Chieftain of the Month-suggested for beginners instead of GOTM


Dec 25, 2001
#1's settings
Other Civs:all
Map:huge Pangaea 60%
Barbarians:villages only
Temp, Climate, Age:standard
saves needed:10 A.D. and 2049 A.D.
File formats allowed in order of preference:imp, zip
The impped save game and the zipped save game are located at . If this address is too long, paste in in the address section of your browser. My e-mail is
The Chieftain of the Month site is located at .
Suggestion: Don't play on huge maps. Most people's games go very slow on them.
Cool, I was gonna give the next game of a month a try but I think I will try this first:goodjob:
Since this thread has fallen so far and it is the start of the month, I thought I would raise it in the forum and remind everyone that Chieftain of the Month #1 ends on April 1st. Also, a message to the GOTM people, why did you steal the civ COTM was using? Also, the civ2 version was posted about 20 minutes back.
they have decided like 5 month ago which civ would play when...
Hmm, what if we expanded on this? We could make unofficial Warlord and Regent of the month games as well. People could use these to train for the official GOTM. Personally, I've been playing Cheiftain for a while, and I'm ready for Warlord, but i just get KILLED playing monarch. If we had a couple unofficial training GOTMs, I think people like me would be able to really compete in the GOTM.

Would anyone play a warlord or regent of the month game?
@Pearman: I'd like to play warlord/regent. Monarch is too hard, warlord is pretty decent, and regent is a challenge for me.
I would really like a warlord or regent game - Chieftain is too hard but I struggle with Monarch also.
In the Civ 3 COTM, the scoring and ranking will be done by my own review of the game, not the game score because I believe there are flaws in the games scores.
No offense or anything, but I don't think that you scoring the games would be a very good idea. It would make it too easy to manipulate the scores, I mean, there has to be some factual thing there for how you did, not just how you think they did.
I agree with Pearman. The scores should be based upon the scores given at the end of the game. There should also be bonuses for types of wins (Like first histographic etc." I like how the GOTM is set up in scoring.;)
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