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Civ 5 Confirmed Features

Discussion in 'Civ5 - General Discussions' started by bite, Feb 26, 2010.

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  1. bite

    bite Unoffical Civilization Geographer Moderator

    Jun 20, 2004
    So well then lets step away from speculation and see what has actually been confirmed through the screen shots (Note, I'll only be adding stuff here that has been released and/or confirmed by Firaxis/2K Games/Civfanatics)
    Purchase Options


    Standard Edition
    - Civ 5 Game

    Collectors Edition
    - Civ 5 Game
    - 5 metal figurines based on units from Civilization V (manufactured by Reaper Miniatures)
    - 2 disc CD soundtrack of game score selections
    - DVD “Behind the Scenes at Firaxis on Civilization V”
    - 176 page hardcover art book


    Standard Edition
    - Civ 5 Game
    - Cradle of Civilization Map Pack: Mesopotamia (preorder only)

    Deluxe Edition

    - Civ 5 Game
    - Plus also get the bonus Babylon Civilization with leader "Nebuchadnezzar II"
    - Behind the Scenes at Firaxis with Civ V video feature
    - Game Soundtrack
    - Cradle of Civilization Map Pack: Mesopotamia (preorder only)

    Game Content

    CIV's/Leaders/Special Ability 18 of 18 Civilizations confirmed

    Spoiler :
    America /George Washington / Manifest Destiny
    Arabia / Harun al-Rashid / Trade Caravans
    Aztec / Montezuma / Sacrificial Captives
    China / Wu Zetian / Art of War
    Egypt / Ramesses II / Monument Builders
    England / Elizabeth I / Sun Never Sets
    France / Napoleon Bonaparte / Ancien Regime
    Germany / Otto Von Bismark / Furor Teutonicus
    Greece / Alexander / Hellenic League
    India / Gandhi / Population Growth
    Iroquois / Hiawatha / The Great Warpath
    Japan / Oda Nobunaga / Bushido
    Ottoman / Suleiman / Barbary Corsairs
    Persia / Darius / Archaemenid Legacy
    Rome / Augustus Caesar / The Glory of Rome
    Russia / Catherina / Siberian Riches
    Siam / Ramkhamhaeng / Father Governs Children
    Songhai / Askia / River Warlord

    [Steam Special Addition Bonus]

    Babylon/Nebuchadnezzar II

    Each leader has a personality made from a combination of several different 'flavours' along a ten point scale, each game the impact that a certain flavour has over this civ can be +/- two points , allowing for a different experience each game. For example Russia may have a score of 8 for their expansion flavour but at the start of the game the actual score could be any where from 6 to 10. (PCZone)

    The 25 flavours are grouped into several categories including Wide Strategy, Military preferences, Recon, Naval recon, Naval growth, Expansion, Growth, Development preferences (PCZone)

    Wonders/City Buildings


    Spoiler :
    The Hagia Sofia of Constantinople/Istanbul, Turkey
    The Pyramids of Giza, Egypt (possibly gives free Granaries)
    The Hanging Gardens of Babylon, Iraq
    The Oracle of Delphi, Greece
    Shakespeare's Amphitheatre (The Globe Theatre) of London, Great Brittan and Northern Ireland (not known yet if this has been upgraded to a full wonder or is still a national wonder)
    The Colossus of Rhodes, Greece
    The Sistine Chapel of Vatican City, Holy See
    the city of Chichen Itza, Mexico

    General Buildings
    Spoiler :

    City Walls - Gives Defence bonus, as well as allowing a ranged attack
    Harbour - Links City with Capital, 25% increased production of Naval Units
    Lighthouse - +1 (food) from Water tiles

    Specialist Buildings

    Spoiler :

