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of Portugal
Mar 4, 2023
Hello, I decided that I wanted to make a Civ 7 wishlist because I'm bored, it goes from most to least wanted, I'm only including my most wanted though.

1. Better World Events
Currently the only random world event (not including ai choices,) which is natural disasters, but I'd want there to be more randomness to the game which can harm you, not affect you but affect others, or help you. For example "Major upgrades to marketplaces in Portugal have made a very strong economy." This would increase gold per turn by 15-20% and give +4 gold for trade routes connected to Portugal. (6 gold for Portugal because of its ability though if it is the same.)
2. Better Navy System
Currently navies are very low on priority lists mainly since they can't go even close to all important places, and the way I would improve it is do three things. For one, make boats be able to go down stream so that they can access lots more area and also make you think more about whether or not to settle right next to a river, since there are more units which can attack your city. The second thing is to remove the ability for non-trader units to go on water, but a set amount of units which can enter a boat to go past coast and ocean tiles. The number would increase when you have better boats and will double or triple for fleets or armadas respectively. And finally the third thing is to make ocean tiles passable by boats straight away, but they will be much slower, and they get faster in boats based on what level they are until researching Cartography or an alternative to it (So Galleys and Quadiremes would have 80% slower movement, and it would decrease by 30% per level, there would be a new level 2 naval unit to replace Caravels.)
3. Better Leader Selection Screen
Currently the leader selection slider is boring and somewhat tedious, so how I would fix it is give it it's own screen like maps with a searching feature for the Civilization you want, have a screen for Civilization and one for Leaders, then there will be an icon next to a leaders name which is the victory they're best for, this is completely stolen from Sukritact's Civ Selection Screen except for the victory icon, but it's just so much better.
4. Actually Respond to Text
Just respond to most text, I feel bad saying goodbye whenever they're trying to say something to me, this would also affect friendship a little and there would still be a goodbye option.
5. District Mutation
Currently, it is super helpful to plan districts before placing them, but it isn't fun. My idea to fix this while still keeping a reason to plan a little is changing districts. This would make it so that you could change a district to a new district for the cost of the replaced and new districts production combined and then removed with 10% of them both removed, and it would give 2 era score for the first time for each district and will lower yields to half for 5 turns.
6. Better Bonus Resources
Currently, bonus resources are nearly useless, so how I would fix it is make them increase population growth for your cities,
7. Migration and Population Interests
Going hand and hand with my 6th most wanted feature, there would be migration, which happens every few turns to a random city, and 10 turns after and during a war, it will be every turn to affected players or with bonus resources it would be every 2. Then population will now have interests, which make them prioritize certain stat yields over others, and if they are working a bonus resource with there interest group, they will get 40% more of all of the yields every turn, and if it isn't a bonus resource you will still get a 20% increase.
Feel free to add your top 7 wishlists for Civ 6 in the comments.
A dynamic map that changes based on climate, but also resources that deplete or get planted elsewhere.

Dynamic city sizes so that a tundra city can cover more land but you don't need 4 bad ones to cover it.

a dynamic population that demands stuff of you or just won't stop trading with that other civ. Or: "How do i make my population less religious so that I can concentrate on my science victory? :)"

Dynamic Civs would also be fun, meaning that they change during the game, maybe once or twice is enough. But I fear that won't be popular.

And I like the thoughts about the leader choice screen - why not make it a map? :)
Citizenship / nobility, tax and politics for running empires.

Since civ starts from bronze age, it makes perfect sense to have races, nobility/citizen/non-citizen population, semi-independent provinces or satraps, and loyalty of different races and classes that could cause trouble in different ways instead of rebellion.

for example, a citizenship-based government means full control of citizen-majority cities, high profit but low loyalty on conquered ones, social tension, slow conversion, and doubled military/defense production from citizens when core cities are being threatened.

a satrap-based one could means no rebellion but half science and culture output, can't build district on previously improved tiles, and defense rests entirely on the ruling race (population, maintenance).

A far away province (depending on distance and road) of different race could flip easily or become a civilization of its own. Free cities should be normal civs.

