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BTS Mac Hall of Fame, also no disc question


Nov 8, 2005
Seattle, WA, USA
Hi, I've been reading a lot of civ fanatics lately, and playing a bunch of BtS since I got it for my birthday. I was wondering if there was a BtS HoF mod for macs, since following the link in AlanH's sig got me only warlords and original, and the Buffy seems to be a .exe

Also I installed 3.19 today, but it still pops up the "your disk is not in the drive" prompt if it's not in. Does anyone know about this?

Yes, there is a MacBUFFY. Please note that, because the Mac version of Civ4/BtS doesn't support custom DLLs, it is not possible to provide the full range of features; and this also means that you cannot submit entries to the Hall of Fame competition that are played on a Mac.

Links to all the known mods for Civ4 are collected together in Flintlock's stickied Mac Modding Index in this forum.

The Mac version of BtS still requires the DVD at version 3.19. It is written by Aspyr, so they control the copy protection, not Firaxis.
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