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Nov 7, 2012
Somewhere in California
From the Son of Heaven down to the mass of the people, all must consider the cultivation of the person the root of everything besides.
--Confucius, The Great Learning


Civics and Reforms (C&R) is a mod designed to bring back the old experience of the flexible Civics system in the previous predecessor of Civilization V at managing a nation's domestic and foreign affairs. This system allows you to customize and specialize your domestic and foreign affairs with a diverse choice of options categorized into Government, Legal, Labor, Economy, and Religion. With these categories, you can choose a combination of civics to fuel up your empire toward a new era.

This mod requires the Vox Populi.

"We admit of no government by divine right ... the only legitimate right to govern is an express grant of power from the governed."
--William Henry Harrison
NameDescriptionPrerequisitesUpkeepBonusesAI BiasDiplomatic Favor
DespotismRule by OneNone, but obsolete in Renaissance Era.Low-10% IlliteracyDefault+1 / -1
Hereditary RuleRule by InheritanceMilitary StrategyLow+1 Happiness from Garrisons. +5% Production toward building Wonders. +10% Combat Strength near Friendly Cities.Wonder, City Defense, Happiness+5 / -5
ConfederationRule by Implied ConsentWritingLow+4 Happiness in the Capital. +10% Gold in non-Capital Cities, but +10% Unhappiness sources in all non-Capital Cities.Gold, -Happiness+3 / -3
PatronageRule by AppointmentsEducationMedium+15 Influence Resting Point. +5 Influence when gifting units to City-States. 100% Base Gold Maintenance of Chanceries and Wire Services becomes a Gold bonus.Diplomacy+3 / -5
RepresentationRule by Public TrustPrinting PressMedium+1 Happiness for every 15 Citizens in a City. +1 Science from Specialists.Science, Happiness+3 / -3
TotalitarianismRule by ForceRiflingHigh+10% Great General/Admiral's Combat Bonus. -25% Unhappiness from War Weariness. 100% Base Gold Maintenance of Armories, Barracks, Harbors, Military Academies, Seaports, and Stables becomes a Gold bonus.Offense, Defense, Happiness+3 / -7
National SuffrageRule by Expressed ConsentAtomic TheoryHigh-10% on Gold Investments and Unit Upgrades. +0.25 Food, Production, Gold per Citizen. +5 Food to Great People Improvements and Landmarks.Growth, Production, Infrastructure+7 / -5

"Whoever desires to found a state and give it laws, must start with assuming that all men are bad and ever ready to display their vicious nature, whenever they may find occasion for it."
--Niccolo Machiavelli
NameDescriptionPrerequisitesUpkeepBonusesAI BiasDiplomatic Favor
AnarchismNo legal basis.None, but obsoletes in Renaissance Era.Low-10% Distress.Default+1 / -1
Codified LawBasis based on arranged and accounted codes.MathematicsLow1 Specialist in all Cities do not contribute to Urbanization unhappiness. +1 Culture from Wonders.Great People, Happiness+3 / -3
FeudalismLegal basis established by your superior.ChivalryHigh+15 XP to Military Units. -35% Unit Maintenance. +20% City-State Yields. +10% Vassal and Puppet Yields.Military Training, Offense, Defense, Diplomacy+7 / -5
BureaucracyLegal basis that continues to grow bigger in its own interest.PhysicsHighAll National Wonders that benefit from Ceremony (Tradition's Legalism) get doubled yields and yield modifiers. Get 7 Laborers in the Capital that can work an additional tile or specialist. 7 Specialists in the Capital do not contribute to Urbanization unhappiness.Wonder, Production+3 / -3
NationhoodLegal basis in the interest of one's nation.Military ScienceNoneGain 25 Culture and Gold from successful spy actions scaling with era. Unit Supply from the population increased by 10%.Espionage+3 / -7
Free SpeechLegal basis by the challenges the system it endures under a free system.RadioMedium+10% Culture in all Cities. +2 Culture to Great People Improvements and Landmarks. +2 Gold to Great Works.Culture+5 / -5
ConstitutionalismLegal basis by self-evident laws and difficult to circumvent.TelecommunicationsHigh+25% Golden Age Length. +1 Golden Age Point per Citizen. +20% Food, Science, and Faith during a Golden Age.Happiness, Science, Growth, Religion+5 / -5

