Change of government in the declaration of peace and the battle of ideologies


Mar 3, 2019
Hi everyone.

Recently, an interesting idea came to my mind. I thought in what direction the game in the war for excellence can be diversified. And then I remembered the period of the Cold War.

In the game, you can declare war on ideology. However, as a result, such wars do not make sense (with the exception of the claims). What I want to offer: when concluding peace, now one of the options for repayment will be the tab: take the form of an opponent’s government. Thus in the world it will be possible to arrange a real battle of ideologies. In this case, it will be possible to influence the government of other players (I remind you that AI does not like other people's governments).

Now let's talk about the details. Alas, I do not understand programming and do not know how everything in the game works at the code level, but in my imagination everything should look like this:

1. The ability to call for a change of government is available with Ideology technology.
2. A change in the government of the loser will take place even if that Government is not open.
3. Having changed the government, it cannot be changed within 10-15 moves.
4. Change of government for AI should be equivalent to surrender (in the original game, surrender can be considered as the legitimization of occupied territories and payment of tribute).
5. Well, of course, the panel should not appear if the players have the same government.
Maybe I missed something. Please write what you think about this and I would be very glad if someone took up such work.
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