    Unique Buildings

    Spoiler :
    Mud Pyramid Mosque - Songhai Unique Building
    Wat -Saim Unique building
    Krepost - Russian Unique Building
    Satrap’s Court - Persian Unique Building
    Longhouse - Iroquois Unique Building
    Burial Tomb -Egyptian Unique Building
    Paper Maker - Chinese Unique Building
    Floating Gardens - Aztec Unique Building
    Bazaar - Arabic Unique Building
    Mughal Fort - Indian Unique Building

    Units and Combat

    Unit Behaviour

    Now only one each type of unit (Millitary/Naval/Economic)hex, this includes cities

    However, some unit types, like Air & Missile unit will be allowed stack on one tile allowing Aircraft Carriers and Missile Subs. (Strana Igr)

    Units move 2 Hexs during combat as a base (GamerPro)

    Ranged bombardment

    You will be able to swap a unit out with one next to it during battle (IGN)

    Units will take longer to produce than previous civilizations and as well as this they will eventually come to have upkeep costs associated with them potentially reducing the number of units you can maintain at one time. (Gamespot)

    veterancy from Civ4 will be in Civ5 (Gamespot)

    Units are no longer destroyed if they lose a battle
    (The Escapist)

    Combat Modifiers

    Spoiler :
    Great general nearby
    Adjacent unit
    Terrain penalty.
    Bonus against armoured units

    Land Units

    Spoiler :
    Pikemen (Movement 2, Strength 10)
    Longswordsmen (Movement 2, Strength 16)
    Musketmen (Movement 2, Strength 16)
    Riflemen (Movement 2, Strength 25)
    Cavalry (Movement 3, Strength 25)
    Anti-Tank Gun (Movement 2, Strength 32)
    Tank (Movement 4, Strength 50)
    Mechanized Infantry

    Ranged Units

    Spoiler :
    Trebuchet (Movement 2, Strength 6, Ranged Attack 20)
    Cannon (Movement 2, Strength 10, Ranged Attack 26)

    Air Units

    Spoiler :
    Helicopter Gunship (Movement 6, Strength 50)

    Naval Units

    Spoiler :
    Frigate (Movement 7, Strength 30, Ranged Attack 15)
    Destroyer (Movement 8, Strength 60, Ranged Attack 30)
    Battleship (Movement 5, Strength 100, Ranged Attack 50)

    Missile Units

    Spoiler :
    Nuclear Missile

    Civilian Units

    Spoiler :
    Settlers - Created only if the city exceeds various thresholds of population
    Great People

    Unique Units

    Spoiler :
    B17 - American Unique Unit
    Minutemen - American Unique Unit
    Camel Archers - Arabic Unique Unit
    Jaguar Warriors - Aztec Unique Unit
    Cho-Ko-Nue - Chinese Unique Unit
    War Chariot - Egyptian Unique Unit
    Longbowmen - English Unique Unit
    Ship-of-the-Line - English Unique Unit
    Foreign Legion - French Unique Unit
    Musketeer (Movement 2, Strength 20) - French Unique Unit
    Landsknecht - German Unique Unit
    Panzer - German Unique Unit
    Champion Calvary - Greek Unique Unit
    Hoplite - Greek Unique Unit
    War Elephant - Indian Unique Unit
    Mohawk Warrior - Iroquois Unique Unit
    Samurai - Japanese Unique Unit
    Zero Fighter - Japanese Unique Unit
    Janissary - Ottoman Unique Unit
    Sipahi - Ottoman Unique Unit
    Immortal - Persian Unique Unit
    Ballista - Roman Unique Unit
    Legion - Roman Unique Unit
    Cossack - Russian Unique Unit
    Naresuan’s Elephant - Siamese Unique Unit
    Mandekalu Cavalry - Songhai Unique Unit
    Babylonian Bowmen - Babylonian Unique Unit [Steam Special Addition Bonus]

    There are no longer Troop Transports instead, units instantly transform into makeshift floating transports (PC PowerPlay)


    Barrage - + 25% ranged attack against rough terrain (Hills, Jungle, Forest) [Artillery]
    Accuracy - +25% ranged attack against open terrain (not Hills, Jungle, Forest) [Artillery]

