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Civ6 Reviews


Dec 27, 2008
Please post any Civ6 reviews you come across in this thread. A list of reviews will be compiled in this post.

Please note that this is not a thread to discuss Civ6 reviews; it is simply a thread to compile reviews. You are welcome to create threads in the General Discussions forum to discuss any reviews you come across.

PCGamer - 93/100
Sight, sound, and systems harmonize to make Civilization 6 the liveliest, most engrossing, most rewarding, most challenging 4X in any corner of the earth.

PCGamesN - 9/10
It'll take a few balance patches and expansions before it achieves absolute perfection, but the list of wholesale changes Civ VI brings to the storied formula makes for an instantly sumptuous strategy treat.

IGN interim review (video)
Spoiler :
This game is surprisingly complex relative to the last couple of Civilization games.

GameCrate - 9/10
Bold new ideas change up a classic formula, and the result just may be the strongest core Civilization game we've ever gotten.

The Telegraph - 5 stars
Civilization 6 compounds the numerous learnings and features of its forebears, while being familiar yet exciting, deep yet streamlined, and complex yet approachable in how it presents all of its uniquely inventive systems.

The Sixth Axis - 10/10
Civilization VI is my new favourite addiction that I honestly can’t really fault. Each of the gameplay changes provides a fresh challenge, but they were well worth undertaking once they clicked.

TLDR Movie Reviews (bite) - 4/5
This is a fantastic entry into the series, and it had its One More Turn hooks into me from the start, beautiful music and art, solid gameplay, however, there are a couple of small issues with some systems and UI.

quill18 (video)
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TotalBiscuit (video)
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Gamespot - 9/10
Civ 6 has a few rough edges, but they’re pushed far into the periphery by spectacular strategic depth and intricate interlocking nuances. Any frustrations I experienced were immediately eclipsed by my desire to continue playing. Just one more turn, every turn, forever.

Yahoo! Tech - 4/5
“Civilization” isn’t the game you bring up when you’re trying to make the case that games are art; it’s the one you bring up when you want to argue that it doesn’t matter whether games are art. It’s a tall order to keep it fresh and relevant in an industry that’s so fast-paced, but so far, so good.

CG Magazine - 9.5/10
Firaxis continues its hot streak with Civilization VI, a visually resplendent strategy game that makes every turn feel important and every approach viable.

Civilization VI has issues in unexpected places, but only a catastrophe was going to stop this being a real good time. And this is no catastrophe. What we’ve got here is a strategy game that, while preserving most of the series’ longtime fundamentals, has also found new and surprising ways—through an investment in player choice and more hands-on time with your people—to keep things interesting.

“Just one more turn,” is a bit of a meme now, but Civ 6 is excellent enough that it’s absolutely true as well.

Polygon - 8.5/10
Civilization 6 is an advance on the previous game, offering more variety, smarter use of assets and a wider palette of potential activities. It remains the best of its kind, always demanding my attention, forever creating new narratives out of stats and maps. But it fails to move the concept of a history simulation beyond the ambitions set 25 years ago. We've reached the point where Civ games are as much a simulation of themselves, as they are of the march of human progress.

TIME - 4/5
It is, in most of the ways that matter, the best-looking, most systemically well thought out, and thereby most fun I’ve had with a Civilization since 1996.

There will surely be an expansion or two but they will be building atop an already feature-rich foundation, rather than filling in gaps. Learning its systems and uncovering its secrets is a particular type of joy and dedicating time and brainpower to doing so is part of the enduring charm of a series that has, once again, refused to rest on its laurels.

Twinfinite - 5/5
Civilization VI is still the supreme deity of historical turn-based strategy games. Sure, there are a few technical issues. Load times can be lengthy, and multiplayer could definitely be a lot more stable. However, none of those problems are big enough issue to put a dent in Civilization VI’s armor. If you love the series, history, politics, and/or turn-based games, Civilization VI is a must own.

