C2C Developer Podcast Interview


Oct 28, 2015
Barberton, Ohio
I'm starting a new podcast called "Stones to Starships" in which I pick a tech from C2C, discuss it with a guest, and speculate on how it might come about in an alternate timeline or another world. For my first episode, I'd like to interview one of the devs of C2C, and talk about Civilization, Civ4, Beyond the Sword, and C2C, discussing it in general to specific, and ending on the Tech Tree, to give folks an idea of what kind of topics the podcast will be covering. I've been looking and the closest thing I could find on YouTube to a C2C interview was one person's Let's Play where he fielded comments from a couple of the devs in a chatroom. I was hoping to do a Zoom chat with someone from here to get a more in-depth interview about the mod and its place among the Civ community. Would anyone be interested in participating in this?
I'd be interested for sure - it's just difficult to get time from me really. Maybe I could give you my booking link. What are we talking about like an hr or so?
Yeah, an hour is probably good. Let me know when you're available and I can try to find a time that's good for both of us. And let me know where to best contact you so I can send a Zoom link when the time comes.
what was it about lol ? the future of the mod ? monetization ?
Oh we talked mostly about how the mod came to be. A little about current focus.
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