    Resources/Terrains/Map Improvements

    Terrain Types

    Spoiler :
    Grassland - +2 Food
    Plains - +1 Hammer, +1 Food
    Forest - units can hide/recover in forests, rough terrain
    Jungle - rough terrain
    Hills - Provide defence to units on them, plains: +1 food, +2 hammer, rough terrain
    Coast - +1 food, +1 commerce
    Rivers - Affects defence/attack bonus when attacking across it, +1 Gold to surrounding tiles

    Natural Wonders

    These are unique features on the map which give a bonus to your civ's happiness when you find them and a continuing bonus if you found a city near them

    Known Natural Wonders:
    Old Faithful in Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, USA
    The Great Barrier Reef in Queensland, Australia - As it expands across two tiles it gives a bigger bonus than usual

    Luxury Resources
    Spoiler :

    Ivory (Elephants)

    One Luxury Resources is enough for your entire Empire (IGN)

    Strategic Resources
    Spoiler :

    Horses +2 hammer, +1 commerce

    One strategic resources will only allow you to build a limited supply of units that require that resource i.e. one Iron will allow about 5 units bases on Iron IGN

    Other Resources

    Spoiler :
    Bananas +2 food, +1 commerce

    Map Improvements/Features

    Spoiler :
    Farms - Can be built on Hills
    Pastures - Used to get access to Horses, Cattle
    Camps - Used to accesses Ivory, Deer and Fur
    Roads - Now cost maintenance each turn
    Plantation - Used to get access to Bananas
    Trading Post - Increased gold output of map titles

    Ancient Ruins


    Spoiler :

    Ancient Ruins (Goody Huts) will be making a return to Civ , some of the things you can find in them incude:
    Ancient treasure which provides gold to your civilization.
    A map of the surrounding area.
    Weapons upgrades. The unit which enters the tile is upgraded to a more advanced unit (a warrior might become a spearman, for example)
    Survivors from the earlier civilization. They move to one of your cities, increasing its population by one.
    A one-time boost to your culture.
    On the easier difficulty levels, ruins can also provide you with free settlers and workers - 2k Greg

    Technologies & Research


    With a gold down-payment two nations can create a joint research project (Computer Bild Spiele) that gives the players a 15% bonus to research output. (VGChartz)

    Ancient Era Techs
    Spoiler :
    Animal Husbandry
    Calendar - Needed to see Cotton
    Writing - Unlocks research pacts
    Trapping - Can Construct Camps, Trading Post
    The Wheel
    Masonry - Allows construction of Walls
    Bronze Working

    Classical Era Techs

    Spoiler :
    Horseback Riding
    Iron Working

    Medieval Era Techs

    Spoiler :
    Civil Service
    Metal Casting

    Other Techs

    Spoiler :
    Printing Press
    Gun Powder

    Cities/Culture/Social Policy


    Cities spread 3 tiles out instead of two
    Boarders now only expand at one hex at a time and more difficult terrain will take more time to claim (Swedish PC Gamer). You can use Gold to sped up this process, but that may bring you into conflict with surrounding Civs. GamerNode

    You can also use culture points to 'buy' tiles Gamespy

    Cities now defend themselves with a set of 'Hitpoints' that need to be taken down to zero before a city can be captured. Units can still help defend cities but instead of just garrisoning inside the city as in previous games, they merge with the city and 'boost' the cities hitpoints. GamerNode

    Culturally different City designs Arabic/Asian/African/European and American Confirmed
    There will be "game-specific disadvantages" in having two cities too close together(Gamespot)
    When you occupy a city you can form a Puppet-State, This means that you reap the benefits of its research, culture and gold but don't get a say in what it produces (PC PowerPlay)

    Social Policy New

    There are a total of ten social policy trees that you can unlock.

    Within each of these spheres are individual policies that you nation can unlock.

    Once you have progressed along these policies enough you will unlock the Culture Victory by being able to unlock the Utopia project.