"The night is far spent, the day is at hand; let us therefore cast off the works of darkness, and let us put on the armor of light."
--The Holy Bible: Romans, 13:12
NameDescriptionPrerequisitesUpkeepBonusesAI BiasDiplomatic Favor
TribalismLabor encouraged by what the tribe needs.None, but obsolete in Renaissance Era.Low-10% Boredom.Default+1 / -1
SlaveryLabor encouraged by force.Bronze WorkingMedium+1 Laborer in all Cities can work 1 additional tile or specialist. -10% Growth. +2 Unhappiness in the Capital and +1 Unhappiness in all Cities.Production, -Growth, -Happiness+5 / -7
ManorialismLabor encouraged by protection.Civil ServiceLow+25% Tile Improvement Speed. +1 Food for every 5 non-Specialist Citizens in Cities.Growth, Tile Improvement, Gold+3 / -5
Caste SystemLabor encouraged by birth.GuildsMedium+1 Specialist Base Yield. +10% Unhappiness source in all Cities.+1 Great General Point and +1 Great Admiral Point in the Capital for every 40 Citizens in the Empire.Great People, Culture, Military Training, -Happiness+5 / -5
Industrial ServitudeLabor encouraged by migrants.IndustrializationHigh+10% Growth in all Cities. +1 Production and Gold for every 4 non-Specialist Citizens in Cities. Farms, Forts, Mines, Lumbermills, and Villages produce an additional yield.Production, Growth+3 / -5
UnionismLabor encouraged by unity.ElectricityHigh+2 Happiness and +4 Yields to Guilds, Labor Associations, Credit Unions, Science Institutions, and Civil Departments. These buildings also build 100% faster.Great People, Happiness, Production, Science+3 / -3
EmancipationLabor encouraged by free will.GlobalizationLow25% of the City's Happiness is added to Culture. +25% Tourism to Civilizations with less Happiness.Culture+7 / -7

"Better is bread with a happy heart than wealth with vexation."
NameDescriptionPrerequisitesUpkeepBonusesAI BiasDiplomatic Favor
BarteringDictated by the value of both trade parties.None, but obsoletes at Renaissance Era.Low-10% Poverty.Default+1 / -1
DecentralizationDictated by the influence of multiple trade parties.TradeLowTrade Routes produce +2 additional gold. +0.75 Influence/turn to City-States with an active Trade Route.Diplomacy+3 / -3
CommercialismDictated by national interests.CurrencyMedium+3 Food and +3 Production in Cities connected to the Capital. +33% Food/Production from Internal Trade Routes. Can only create trade routes to Allied City-States, Vassals, or Masters.Internal Trade Routes, Growth, Production+5 / -5
Free MarketDictated by the "invisible hand."EconomicsMedium+1 Trade Route. Trade Units are trained +25% faster. +12% Tourism Modifier to Trade Routes.Trade Routes, Culture+3 / -3
State PropertyDictated by the state.Corporation + Owned CorporationMedium+1 Food to Engineers, Mines, Quarries, Lumbermills, Logging Camps, and Manufactories. +10% Food and +10% Culture to Corporate HQ. +4 Food and +2 Science to Corporate Offices.Growth, Science, Production, Tile Improvement+5 / -7
CorporatismDictated by the corporate.Corporation + Owned CorporationHighEach unique Global Monopoly modifier is increased by an additional 5% if it's percentage-based, or +2 otherwise. +15% Tourism and +15% Gold to Corporate HQ. +6 Gold to Corporate Offices and build them 100% faster.Happiness, Production, Culture, Tile Improvement+5 / -5
EnvironmentalismDictated by the environment's best interest.EcologyHigh+1 Gold for every 2 Citizens in the Empire. +10 Gold to Corporate Franchises. +2 Culture to Landmarks, Atolls, Flood Plains, Forests, Jungles, Marshes, Oases, and Natural Wonders. -1 Food to Farm. -3 Production to Mines, Quarries, Lumbermills, and Manufactories.Culture, -Production+7 / -7