Government can be evolved, but changing to an incompatible should cost a lot and risk civil war.
1. Combat system that A.I. is able to use well and be a major threat. Be it stacks, tactical combat, better use of 1upt or what ever.

2. Different art style from Civ 6. Maybe combining vibrant life of the Civ 6 with the realistic units of Civ 5.

3. More negative bonuses and choices, for example goverments would have both a bonus and also a negative issue. (Example: Democracy gives more great people, but also gains more war weariness)

4. Civilizations would have more unique units and buildings, maybe 3 or even 4.

5. Population in each city would have different ethnicity and religion, maybe even caste.
Slightly different type of List, from Game Killing, without which I will not buy or play, to Nice To Have:
Game Killing If Missing:
1. Better graphics, for Map, Units, Leaders - drop the cartoons, either do flat screen if you can't do realistic 3D or go home. Map, as I've posted several times before, could be modeled on the great landscape (romantic) painters and be more than just a mediocre backdrop. It took me weeks t get used to the Civ 6 cartoonery map so I could play on it without wincing, and I'm not going to bother again.
2. Better combat system. 1UPT simply does not work at Civ's ground and time scale, but any 'stacking' system has to be far, far better done than the old Stack of Doom, which was just as unrealistic and unworkable as 1UPT.
3. Better map generation. This is independent of the graphic depiction, largely, but For The Love Of Dog generate maps that make sense. No more desert, rain forest, woods, plains, tundra all within a single city radius just because you need all kinds of 'adjacencies'. Give me a chance to play on the Central Asian steppes without having them covered with woods, rain forest, marshes, mountains, stray patches of deserts, etc. Let me actually play in a forest zone instead of a forest patchwork.

Nice To Have:
1. Unit Graphic variations. With all the thousands of variations in uniforms, costumes, equipment in military history, there is no excuse for everybody to get the same aircraft, or tank, or rifleman. Since we will see the Units all the time, this is where to put the gaphic resources, not into Leaders we see only in meetings and if we are playing them, not at all.
2. More variety of Events. A large part of the game should happen to you and force you to react, not be at your bidding. Religion, Social and Civic Events, random political as well as natural events and disasters, all would keep the game from becoming the Snooze Fest it is now by the late game.
3. Dynamic Resources. Another nail in the coffin of the Snooze Fest. Have mineral resources Deplete, but new 'deposits' pop up as the technology to find them gets better. With effort, be able to 'move' plant and animal resources, replace natural resources with manufactured, farmed, domesticated one (fish farming, domestic Pearls, etc). Don't let the game remain a Find the Resource, Plant a resource Extractor over it, Forget It system.
4. Allow me to re-name Everything: map features, cities, units, people, My Leader and Civ: the more personalized modification the gamer can do, the better.
Besides AI improvements and an immersive enough graphic/art style, I would like:

1. Sophisticated trade and financial markets system.

2. Reworking of religion as a way of reducing unit clutter and bringing out more exciting gameplay options.

3. Develop the excellent district system and tweak city radius rules (love the suggestion that a tundra city could have expanded radius to take advantage of scattered resources!)

4. Drop the governors and replace with a city specialisation mechanic

5. Viable play for small/tall civs. That would add a whole new dimension to the game and make small civs competitive and/or worthy allies. There’s so much more to be done to diplomacy and how alliances work. Incentivise peaceful alliances and war alike. And for the love of goddess, when your city states are attacked, you should have several options for responding/retaliating! Surrounding a suzerained CS with your troops so that your ally can’t conquer it makes me feel Im playing Tetris
Four wishes from me:

