix - Concede - Concede song is shorter, only happens once per player max, sound is less loud
Fix - Concede - Timer can only change once when the person concede, no more
Fix - Concede - When you die you can i/See everyone Civics, even if not met ii/ See everyone's demographic graph, even if not met

Game menu - (New) - Civ Selected Menu - A bit like Civ Overview menu but only for in-games civ (a cross with Game Analyzer), with CTRL-F12
Also made that Spectator or dead player can see the user name of player (when in Anonymous) in this menu

Game menu - (CTRL F8, audit) - made improvement to give more details

Game menu - Game Analyzer - Army tab in industrial show catapults now, instead of Machine gun
Game menu - Game Analyzer - ArmyBuilt tab shows PwrPrd not Power. PwrPrd is the sum of power of UNIT BUILT only (whether alive or not)

Multiplayer Option - Flexible freeze period (New) - gives possibility to change the amount of time freeze in between turns in host menu (default 8 sec)
Multiplayer Option - Another Set of "Tiers" (4) - Option to ban Portugal + Poland

Game Option - (New) - Solo - AI Total War - When selecting "Always WAR" (otherwise no effect) : AI will always declare war to each other too

Game Option - (New) - No ORGANIZED Leaders
Game Option - (New) - Alternative trait for replaced leaders, traits inverted - When selected you get Scientific trait as priority, not builder

Game Option - Advanced Scenario option divided on 3, 2 more option to single out features :
Game Option - (New) - Workshop Improvement advance rebalancing - single out the +1 coin of WS with Military science & -1 from Utopia
Game Option - (New) - Colonies Improvement - to activate the possibility to build

Game Option - Dark Age - Global Dark Age is 4 turns (quick) Dark age for loss of King is 2 turns. Floored at 1 for faster speeds
Game Option - Dark Age - Display betters (show that there is no tech being done + change gold %age automatically + Pedia)

Option - Extra - Copernicus Observatory (New) - With Optics, cost 800. +100% build with Whale. 2 GP Scientist, +15% science. Coastal city.
Option - Extra - Copernicus Observatory - When you build it, you receive 3 galleons in the city
Option - Extra - Copernicus Observatory - Allow all your water units to cross oceans

Option - Age of Reason - Constitution is now 50% done not 75% done
Option - Age of Reason - Only applies if Reny or Indus start (forgetting option in other start won't affect the game)
Option - Age of Reason - Indus start works too (good for Civ Random pick!), extra techs removed and you get 3 musketman not 3 Rifle)

Option - Crazy Technology - Both Oracle & Liberalism do not provide free technologies

Base Balance - Grenadier - Cost 100 like in base BTS (not 110)
Base Balance - Grenadier - requires Nationalism on top of Military Science
Base Balance - Hand-Cannoneer - New Unit - Gunpowder Unit, Cost 90, 12 Strength, with Military Science. Upgrade to Grenadier.
Base Balance - Longsword - Cost is 55 not 40
Base Balance - Footman - Cost is 80 not 60

Trait Balance - Builder - Discount on Unit prod is 5% not 7%
Trait Balance - Scientific - no amphibious promo for 4 types anymore; Strategic promo for free for Melee & Naval
Trait Balance - Scientific - +100% Prod on Arm's factory - (instead of aggressive
New promotion - Strategic (for Trait only, melee, naval) - 20% chance withdrawal (naval only). Open "King of the sea" & "Heavy Load"
New promotion - King of the sea (melee) - like Amphibious requires "Strategic"
New promotion - Heavy Load (naval) - like Cargo 1 requires "Strategic"

New Feature - Civic Can have 2 different alternative tech requirement. Done in Parse Civic, Pedia Civic, Tech Chooser, Popup tech; adapted
French Nobility can be either Banking or Gunpowder,
Spain Absolute Monarchy can be either Feudalism or Civil Service,
Huns Horde can be either Monarchy or Horseback Riding,
Portugal Colonialism can be either Economic Science or Optic,

New Feature - Formalize attribute for units to be banned from either Gift or Delete
King & Treasure are neither giftable nor deletable

Civ Balance - Poland - Worker is not Giftable
Civ Balance - Poland - Lumberjack can do Paved road like a slave, also suicide to do the task

Civ Balance - Persia - Civic is +15% on unit not +10%

Civ Balance - Simplify - Native America - Totem Pole back to normal
Civ Balance - Native America - Civic 'Animism' also has +35% GP point in cities with religion

Civ Balance - Simplify - America - Removed UB Empire State Building
Civ Balance - Simplify - America - UB Mall back to BTS
Civ Balance - America - (New) Military-Industrial Complex (Ecology) - +3XP on Land Unit

Civ Balance - Simplify - Mali - UB Mint back to BTS
Civ Balance - Mali - Coinage - Also +10% gold overall

Civ Balance - Simplify - Egypt - UB Mint back to BTS
Civ Balance - Egypt - Caravan - Also give +50% Prod if you have the bonus/ressources for production (stone count twice etc.)

Civ Balance - Simplify - Austro-Hungary - UB Reichstag removed
Civ Balance - Austro-Hungary - UB Opera - Reveals Marble on map, gives 1 Happy with Marble (not dye), normal cost
Civ Balance - Austro-Hungary - UB Vegvar - doesn't give 5XP to siege anymore but gives +40% prod on Siege

Civ Balance - Simplify - Spain - UU Conquistador back to BTS specs
Civ Balance - Simplify - Spain - UB Citadel back to BTS specs
Civ Balance - Spain - Religious Tolerance (Paganism), also give free promo "Cargo" to Galleons
Civ Balance - Spain - (New) Absolute Monarchy (Vassalage), +50% Prod, + 60% Commerce (similar to Bureaucracy)

Civ Balance - Simplify - Huns - UB Stable is with HRiding not Pottery
Civ Balance - Huns - Empire of the steps (Civic) - Hereditary rule can be with Monarchy or Horseback Riding

Civ Balance - Simplify - Japan - UB no more Dojo
Civ Balance - Simplify - Japan - UB Shale plant back to BTS
Civ Balance - Japan - Bushido (Civic) - Vassalage is +3XP not +2XP
Civ Balance - Japan - Kaizen Factory - with Steam power, +50% prod not +25%

Civ Balance - Simplify - China - UB no more Dam
Civ Balance - Simplify - China - UB Pavillon back to BTS spec
Civ Balance - China - (New UB) Chinese Workshop - Replace Archery Range, +25% prod archery
Civ Balance - China - (New Civic) Maoism (State property) - Provides electricity in all cities

Civ Balance - Simplify - Zulu - UU Impi back to BTS (no lose trait of traits like Praetorians; get the bonus vs Elephant that every spear does)
Civ Balance - Zulu - (New) Unique Civic - Kingdom KwaZulu (despotism) - -10% cost of maintenance, +2 Happy with Barrack

Civ Balance - Germany - Unique Civic - Confederation - +3 Happy with Courthouse, not barrack

Civ Balance - Simplify - Byzantium - Remove "extra" Cataphracts and put back to BTS but tweak strength (visible) to 10 not 12
Civ Balance - Byzantium - Crusader promotion is still +25% attack but also bombard 40%/turn

