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Game of the Month #2 is HERE!!!

I"m pumped. Can't wait to get home and download tonight. Don't know when I'll have time to play, but I'll do my best. I actually had trouble getting to sleep last night mulling over what my first move will be: attack Nottingham or defend Tabritz? hummmm........
I am downloading right now!

But hey, it's only the 28 feb. now. It says that the next GOTM starts the 1 marsh.

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Last game was at Emperor and this one is at King! How do you feel about that?

This is my cool book:
John Valdez, vladmir_illych_lenin, Thunderfall, shadowdale, stormerne, Stellar Converter
Let's see whether I can conquer the world this time... Advise to myself: be a bit more decisive.

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Yeah, a bit tougher is better. I'm at 1000ad now, and expect to finish soon. Maybe we can have a couple of GOTMs in the future? Maybe King, Emperor and Deity levels?
finished in 980 AD...i think i could have done it a lot sooner, but the only times i played this one were between 2 and 5 AM =)
Great Galloping Gonads, kaak! 980?? I'm in 1300 now, and still hunting Chinese and Vikings!! To make matters worse, everyone switched to Democracy, so my shopping spree is now over... Maybe if I rush it, I could get into space by 1500. Maybe.

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I have also finished winning by spaceship after playing the "isolated perfectionist".

highlight-bribing an English trireme near the end.It was nuclear powered with Magellans and could move 6 spaces.I'd like to see a reactor on a trireme<IMG SRC="http://forums.civfanatics.com/ubb/wink.gif" border=0>

The Viking ai did very well for the ai with 28 cities and an impressive powergraph.

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Just a few days ago I conquered the world on deity for the first time. Perhaps you could crank the difficulty up a notch in the next GOTM? Looking forward to play though
Well last month the GotM was on Emperor level, and there where a few people that said they would rather wait because they couldn't compete on that level. I think that prince and king are probably the best levels with perhaps the occational Emperor and maybe even a Warlord game. But Deity and Chieftain are not the best of choices for the GotM!!
There are lots of other ways to make the GotM difficult!! Try the last one Corona10, it was pretty hard and there where a few people that didn't make it!!

BTW it isn't really the level that matters, it's how well you play it.

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I'm in 400 AD and I haven't atacked anyone I'm expanding like crazy and I just met the Vikings (Who are second to me) and the Japs. I'm going to kill the vikings. Going to take a while but I got a big tech lead. The English are still hanging in there. I haven't really made any advances on them yet. Went for expansion instead of war. The barbs ended up taking one of my cities But now they can pester the vikings on one side while I bombard the other.

I'm not doing as well as I would like....but it's still going well.

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Originally posted by CornMaster:
I'm in 400 AD and I haven't atacked anyone

It must be a Canadian thing. I'm at 1675AD and have yet to attack any cities. One of my spies picked up a city, cheap, but that was all.

I have been having entirely too much fun building Wonders so I'm probably way behind where I should be. But the game will change as soon as I get Howitzers!
Corona10, please no spoilers, like describing how big a land mass is, without at least a warning. Thanks

190 AD, English perished ages ago (and still spotless rep ), but feel like I got behind on exploring. We'll see how the rest goes.

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Originally posted by Leowind:
Corona10, please no spoilers, like describing how big a land mass is, without at least a warning. Thanks

I am ever so sorry. It just came out without intent. My appologies
Well I've just started GOTM #2, and it's going great.

By the year 350 BCE, the glorious Mongul civilization has cleansed the Earth of the evil English vermin, has built the Colossus (though not at its Thunderfall origin), has built the Pyramids, has 9 flourishing cities and is beginning to grace the rest of the world with its expanding presence.

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Two days later and no one's answered!
I guess that means that everyone's doing well.

GOTM #2 is a very interesting game for one reason, namely that you could choose one of several quite different strategies and each would do well. To some extent it's a random choice at the start, and you find out later whether it was the best or not. So I reckon there'll be quite a few who finish very quickly.

Me? Well in order to justify the strategy I chose, I'll need to finish late. At the moment in my game it's 1330 CE, and Comrade Genghis Khan is leading the illustrious Mongol Empire to certain victory, with his 61 cities out numbering the whole of the rest of the world's 57.
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