Financial Post
Long story short, Sid Meier’s Civilization VI is a joy to play, and the best the series has produced. Which pretty much makes it the best 4X strategy game yet made.

Firaxis' newest entry in the Civilization series isn't a game changer, because the game was already great. However, Civilization VI could easily be the pinnacle of the series.

Game Revolution - 4.5/5
This is a captivating game, one that consumes your time and gives back more than you put in. It’ll test your ability to make sound decisions, and anticipate the future. While diplomacy and numbers tuning will be required to combat some of the frustration that the game brings, this is yet another outstanding 4X game from Firaxis Games that will undoubtedly become one of the most popular PC titles for the years to come.

Hooked Gamers - 9/10
If Civilization V showed us just how risky it is to re imagine a classic, then Civilization VI shows us just how much you can do when you tidy things up before you make the attempt.

Lazygamer.net - 9/10
With reimagined cities, diplomacy and research progression, Civilization feels familiar enough for veterans while making a lot more sense for newcomers. By far the best Civilization experience we've seen in years, only slightly tarnished by slow load times and art that occasionally feels out of place.

Hardcore Gamer - 4.5/5
Civilization VI takes all of the elements from the Civilization franchise, improves on them and produces one of the most unique games in the series. It innovates heavily without removing any elements that players have come to expect.

An excellent sequel, that manages to evolve the series in terms of both accessibility and complexity, and maintain its place as one of the best strategy games of all time.

US Gamer - 4.5/5
Civilization VI is a worthy sequel for the franchise. Firaxis has crafted the best vanilla version in the franchise's history, with a host of leaders, a great soundtrack, some keen art direction, and new features like the city expansion. There's not much missing this time around and I look forward to seeing what Firaxis adds to an already amazing game.

Destructoid - 8.5/10
Impressive effort with a few noticeable problems holding it back. Won't astound everyone, but is worth most people's time and cash.

PCWorld - 4/5
Civilization VI has room to improve (particularly the AI), but this is the most complete a baseline Civ game has felt in ages and a few smart tweaks on the formula distinguish it from its predecessor.

Impulse Gamer - 3.5/5
Sid Meier’s Civilization 6 is about suffering and frustration into those wee small hours of the night!

IGN - 9.4/10
Civilization VI will go down in history as the most fully-featured launch version in the series. Many of those are smartly revamped versions of Civ classics, buy it finds its own identity with great new ideas like spread-out cities, customizeable governments, research boosts, and leader agendas. And even though the AI has some improving to do, it can put up enough of a fight to make world domination a challenge.

The Escapist - 4.5/5
If Civ VI doesn't count as a Great Work, I don't know what should. I'd display it in my Hermitage ... If you hate strategy games, I'm not sure why you're reading this, but you can safely skip Civ VI. Anybody else will likely fall in love.

Hub City Review
Insofar as the real educational and entertainment value of the Civilization games is not in final victory at having had a civilization stand the test of time, but rather the whole process of producing its entire history up until that point, Civilization VI certainly gives its players the best tools yet to tell their own story of mankind.
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Is this review only or are non-serial first impressions allowed as well?


"Civilization VI has issues in unexpected places, but only a catastrophe was going to stop this being a real good time. And this is no catastrophe. What we’ve got here is a strategy game that, while preserving most of the series’ longtime fundamentals, has also found new and surprising ways—through an investment in player choice and more hands-on time with your people—to keep things interesting."
Here's one that's actually rather negative, as it doesn't shy away from calling out one-unit-per-tile for what it is: http://www.quartertothree.com/fp/2016/11/02/civilization-vi-tries-make-best-civilization-v/

"My army can’t move because they’re besieged by a shambling horde of Buddhist missionaries from Japan. They run around clogging up tiles and whacking religion into cities according to some inscrutable under-the-hood theological algebra in which +200 points of Buddhism fly up out of some city whose name I forget because I didn’t get to name it."
Overwhelmingly positive reviews for Civ VI. I agree with the reviews. For a first version and vanilla this game is extremely good.
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