Civ Balance - Simplify - Russia- Reasearch center back to BTS
Civ Balance - Russia - St Sophie also has +15% tech
Civ Balance - Russia - Cossack code is changed so that it's cleaner. it's also now +25% vs Gunpowder, not specific units

Civ Balance - England - Redcoat back to normal. But Scarlett Tunic is tweaked to be a "negative" bonus (only -25% powder, not bonus vs mounted anymore). Apply mostly to starting rifle in Indus.
Civ Balance - England - Elite Shooting is +3XP Gunpowder, not +2XP

Civ Balance - Phoenicia - Merchant Vessel is only 2 moves not 3; but gets flanking 1 promotion for free

Victory - Concession (New) - Activating it gives a victory when all player but 1 human player have conceded.
Victory - Concession - If not activated you cannot do the CTRL-F6 & F7 Menu, unless you're spectator
Victory - Concession & Treasure Hunt - Changed to display in the Victory Menu
Victory - Concession Victory - When you win that victory, the end game text display properly

Concede Mode - If you die, and concede, and the game isn't conceded (typically CTON) you will "auto-enter" (good if you go AFK)
Concede Mode - If you die, and concede, you will (now) see when the terrain gets updated (by worker improvement, worker making routes, and new settling cities etc)
Concede Mode - If the game is conceded, but you haven't conceded yourself, you will see the cities, refreshment (not everyone is forced to concede to see once the game is over)
Concede Mode - Debug some culture & city settled cases that were not showing properly
Concede Mode - Spectator can concede game on behalf of everyone ! The menu for conceded is different for spectator
Concede Mode - Fixed a bug that crashed the game when a non-spectator concede first when there is a spectator, via extra menu
Concede Mode - When spectator concede first, the victory condition understands it (doesn't award win if people don't agree)

Relaunch game Mode - If you die, when you relaunch the game, you're re-set to alive ! (to regen games after someone dies)
Relaunch game Mode - If there is a victory, when you relaunch, the victory text doesn't appear anymore
Relaunch game Mode - Improved code for color of civ (sometimes there is/was some mix up between old color & new color)
Relaunch game Mode - There is one extra option to relaunch with team randoms as well, it takes Spectators into consideration
Relaunch game Mode - It also works with "Age of Reason" option, including when there is an spectator
Relaunch game Mode - That scores where miscalculated (and other item) when there was a spectator and relaunching teamers

Spectator Improvement - if the game is in Anonymous, the spectator can still know which player is which
Spectator Improvement - is not part of the calculation (nor display) of espionage point; and doesn't show in screen
Spectator Improvement - doesn't show in screens, military advisor, foreign advisor (relation, glace, active, resource, civic & tech)
Spectator Improvement - doesn't get a popup asking to change civics
Spectator Improvement - doesn't get included in computation of demographics
Spectator Improvement - Made sure we see all well like it was before (forced via another method)

Spectator Improvement - Changed logic (C++) of how slots are assigned for spectators. It "swaps" position with last player if spectator is first slot. This allows - CTON Type game - First slot for Spectator, or, several slot at the end. Teamers - Spectator has to be first slot.
Good for, Ring, Wheel, Hub, Mediterranea. Left to do, Inland (+Inland Mirror), Lakes & traditional non-BTP maps

Map Improvement - Mediterranea - Fix some routine that wasn't working. You'll always have inland Iron & Horse now (even if forced under desert)

Map Improvement - There is a bug since Warlords that some map cannot get marble. For all of those maps, an option to select "balance with marble" is added. Original logic isn't changed, just the "wrong" exclusion.
For - Inland Sea, Hub, Ring, Wheel

Spoiler 2.16 :

Fix Text - Improved Pedia description of concepts
Fix Text - Improved Option description for multiplayer, referee mode etc
Fix Sound - Sound level of sound when concede game is adjusted
Fix Bug - Display - Civ Overview 4th Hero column clashes fixed (back to 2.14 layout for that part). Fit properly in french language too now.
Fix Bug - Display - That the opening menu was not defaulting to the BTG menu (inverted with BTS classical menu)
Fix Bug - Display - Polynesian Marae was erroneously showing -1 Health with Fishing communities instead of +2 Health
Fix Bug - Display - Upgrade cost trait discount (conqueror) is better (dynamically) displayed now

Fix Bug - Display - Game Analyzer screen usage wasn't announce to all properly
Fix Bug - Display - Game Analyzer is accessed via a menu, and when it's used out of rules; people are flagged 'cheater' or not and have the popup or not

Fix Bug - Display - Pedia of "land" redone to separate improvement, feature, and remove the BTP part from normal pedia tab
Fix Bug - Display - Pedia of "land" better description of Unit centric improvement (portuguese trading post, mongol yurt)

Fix Bug - Display - Reduced visual size of Fuji Mounts & Volcanos

Civ Balance - Rome - Civic "Tectonic Plates" - 35% chance of terraforming a flat tile into a Volcano when settling city
Civ Balance - Rome - Civic "Panem & Circenses" - +4 Gold on Volcanos
Feature - Volcano, +1 food, +1 gold. Appears on tile with no bonus, or feature. Can be worked normally.
Civ Balance - Babylon - Simplify - Ishtar Gate no +1Hammer anymore (just the stone reveal)

Fix Bug - Amazon Camp - That you were losing gold when you lost a city (with you market/camp). Market of Amazon is never captured for that reason.
Fix Bug - Amazon Camp - Made it that it's never free (unlike Market in Indu-Futur Starts)
Fix Bug - That you could sell conscripted units out of border

Leader Rebalance - Sid Meier (normally not playable, the "spectator" leader) - is Builder/Scientific, not Philosophical/Industrious

Trait Rebalance - Scientific - has 100% Production boost on Observatories, Laboratories
Trait Rebalance - Spiritual leader cannot sell ALL units anymore, but they get free promotion Mercenary on melee and gun units
Promotion Rebalance - Mercenary - only allows you to sell, not the reduce happiness it broughts
Promotion Rebalance - Mercenary - it's the Promotion that has the 200% factor of sale, not the trait.
Promotion Rebalance - Mercenary - Only allows to sell until 20turns from the end.
Promotion Rebalance - Mercenary - When you upgrade the unit you lose the promotion

Improvement - Slave can build "Paved Roads" if access to Marble or Stone, with tech Construction (cannot build normal Roads anymore)
Improvement - Paved Roads gives 3 move in any case (same as a road post-Engineering)
Unit Rebalance - Slave upgrade to Trebuchet on top of Longbowman. Still not available in Ren start, but available until Engineering in Medi.

