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Civilization III Balancer Mod

Discussion in 'Civ3 - Completed Modpacks' started by Crazykid, Jul 25, 2009.

  1. Crazykid

    Crazykid Chieftain

    Jan 2, 2007
    First, this mod just some tweaking of military units and such. I took most of the Strength values of Civ 4 units to make the game more balanced(such as to reduce the risk of spearman killing tanks). Here are the changes I can think of on top of my head at the moment.

    1. Most of the units have the same attack or defense values of the units in Civ 4. Units that are in Civ 3 and aren't in 4 are the ones I had to guess on, but there were very few. One major problem I had with the attack/defense values of units was: 1. Civ 4 had a strength system and not independent attack/defense values, and 2. Civ 4 had a more complicated promotion system, and to mention the fact that certain units had strength bonuses versus other units(spearmen vs horsmen for example). With this idea in mind, I decided to increase the initial hitpoints of units. Conscripts still have 2, but regulars have 4, Veterans have 6, and Elites have 8. I wanted to demonstrate the extreme importance of building a barracks in your military producing cities. I was also thinking of increasing the hitpoints to 4, 6, 8, 10, but it would be in the same ratio anyways, so I just kept it the same.

    2. I also changed the corruption to 45% of it's original mostly due to the fact that it was just way to hard for cities far away from the capital to get anything done. This effects all difficulties btw. I initially had this set at 33%, but my Monarch game I almost finished has told me that corruption was too low then. Most of my first cities around my capital had 0 corruption at the beginning and later on wasn't to different. This was on a Huge map with continents too with a fair good amount of cities.

    3. Another thing I changed was the defense value of grasslands, plains, deserts, tundra, and coast tiles. I made the defense value actually negative to demonstrate the fact that huge areas of open land wouldn't be a good defensive position. I did it for the coast too, because of the restricted movement of ships near land. All these defensive bonuses are decreased by 20 from the original to a -10 defensive value.

    4. I changed two prerequisites for an improvement and a unit. The coal power plant has been moved from Industrialisation to Electricity to demonstrate the fact that a POWER plant can't produce electricity without Thomas Edison :p. I moved the aircraft carrier to Flight because I don't think we were building aircraft carriers before we actually learned to fly!

    The one major problem I an running into with this mod is the balancing of bombard values. Since the HP and attack/defense values were drastically increased, bombarding with all of the artillery, aircraft, and naval based units have essentially become useless. If I knew the actual ratio or equation which increased the chances of more damage and increased chance of direct hit on the target, I could adjust the bombard damage to make it essentially the same as without the unit edits.

    I will now list the unit changes with their attack/defense values and AI strategies.

    The order of the numbers are of importance. An example (0/0/4/1/1/1/1) Attack, Defense, Bombard, Bombard Range, Rate of Fire, Air Defense, Movement.

    There are exceptions to this rule. If a ground unit has bombardment, I can only assume that the known units(like the early archer) do not include Air Defense. The air units "Air Defense" are replaced with their operational range. Note that I did not change the range of any bombardment units.

    Also note that the units are in the order of the editor.

    1. Settler 0/0/2-AI Strategies, Settle (I made the movement to 2 to equal the settler in Civ 4.) I did have the settler and worker at defense of 1, but you couldn't capture them that way.

    Worker 0/0/2-AI Strategies, Terraform (Shoot, I just noticed that the worker wasn't included!)

    2. Scout 0/1/2-AI Strategies, Explore

    3. Explorer 0/4/2-AI Strategies, Explore

    4. Marine 24/12/1-AI Strategies, Offense

    5. Modern Paratrooper 24/15/1-AI Strategies, Offense

    6. Warrior 2/2/1-AI Strategies: Offense

    7. Archer 1/3/1/0/1/1-AI Strategies: Defense (The shield cost of the archer may need changed in order to reflect the weak attack. Spearman cost the exact same with better attack and defense! I could also make the archer more powerful or with better defense. We'll have to see.)

