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Game of the Month #2 is HERE!!!

Here is the powergraph from my game.Notice the impressive Viking line.This the best I've ever seen an ai do on the PG.On any level.
Well I'm done too. Reached Alpha Centauri in 1796... Almost 300 years after the date I had been aiming for, but oh well. I hadn't played King in ages; it was a nice change of pace. But still, can we stick to Emperor or higher for upcoming GOTMs?

I realize that some people are not up to that level yet, but if the aim of GOTM is to trade stories & strategies, then I think playing a harder game, where not everyone finishes, would be a nice way for all of us to improve our strategies, no?

The only strategy I practiced in GOTM 2 was quick expansion and score-management. Not that my score ended up being very stellar ...
First Post....
And bad news to start. My feeble horseman got wiped out in a sleazy sneak attack by the cursed English. Also found a nasty goodie hut that wiped out TWO of my fledgling towns with Barbs. But I promised to play the GOTM out completely, and I'm slowly beginning to spread the virus that is called the Mongols across the world. MTF

It takes a big man to cry, but it takes a bigger man to laugh at THAT man.
I agree, let the game be harder, I would love to pay a medium deity map with 7 civs=)
Then we'll see who can really play this game.

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No no no!!!
We aren't playing the GotM so that that best of the best can play against each others - the GotM was made so that a lot of Fanatics could play against each others and measure their skills!!! To ever make a GotM on Deity level would be to exclude 9/10 of the people in this forum!!!
Keep it on Prince/King/Emperor to make it fun and "challenging" for most of us!!

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I think after a few of these,many players will want to play a deity game on occassion as their skills and knowledge increase.
OK, how about we stick to Emperor then? I'll grant that Deity might be too hard for 9/10, but surely 50% or so of us can hold our own at Emperor? The other 50% can try it out, and maybe pick up a few tricks. I think there are a lot of people out there who think they cant't survive at that level because once they tried it and got unlucky or whatever, but I honestly can't believe that people can continue to have fun at Prince after playing it once or twice. And in my opinion, King level is for beginners with some experience. Let's make Emperor the standard for the GOTM, so we have some REAL tales to tell!

Look, what's the purpose of comparing strategies, etc? To improve our game, right? So I don't mind if I get blasted in a couple of GOTMs, as long as I can see where others went right. If everyone, or even most, always finish, there's not as much to talk about is there?? Less feeling of achievement too, don't you think?
For discussions on the future direction of GOTM, please join Håkan's <u>"GOTM #3: Idea"</u> topic.
Originally posted by shadowdale:
I know that it equal for everybody, but I really hate the accelerated start-up!!!
But the good thing about the game is that we are playing an a LARGE map, and King should make it easier for most of us.

I just have one question, you say that the horseman could go back to the undefended city of Tabritz!!!!! Are you telling us that we are going to play the MONGOLS????????????????????
Damn damn damn - they are almost as bad as the Zulu's!!!!! Please Thunderfall promise me that you won't make a GotM where we play the Zulu's!!!!

<IMG SRC="http://forums.civfanatics.com/ubb/snipersmilie.gif" border=0>

in my deity game that is who got the workshop so i will have to take out there capital.
It's okay to kill then, just not to play them!!!!!
I take a Zulu city when ever I get the chance....

die die die evil scum!!!!!

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One of my favorite games recently I played as the Zulus, so I wouldn't mind playing them in a GOTM. Go ahead, Matrix. Do it.

Zulus, Zulus, Zulus
Originally posted by Leowind:
One of my favorite games recently I played as the Zulus, so I wouldn't mind playing them in a GOTM. Go ahead, Matrix. Do it.
Thunderfall will keep making the GOTM's.
Originally posted by Leowind:
Zulus, Zulus, Zulus <IMG SRC="http://forums.civfanatics.com/ubb/devil.gif" border=0> <IMG SRC="http://forums.civfanatics.com/ubb/devil.gif" border=0>
You say it as if you're a racist.

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Not racist, just needling the Zulu-hating crowd a little (wouldn't that imply that They are the racist ones? just kidding)
One good thing about playing as the Zulus is you don't have to put up with their shananigans.
All this talk of being racist because of the civs we don't like, I almost expect someone to say "Some of my best friends are Zulus!"

There are some who call me...Tim
the problem with playing anything other than deity is that it is just to damn repititious and boring
You might think so, but there are lots of others who don't agree with you, manly because they aren't ready to play Deity yet, and therefore want to improve their skills before they test them on Deity!!!
The GotM should not be on Deity, a lot of newbies wouldn't want to participate because of their low score on the highest level, or because they are sure that they will get beaten by the AI!!

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I don't care what level the game is played on, just so long as the map is playable! Gotm#1 had an awful map. This latest one was really playable. Can't wait to see how bad I did in the rankings. . .
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