    These policies are unlocked by using Culture


    Spoiler :
    Aristocracy - +33 percent bonus to building wonders









    Diplomacy and City States

    Diplomacy Options

    Spoiler :
    Open Borders
    Defensive Pact
    Research Agreement
    Cities (trade?)
    other player options (don't know what this is yet)
    strategic resources (trade)
    luxury resources (trade)

    Puppet States

    Spoiler :
    Puppet governments can be created when you occupy a city rather than you taking direct control

    This gives your civ all of the resources of that city (gold, culture and science) but you cannot direct its production. [The Escapist]

    There also is less chance of revolt

    City States

    There are three typs of City States: cultured, maritime, or militaristic

    The City States that have been confirmed are Singapore [Singapore], Rio de Janeiro [Brazil], Budapest [Hungry], Florence, Venice [Italy], Sidon [Lebanon] and Geneva [Switzerland]

    The cities states will not grow large nor will they compete to win the game like regular civs.The player must choose if he is to be friendly, indifferent or hostile towards a city state. [Swedish PC Gamer]

    Provides diplomatic and economic bonuses if pursued correctly, potentially more than what you could get if you took over the city. (IGN) these bonuses depend on what type of city they are for instance a militaristic City State may give you units like a warrior.

    One way to get the favour of City States you must undertake 'missions' for them, like:
    Defending them from barbarians
    giving the people knowledge of Natural Wonders
    Helping them in defending themselves from another civilization

    City States also have their own tech tree's (1Up)

    The UN New

    All members only get One vote each

    City States can Vote in the UN


    Barbarians come from "encampments," which may spring up in any neutral space that cannot be seen by a civilization's city or unit. Every few turns the encampment will create another barbarian unit which will make a beeline for the nearest civilization and start causing trouble. The only way to stop this is to find the encampment and destroy it. [2K Greg]

    Barbarians will pump out units roughly level with the most advanced Civ and the only way to stop them is by destroying their defended encampment (you also get a gold bonus)

    Victory Types

    Domination Victory - You must conquer all of your enemies Capital Cities (IGN)
    Science Victory - Spaceship, Now, each spaceship part must physically be transported to the capital, so they’re vulnerable to enemy attack. [Gamestoge]
    Culture Victory - Once you have progressed far enough down the social policy trees you will unlock to option to build the Utopia Project
    Diplomacy Victory - Winning Votes in the UN


    Cradle of Civilization Map Pack: Mesopotamia [Steam Pre-Order Bonus]

    Other Information

    Civ 5 more moddable than Civ 4 (IGN)
    Advisors make their return to Civ 5 (IGN)
    Golden Ages are confirmed
    There will be Fog of War (Gamereactor) (time index 3:40)
    Religion has been altered from its role in Civ 4 however, it is not know in what form it will remain in the game

    Changes and/or Omissions from Previous Games

    No Technology Trading (Computer Bild Spiele)
    Espionage have been removed
    The gold/science/culture slider has been removed

    Game Design/Construction/Tech Features

    People in the Civ 5 production

    Jon Shafer - Lead design.
    Sid Meier - Director of Creative Development
    Dennis Shirk - Producer.
    Dorian Newcomb - Lead artist for Civ 5.
    Ed Beach - Lead AI programmer
    Chris Hickman - Lead animation.
    Dan Baker -Graphics lead
    Jonathan Tanner - Lead Network Programmer
    Michael Curran - Audio Lead
    Shaun Seckman - Modding Programmer
    Eric Jordan - Tools Programmer

    Required Specifications
    The game will have to be verified online through Steam on first installation


    Civ 5 Will have a more streamlined interface on the main screen (IGN)
    This will be augmented by an in game notification system that directs you to important issues on the map (Gamespot)


    AI now works on four levels, Tactical (unit battles), Operational (The entire War Front), Strategic (Manages the entire empire) and the Grand Strategic (how to win the game) (IGN)
    Once the Grand Strategic AI determines how they want to win the game, each of the other AI levels work in tandem to reach that end goal. This also allows for the most flexibility when dealing with the changing game.

