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Feb 7, 2006


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This mod, in the styles and tradition of Phillip Jose Farmer, Alan Moore, Robert Heinlein and many others, is based on the world of fiction. Drawing on mythology, folklore, literature and pop culture, Fictionalization IV takes human imagination’s fragments of stories and makes them into a single universe. Some of the characters in this mod, like Firefly and Hynkel, come from film, others like Charmant and Froshkonig, come from fairytale. Still others, like El Cid and Ivan are real, but still hold strong places in national legend. And if you have a favorite film, novel, comic, play, TV show or anything else you can think of that I haven’t represented in the mod yet, I’ll try my best to work it in somehow.

This mod is set in a world where fiction is fact. There is a loose continuity that I'm trying to create from several sources. I'll only consider using a suggestion if it fits the following criteria:
- It fits both the gameplay and the source material: I'm trying to honor the borrowed material I'm working with, while still keeping the game interesting and fun. So if you request Fonzie to be a military hero, I won't consider it because it doesn't fit the source material.
- It fits within the game's setting: The game is set on Earth within the rough time frame of the dawn of civilization up to about 200 years into the future. Anything outside of this frame can't be used. I've had several requests for Star Wars aspects to the mod. Since that series takes place in a different galaxy with absolutely no ties to Earth, I can't use it. Same with The Lord of the Rings. Middle Earth has been described variously as a different dimension or simply as prehistoric earth. Either way, it's tough to tie it into the world I'm working with. I can make exceptions for things that lie just outside of the timeframe, such as the Conan stories (set in the very late stone age) or early Star Trek.

Keep in mind that this is a beta version. I'm still looking for other programmers to help me make the final project.


- New leaders for old civs, such as Big Brother and Arthur for England, or Agamemnon and Oedipus for Greece

- 6 new civilizations

The Atlantean Empire: The lost continent, once ruled by Poseidon's son Atlas, now found and under the rule of Arthur Curry, Lord of the Seven Seas

The Freedo-Moronikan Empire: A patchwork multi-ethnic European empire ruled under joint dictatorship by Rufus T. Firefly of Freedonia and Moe Hailstone of Moronika. Later in its history, the empire would be usruped by the powerful Latverian, Victor von Doom.

The Hyborean Empire: A land before recorded history lorded over by Conan, The Destroyer

The Shambhalese Empire: A paradise of the enlightened, known to westerners as Shangri-La.

The Transylvanian Empire: The dreary land of the undead deep in Romania, overseen by the immortal evil, Vlad Dracul

The Utopian Empire: A communal island nation with the ironic name of "No Place", ruled by its namesake, King Utopos

- 3 new religions

- 7 new corporations

- New wonders like the Tower of Babel, Camelot and Jurassic Park, plus special "Aliiance" wonders which grant access to special units, such as: Barsoomians, Brobdingnagians, Lilliputians, Cyclopses, Thanagarians, Houyhnhms, Amazons, Toy Soldiers and Flying Saucers

- New Hero Units, including combat heroes like Hercules, Sun Wukong and Horatio Hornblower, as well as non-combat ones like Sherlock Holmes, The Time Traveller and Anansi

- Two new Unique Units for each civ:

- Legendary Units: Special units with no counterpart in the regular tech tree each
with a unique ability. Include the American Gunslinger, the Greek Centaur and
the Japanese Mecha

- Superhero: At the moment the Superhero is a powerful national unit (only one of
which can be controlled at a time) that you can build upon discovering Fission.
In future installments each civ will have a culture-specific Superhero with
abilities unique to itself.

With still more to come!

