[BTS] BOTM 239: The Three Musketeers, Immortal - First Spoiler - 1AD

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Sep 6, 2012
BOTM 239: The Three Musketeers, Immortal - First Spoiler - 1AD

Use this thread to tell us what happened in your game, up to 1AD, who did you attack, how did you get on, how many cities do you have?

Reading Requirements
If you are participating in BOTM 239, then you MUST NOT read this thread unless EITHER
  • You have reached at least 1 AD in your game, OR
  • You have submitted your entry

Posting Restrictions
  • Do not disclose ANY events or information gained post 1 AD.
  • Do not reveal your final result if that happened after 1 AD.
  • Do not discuss the location of resources that may not show up before 1 AD (Iron is OK, coal and oil are not)
  • Do not post any savegame file from the game. Discussions and screenshots are fine but not actual games
I failed to identify the proper target and thanks to the RNG didn't capture any cities. Too bad, it would have been fun to play this one.
Contender save

My musketeers sailed west, and landed outside Mecca.
I also scouted Seoul just to the north, but this was a better city with its rivers and 2x farm resources.
3x CG2 Drill1 archers on a hill is not nothing, but I sacrificed the worker to lure one out of the city and make the odds a bit better. I came out of it with the Super Medic and one Cover musketeer.
Mecca was captured 3520BC.

The two musketeers went looking for another target, and after seeing hill capital after hill capital, they finally stumbled on Berlin. Not protective, and on flatland! Double gold and loads of food to boot!
I timed it so that they could ambush the settler-stack, and then healed up and captured the city (eliminating Frederick) at 2080BC.

Finally, they hopped back on the boat, and scouted out India. Gandhi is not very good at building Archers, and they captured Delhi at 1520BC, and his other two cities in the next few turns.

I messed up my Arabian cities' order - and didn't settle in Wang Kon's face aggressively enough, so I lost out on the copper, and delayed researching Iron Working.
That meant, when Shaka went into WHEOOHRN mode, I had a bit of trouble.
I tried founding and liberating a city to put him to Pleased so I could try and beg for a peace treaty - but either I messed something up or just didn't understand how the diplo worked.
He declared at 1280BC. I was able to hold Berlin (eventually losing both remaining muskets) but couldn't claim any of the surrounding land.

This may have been a blessing in disguise, however. Shaka spent a lot of resources trying to capture Berlin, instead of absorbing an AI. He looks likely to become a runaway AI (especially on Challenger), so the setback to his development may turn out to be useful.

At 1AD: 13 cities, 74 pop. 230bpt @ breakeven.
5 cities + 1 island city in Arabia. 1 city in Germany. 6 cities in India; still expanding there.
Currency, Calendar, Literature, Civil Service, Paper. Currently researching Education. Substantial tech lead over all the AIs.
Great Lighthouse 750BC, Pyramids 375BC, Great Library 300BC.
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I lost two Muskeeters on my first wave attack on Mecca. My survivor healed up, then died in his attack on the two surviving (now healed up and promoted) archers. :cringe:

Sacrificing the worker to draw out a defender was a smart idea. Wish I thought of that. :sad:

Well, I'll try again, for fun.
First Civ4 GOTM for me in... a decade? Forever? A long time anyway. Decided to play the Adventurer save since I usually play Noble in Civ4. Glad there was that option as Immortal would not have been feasible, especially given that I'm already playing one difficult (Civ3) GOTM.

I decided to confirm via scouting that Native America would really require a large army to take a city, after all, I only needed one. So I sailed south and east, landing outside of Poverty Point. Whelp, three longbows. Don't need to declare war to know those aren't good odds. We go back to sea, and sail in a generally southwesterly direction, hoping perhaps there's a nice Australian-like continent we can take over.

Eventually we find some arctic islands, which would make for great whaling outposts, but have no cities to capture. Figuring that even if there is someone down here, the land is almost worthless, we change course and head northwest. In 3000 BC, we prove that the world is round, and are rewarded with a speed boost for our Galleon. That's several millenia sooner than I'd even proven the world was wound previously.

We wind up due south of Paris, still not having found any non-frozen land, so we decide to scout it out and see how mighty these mighty Zulu really are. They must have thought we weren't coming back, because they only left one Archer in Paris. With 60% defense and a Hill, we only have about 30% odds of winning on the first try, but figure we have a good shot of winning overall, and besides, we want revenge on the Zulu for taking Paris in the first place. So we try out luck, and Lady Luck smiles on us - we win on the first Musketeer. Paris is liberated! It only took 1240 years!

With that objective accomplished, D'Artagnan and the Three Musketeers start scouting out their Parisian continent, which they've forgotten over the previous twelve centuries. They meet a few scouts, and are just figuring out where the Germans are when they spot Zulu borders. Time for revenge! The just-founded city of Nobamba, northwest of Ulundi, is captured easily. uMgungundlovu, east of Ulundi, is a bit tougher. Ulundi is difficult, and Aramis is bested in the attempt to take it. But Porthos reaches Combat VI (thanks to a Great General), and both he and Athos have Cover, and eventually, Ulundi falls too. Zululand thought they had defeated France, but thanks to the Three Musketeers, that victory was fully reversed! This takes until 925 BC.