"Three things are necessary for the salvation of man: to know what he ought to believe; to know what he ought to desire; and to know what he ought to do."
--St. Thomas Aquinas​
NameDescriptionPrerequisitesUpkeepBonusesAI BiasDiplomatic Favor
PaganismNo formal belief system.None, but obsoletes at Renaissance Era.Low-10% Religious Unrest.Default+1 / -1
Ancestor VenerationAncestral belief system.CalendarLowCities following your Majority Religion produce +2 Faith. Unlocks the faith purchase of Altars. These buildings produce +1 Border Growth Point and Faith. They additionally produce +10% Faith and +1 Tourism when active.Religion+5 / -3
Organized FaithOrganized faith system.Philosophy and a Majority Religion with a Enhancer/Reformation BeliefHigh+5% of all Yields to Founder Buildings. Cities following your Majority Religion produce +2 Production. +3 Production from Temples, Holy Sites, and Landmarks.Production, Religion+3 / -3
TheocracyGovernment-enforced belief system.Theology and a Majority Religion.MediumUnits gain +5 HP Regeneration in non-hostile Territories and earn Faith from kills. Cities following your Majority Religion produce +2 Science. +2 Gold from Temples, Holy Sites, and Landmarks.Offense, Defense, Religion, Science+5 / -5
PacifismPacifist belief system.BiologyNone+25% Great People Generation (doubled during Golden Ages). +1 Golden Age Point to Specialist. +50% Unhappiness from War Weariness. +100% Unit Maintenance.Great People, Religion, Culture, -Offense+7 / -3
Celebrity WorshipCult belief system.FlightMediumUnlock the constructions of Idols. These buildings produce +1 Golden Age Point. They additionally produce +3 Culture, +2 Tourism, and +1 Happiness when active. +2 Culture to Holy Sites and Landmarks.Culture, Happiness+5 / -5
Free ReligionFree belief system.PencilinMedium+1 Happiness in all Cities. +10% Science. +1 to all City Yields for every World Religion that has at least one Follower in all Cities.Science, Happiness+5 / -5

"I must study politics and war that my sons may have liberty to study mathematics and philosophy."
--John Adams
Oh, wait. This was scrapped. Sorry about that!

More Buildings

You think Writer's Guilds, Musician's Guilds, and Artist's Guilds were all there is? There are more with this mod. Adding additional mini-guilds to the Engineers, Merchants, Scientists, and Civil Servants! These buildings grant +3 Great People Point and one Specialist Slot toward their respective type. However, they cost a hefty of 4 Gold Maintenance, so beware!
Labor AssociationIndustrialization1 Engineer Slot2 Specialist in this City no longer produces Unhappiness from Urbanization. +1 Gold from Workshops.
Credit UnionReplaceable Parts1 Merchant Slot+1 Gold from Banks. -5% Base Building Maintenance in all Cities.
Science InstitutionAtomic Theory1 Scientist Slot+1 Gold from Research Labs. +5% Great People Generation Rate in all Cities.
Civil DepartmentTelecommunications1 Civil Servant Slot+1 Gold from Wire Service. +1 World Congress Delegate.
Publician's OfficeCurrency + Caravansary--33% Discount on Tile Purchases in this City. -10% Base Building Maintenance in all Cities.
AltarsRequires Ancestor Veneration Civic-+1 Faith and +1 Border Growth Point when Ancestor Veneration is not active, otherwise generate +1 and +15% Faith, +1 Border Growth Point, +1 Culture, and +1 Golden Age Point.
IdolsRequires Cult of Personality Civic-+1 Golden Age Point when Cult of Personality is not active, otherwise generate +2 Culture, +1 Tourism, and +1 Happiness.

Of course, you don't get to choose civics and enact them for free. There's a certain cost depending on your building maintenance! The stronger the bonuses, the more expensive it is to maintain it.​

Switching civics aren't free. People just don't change overnight, and a revolution might take place in your Empire if you're not careful! Empires that span numerous amount of cities are hurt less than empires with a lesser amount of cities. Luckily, people will only revolt for at most 2 turns. Resistance chance are based on the upkeep given.​
Chance of Revolution35%25%15%5%

Diplomatic Favor

It's not that hard. People see you have chosen the same civics, they like you. People see you have a civic different to theirs. They dislike you.