    8. Spearman 3/4/1-AI Strategies: Offense, Defense

    9. Swordsman 6/3/1-AI Strategies: Offense

    10. Chariot 4/1/2-AI Strategies: Offense

    11. Horseman 6/2/2-AI Strategies: Offense

    12. Pikeman 5/6/1-AI Strategies: Offense, Defense (Don't know whether to make the attack value the same as the defense.)

    13. Longbowman 3/6/4/1-AI Strategies: Defense

    14. Musketman 10/9/1-AI Strategies: Offense, Defense

    15. Knight 10/3/2-AI Strategies: Offense (I might want to make the knight's defense go up to 6 to compete with the pikeman.)

    16. Rifleman 14/14/1-AI Strategies: Offense, Defense

    17. Cavalry 15/8/3-AI Strategies: Offense (Don't know whether to change the defense rating on this one.)

    18. Infantry 16/20/1-AI Strategies: Offense, Defense

    19. Tank 28/20/2-AI Strategies: Offense

    20. Mech Infantry 24/32/2-AI Strategies: Offense, Defense

    21. Modern Armor 40/28/3-AI Strategies: Offense

    22. Catapult 0/0/4/1/1/1-AI Strategies: Artillery (Bombardment on any unit with bombardment power will need to be increased.)

    23. Cannon 0/0/8/1/1/1-AI Strategies: Artillery

    24. Artillery 0/0/12/2/2/1-AI Strategies: Artillery

    25. Radar Artillery 0/0/16/2/3/1-AI Strategies: Artillery

    26. Cruise Missile 40/0/16/4/3/1-AI Strategies: Cruise Missile (Might have to make the cruise missile go back down to 0 again on attack.)

    27. Tactical Nuke 0/0/0/6/0/1-AI Strategies: Tactical Nuke

    28. ICBM 0/0/0/0/0/1-AI Strategies: ICBM

    29. Galley 2/2/3-AI Strategies: Naval Transport

    30. Caravel 3/2/4-AI Strategies: Naval Transport

    31. Frigate 8/6/3/1/2/5-AI Strategies: Naval Power

    32. Galleon 4/5/4-AI Strategies: Naval Transport

    33. Ironclad 12/10/6/1/2/3-AI Strategies: Naval Power

    34. Transport 14/16/6-AI Strategies: Naval Transport

    35. Carrier 8/16/0/0/0/1/7-AI Strategies: Naval Carrier

    36. Submarine 24/18/4-AI Strategies: Naval Power

    37. Destroyer 30/20/6/1/2/1/8-AI Strategies: Naval Power

    38. Battleship 40/34/8/2/2/2/5-AI Strategies: Naval Power

    39. AEGIS Cruiser 36/26/6/2/2/3/7-AI Strategies: Naval Power (I think the defense will need to be increased on this one.)

    40. Nuclear Submarine 30/22/5-AI Strategies: Naval Power, Naval Missile Transport

    41. Fighter 12/8/3/0/1/6/1-AI Strategies: Defense

    42. Bomber 16/12/12/0/3/10/1-AI Strategies: Bombard

    43. Helicopter 0/6/0/0/0/6/1-AI Strategies: Transport

    44. Jet Fighter 24/16/3/0/1/9/1-AI Strategies: Defense

    45. Stealth Fighter 28/24/6/0/2/12/1-AI Strategies: Bombard

    46. Stealth Bomber 32/18/18/0/3/16/1-AI Strategies: Bombard

    47. Jaguar Warrior 2/2/2-AI Strategies: Offense

    48. Bowman 4/3/1/0/1/1-AI Strategies: Offense, Defense

    49. Hoplite 3/5/1-AI Strategies: Offense, Defense

    50. Impi 2/4/1-AI Strategies: Offense, Defense

    51. Legionary 8/4/1-AI Strategies: Offense, Defense

    52. Immortals 7/4/1-AI Strategies: Offense, Defense (Didn't know whether to change this any because of the higher attack rating of the Legionary.)

