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[RD] Sources of Support for Benjamin Netanyahu's Government


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Aug 12, 2006
The purpose of this thread is to list companies which indirectly supported Benjamin Netanyahu's election campaigns and/or which indirectly support the war effort of Benjamin Netanyahu's Government. On-topic messages will be messages which add additional companies and which supply credible links that provide evidence about these companies being such indirect supporters.

This thread aims to be neutral. The thread's purpose is to allow either of the sides to use their money (or to use their data, for companies that use data as a revenue source). If you support Benjamin Netanyahu and his government, you should consider contributing to these companies. If you do not support Benjamin Netanyahu and his government, you should consider boycotting these companies.

Please do not discuss your opinions. Please do not discuss stories of your history or of your future plans of supporting or of not supporting these companies, since such discussions can easily destroy the neutrality of this thread. Please do not discuss other topics, such as the war itself. I am adding the [RD] text because of these extra requirements on the thread, in an effort to keep the topic focused. Please use other threads to discuss other topics, such as discussing the latest news about the war in the following thread:

However, it is okay to mention companies which are indirectly supporting the war efforts, since using one's money (or using one's data, for the Surveillance Capitalist companies on the list) to support or to boycott such companies is one way to peacefully and non-violently choose a side in the war.

In Israel, foreigners can contribute to primary elections but not to general elections. [1] For example, for the 2014 primaries, 90% of political campaign contributions to Netanyahu came from the US. [1]

Some of these companies simply act as sources of wealth for the individuals or families which have contributed to Benjamin Netanyahu's campaigns. Since the individuals or families profit from their companies, and thus their disposable income may be directly affected by the profits or losses of these companies, your support of or your boycotting of these companies can send an economic message representing your chosen side.

It is quite possible that you simply have no interaction with some of these companies; simply ignore the companies on the list with which you have no interaction.

Companies will be listed in alphabetical order.

Alphabet / Google [3] [4]
Amazon [3] [4]
American Eagle Outfitters fashion [1] [2]
Christian Lacroix, the French fashion design house [1]
DSW shoes [1]
Duty Free Americas airport shops [1] [2]
Franklin Mint, a private mint in Philadelphia that produces collectible coins and medallions [1]
McDonald's [6]
Meta / Facebook [5]
Microsoft [7]
Perry Ellis brand fragrances' and cosmetics' distribution license [1]

[1] https://www.independent.co.uk/news/...ling-israel-s-benjamin-netanyahu-9966074.html
Ninety per cent of funds for PM's primary contest came from US

[2] https://www.buzzfeednews.com/article/sheerafrenkel/meet-the-american-families-bankrolling-netanyahus

[3] https://www.eurasiareview.com/22032022-how-google-and-amazon-help-israel-sustain-its-apartheid-oped/
$1.2 billion contract between Google, Amazon Web Services, and Tel Aviv that provides cloud services for the Israeli military and government

[4] https://www.theguardian.com/technol...-gaza-israel-military-contract-project-nimbus

[5] https://www.hrw.org/report/2023/12/...ic-censorship-palestine-content-instagram-and
Human Rights Watch identified six key patterns of... censorship

[6] https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2024/2/6/israels-war-on-gaza-are-boycotts-hurting-us-brands
McDonald’s... Israel branch gave thousands of free meals to Israeli troops in October

[7] https://www.businessinsider.com/microsoft-war-over-israel-hamas-gaza-war-satya-nadella-2023-11
Microsoft... offered to match employee donations to Israeli organizations, including the nonprofit Friends of the Israel Defense Forces
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I came across of a well-researched list of companies profiting from Netanyahu's Government in the current conflict.

Remember, this thread is meant to be neutral.

Some of these companies are private companies, and many of the companies do not make sales to consumers.

However, a partial list of the companies are publically traded.

For those who would like to demonstrate financial support for Netanyahu's Government, you can consider investing in these companies or investing in mutual funds which have holdings in these companies.

For those who would like to withhold support for these companies, if you are already someone who is an investor in such a company or in a mutual fund which has holdings in one or more of these companies, you may consider selling your shares or your mutual funds. Since many people may not be active investors, then there may be no action for them to take regarding investments.

The following list, unfortunately, has biased wording, which explicitly calls for divesting (selling) these investments. However, I believe that the list can equally be used for investing if one is willing to ignore the wording with which one does not agree:

The larger list also includes privately-held companies. To use the larger list, a possible idea is that you may consider your possible future employment choices. Please do not make sarcastic comments about how such a situation would never apply to you; if the information in the list does not apply to you, then simply go on about your day.

If you would like to demonstrate support for Netanyahu's Government, you might consider applying for jobs at these companies.

If you would like to withhold your support, you might consider avoiding applying for jobs at these companies.

Here is the larger list of companies:

Do note that this American Friends Service Committee (AFSC) website is hosted on Amazon Web Services. This fact may offer a minor bit of bias in the list, since Amazon is not in the main list of companies and only appears as a footnote under the Google / Alphabet entry. Interestingly, a link from the larger list which discusses Amazon is on an AFSC sub-domain, and that sub-domain is not hosted on Amazon Web Services. This sub-domain really does give some details about Amazon's support for Netanyahu's Government's, along with other Amazon projects, and while the wording is once again biased, the link does provide information that either of the sides may find interesting to read:
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