UU Madness - Now in your list of production you can know which UU you can get without going to the menu
UU Madness - Pedia Bonus menu will be different in UUMadness mode and show all possible UU that can be built with the resource
UU Madness - Pedia UUM panel change so that when you click on resource you jump to the resource panel, not the unit's
UU Madness - Now Celtic Heavy Swordman is UUM too (Wine), remove crashes when no bonus assigned in UUM for a UU
UU Madness - Fix some units buttons which were not up to standard to be displayed in-game in production tab as a UUM list
UU Madness - Rebalanced all the resources by unit so that it plays better
UU Madness - All the above duplicated in 2 versions for when expansion selected or not

Map Improvement - Caldera Map re-instated via BTP_Mediterranea. Removed depency/Code bug by making Temperate only climate option.
Map Improvement - Mediterranea - Made french compatibile, added normal BTP option, same tiles, marsh, notes credits, note for spectator
Map Improvement - Mediterranea - differentiate an option for extra layer of bonuses (more horses, iron on map)
Map Improvement - Mediterranea - Register settings for 3v3 Indus by default, 2v2 and early eras made easy to configure

Extra Scenarios (with City Elim option) - Scenarios with only 1 settler added and no extra worker (37, and also 38/39/67/68/69/97/98/99)

Spoiler 2.15 :

Fix Bug - That Player's Civic unique promotion could carry over from game to game (you still had 5 move settler for next game after playing native america for example)
Fix Bug - That Unique Resource of a Civ could get to be on initial tile if it corresponds to all criteria in the first pass (as part of the initial "pool" ). Now will only select that tile in second pass.
Fix Bug - That Unique Resource of a Civ couldn't go "riverside" if the bonus didn't allow to. This to avoid case where the Cows cannot be placed riverside but then go under the city itself. Better to allow to place riverside. (Not inforced by regular game anyway)
Fix Bug - Display of the gold received when building (Amazon camp) is also correct amount in DAWN menu
Fix Bug - Display of Traits (Golden Age & Copy unit) Conqueror when option Balance trait was on
Fix Bug - Display Screen Overview - Doesn't show Land bonus & Unique Civic if option expansion Civ not on
Fix Bug - Several error of display with Protective archery range (i/ yield appeared even if option not on ii/ the trait description was a bit off, ...)
Fix Bug - French text would lead to a building for shooting elite text, other small french text adjustments
Fix Bug - Regen Game - That forest bonus of mathematics would be applied several times
Fix Bug - Regen Game - Force a switch Multi time timer to 10' Fix when conceding

Sound Improvement - get the "Caesar Victory" song when a game is conceded
Sound Improvement - all new religion sound level (missionaries etc.) is more equal to normal religion (JARM level was too loud)

Display Improvement - Pedia Promotion tab will show if they are unique and which combination of Civilization + Civic + Unit it will work for
Display Improvement - Top left corner that display the era which the player is through, when it shows golden age, will show the number (n-th) of the golden age

Display - New Menu - Game Analyzer. Accessible with CTRL-F5, when game conceded, reported live, or Spectator. Shows all the statistics you can imagine about the (current) game.

Game Option (New) - International Water Peaceful - You cannot attack a unit on international/neutral water tiles (you can still attack unit in water in ANY player's culture)
Game Option (New) - New Civilizations - allow to turn off the (6) new civilizations to play back normal game/scope.

Game Option - Full Civilization Expansion - if it's off, then new Civs also have only 1 UB & 1 UU and no extra benefits, like a normal civ.

Trait Balance - Imperialist - Golden age turn by cities conquered is TWO turns. But up to 5 times / cities conquered only.

Trait Balance - Builder - Only -7% on buildings & -7% on units as opposed to -10% & -10%
Trait Balance - Builder - When you found a religion, you get as many missionaries as cities you have

Trait Balance - Protective - If other source of draft not activated (Nationalism), it requires 2 population minimum, despite proving more output

General Balance Option - Action Balance, has indirect nerf of Protective - When you draft a unit, it takes the free promotion "Mercenary"
General Balance Option - Stealth is available in Future Starts

Wonder Balance - Krak des Chevaliers is a Ancient Era start only building (instead of Classical)

Civ Simplify - England - Redcoat is BTS specs (+25% vs Guns)
Civ Balance - England - UB Elite Range is now 120H instead of 80H, and only +2XP on Guns
Civ Balance - England - New Civic - Alchemy replaces Paganism, offers free promotion "Scarlet Tunic" for Rifleman (Redcoat)

Civ Balance - Carthage - Civic - Pastoralism - Does not give the free promotion 'Strength' anymore
Civ Balance - Carthage - Civic - (New) Punic Kings (Hereditary Rule) - Gives free promotion 'Strength' to Horse archers

Civ Balance - Huns - UU Tarkan (nerf) - Defends first against mounted units

Civ Balance - Amazon - UB Amazon camp is a market, not a barrack. +120gold (not 100) in quick speed, +3xp Archer unit still. Barrack is normal barrack.

Promotion design - Strength is only applied to Carthage now, Korea has different promotion called Force (same effect as before)

New Promotion - "Scarlet Tunic" - +25% vs Mounted, -25% versus Guns. Allows flexibility on the Bonuses of redcoats.
New Promotion - "Mercenary" - You can sell this unit (same price ratio as spiritual trait)
New Promotion - "Mercenary" - This unit does NOT count for Military happiness garrison (both the minimum one unit and Hereditary rule effect)

Map Improvement - Cross - Default value is now Toroidal, 12 Tiles away
Map Improvement - Cross - Extra option for the middle. You can make it with extra resource (Pig, Silver, Bronze); or even more (+Corn, Gems)
Map Improvement - Cross - Option to remove desert

Map Improvement - Grid + Americas - Option "mirror shape on/off, or mirror total" is now incorporated for this map too (3 different values).
Map Improvement - Grid + Americas - There is an "Open" version of the maps where neither shape nor starting positions are mirrored

Map Improvement - BTP Inland Sea - Option for LShape or VShape (or Random). it's Template function, determines which one is used.

Map Improvement - BTP Islands - Made the template smaller for more proximity of Islands (less chance of "empty" hub)
Map Improvement - BTP Islands - Made option for map bigger (lower sea level than low, 2 more levels)
Map Improvement - BTP Islands - Made option for no mirroring, not more "equal", it's a general islands map
Map Improvement - BTP Islands - Made option for overriding of desert & tundra by either grassland or marsh
Map Improvement - BTP Islands - Made option for shape of islands, for each type (normally random within :), Square, Tall, Wide and Squared+Centered

Map Improvement - BTP Wheel - Extra option for "land color" can be normal (original map), green (like Green wheel) or super green (no desert)
Map Improvement - BTP Wheel - Extra option for "middle territory" can be normal (Ice & tundra), only tundra, only plains, or only grassland
Map Improvement - BTP Hub - All same upgrades than Wheel

Map Improvement - BTP Ring - Extra option for "land color" can be normal (original map), green (like Green wheel) or super green (no desert)
Map Improvement - BTP Ring - Extra option for "Central Hub" on top of "Arctic" it can also be "Marsh" (all tiles are marsh, you can go through with boats and land units

Map Improvement - Cross + Grid + Americas + Inland Sea + GWheel + GRing + BTP_Inland_Mirror + Square - An option to start all units on the same tile (like Equal Islands had).