1. I want an ironman mode, and I want the game to track the accomplishments done in ironman. It's just a different way of playing, which makes everything more high-stakes and interesting to me.
2. A government system closer to Alpha Centauri or Civ 4. Civ 6 slots and cards gave us lots of options, but there's no weight or flavour to any of your decisions when you can swap things in and out with no consequence.
3. A bonus tree similar to Civ 5, Beyond Earth, and Stellaris. It's just fun to unlock these things, and the decisions add depth to the game.
4. Better consolation prizes for for loosing wonder races. This has been annoying me since the start of the franchise. It just doesn't make sense that the almost complete Pyramids you were making should magically disappear because some unknown culture on the other side of the globe completed the wonder. My suggestion would be to introduce the concept of "lesser wonders". Once someone else completes a wonder, you can no longer start construction of it, but if you had already started it, you can finish construction, and it will just be a lesser version of the wonder. So you don't get "THE Pyramids", but you do get "some Pyramids".
4. Better consolation prizes for for loosing wonder races. This has been annoying me since the start of the franchise. It just doesn't make sense that the almost complete Pyramids you were making should magically disappear because some unknown culture on the other side of the globe completed the wonder. My suggestion would be to introduce the concept of "lesser wonders". Once someone else completes a wonder, you can no longer start construction of it, but if you had already started it, you can finish construction, and it will just be a lesser version of the wonder. So you don't get "THE Pyramids", but you do get "some Pyramids".
This could be a way to expand the potential Wonders in the game: what used to be (and still is in a Civ VI Mod) called National Wonders could become Consolation Wonders or some such:
- Instead of the Great Pyramid of Cheops, you get the Bent Pyramid
- There were numerous smaller 'henges' besides Stonehenge
- Instead of the (Great) Library of the Muses from Alexandria, you get the Library of Pergamun, with appropriate lesser effects.
- Everybody built long walls: Persia, Rome, Russia, Anglo-Saxons, etc. Lots of consolation wonders for the (Great) Long Wall of China.

The real trick would be coming up with Consolation Effects from the 'lesser' Wonders that would split the difference between the original Wonder Effects and those of an appropriate Building or District, and also the Consolation Graphics. Take out the Wonder Movie, though, and that's far less work than the original Wonder graphics would be.
More scripting to replace hardcoded features.

There is no way they can make the game good for everyone, but with more scripting we can create our own rules and entirely new games.
- more resources (e.g. tin, lead, camels, other livestock animals, wild animals, some more agricultural like potatoes or tomatoes)
- different types of same or similar resources which differ for the terrain or the continent (something like wheat and rice)
- collectable respawnable resources (yes, I'm thinking of woods) and dynamical resources

Map & Environment
- more natural disasters (e.g. earthquakes, tsunami, epidemics)
- navigable rivers with perhaps fluvial traders and trade routes
- bigger, circumnavigable maps

- different types of builders (e.g. slave, statal worker, specialized worker which can focus on some specific improvement like routes)
- skins for religious units (e.g. animist-like and buddhist-like)
- different types of settlers (see "Metropolis" below)

Cities & Districts
- more buildings for each district
- more copies of the same districts (maybe in the late game or something dependent on the population as usual)
- districts which can operate indipendently (e.g. partitioning the city production in several projects)

(settlers which can operate inside the cities borders building up urban area in several ways thus enlarging the effective )
- creating a suburb (something like an hinterland district that may act as a secondary city center)
- evolving a district into a suburb (e.g. Rome's port Ostia)
- creating a conurbation from two (or more) metropolis densely fitted

(civs that can enter the play middlegame, perhaps at the start of some new era with some compensating bonus)
- spawning out of the blue
- evolving from some enduring barbarian camp or city-state
- parting off from some major civ as a rebellious faction or party

- demographics and world stats
- great people animations (something like great wonders)
- some indepth renovation of the spy system and the naval battles
- more governments (e.g. a fourth "tree") and policies

Finally there have been lots of good suggestions on major dynamics regarding graphics, combat system, AI, economics, diplomacy and other things I did not mention but I generally think should be shored up
I have tons of ideas for changes for the next title, but I'll try and trim them down so as to not blot out the entire page with a wall of text.

First and what I think is most important for everything else to work, is map size. We have the tech to do 2 or 3 times the tile count as we do now, with the same graphic fidelity we do now. I understand the concern of unit carpets and more cities crippling gameplay in later eras, but this could be coded out by placing limitations on unit counts, increasing city separation, etc. Larger maps means better coastlines, terrain meshing, physical features, elevation meshing, and civ borders. This also allows for the coveted navigable river tiles we've been clamoring over, adding unique gameplay quirks currently absent from game. Rivers would now be solid natural borders between regions, more accurately simulating early human interactions with them.