Changes in version 6.0

- Superheroes - late game Hero units that are unique to each civ. For example, America can build Superman, Japan can build Goku, and Greece can build Kratos.
- Added missing artwork for Templar Fortress
- Added missing Louis leaderhead
- Added The Snow Queen, Howling Coyote, Liu Bei as leaders
- Replaced artwork for Ivan, Jack Ryan
- Added UnitClass Hero (Heavy)
- Atlantean Mersolider has Hidden Nationality
- Bodhisattva now Buddhist UU, Shaolin Monk now Shambhalese LU
- Carpet Rider changed from Hero (Hovering) to Hero (Recon)
- Fixed Anubite pedia problem
- Fixed bug where Barbarians build Legendary Units
- Fixed bug where Pandava and Miles Gloriosus could not be built
- Hogwarts now adds all religions to its host city.
- New art for Mecha
- New music for Jack Ryan by cybrxkhan
- removed Enkidu
- Sherlock and Fu Manchu now Hero (Spy)
- SMERSH Agents now start with Respawn 2
- Wrote new concept pedia entries
- Wrote strategy for Legendary Units
- New pedia entries by myself, Dibukk and johnny139

A big thanks to The J for help with custom python functions, tsentom1 for his python wonders that I've adapted for the game, Dibukk, Moogi and johnny139 for helping me with the backstory, and to all the artists in the Civ4 community.


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Jun 12, 2003
I would suggest always including screenies in your initial post(s) to try and hook people. More info via spoiler tags is also handy.


Jan 26, 2006
Urgh, it's for 3.13 - I have 3.17 and it crashes. Not surprising, but I'd like to play it.

Any sign of an update to 3.17?


Feb 7, 2006
I've actually grown fond of the Blue Marble terrain graphics. I think I'll keep it in further updates.

Also, I'd really appreciate any feedback on the mod at all. I'm wide open to suggestions.

I'd also like help if you're adept with python or SDK; my plans for the mod currently exceed my programming abilities.


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Jun 6, 2008
Moscow, Russia
If you want to include something named "Fearless Leader" in russian language, then correct word would be "Besstrashniy". Though I fail to see who is that, sounds very alien and not really fits.

If you need some extracts from russian folklore, then here we are:

Ivan-durak (Ivan the Fool): village fool who is always terribly lucky, gains assistance of various strong powers and triumphs in the end, getting kingdom and princess. Good guy.

Levsha (Lefthander): genius crafter, who was able to shoe (as in horseshoe) the flea. Industrous, good guy.

Koschei bessmertniy (Koschei the Immortal): something close to modern fantasy lich, very old and evil powerful feudal lord with immortality. Extremely bad guy.

I recommend to use english translations, because no one knows what the hell is "bessmertniy", but everyone understands what is the "immortal". Exception may be in Levsha case.

If you want some of trash-communistic flavour, then just use Stalin with possible rename into "Otets narodov" (Father of Nations), most common euphemism during his cult of personality.

Just trying to help :)


Feb 7, 2006
"Fearless Leader" is from Rocky and Bullwinkle. I don't speak a word of Russian, so I just used Babelfish. Forgive my ignorance :)

I'm familiar with Koschei the Immortal (sometimes Koschei the Deathless, right?). I was thinking about using him in a quest; Koschei appears, find Buyan, kill his soul and all that.

But this is all great stuff. Thanks for the input!


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Aug 2, 2007
My humble suggestions:

-Jack Ryan for Leader of the US!
-The lost city of Tanis and the Ark of the Covenent as Wonders
(think Raiders of the Lost Ark)
-Acatore as a wonder
-Paranormal happenings as events (just a joke!)
-The Ancient Olympics as a wonder
-Odessyus as a Greek Leader
-Romules and Remules as Roman leaders (sorry, don't know how to spell their names)
-Arnold the Govenator as an American or Austrian leader (you could style him as a T-800)
-(An) Alien Civ(s) **COUGH*The Covenent*COUGH**


Feb 7, 2006
Jack Ryan seems like a good suggestion. I might lose one of the other American leaders to make room for him.

I like the Ark of the Covenant, too. I've already been planning a Holy Grail wonder using Petra as the wonder art (since that's where they shot the last scenes in Last Crusade).

I already have Odysseus as a hero, and Romulus and Remus as one leader (how often do you see them apart from each other, really?)

You'll have to tell me more about Acatore, and be a bit more specific about "paranormal events".
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