Civ3 and MP


Mar 19, 2002
Kolding, Denmark
A friend of mine bought a german magazine called PCGamer with a DVD on the cover where there was a video on about Civ3 in this video they said that there would come an addon in a couple of months which will add MP.

So it seems that we'll have to pay again to get MP:mad: :mad: :mad:
Think about it....Would you trust the GERMANS for this information?!? :lol:

Anyway, I'd still say wait and see.
yea ... at the moment it is just a vicious rumour that we are getting multiplay at all .... and is "generally" agreed that we will have to pay for it :( ....

and no dought someone will jump in to remind everyone that civ2 didnt come with multiplayer .... but the in those days the internet was in its infancy

and by generally i mean that no one will be suprised .... REALLY REALLY pissed off mebey ... but not suprised :( .... and if it is releaced as a patch ... then i for one will be very plesently suprised and joyfully glee ... but then i do beleive that hell will be a nice frosty place to goto by then ;)
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