Secondly, I'd ditch the current method of selecting civs. I haven't fully fleshed this idea out, but I think JFDs cultural diversity mod is on the right track. You pick a 'people' instead of a civ, and over the course of the early game tweak it for the region and playstyle before evolving into a full blown civ. Nordic peoples for instance, became Swedes, Norwegians, Icelandic, or Finnish and mixed with other people to form unique civ types. Selecting an overarching group that leads to different iterations that group evolved into sounds neat, and there's hundreds to choose from.

Third, similar to your ideas of cultural borders, is to use tile influence as a pivotal resource in order to gain control of more land. Have two primary types, global or the influence of your entire nation, and local, produced by individual cities and regions. Proximity to cities, towns, forts, or specialized buildings (like Factorials) would increase the spread rate of influence, allowing for faster border spread.

Civic trees can manipulate spread too, and the three opening focuses become all the more important to how you expand (I'm more familiar with civ 5). Tradition would focus on slow influence expansion but would give buffs to that influence's tile stability and town forming. Liberty would give you faster expansion with weaker influence per tile, but allow you to settle cities and towns further away. Honor would focus more on the conquest of neighboring peoples, supplanting their influence with your own.

Fourth, remove empty land by replacing it with minor nations and tribes. These function as other 'peoples' that run small collections of townships or form city states. You can interact with these as empty land, for instance, you could build a city in a minor nations land, but would struggle against them to do so. You could march an army into their primary town and claim ownership of all the tiles their influence reigns. Minor nations could play an important part of gameplay, and many modern nations are combinations of different tribes, Germany being the one I'm more familiar with. Different tribes with an underlying similarity bounding together and raiding their neighbors, or emigrating into your territory adds a whole new system to the game.

Fifth, tech tree overhaul, tiered technology. Linear progression doesn't necessarily make sense, irl civs didn't have certain technology at all, or specialized in one particular field. China for instance, had almost nothing for astronomical navigation, but were so good at farming their population outpaced the Romans by 1AD. American indigenous didn't heavily utilize beasts of burden until after Europeans made contact. Europeans didn't bathe frequently until they started the Crusades and saw the Islamic and Byzantium populations do so.

I suggest there be 3 or 5 tiers of the same technology, each one unlocking additional bonuses, or even giving you research points for a 'newer' tech in the tree. Specialization could also add unique traits to civs, units, or items. Researching pottery 5 and metal working 3 might unlock a hidden building that produces superior pottery and vases. Certain military technologies at a high level might give you special units like Praetorian gaurd, Minutemen, Tiger tanks, stealth fighters, and dozens more. Level 5 might unlock legendary units that could impact combat in truly unique ways, like Persian immortals, The '300' Spartans, or Navy Seals.

Alright that's some of them, rant over.
implement all of my suggestions which overlap a lot with what I just saw Angry Sand post. (hey, we could try to make a mod of Civ 4/5/6together)
Slightly different type of List, from Game Killing, without which I will not buy or play, to Nice To Have:
Game Killing If Missing:
2. Better combat system. 1UPT simply does not work at Civ's ground and time scale, but any 'stacking' system has to be far, far better done than the old Stack of Doom, which was just as unrealistic and unworkable as 1UPT.
Can't agree more actually. 1UPT like Panzer General is ill suited with Civ series.
For you what are recommended models of unit stackings? if stack of doom is too much what should it be?
limited stack like Total War series ?
and what will combat scene be? should it be 'View only' ?
I would like raiding units, these would be owned by a civilisation, but do not cause grievances nor war when used, but only if destroyed.
This would be like pirates units destroying a trade units, as no one would no who did it, or a kin to viking raiders come in land destroy loot things.
They have fog of war, only can be seen if activated, or by specialist units.

Also colony units, to take control of strategic or luxury resources.
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