Spoiler 2.14 :

Fix text bug french text of some civics (Jihad, Crusades, Sultanate, Nordsmen)
Fix some text spelling (Huns, Cavalerie Légère, Heavy Swordmen, French spelling)
Fix text logic, for civics. Buildings don't show the bonus they can take for ALL civics (which include unique civics too) (C++ commented out), instead the description is made only on buildings if they are i/ Vanilla + Vanilla civic ii/ UB + UCivic, via XML, otherwise doesn't display. Civic Panel works the same as before
Done for Arm's Factory2x, Warehouse; Animism/Monument; Norsemen/Lighthouse, Coinage/Forge2x, Fishing communities

Fix bug that pacifism was received XP for units too (like Theocracy and/or Panem & Circenses)
Fix bug/crash for some special cases when conqueror was rallying unit with CTRLA, and then cancelling the rally point
Fix bug/crash when settling a city with option new random trait in the particular case of the Philosophical trait being changed + other option 'use new trait' wasn't on

Code improvement - for large stack attack. Check for King & Conqueror Golden Age is only do if option(s) are on

Interface - Promotion via Specific Civilization's building (Spain Cargo I, II, III) are shown with Green background instead of blue

Civ Balance - China - Ballista returned attribute like Trebuchets : With Engineering, not Machinery. Collateral on 6 units not 7. Bombard 16 not 24.

Spoiler 2.13 :

Fix Text Bug - in french language for Spain 'Faith' Civic
Fix Bug Pedia - scope of "Civic" Panel
Fix Original/Firaxis bug for text when "Free religion" has a stater religion (England Civic)
Fix "Royalty" applies to all Civ that have an alternate civic for Hereditary Rule
Fix - Rewrote code for combat of conqueror golden age (small hardcoding) to reduce loops and speed up large battles
Fix - Developed that even changed UU (Conqueror/Poland/UUMadness) received Rally point when created

Multi Option - Ban Tier 2 - Also includes Spain, Carthage
Multi Option - New - Ban Tier 3 - Similar to ban Tier 2 etc. but only bans France, Arabia. Also Zulu (not Tier 1, Huns is)

Game Option - Wonder Balance - Mt Rushmore is -50% war weariness, not -40% (or -25% original game)

Game Option - New - Bureaucratic societies - Can do civic "Bureaucracy" at all times
Game Option - New - Age or Reason - Ideal for Renaissance start. You get a large fraction of the renaissance technologies already discovered: 100% of Liberalism and Nationalism. 75% of Gunpowder, Education and Constitution. 50% of Military Tradition, Printing Press and Astronomy

Trait Balance - Expansive bonus on Harbor is 30%, not 50%

Unique Unit & Building switch (random era change accordingly) :
Zulu takes Valentine Tanks, HR Take Imperial Canons, France takes Renault Tanks
Sumer takes Oil Refinery

Civ Simplify - India - UB back to BTS specs
Civ Simplify - Germany - UB back to BTS specs
Civ Simplify - Khmer - UU back to BTS specs
Civ Simplify - Mali - UU back to BTS specs
Civ Simplify - France - UU back to BTS specs

Civ Balance - Huns - Nomad Settler can work 150% speed, but can only do Ancient/classical work EXCLUDING roads
Civ Balance - Egypt - Civic Caravan only +5gold not +7gold
Civ Balance - Zulu - UU does not get promotion from traits (combat 1 aggressive, fin, ...)
Civ Balance - Phoenicia - UB is normal cost of Harbor
Civ Balance - Spain - UB is 4 gold not 5. Faith (Unique Civic) also has +10% gold

Civ Simplify - Mongolia - UU back to BTS specs; can do "expansion" improvement - Mongol Yurt

Civ Simplify - Portugal - UB back to BTS specs
Civ Simplify - Portugal - UU back to BTS specs; can do "expansion" improvement - Portuguese Trading post. Only +15% now, only in sea
Civ Balance - Portugal - Colonialism - +6 gold not +7 gold
Civ Simplify - Greece - UU back to BTS specs
Civ Balance - Greece - Athenian Democracy - free promo "Hoplite" for Axeman (your UU)

Civ Simplify - Rome - UB back to BTS specs
Civ Balance - Rome - New Civic - Panem Et Circenses (Pacifism) - +125% GP Points, +2XP
Civ Simplify - Netherlands - UB back to BTS specs
Civ Balance - Rome - New Civic - Dutch East India Company (Mercantilism) - Also has the bonus of Free Market
Civ Simplify - England - UB back to BTS specs
Civ Balance - England - New Civic - Anglicanism (Free Religion) - Keep state religion, +15% Science
Civ Simplify - Arabia - UU back to BTS specs
Civ Balance - Arabia - New Civic - Jihad (Vassalage) - free Promotion Chaos for Knights (Camels)
Civ Simplify - Persia - UU back to BTS specs
Civ Balance - Persia - New Civic - Ancient Mythology (Paganism) - +10% Production unit in cities with state Religion
Civ Simplify - Ottomans - UB "port-cities", removed
Civ Balance - Ottomans - New Civic - Sultanate (Hereditary Rule) - +4XP water units, free Barrage III Promotion for Cannons
Civ Simplify - Babylon - UB, remove unique wonder
Civ Balance - Babylon - Unique Civic - Code of Hammurabi (Caste system), Unlimited priest slot too, produce unit with food, Free Promo "Legendary" on Archer (your UU)
Civ Simplify - France - UB back to BTS specs
Civ Balance - France - Unique Civic - Nobility (Mercantilism) with Gunpowder. +8% Tech output
Civ Simplify - Vikings - UB back to BTS specs
Civ Balance - Vikings- Unique Civic - Norsemen (Decentralisation) - Unlimited merchant, +1 Happy from Lighthouse (UB), +3F+3C from ICE feature

Civ Simplify - Native - UU No more American colonist (settler)
Civ Simplify - Native - UB -100% war weariness
Civ Balance - Native - Unique Civic - Animism (Paganism) - no War weariness, +1 Happy Totem, Free Promo "colonist" for settlers : +3 moves
Civ Simplify - Ethiopia - UU back to BTS specs, UB back to BTS specs
Civ Balance - Ethiopia - New Civic - Exorcism (Decentralisation) - +2Culture by specialist, +25% culture, free 'Shooting Elite' for Musketman
Civ Simplify - Carthage - UU back to BTS specs
Civ Balance - Carthage - Pastoralism also give promotion "Strength" to Horse Archer (your UU)
Civ Simplify - Korea - UU back to BTS specs
Civ Balance - Korea - New Civic - Joseon Dynasty (Hereditary Rule) - Free Promo "Strength" for Catapult (UU)
Civ Simplify - Celts - UU back to BTS specs, UB back to BTS specs, UB Palace removed
Civ Balance - Celts - New Civic - Voice of the Ancient (Barbarism), +8% Food, give promotion "King of the hill " to Swordsman (your UU)
Civ Simplify - Ottomans - UU back to BTS specs
Civ Balance- Ottomans - New Civic - Sultanate (Hereditary Rule) - +4XP for Domain sea, Free Barrage III promo for cannons
Civ Simplify - Sumer- UU back to BTS specs
Civ Simplify - Sumer - No more Imam Reza Shrine
Civ Balance - Sumer - New Civic - Theocratic Socialism (Theocracy) with Priesthood not Theology. Determined promo for Axemen (UU)
Civ Simplify - Byzantium - UU removed City attack bonus, only 10 Strength, +10% Mounted and bombard
Civ Balance - Byzantium- New Civic - Crusade (Theocracy) - +20% prod building with religion in City. Free Promo 'Crusader' for Knights
New Promotion - Crusader - +25% City Attack. Doesn't upgrade.
New Promotion - Strength - +1 Base strength to unit. Doesn't upgrade.
New Promotion - King of the hill - +25% attack Hills. Doesn't upgrade
New Promotion - Determined - +5% Melee, +25% attack Tundra & Snow, target MELEE first outside cities. Doesn't upgrade
New Promotion - Elite Shooter - +25% Guns. Doesn't upgrade
New Promotion - Hoplite - +75% Mounted. Doesn't upgrade
Promotion - Chaos - Also defend first against War Elephant. Doesn't upgrade.
Promotion - Chaos - Changed graphics so that all promo that don't upgrade have purple background

