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[BtS MOD] Wolfshanze 1850-1920 Enhancement Mod v2.0

I have tried reinstalling the game and the mod but nothing happened, the problem remains.
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This mod isn't supported any more. Play Legends of Revolution or WolfRevolution. See post 2671
FYI, it's me... Wolfshanze... had a LOT of real-life changes/issues that forced me to focus on other things... however, I can say with difinity, that this mod does still work, as intended and in its finished version and is quite stable, if (and it's an important IF), you play Civ IV BTS with version 3.17 of the game (and yes, i'm fully aware that 3.19 is the last patch for Civ IV BTS). The 3.17 BTS patch is still easily available on the web with a simple google search, and if you want to play the mod as it was and intended, it's quite stable (and on a modern system) doesn't have any issues with the high-polygon models. I still play the Wolshanze mod using the 3.17 patch and never have any stability or gameplay issues, it runs very smooth. Sorry I never updated it to 3.19, I know that would make more people happy, but life moved on for me, but it does still work quite well in 3.17 BTS.
Unfortunately, if it only works with 317 and not 319, that isn't very helpful, as most mods only work with 319. Since you can't have two versions on the same computer, people either have to play your mod and not the others, or not play your mod.
I'm not here to argue anything, there are some people that wish to play this mod, I simply stated what is required to play the mod, nothing else. Quite the contrary, my post is very helpful to those that DO WISH to play this mod.

Do to personal issues, I have not been able to continue to support this mod to 3.19, but many have come back long after I last previously posted wishing to play this mod and wondering how, I simply answered that question, that it is still possible for those that really wish to do so.

For those still interested, I have re-uploaded the file for download, so links are active once again:

For those wanting/needing v3.17 patch for BTS, it can be downloaded here:
I'm not here to argue anything,

Nor am I, just clarifying in case someone may think they can play it and other mods they may also have. As long as they are aware of the situation, they are free to do what they wish. My "not very helpful" was a poor choice of words on my part.
Fair enough! :)

The links are active again, if anyone still wants this old thing!
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