We start scouting out the German-Babylonian area, and find that Munich is defended by a lone Archer. So, we declare war and take it. Wealthy Berlin falls soon after, as does Hamburg. The Two Musketeers do all the hard work; a Warrior does defend against an attacking Archer, but that's the only effective assist they receive. Still, Germany is defeated in 425 BC.

With 10 cities and poor development, our economy was by this point in shambles. So while we considered attacking Babylon, who appeared to only have Archers, instead we decided to avoid bankruptcy. Berlin helped a lot with this, but what helped even more was moving our Palace to uMgungundlovu, which saved 20+ GPT in Distance from Palace costs, with Versailles meaning we had a Palace equivalent at both the eastern and western ends of the Empire.

Korea declared war on us some time in the 300s, but being half a world away, posed little threat. Porthos defeated the Chariot and Axeman they sent, and we've stayed at war with them so Athos can scout them a bit, though we will likely peace soon as they now have Swordsmen. Arabia seems to be the top rival on the continent; they recently declared war on Babylon and easily took a city, and may take more.


We're hopelessly backwards compared to most civs. Tried to beeline Theology to get our own religion, but failed. Now going for Currency, then Courthouses. We occasionally are able to trade techs with China or even Babylon, but Korea, India, and Arabia put us to shame, as did Germany (we never bothered to check if we could trade techs with the Zulu). We might be ahead of Native America, too; neither one of us has the Alphabet so we can't trade techs, and they appear to have settled the most cities and thus likely also bankrupted themselves. But Ulundi is quickly becoming a commercial center, and we're up to 40% science, with a slight profit. Our economy should be fixed in a few centuries.

10 cities, 71 pop, 61 beakers at 40% (+6 GPT profit).
Still don't know Sailing, Horseback Riding, Meditation, or Iron Working, among many others. Technology is overrated when you have Musketeers!

2nd place in score (behind Native America) - I'm leaning Histographic or perhaps most likely Cultural victory. We're finally starting to build cities again to claim the remaining luxuries in our area (which is fairly resource-rich), but can't afford to expand militarily at this point.
Contender save.
After reading carefully the pre-game thread, I trusted our dear mapmaker and sent our galleon West.
On t4 we met Korea but decided they were too strong for our musketeers.
On t6 we met Arabia and again we did not dare to attack their capital, but took one worker from him nonetheless.
On t12 we met China, and repeated the move - not attacked their capital but also stole a worker.
When I was beginning to think we would be facing 8 protective AIs with 3x CG2 Drill1 archers on a hill, we finally met the low hanging fruit - Germany.
We took Berlin on t22 (3120BC), but the RNG wasn't too kind and we lost a musketeer at (Prob Victory: 95.1%). :sad:
After some scouting we met the remaining AI.
I did not think too much about who would be the next target - Shaka needed to pay for his sins sooner rather than later. From 2800BC to 1AD, when Paris was finally recaptured (with the help of a city revolt mission - it was at 80% defense bonus!), we were in a state of semi-perpetual war. Somewhere along the way we lost a 2nd musketeer while attacking an archer in the open at 90%+ odds. :sad:
My game is not brilliant and we aren't even leading the score nor the tech race but at 1AD we have 10 cities, 58 pop and 13 workers (all captured).
We did built the Pyramids in 150BC (running Rep now) and will learn Currency the next turn, so the economy and research should be fixed soon.
We have a semi-decent army from the Zulu wars and now we're pondering where to attack next.
Mao and Saladin entered WHEOOHRN, and Mao hates us, so probably we'll go for him just for our own safety, even though Gandhi looks like a softer and juicier target. Not sure if we would be prepared for the colonial expenses from 8+ cities on another landmass. :confused:
Contender save. Funny, entertaining game.

Arrived southeast of Arabia, saw plains only, didn't see any food, protective hill defenders, so I thought this is not the place.
Next I meet Mao. It's looking good enough, seafood + some farmed tiles and a worker to bust, I also got nervous / close to panic that I should have a place by now, so I attacked the bloody pro archers on the hill at 55% odds. A big miracle => all 3 fights are won !!! From hindsight I took a pretty big risk here, but pffew it turned out well.

The musketeers spread out to scout. One heads west and accomplishes circumnavigation (right on time for my wb to hook up fish in 1T) with a peak on Paris, then returns. The other 2 stay closer to home and steal some workers from Arabia and Wang + take Arabian pig/cow city. My first peaceful expansion went next to it at double gold + flood plains, so I have this area well blocked in the process. My galleon sales around the Indian continent, scouts the islands and some ocean further south and east.