So how will you rule your empire?
Civilization IV - Idea and Artwork
@thelijah - Artwork for Great Merchant Guilds
@grant - Artwork for Altar

Spoiler some old stuff dont touch :

Spoiler some old stuff dont touch :

Type|Civic|Upkeep|Description|Tech Requirement|AI Strategy
Government|Despotism|Low|Default government civic. +1 Gold in the Capital. No Resistance when chosen.|Agriculture
Government|Hereditary Rule|Medium|+1 Happiness from Garrisons. +10% Production toward Wonders.|Military Theory|AIs will pick this as soon as possible, but will remain on this if they are wonder-hungry and are happiness-deprived from expanding their empires!
Government|Confederation|Medium|+20% more gold and unhappiness in all cities. Puppeted and Occupied cities produce +25% Production.|AIs who utilize the tall city strategy and emphasize on gold will most likely pick this.
Government|Patronage|Medium|+1 Influence per turn with city-states you have a trade route with. City-States' influence degrades 15% slower. +2 Food and +2 Production for every City-State friend and +1 additional gold for City-State Allies|Education|AIs who are extremely diplomatic favored will always pick this.
Government|Representation|Medium|+1 Science to Merchants, Artists, and Musicians. +1 Gold to Writers, Engineers, and Scientists. +5 Happiness in the Capital.|Printing Press|AIs who prefer a various type of yields will prefer this.
Government|Police State|High|Great General(and Admiral)'s Combat Effectiveness increased by +15%, +50% Military Unit Production, -25% War Weariness. Foreign spies' effectiveness decreased by 25%. +2 Happiness from Police Stations|Military Science|AIs who are very war hungry will always pick this, however the expense of this civic may cripple one of them which may force them to change after giving it a try of strong bonuses.
Government|Universal Suffrage|Medium|+10% Tourism from Historic Events. +2 Culture and Food to Laborers and Specialists. GPP Improvements produce +2 Food. Gold investment cost reduced by 15%.|Atomic Theory|The ultimate late game civic, AIs may take it to finalize all their ideologies and social policies along with growing significantly from urbanization.
Legal|Anarchism|Low|Default legal civic. +1 Gold in the Capital. -20% Illitearcy.|Agriculture
Legal|Civil Law|Medium|WLTKD provides +10% Happiness. 1 Specialist in each cities do not produce unhappiness. |Mathematics
Legal|Vassalage|High|Units gain +20 XP when trained. +1 Great Admiral Point from Coastal Cities. +10 Influence with Military City-State Gifts. Military|Chivalry
Legal|Bureaucracy|High|Capital produces +50% more Production and Gold. 15 Specialists in the Capital do not produce unhappiness. +50% Gold from City Connections.|Civil Service|AIs who really love production and gold for their capital will prioritize this.
Legal|Nationhood|None|Combat Strength of Cities increased by 15%. Friendly spies likely to capture enemy spies by 50%. Trade routes produce -1 Gold.|Military Science
Legal|Free Speech|Medium|+15% Culture in all Cities with a Broadcast Tower. +1 Gold to Village and Town.|Radio
Labor|Tribalism|Low|Default labor civic. +1 Gold in the Capital.|Agriculture
Labor|Slavery|Medium|+1 Production to each City. Occupied and Puppeted City produces +25% more Production.|Bronze Working
Labor|Serfdom|Low|Workers construct Improvements +25% faster. Farm produce +1 Gold, but -1 Food.|Civil Service
Labor|Caste System|High|+15% Great People Generation. Guilds provides +3 of their respective yields.|Guilds
Labor|Industrial Servitude|High|Factories and Seaport produces +15% more Production and Gold.|Industrialization
Labor|Emancipation|Medium|+25% Tourism to civilizations with less Happiness. +1 Happiness for each 10 Citizens in a City.|Globalization
Economy|Decentralization|Low|Default economic civic. +1 Gold in the Capital.|Agriculture
Economy|Mercantilism|Medium|3 Specialists do not produce unhappiness in each Cities. +17% internal yields from trade routes. No foreign trade route creation.|Guilds
Economy|Free Market|Medium|+1 trade route. External trade routes produce +2 gold.|Economics
Economy|State Property|Low|+1 Production to Mine, Quarry, Lumbermill, and Manufactory. Corporate Offices produce +2 Production, but -6 Gold.|Scientific Theory
Economy|Corporatism|High|Corporate Offices produce +20% more Production and +2 Tourism.|Corporation
Economy|Environmentalism|High|+1 Tourism and Culture to Forest, Jungle, and Marsh. -1 Production to Lumbermill.|Ecology
Religion|Paganism|Low|Default religion civic. +1 Gold in the Capital.|Agriculture
Religion|Organized Religion|High|Cities following the majority of your religion produces +3 Production and Faith. -15% Faith cost for Units and Buildings.|Philosophy
Religion|Theocracy|Medium|Units gain +20 XP when trained. No conversion that does not follow the religious majority in your Cities.|Theology
Religion|Pacifism|None|+100% Great People Generation. +100% Unit Maintenance.|Scientific Theory
Religion|State Atheism|Medium|All positive happiness is converted twofold to Culture. Cities produce little to no passive religious pressure. Trade routes from your Cities produce little to no religious pressure. Cities with Shrine produce little to no Faith.|Scientific Theory
Religion|Free Religion|Medium|+1 Happiness in all Cities. Cities with Shrine produce +10% Science.|Scientific Theory