New Improvement - Yurt - +1F, +1Gold, +1Vision for units on the tile, +10%defense

Spoiler 2.12 :

Beyond the Play 2.12

General Reboot of 2.11 - was working well (solo) but some OOS in Multi, so remove 4 C++ development that could have been conflicting, 2.12 is 2.11 trimmed down

Fixed - Pedia Bug that showed UB france in normal expansion building
Fixed bug - That Civ with Unique Civic, couldn't take the normal civic it replaces, in Vanilla/UUMadness/NotExpansion games
Fixed bug - The Tech Splash Screen was showing the Civic (including unique) of the first player, not the active player
Fixed bug - "wonder balance" option was overriding some of the obsolescence tech (monument, brewery etc) - Hagia Sophia now expires with Ecology
Fixed bug - That when not allowing Conqueror leaders, their leader (now with another trait) gets the "negative health" adjustment
Fixed asserts issues for Regen, by cleaning code of MaxConscript, FreeCommerce & NegativeHealth

New Panel - Civilization overview - reachable in game and in front of DAWN. Communicate with Civ Overview panel

Map - BTP Grid - updated for version 2020 - More map distance, layout etc.

Balance - New Building - Elephant Camp - expire with Military Tradition, not Advanced Flights
Balance - New Building - Archery range now never obsolete (but still only for Medieval max starts)

Trait Balance - Protective - Archery Range bonus becomes, 1F, 2H, 1C

Civ Balance - Poland - UU - LumberJack works 200% rate, not 1000% rate. in Quick, it will chop forest in 2T, any improvement (serfdom, start Reny or later, spiritual,...) will make it in 1T
Civ Balance - Japan - Fuji Faith (Economy) - Settling a city put a Fuji Mount on 1 hill (if no bonus, no forest, no city) + 1 Hammer for Mount Fuji's

Civ Balance - Inca - Unique Civic - is +3F+1H not +2F+2H
Civ Simplify - Inca - UU Quecha is same as BTS
Civ Simplify - Korea - UB Sewon is same as BTS

Civ Balance - New UU - Celt - Heavy Swordsmen (Maceman) - Always target Melee first, +20% attach hill
Civ Balance - France - Salon still require university but is normal cost of Observatory

New Option - Trait Balance Pacifist - Aggressive does not get Free promotion combat 1 on melee unit
New Option - Trait Balance Pacifist - Aggressive gets the two faculty of using ON/OFF Growth restriction in cities, not Organized
New Option - Trait Balance Pacifist - financial, doesn't have free promotion on units

New Option - Alternative Trait for replace leader - when using one of the four/six option to forbid a trait (e.g. no aggressive leader), it will use a forced trait (first replacement "Builder" trait, second "Scientific" Trait) to replace; not random within existing trait. This helps with OOS because no random function
Alternative Trait - Builder - Cost of Units : -10%
Alternative Trait - Builder - Cost of Buildings : -10%
Alternative Trait - Scientific - 1 science by turn by city
Alternative Trait - Scientific - Extra 1 Coin on tiles with EXACTLY two Coins
Alternative Trait - Scientific - Free promo "amphibious" for all melee, gun, armor and mounted units

Spoiler 2.11 :

Beyond the Play 2.11
Fixed - Pedia Bug that showed UB france in normal expansion building
Fixed bug - That Civ with Unique Civic, couldn't take the normal civic it replaces, in Vanilla/UUMadness/NotExpansion games
Fixed bug - The Tech Splash Screen was showing the Civic (including unique) of the first player, not the active player
Fixed bug - "wonder balance" option was overriding some of the obsolescence tech (monument, brewery etc) - Hagia Sophia now expires with Ecology
New Panel - Civilization overview - reachable in game and in front of DAWN. Communicate with Civ Overview panel

Map - BTP Grid - updated for version 2020 - More map distance, layout etc.
Balance - New Building - Elephant Camp - expire with Military Tradition, not Advanced Flights
Balance - New Building - Archery range now never obsolete (but still only for Medieval max starts)
Trait Balance - Protective - Archery Range bonus becomes, 1F, 2H, 1C
New Option - Trait Balance Pacifist - Aggressive does not get Free promotion combat 1 on melee unit
New Option - Trait Balance Pacifist - Aggressive gets the two faculty of using ON/OFF Growth restriction in cities, not Organized
New Option - Trait Balance Pacifist - financial, doesn't have free promotion on units

New Option - Alternative Trait for replace leader - when using one of the four/six option to forbid a trait (e.g. no aggressive leader), it will use a forced trait (first replacement "Builder" trait, second "Scientific" Trait) to replace; not random within existing trait. This helps with OOS because no random function
Alternative Trait - Builder - Cost of Units : -10%
Alternative Trait - Builder - Cost of Buildings : -10%
Alternative Trait - Scientific - 1 science by turn by city
Alternative Trait - Scientific - Extra 1 Coin on tiles with EXACTLY two Coins
Alternative Trait - Scientific - Free promo "amphibious" for all melee, gun, armor and mounted units

Civ Balance - Inca - Unique Civic - is +3F+1H not +2F+2H
Civ Simplify - Inca - UU Quecha is same as BTS
Civ Simplify - Korea - UB Sewon is same as BTS
Civ Balance - Poland - UU - LumberJack works 200% rate, not 1000% rate. in Quick, it will chop forest in 2T, any improvement (serfdom, start Reny or later, spiritual,...) will make it in 1T
Civ Balance - Japan - Fuji Faith (Economy) - Settling a city put a Fuji Mount on 1 hill (if no bonus, no forest, no city) + 1 Hammer for Mount Fuji's
Balance - France - Musketeer now require Winery (Brewery UB) to be built
Balance - France - Brewery doesn't do -35% science, only do +2 happy with Wine, obsolete Rifling (not Guilds), require Monarchy
Balance - France - Salon still require university but is normal cost of Observatory

Civ Simplify - Arab - Camel Archer is like in BTS (no Chaos Promo, no defense vs Elephant first)
Balance - Arab - New UB - Animal Sanctuary (Elephant Camp), also gives free promo Chaos on Knights (Camels), cost 80H not 40H
Balance - Promotion - Chaos, also make the unit defend versus elephant first


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Beyond the Game

This is the part that provides you with a very long list of options for you to enable, or not, for your games.

