[BTS] Civ4 BTS on new M1 Apple platform


Apr 13, 2009
As title suggest, I would like to know if Civ4 BTS work somehow on this new M1 soc from Apple?
I am dependent by Civ4, till now I used only windows machine and I have no experiences with mac
I don't know if CIV will run directly on the new CPU. However, you can install a virtual computer inside your Apple OS using Parallels or a similar program. Once you install Parallels, you can install the OS of your choice in Parallels and run CIV in that. For example, I run CIV on Windows 7 in a virtrual computer using Parallels to play CIV Mods, since most of them won't work on the Mac version. Although I am not using the new CPU, I keep getting notices from Parallels that the latest updae is availble which runs on the new CPU under the latest version of Mac OS.
Any news here?

Only way to run Civ4 on Apple Silicon is with Crossover or via a virtual machine like Parallels. Windows version only, Mac version is officially dead (and has inferior mod support anyway).
I haven't been able to play Civ IV for a year since I bought a Mac M1. It is a disgrace for me. Could someone explain step by step how to install paralels?

No he podido jugar Civ IV durante un año desde que compré una Mac M1. Es una desgracia para mí. ¿Alguien podría explicar paso a paso cómo instalar Paralels?
I have no idea ho to play civ IV no M2 mac mini too.
Steam does not support any civ game other than civ VI for the mac.

Paralels for what I understand is a paid software made specifically for running games on M1 macs.
It's not free. But it is not good for everything.
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