    Multiplayer Information

    Multiplayer modes confirmed are hot seat, play-by-email, LAN, and online multiplayer (Tomshardware)

    Multiplayer will be provided by Steamworks


    The music will be biased around the four regions of the world, with peace and war music playing in tune to gameplay.
    Internal Architecture

    Civ 5 Contains a new graphic processing system new built from scratch for the game. (Tomshardware)

    The new graphics engine spawns numerous small jobs, which make more efficient use of multi-core CPUs as well as implementing a new message-passing architecture, in which the main game engine communicates with the graphics subsystem through messages. (Tomshardware)

    The game has been optimized for DirectX 11, benefiting players even if they do not have DirectX 11 capable hardware. (Tomshardware)

    Memory allocation has been completely discarded in Civ 5. (Tomshardware)

    For the first time in the series the game is being developed for dual core processors, with support for up too 8 threads. Big Download


    Computer Bild Spiele translated Here by Civinator
    Swedish PC Gamer translated Here by Danielos
    Gamepro Compiled Here by Dc82
    PC Jeux translated Here by Sindhforces
    IGN Preview posted Here by aftrubeliever85
    IGN Preview 2 posted Here by mrbee
    Gamespot Preview posted Here by V.Soma
    1up Preview posted Here by V.Soma
    Shacknews Preview Posted here by Thunderfall
    The Escapist Preview posted Here by Karramba
    Gamereactor Preview Video posted here by Thunderfall
    PC Gamer Blog Preview posted Here by Ddude97
    Tomshardware posted Here by Magic Cat
    PCZone preview posted here by V.Soma
    VGCharts Preview posted Here by Camikaze
    PC PowerPlay Preview posted here by Dale
    Big Download Preview posted Here by V.Soma
    GameNode Preview posted Here by V.Soma
    GameShark Preview posted Here by NeverMind
    Strana Igr interview posted here by Nevermind
    Steam Announcement posted Here by V.Soma
    Gamespot E3 preview Video
    Gametrailers E3 Interview

    Gamespy E3 Preview
    PC Gamer Review
    Gamestoge E3 Review
    The Escapist Magazine E3 Preview
    BBC Preview
    FactorNews E3 Preview

    as well as the keen eyes of Rexflex, Toddy, moopoo, Krikkitone, Ahriman, I tech faster , PseudoBohemian,impactblue, stealth_nsk, arkammler

    Special Thanks - 2K Elizabeth & 2K Greg

    as well as individual Screenshots that are linked accordingly

    if I have missed anything, or if new information is released please feel free to post it and I will update the list.

  2. mythmonster2

    mythmonster2 BEC NOIR! RUN!

    Jun 26, 2005
    Houston TX, Yeeeehaw!
    This is a nice endeavor. Perhaps this thread should be stickied so people can have an easy way to find everything in the game?
  3. lostcause

    lostcause Aim to Misbehave

    Mar 26, 2005
    North Idaho
  4. bestrfcplayer

    bestrfcplayer Steppin' up!

    Aug 3, 2009
    I agree with myth.
  5. Barking Iguana

    Barking Iguana Chieftain

    Jan 2, 2002
    Kendall Park (South Brunswick), NJ
    I doubt that picture of "Washington" is any American. More likely Frederick the Great.
  6. Elian

    Elian Chieftain

    Apr 25, 2005
    Honestly I think the Vikings make sense as a launch Civ in this game more than any other Civ game. Based on what has been confirmed so far, as well as their opening statements, (and the movie), the Vikings are a Civ that emphasizes in unique military strategy, which seems to be a large focus of design effort in this Civ game so far.

