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Civ V Steam Workshop and beta patch


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Oct 22, 2008

For interested early adopters, 2K has released a beta patch for Civilization 5. This patch is not freely available at the moment, but needs some steps to go through on Steam. For the exact steps please see this thread.
There are no release notes available for this patch, but users report that e.g. a retire button and multiplayer animations have been added.

It is also possible to get early access to the Steam Workshop, which will replace the current modding database on GameSpy, and to new SDK beta tools, but you have to be a modder to get into this. It requires a manual verification via email.
For the exact procedure please see the same thread as mentioned above.


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Steam Workshop!? Wow! That's a great move! I always hated the previous system since it has done nothing but hide away Civilization V mods from the public eye. Noone out there talks about CivV mods. Steam Workshop might change that.

I have some experience with Steam Workshop since I'm modding Skyrim. Not all of my experience with it has been good, but it's better than the current system for CivV. It will hopefully create focus on CivV mods in a totally new way.

I do applaud the changes I'm hearing about with CivV and GaK. I really really hope it all turns out OK.
I asked this elsewhere but does the patch mean mods are finally coming to mac versions of the game?
Since I missed out on the earlier patches, can someone explain what happens once the patch gets out of beta. Does steam automatically download it the next time I play CiV? Will it bork my old saves?
I asked this elsewhere but does the patch mean mods are finally coming to mac versions of the game?

Would also like to know the answer to this question.

I have a feeling the answer will be no, due to some of the mods being .exe and dll issues. But I can hope.
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