Then Zulu DoW Freddy. I sail all 3 musketeers there and join Zulu, hoping to get Berlin before they do. When I land the Zulu army moves away and I start shooting Germans for several centuries (serving the French mindset?). They have a solid garrison that does not shrink but I collect nice XP at >95% odds and a GG, that I use to promote my galleon, 3 more movement points (8 total) and more vision. I withdraw when Arabia starts to worry me with too many units on my borders. Eventuallu Zulu signs peace too without gaining anything.

At 1AD 10cities/66pop, 305beakers at break even. Built GLH 1000BC, GLib 500BC (you would think I could get to Music first but Gandhi was there before I got started), Colossus 400BC. All the heroes are still alive.
I've piled 1000gold, prepared 2pop barracks and CH whips, Moai next turn and HE in 4turns, ready to get Engineering in 3T. Time to clean up Arabia/Korea with trebs and maces + hopefully get all the musketeers to lead as warlord with massive promotions.

Zulu just DoWed Hammi a turn earlier. Hammi has Feudalism and bribed in Freddy, so I'm not too worried about Zulu running away. Sitting Bull has by far the most cities but crippled himself techwise as a result. The general pace is faster than usual, but so is mine.
This game setup is awesome.

Kept running into civs with hilltop capitals and protective archers, so I stole a Chinese worker to scout with and kept sailing west.

Germany. :love:

Southern scout worker indicated Ghandi was a soft persimmon, so I grabbed him 2nd and lost a Musketeer at 95%.

With only two Musketeers left, I pondered for a long while.
Then I sailed them west to Sitting Bull.

He won't trade techs since he is isolated, and there are no diplomatic consequences for declaring war repeatedly.
I stole workers better than ever before in history!

Those musketeers killed every guard archer.
The galleon darted in from the ocean and back out again.
The muskets pillaged and moved, moved and pillaged.
Piles of workers got sailed back to western Europe.

Main problem for me this game is my right click button keeps sticking on my mouse. (I think) :hmm:
So every time I left click on an AI there is a small chance I declared war on them.
Left click+Right click at the same time being an automatic DOW is irritating!
A few times now...
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I think I played this one the way it was intended. Steal 2 workers from the Protective/Hills civs and get a capital by capturing Berlin + 3rd worker. And get 4th worker from Babylon. Babylon had about 8 bowmen which are nothing special against muskets, and on flat land. But with so many, I next took babylon's 2nd city, and thinned out the archers.

Did anyone else get a culture bomb from Zulu? Temporarily took away my Elephants.

Great scenario, but alas, no time to play. I think I played the fun-est part.
Since I messed up my real game I restarted and had a go with rather unshamefull reloads and hyperagression whit the muskats! Mapmaker what a map you made!! This was a ton of fun.

Which I could replay this map without map knowledge! I guess ill try the keshiksgame posted in the game thread :) great stuff!
I loved the game and it lured me back to civ after almost a year hiatus, thanks @Noble Zarkon!

Initially, I could not play because MacBuffy mysteriously stopped working on my usual BOTM comp, which was good since I had time to play several test games and think about grand strategy - the bad thing was I decided that the Stonehedge would be such a nice synergy with char trait that I spend a lot of time practicing getting it early on Immortal. When I finally got to open the save I noticed that the MapMaker gave SH already to the Sitting Bull :cry:

When I finally was able to play the game I could wait - I only decided to go for religious victory, since I both did not have much time to play and never got this victory before.

I was very tempted to go for Paris first - Paris got two World Wonders (The Versailles and The Notre Dame) - making it an amazing GP farm, and Zulus actually appeared a soft target, assuming from demo hacking that the most powerful AI was SB. The other reason I was tempted to go for Paris first was that I realized from the test games that the worst outcome was to wonder aimlessly without conquering anything - in one of the test games, it took me until T34 to find a soft-target AI capital visible from the shore :(.

However, I did not go for Paris first for two reasons: 1) it would make a poor capital, being mostly water tiles, 2) was almost the half distance around the world so I hoped to get there in reasonable time going West first, while hopefully getting a better capital in the meantime.

Long story short, I saw Saladin and Mao first and decided to pass (pro archers on the hill), but was beginning to panic with Mao and decided to take the next capital, almost no matter what. I also saw an unprotected Mao worker but did not take it - both because I was planning a religious victory and not to slow me down (I did not have a brilliant @Kaitzilla's idea to take advantage of no-barb and use it to scout another continent). Anyway, Mao hated me almost instantly - specifically, he hated me for declaring war soon after on "his friend" Shaka with whom we was annoyed all the time, iirc Shaka was even his worst enemy at some point ... wtf ?!? Do you always get "declared war on our friend" just for attacking a known AI? Is it a no-brainer to steal an unprotected worker?

Next, I saw Berlin and I couldn't believe my eyes - non-protective, no-hills, double gold :love: -I was actually feeling bad for people who likely conquered the earlier, pro AIs, but little I knew what lurked in my backyard:lol:

As planned, I went for Paris immediately afterward - I mistakenly thought it is important to conquer Paris before T25 - to be continued
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