General Options which turn on or off features in the original game

General Options which use existing features and re-engineer them in a different way

Complete variante on a fundamental item of the game

Or more out-of-the-box scenarios funny to play or helping the balance in some cases

There are also options for you to activate in multiplayer only.
There are also added feature, without touching to gameplay balance, that are essential :
The possibility to change the turn time WHILE playing a game, better adapted timers,
The possibiliy to referee the game (someone can be an observer and watch others play),
A "random era select" (if you launch a game in say Renaissance era start, you can only get a select scope of cilizations, typically the ones with Renaissance UU's)

More games speeds (quicker), more (closer) difficultly levels on lower levels (some levels have too much a gap to justify being used between human players of close skills, the new levels just fill the gapes),...

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Beyond the play

The ultimate goals of Beyond the play is as follow :
- Be able to launch a "long", "epic" game from scratch and have a balance between all civilizations, and all traits combos (in the original Beyond the Sword , the difference in use of some trait is too big in too many contexts)
- Be able to launch a teamer in any "start" era given (a lot of MP game don't start in ancient era) and have an interesting pool of trait combos, and civilization, that is balanced (this is achieved by activating the "Random era specific" option).

This "expansion" part is implement via the last 13 game options you can activate independently :

To this you have to add the "component" which are building blocks to develop the amount of features in the game :

There is also added content within the framework of normal BTS , but never is the intention to fundamentally disturb gameplay,
As you'll see below and in the game, added content will aim to give POSSIBILITIES to the player, but is never a predominant feature, the fundamental idea is to play DIFFERENTLY, with more CREATIVE play; but stay true to the Beyond the Sword experience we have loved for nearly 15 years.
Usage as shown that new players get very quickly used to the MOD as fundamental game play isn't altered.

Dedicated Civelopedia tabs

New Basic Units

New Basic Buildings

New UU for some Civs, revamped balance for other (very few) UU's

New UB for some Civs

New Unique Civics for some Civilizations

New Promotions
Accessible either via Trait (Red promotion), By event (Yellow), via specific Unique Civics (Purple) or Unique Buildings (Green)

New Civilizations - Which have the new leaders and their own UU/UB with creative way/new ways of playing

New Trait & Leaders
Agricultural (first column) and its leaders (new Civilizations' leaders)
Conqueror (second column), extra leaders on existing Civilizations

Other unique combos (third column), leaders or Poland and Sid Meier (normally not playable, is the spectator leader, as Build/Sci)
If you select one of the options that "bans" a trait, you will get either i/ a random trait within the 11 traits of BTS, ii/ A "forced" replacement trait, which are 'Builder' and then 'Scientific' (usage of those is obviously much rarer)
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Other content & options

UU Madness Scenario

UU Madness mode let's you build all of the games' Unique Units if you have the (additional) required resource
The unit simply transforms when it comes out of the city into the relevant UU

City production tabs update to tells you what your unit could become if you have the right resource

Resource menu updates to show you what you could produce with it

Left-hand side - if normal game is played, the scope is normal UU's
Right-hand side - if expansion mode (more UU's) is activated, then it covers that too

General Multiplayer scenarios

Scenarios activated by using 2 first extra digits in the city elim Multiplayer Option (you will have to use 3 digits, the 3rd one is to determine the actual City-Elimination limit).
If you want to play with 1 extra explore unit at the begining unit of the game, and no city elim : put 100
If you want to play with 1 extra worker unit at the begining unit of the game, and 3 city elim : put 113

Component - Faith

A Sidebar on top left gets filled with point when you have an active state religion (1pnt/turn by religious building you have, 3 for the religion's shrine), once the bar gets filled, you get a bonus event. (Then the bar resets for increased size, like the GP bar)

Event give a bonus you can choose on all your religion's Cathedrals

Component - Royalty

A King unit appears near your Civilization starting plot when you finish a revolution cycle and you install an hereditary ruler. He is weak and fearful, take care of him or you will enter a dark age.

Component - Dark age

Those terrible times can happen if you don't take care of your King or let the Plague spread into the world,

Your cities health will be greatly reduced, your cities won't be growing anymore, and you won't be able to make scientific researches.
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New Screens & Interface menus

Host menu (CTRL-SHIFT-H)
Possibility to change the Timer in-game
Also when Killer option on, you can decide how much cities are worth (default 10,000)

Concede game menu (CTRL-F6)
To concede a game and reveal the map to all players (everyone can see everything)
You're allowed to relaunch a game after that

Rehost game menu (CTRL-F7)
Can rehost the game with either same picks, or shuffling random leaders and civilization

DAWN menu (CTRL-F9)
Remade to show Unique Civics, Unique Resources, all as icons

Pedia page of civilization updated to do the same thing

Extra "tiers" and era dedicated civ menu (CTRL-F10)
Shows you wish civilizations relates to the option that bans Tier1, Tier2, Tier3 civilizations,
Also shows you which Civilization you can get in a give era if you use "Random Era Select",
Here view is filtered on Industrial Civilizations

Civ Overview Menu (CTRL-F11)
Shows you an exhaustive overview of all civilizations and what they can do (adapted to your current game configuration/options).
Here a view once filtered for "Era" civilization of Medieval age

Game Analyzer (CTRL-F4)(Mostly accessible post game / when game conceded)
Show you all information, all stats that are usually not available on the game

There many categories covered

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Thanks for the comment !
I absolutely wanted this to be perfectly clean before posting, it took a while ;) it's not perfect but very presentable I think !

Concerning the .exe:
Not it's the .exe that automatically redirect your IP connections to Zulan's server ( [we can't thank him enough for this], nothing more or less.
I'm not aware of a way of improving memory via exe, but if there is I'd be very interest to look at it!

Any suggestion welcome
Hello everyone, registered to say thank you to the team of mod creators. Sorry for my English if I write something wrong.

This version of the mod looks much more attractive, and in my opinion, the team of creators is moving in the right direction. I especially wanted to mention qualities of leaders.They look balanced, and some have become much better, such as protective.

In my opinion, there are also Nations that have greatly elevated. The American colonists of Indeans have 5 points of movement and this can make imbalance in the game, if you take an imperialist.If you play in a team, then others simply do not need to build settlers, even the size of the map does not matter.

I also have the question about the imperialist, what does the first +1 bonus mean after the capture of the city? The Golden age for 1 turn?

Units also pleasantly surprise, with such conquistadors it is clear why the Spain captured most of the new world) Arab camels headache waiting for all enemies, because they have a free commando. Some pity about rus cossacks, but they are very strong in the original.

Added new Nations, they looks good but i dont test them yet. I think it is very good for some Nations to add unique palaces, with interesting bonuses, such as resources or the long Golden age of the Persians. In General, the mod makes the good impression, I hope the work will continue!
Thanks for the message Nikk!
Sounds like your team has been very diligent in their studying of the MOD and playing very well / good strategies already !

I especially wanted to mention qualities of leaders.They look balanced, and some have become much better, such as protective.
Thanks a lot, indeed it was very key for us that you can play fairly with all traits in all circumstances taking into account we sometimes play somehow specific scenarios in multiplayer
I also have the question about the imperialist, what does the first +1 bonus mean after the capture of the city? The Golden age for 1 turn?
Yes it's 1 turn golden age when you capture a city.

