Can I delete Warlords now?


Jun 20, 2006
I have installed BTS now, so I am wondering if I can safely delete warlords to free some space on my computer now, or is BTS depended on some files from Warlords?

And btw, if someone knows, how do I change carriers to be able to carry 4-5 planes instead of three? I done it before but am not quite shore how.

Thanks :)
Beyond the Sword is a stand alone Expantion. You don't need Warlords for it to run, so you can get rid of it if you need to free up space/don't like it anymore.
Actually this is not quite true. BtS DOES need parts of the Warlords files - but it installs them as a mock "Warlords" install if you don't have Warlords installed. So if you remove Warlords now it is likely you will need to uninstall and reinstall BtS... It does not need Warlords as such though so you can get rid of most of it - just be prepared for some more hassle then you thought ;)
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