    Still speculative, but I think it's there's a pretty good chance to see a Vikings opener.
  7. ZachScape

    ZachScape Chieftain

    Aug 26, 2008
    New York
    Frederick the Great was a chubby old guy during the prime of his rule. Although it would make more sense to be Washington, the picture looks like Jefferson.
  8. chips2150

    chips2150 Chieftain

    Mar 3, 2008
    Marburg, Germany
    The sequence concerning Istanbul (with it's several minarets) could also point to the Byzantine/Ottoman Civilization, which would be comprehensible choices.
    To me the last part of the video appears to be some kind of yurt settlement, so maybe the Mongols will return? Would be a sensible choice as another important, aggressive nation.

    Oh well, to unprecise I guess..
  9. Hypernova

    Hypernova Chieftain

    Feb 25, 2010
    Surrey, UK
    Well it didn't strike me as Washington at first, but actually it looks very similar to this portrait of him but less like this portrait of Jefferson. It may just be that the popular view of what Washington looked like is mistaken.
  10. Loppan Torkel

    Loppan Torkel Chieftain

    Feb 21, 2004
    Hexagons is a pretty important, confirmed feature that's missing in the list. Perhaps also unstackable units too, if it's confirmed.
  11. Beardy Dan

    Beardy Dan Chieftain

    Aug 4, 2009
    I'm not 100% sure of that, look 2 tiles up from the bottom left, looks more rocky than grain to me. Actually it reminds me more of the funngs from SMAC but i highly doubt thats in game. :mischief:

    Oh and WTH is the bottom left tile supposed to be, its not like any coastal tile but appears to have waves? :confused:
  12. NotSoGood

    NotSoGood Chieftain

    Jan 25, 2009
    Mayby it's some kind of tundra/rock. :dunno: I think it looks like the mountains at the top.
  13. Beardy Dan

    Beardy Dan Chieftain

    Aug 4, 2009
    Doh, your right it's identical to the non-snowy mountains up top. We have now confirmed different types of mountains though. :D
  14. The_J

    The_J Say No 2 Net Validations Retired Moderator Supporter

    Oct 22, 2008
    Germany / Netherlands
    Too much rumors in this thread ;).
    If you look at the civilization 4 box, you would guess, that the sphinx is in as a wonder, but it isn't.
    Also official links are missing.

    If this goes on here in that way (all around, i mean), i'll just translate the german overview thread into english.
  15. bite

    bite Unoffical Civilization Geographer Moderator

    Jun 20, 2004
    that section looks like part of the Wonder Movie for the Hagia Sofia (one of the screenshots released from firaxis is a still shot of that section)

    Quite possible but it was not clear enough to confirm

    As i stated I think it is clear that the section of a city (Istambul) panning up to the Hagia Sofia is part of its wonder movie. Thus considering the similar length and content, I feel it is safe to say that the section panning around The Sphinx and The Pyramids is also their or one of their wonder movie. While it is most likely for the Pyramids I feel it would be premature to narrow it down any further without confirmation.
  16. The_J

    The_J Say No 2 Net Validations Retired Moderator Supporter

    Oct 22, 2008
    Germany / Netherlands
    But you can't say, that these things are facts ;).
    If you look at the BtS intro movie, you could say, that the Washington Monument is sure in BtS...but it isn't. You could also say, that there's sure an american civil war mod in BtS...but it isn't.
    I also would not state something from the pictures as fact. It's not confirmed, and can be changed every time by the designers.
  17. Herrhals

    Herrhals Chieftain

    Sep 23, 2009
    its the human wave.
  18. dwaxe

    dwaxe is not a fanatic

    Aug 11, 2007
    The Internet
    I would say India, Greece, and China shall also be in ciV because there are quotes from their leaders in the trailer.
  19. Souron

    Souron The Dark Lord

    Mar 9, 2003
    Suggests that coast and ocean are separate terrain types, likely the two types of water tiles. This means that like civ IV there will be units that can only travel on coast, and others on ocean, and no third range for ships as in civ iii.
  20. bite

    bite Unoffical Civilization Geographer Moderator

    Jun 20, 2004
    I have updated this thread with information released in the recent round of Gaming publications
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