- The American colonists of Indeans have 5 points of movement and this can make imbalance in the game
- Such conquistadors it is clear why the Spain captured most of the new world
- Arab camels headache waiting for all enemies, because they have a free commando.
- Some pity about rus cossacks, but they are very strong in the original.
Sure I/We don't pretend it's perfect balance (yet) of course, all debatable.
I feel it's fairly strong, so let's see how it plays out in the next 3 months or so and we can come to further conclusion & debate on some of them.
I don't know how often I'll release updates going forward (less and less often) but we'll have played much more games together by then. I don't expect to need to buf or nerf anything more than 1 notch at a time if at all.

This version of the mod looks much more attractive, and in my opinion, the team of creators is moving in the right direction.
In General, the mod makes the good impression, I hope the work will continue!
Thanks a ton :blush:
:grouphug: join mod guys! looks cool
may be we can make something like CCC soon.
will be cool if old :borg: old very old duds will join again to us ;p

thx Nico!!! :thumbsup:
Hey guys,
Got a lot done on version 2.08; only few things to work out with the in-game menu and should be good. I expect a full release in the next 10-15 days.
I'm posting a log of the changes, so that you can comment and/or request other things before it's too late ! It will definitely be the last chance before next year...
I have nothing left on my to-do list except review the spectator/refereeing mode & maps

Also I would like to extend a huge thanks to platyping and his many python MOD's, I reviewed all of them in prevision of this and it did give me a lot of ideas !
Some modules I've re-used almost as is and/or minor clean up or adaptation to BTP (Unique Civics, Faith) some I've redone from scratch (Unique Resource is on the new civ via C++, Dark age is clompetely different but gave me the thematic idea), Broterhood help me finally finalize UUMadness MOD + a new civ logic + finish a trait, etc.

Spoiler 2.08 LOG :

Beyond the Play 2.08

Fix game bug - that slaves (because no combat domain) didn't get their production bonus (trait spiritual) since 2.06
Fix game bug - Made it that bonus of production on slaves/lumberjack is only available for traits if option "expansion traits" is activated
Fix game bug - with Option Killer - You lose the "capture city" count if you lose the city (in case someone takes back the city you captured)
Fix Retire menu - that you can ALT-Q by mistake to retire, you need to do ALT-CTRL-Q now
Fix text bug - of options
Fix graphic bug - that "European workers", were appearing as Indian fast workers on some frames when option animation frozen was on
Added Graphics for workers from RFCE (there isn't many to took the chance to store/expand), different graphics for the workers of Russia+Ottomans+Arab+Hungary/Poland

Fix problems with Keyboard Shortcuts for popup / screen menus :
Added Menu for players to activate, this cannot activated when the multiplayer option "Tournament Game", is on
(Added Multiplayer option : Differentiated "Tournament Game" (above) and "Refereed Games" (=Observer mode))
CTRL-F1 - Developer menu to check XML tags, check games' content
CTRL-F2 - Developer - Calendar check (to compare game speeds)
CTRL-F3 - Developer - Art checker
CTRL-F4 - Developer - A quick ingame text display to test strings
CTRL-F5 - Host option popup
CTRL-F6 - Concede and reveal map popup (Work in progress)
CTRL-F7 - Regenerate map quick menu (Work in progress, where is it gone?)
CTRL-F8 - Shared vision Panel (Not functional for now)
CTRL-F9 - Advanced options (Hidden for now)
Host option menu also available with CTRL + SHIFT + H at all times (even in tournament games)

VictoryOption - new - Treasure Hunt.
At launch of game you get a "national treasure" unit, no strength, 1 move. Cannot enter cities/is expelled if you settled on unit.
If someone kills this unit all your cities and units are destroyed

Scenario Option - UU Madness
With UU Madness option there is no distinction between Civs anymore : They can all build all the UU's, but they need to have access to some resource to do so. When you chose your production (for example archer) it's starts normally and when you finish constructing it, if you have the resource of a UU of the unit type (example Stone) you get the UU (in this case a Bowman). If there are multiple UU's you can get, you get a chance for both (if you've got both Sheep and Fur you get 50/50 chance of a Gaellic warrior and a praetorian when you build a swordman. This works and adapt to both BTG and BTP (new UU's or not). The list of UU and their resource is shown in a dedicated panel in civelopedia, also on the Unit Pedia themselves when the option is on.

Additional religions (from Just A Religion Mod), 10 extra religions
Only activates when "Fair religion" is on, and when 8 players or more are part of game. This is mostly for large multiplayer games, so that everyone has religion.
Religious Screen (F7) has been adapted to only show the religion in play, not all religions greyed out.
Added Civelopedia of BTP Religion to reflect. It shows the religion and it's related Units (missionaries), Wonder (Shrine) and buildings (Temple, Monasteries, Cathedrals).

Added "Component". Concepts are activated via (new) game option. Labelled "Component"
Component described in Civelopedia in new page "BTP - Concept"
Concept "Faith". When a player as an active state religion, each building of that religion (monasteries, temples, cathedrals) contribute 1 points towards faith (3 point for Shrine). Counter appears on top left of screen (doesn't contribute when in anarchy, resets at 0 if changes religion).
When you get to the threshold (120 points in quick), you can choose 1 of 9 bonus, that applies to Cathedral (1 coin, 1 culture, etc.). The next threshold then is further away (240pnt for level 2) like the threshold for GP increase. This works for all 17 religions.

Added Component - "Royalty"
A "King" Unit is created when you take the civic Monarchy. The King unit appears at the end of your revolution transition period (normally 5 turns), on the tile you started the game on, or a tile adjacent to it if there is a city there.
You can have multiple Kings if you do multiple revolutions where you select Monarchy. The unit itself is similar to a treasure - it's weak, cannot attack, has 1 movement and cannot enter cities. When it dies, it triggers a golden age for the civilization that killed it (limited to once a game by player) and triggers a dark age for the civilization that lost his king (can happen several times, and happens even if dark age concept his not checked). You'll get notification of starts and ends of Dark ages of all players like you do for Golden age (sound, etc.). Your player screen will show how many turns left where there usually is the mention of which era you currently are in.

Added Component - "Dark Age"
When you're in a dark age, you cannot produce research anymore (you do 0 beaker...better save gold!), you have 5 'bad' health by city, and all your production are 'food produced' (you cannot growth anymore). The dark age last as long as a golden age, i.e 6 turns in quick speed and 8 turns in normal speed. There are 3 ways to enter a dark age, I/ The aforementioned death of one of your kings, this is a normal dark age. The other 2 ways are 'Global Dark Age' where all players enter the dark age at the same time. There can only be one global dark age by game. II/ By constructing the wonder "Krak des chevaliers" available with guilds (you only need to use a knight to build it, you don't need to produce it in the city). This wonder also give you immunity vs Global dark age so everybody BUT YOU will have a dark age. But note that this wonder expires with the technology Education so you will have to make a tech path choice for this. III/ When you discover Feudalism, there will be a popup offering you the chance to spread the plague and everybody will enter a dark Age. Importantly you will not be able to do so if you already are pas the Medieval era (have a tech within Education, Nationalism, Gunpowder, Printing Press, Astronomy). You'll probably want to trigger this when someone is about to get Krak des Chevaliers. Krak des Chevaliers is only available for Classical and earlier starts.