Spoiler might never be released LOL :

Spoiler might never be released LOL :

Military|Conscription|Low|Default military civic. If nation is at Renaissance Era or later, units globally have -15% Combat Strength.|Agriculture
Military|National Levy|Low|+15% Military Production. Units earn 25% less XP through combat.
Military|Mercenaries|High|Can purchase Landsknecht and Foreign Legion if not already. Units trained have a +10% Combat Strength on non-friendly territory.
Military|Volunteer Army|Medium|Units trained have a +10% Combat Strength on friendly territory.
Military|Professional Army|High|Units trained have an overall +15% Combat Strength.
Military|Total War|High|Generate Great Generals and Admirals 50% faster. Combat Strength of Cities increased by 20%. Units globally have +10% Combat Strength. +10% Poverty, Illiteracy, Boredom, Religious Division, and Crime.

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Might I suggest that you pick a different name? Reform and Rule is already a mod by Machiavelli24
Sounds promising. However, at first glance the upkeep seems fairly high. This will obviously need play testing/tuning. But for example, The economic civic free market; one trade route will yield 5-30 gpt depending on the stage of the game. Your almost guaranteed to have more population than that trade route will bring in, creating a net loss. I'd much rather have a system where you chose the most good option instead of the least bad.
Can I propose to add some new civics, or rather one new?

One thing I missed in CIV4, is State Atheism from Religion Civics. Could work well with Police State and State Property by creating a nice communist country.

Other than that, sounds good but also too close to CIV4, could use a little spin with for example some new civics, like Federation with Government.

Also, nice change for slavery. I always thought it should be bonus and no whipping population.
Can I propose to add some new civics, or rather one new?

One thing I missed in CIV4, is State Atheism from Religion Civics. Could work well with Police State and State Property by creating a nice communist country.

Other than that, sounds good but also too close to CIV4, could use a little spin with for example some new civics, like Federation with Government.

Also, nice change for slavery. I always thought it should be bonus and no whipping population.

Adding one civic means adding 4 other civics to the rest of course. What do you have in mind? Make sure the bonuses are AI-friendly.
Sounds cool, civics are the only thing I miss from civ4.

Here´s few more ideas.

-something to do with city-state relations?

-no idea

-something culture and golden age related perhaps?

-tourism industry (modern age, +1 :tourism: from monuments, +2 :tourism: from coastal cities and landmarks, +5% :c5gold: from hotels or something similar)

-scholasticism (medieval age, +2 :c5science: from temples and/or monasteries, +2 :c5faith: from universities or smth like that, maybe remove the science bonus from free religion and have it focus on happiness instead)
Adding one civic means adding 4 other civics to the rest of course. What do you have in mind? Make sure the bonuses are AI-friendly.

It is kinda hard to say, my main thing was imagination running loose when CIV4 gameplay goes beyond Information Era into Orbital/Genetic/etc era.
Spoiler :
So it needed new civics like state atheism was one, other was futuristic AI goverment, Robotic Servants Labour, Cyberspace Legalism and Micronation Economy.

but to make additional without going into future, hard.

StugLife had a nice idea with Tourism industry (could benefit small nations that can't dream about science or conquer victory), Federation goverment could be all about cities other than capital giving them bonus to science and money. State Atheism could erode foreign and national religion in exchange for religious buildings giving hapinnes and gold (serve the party/system). Don't know about others, they maybe too close to social policies and tenets and those also choose all good stuff already.
Rare leaked footage, do not distribute.

Spoiler :

Don't know why it looks like that, I blame JFD.
Rare leaked footage, do not distribute.

Spoiler :

Don't know why it looks like that, I blame JFD.

Looks promising! Kinda like social policies, but I guess you are supposed to be able to change those civics, right? Also, a little note about Nationhood: the part where you get more hate from other AI civs is limited to interaction with the AI only (no interaction between humans in multiplayer). I'd suggest something like -X% gold from TR with other civs instead, if a negative attitude towards you for adopting the civic is what you want to portray.
This would be interesting, though, obviously it won't work with Rise to Power, I presume?

Theoretically, it would work, but then Rise to Power uses too much dummy policies.
It'd work, but given that Sovereignty and CRR focus on the same concepts, it wouldn't really be recommended.

Rise to Power is the one with the million dummy policies. Cities in Development, Exploration Continued Expanded, and Cultural Diversity should be perfectly compatible. If you could clarify that in your OP, that'd be great.
This will be looking for a beta release tomorrow as I begin to finalize the last civic branch: Military.

If anyone has any balance concerns or anything. Feel free to post.
Since the 6 default civics are all low upkeep, does that mean that a nation starts with 120% increase in building maintenance compared to base CBP?
Since the 6 default civics are all low upkeep, does that mean that a nation starts with 120% increase in building maintenance compared to base CBP?

Not for the first 20/20/30/70 turns.
Can't wait to try!

One thing: the default civics should either have no maintenance, or stronger bonuses. Past the grace period you just underlined, no one will choose +1G in exchange for 20% maintenance.
Can't wait to try!

One thing: the default civics should either have no maintenance, or stronger bonuses. Past the grace period you just underlined, no one will choose +1G in exchange for 20% maintenance.

Staring at the computer, the screen displays out, "You have researched Future Tech 173." Hovering your mouse over the maintenance fee, you see your building maintenance, "4,483." A very large number indeed you recall. Unit maintenance has become very rampant. Due to the "global peace" that the world talks about nowadays, maintaining a single regiment will result in fines and sanctions. If only there was a way I could unite the Germanic people under one flag.

Realizing that the country was under a government of universal suffrage, a law of free speech, a labor system made up of all entirely emancipated persons, an economy based on preserving the environments, and the aspect of free religion ran a trouble. You quickly enacted a few civic reforms. You abolished the universal suffrage, abolishing the incompetent politicians that tries to win the heart of the voters and you install an efficient benevolent despotic ruler. Abolishing this so-called free speech that obstructs your unification of the Germanic people, you instill the people of the olden days of nationalism. You also abolished the emancipation system, every labor is relied on tribalism or today's eras called a merit-based system or meritocracy. Those that cannot efficiently serve the nation cannot efficiently be an equal citizen to another. You abolish the environmentalism and favor the State Property realizing that you will need maximum production in every city that you have unified the Germanic people for all the infrastructure will be destroyed. And this so-called free religion to which many people you have drafted for has been consciously objecting for their sake of religion. You abolish the system and discriminate heavily on the consciously objectors, heading toward paganism. A belief that the Germanic people will be united under one flag.

After the reforms, you began to look into your building maintenance fee: "1237."

tl;dr low upkeep triumphs in the future as upkeep gets higher and higher.

A beta version will be up within this one hour in the Steam Workshop. Be sure to report anything weird!

EDIT: Here we go!
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