Added leader (12) for all the "Conqueror" traits combo. All leaders are on Civilization that already exist in base game (opposite of agricultural trait).
Civelopedia panel of leaders : Sorted in 3 columns, Agricultural, Conqueror, and other leaders.

Trait "Trader" is replaced by trait "Conqueror"
Trait Conqueror reset - Can rushbuy production, +1gold/city/turn, 20% discount upgrade sea unit, +2 Health, 100% prod speed market
Trait Conqueror new - When you win your first attacking combat with your (own) UU, a golden age is triggered
Trait Conqueror new - When you produce a unit, if 1 of your teammates has a UU for that unitType, your unit has 50% of transform in that UU too (you share the UU of your teammates). [Brotherhood concept of platyping]

GameOption - New - Settings - no AGGRESSIVE leaders
GameOption - New - Expansion - Conqueror Leaders
GameOption - New - Expansion - Agricultural Leaders
--> For all 3 options, when you launch the game, if you fall on a leader with one of those traits it will change the TRAIT to a random one. So if you play with Cleopatra (Agri/Conq) and don't check the option, you will be something random (like Cre/org for example) but not Agri, not Conq and not Aggressive as well if you did CHECK the box (opposite logic for checking box Aggressive)

GameOption - New - Smart and Limited tech discount - You can only benefit of tech discount (bonus modifier to help your tech) if you have TWO CITIES less (or more) than the player/team you're copying. Only if it's a real catch-up mechanism. If you also click option no tech discount you won't get any.
GameOption - Base Game - New Unit, Battery Ram - Siege with 0 Force, gets captured. Cost 150H normal speed. Requires engineering, and a siege workshop in the city. it's a limited unit each player & team can only have 1. It bombard defense 200% (only 2 turns vs Castle, 1 turn any other case). It requires a road to move (cannot enter terrain without road/railroad)
GameOption - Scenario - The campus improvement is now with Repleacable part, update in 35T (not 40) only 1 coin (not 3); but gets +2 coins with Steam Power

New Unit Feature - Unit can be "no promotions from trait" (Trait promo (agressive, financial) don't apply to the Unit (only applied to Rome UU)

New Civilization Feature - Unique Resource - When you select the civilization expansion (works for Civelopedia and DAWN too), on top of the new UU and UB; some civilizations have a unique extra resource.
This resource is added to your city fat cross when you SETTLE the capital (you can see the resource appear), if there is at least 1 of the 21 tiles that is valid to receive (not always true for Oil for example). So this will give you a boost (a cow with America for example) or a strategic resource (marble with Austro-Hungary for example). Specific resource for specific resource are shown in your civilization pedia.
Current List : Arabia Oil, America Cow, Austria Marble, Babylon Stone, Khmer Elephant, Mali Gold, France Wine, Viking Fish

New Civilization Feature - Unique Civics - When you select the civilization expansion (works for Civelopedia and DAWN too), on top of the new UU and UB; some civilization have a unique civic.
It replaces a traditional civic and gives a more powerful civic to the civilization (this replaces the faculty of having access earlier to a civic of previous version of BTP).
Current list : Greece (Athenian Democracy - Labor, +100% growth cottages), Arabia (Religious Education - Labor, unlimited Scientist, Priest), Germany (Confederation - Legal, +3 Happy from Barracks)

New Civilization : Poland. 2 leaders, Cre-cha & Org Pro.
UU - Lumberjack (removed from Polynesia), slightly cheaper. Can build colonies too
UU - Polish worker can do all jobs without having the techs, except a Colony. Also, can move resources around, the worker can "store" (say the sheep) go to another tile and drop it
UB - NightWatch (Monument) - +1 Coin, expire with Mass media. Allow a 50% chance of copying an opponent UU when you produce (the same type of) unit

Civ Balance - Polynesia - UU Fisherman - Can "move the resource" in the sea. so you can move the fish/crab/clam etc. to other tiles
Civ Balance - Polynesia - doesn't have UU Lumberjack Anymore

Civ Balance - Rome - Praetorian is "no promotions from trait"
Civ Balance - Portugal - Carrack is 3 move 2 cargo like in BTS but 1) can build Portuguese fisheries (replaces normal fisheries with +7 gold, which expire with railroad). 2) Can build Portuguese trading post, it's like a colony in the water with 25% defense. This destroys the carrack when built. You need 3 space in between each you want to build.

Civ Balance - England - Elite Range - it's only 3XP for guns not 4XP. Very similar. Also the building is not "limit era" but that's just clean up, no gameplay impact
Civ Balance - England - English Archer - no more first strike (mini-nerf)
Civ Balance - Spain - Conquistador (nerf) - it's not +50% melee & +25% guns the bonuses, but +50% pikes & +25% Musketman
Civ Balance - Korea - Hwacha (buf) - is normal price of catapult
Civ Balance - Native - American colonist (nerf) - still 5 move but no sentry vision
Civ Balance - Russia - Cossack (buf) - +30% vs guns not +20%

Trait Balance - Creative - All bonus of 20% are 25%
Trait Balance - Agricultural - doesn't have 2 health anymore (conqueror has those Health)
Trait Balance - Agricultural - +100% prod speed on aqueduct, levee
Trait Balance - Financial - Chainmail promition only gives +25% protection collateral, but opens up for promotion "equestry" [can reach with 3XP]. Also, Chainmail available for all with Combat6 promo (unlikely)
Promotion balance - new - Equestry, +25% vs Mounted. Available with chainmail only

GameOption Balance - Wonder Madness - The resource booster on World Wonder is 50%, not 35% anymore

Spectator Mode - in Tech panel you have dropdown menu to check techs of everyone

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Good job!

A little nitpicking though:
1) There is/was no such thing as Austria-Hungarian Civilization. It is like saying British-Irish Civilization.
A-H was a dual-monarchy at some point but it was still a fusion of two separate civs.

2) Why is Attila Agricultural?
1) There is/was no such thing as Austria-Hungarian Civilization. It is like saying British-Irish Civilization.
A-H was a dual-monarchy at some point but it was still a fusion of two separate civs.
After your comment I read on this a bit and you seem to know much better than I do,it's no so straightforward to me at the least.
Anyways, in terms of graphical asset, it's not my forte, so I tried to use the are I like and I took the Austria-Hungary module here :

It iself re-uses (and I did myself as I made modification / shuffled things around) Austria ( and Hungary ( assets

2) Why is Attila Agricultural?

Fair, but whilst them is important I chose to put gameplay & clarity/order first,
So the leaders' traits are :
- Agricultural for the new (5) Civilizations - first column
- Conqueror for the leader of existing Civilization that are added - second column
- Other combo, third column - 2 leaders of the 6th extra Civ (Polan) and the (not normally playable) Ind/Phi combo

Looks very interesting indeed :). I've been wanting for a "third expansion" mod that is not yet another kitchen-sink mod with every imaginable content haphazardly included (I think you guys get which mods I'm referring too:crazyeye:)

Now we only need to rebase it on top of Advanced Civ :crazyeye: (and rework the combat system ofc, but that will come later...)
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