    53. War Chariot 5/2/2-AI Strategies: Offense

    54. Rider 10/3/3-AI Strategies: Offense (The rider is the variant of the knight, so the defense may go to six also.)

    55. Mounted Warrior 7/2/2-AI Strategies: Offense

    56. Musketeer 10/11/2/0/1/1-AI Strategies: Offense, Defense

    57. Samurai 10/6/2-AI Strategies: Offense, Defense

    58. War Elephant 10/3/2-AI Strategies: Offense (I made the War Elephant's bonus hp go up to 2 instead of 1.)

    59. Cossack 15/8/3-AI Strategies: Offense

    60. Panzer 28/20/3-AI Strategies: Offense

    61. Man-O-War 11/6/4/1/2/5-AI Strategies: Naval Power

    62. F-15 24/16/6/0/2/1-AI Strategies: Bombard, Defense

    63. Privateer 6/5/3/0/0/5-AI Strategies: Naval Power (You gotta love these! In my previous games, the privateers weren't used much because they had very low attack and defense compared with modern ships. The AI builds quite alot of these! It makes the game more interesting that way though. I love it!)

    64. Keshik 10/2/2-AI Strategies: Offense

    65. Conquistador 8/6/2-AI Strategies: Offense, Explore

    66. Berserk 8/6/1-AI Strategies: Offense, Defense

    67. Sipahi 16/10/3-AI Strategies: Offense

    68. Gallic Swordsman 6/3/2-AI Strategies: Offense

    69. Ansar Warrior 10/2/3-AI Strategies: Offense

    70. Numidian Mercenary 3/5/1-AI Strategies: Offense, Defense

    71. Hwach'a 0/0/8/1/1/1-AI Strategies: Artillery

    72. Medieval Infantry 8/4/1-AI Strategies: Offense

    73. Guerilla 12/12/3/0/1/1-AI Strategies: Offense, Defense (Russia had 107 of these in my game at one time!)

    74. Enkidu Warrior 2/3/1-AI Strategies: Offense, Defense

    75. Three-Man Chariot 4/4/2-AI Strategies: Offense, Defense

    76. Carrack 5/3/4-AI Strategies: Naval Power, Naval Transport

    77. Swiss Mercenary 6/9/1-AI Strategies: Offense, Defense

    78. Trebuchet 0/0/6/1/1/1-AI Strategies: Artillery

    79. Chasqui Scout 3/2/2-AI Strategies: Offense

    80. Javelin Thrower 3/3/1-AI Strategies: Offense, Defense

    81. Dromon 3/2/2/1/2/3-AI Strategies: Naval Power, Naval Transport

    82. Cruiser 28/26/7/1/2/1/6-AI Strategies: Naval Power

    83. Crusader 9/4/1-AI Strategies: Offense

    84. Ancient Cavalry 7/3/2-AI Strategies: Offense (The hp bonus for this unit stayed the same, just the attack and defense was changed.)

    85. Curragh 1/1/2-AI Strategies: Naval Power (The curragh was the only unit listed on here that wasn't changed, aside from the artillery.)

    86. Paratrooper 13/16/1-AI Strategies: Offense (The paratrooper may need more attack.)

    87. TOW Infantry 14/16/1-AI Strategies: Offense, Defense (The TOW may need more attack and defense.)

    88. Flak 1/10/0/0/0/2/1-AI Strategies: Defense

    89. Mobile SAM 1/16/0/0/0/4/2-AI Strategies: Defense

    Whew! Man, did that take long to do, but anyways, there it is. I listed all of the ones I edited(Curragh is an exception which I listed anyway). The artillery units are the exceptions too.

    This mod only works with Civ 3 Conquests. Hope you guys can give me suggestions to make this mod more balanced!

    EDIT: I accidently had the optimal city count for the Huge map to 16 instead of 36. Sorry about that. I will also include a different file version for the increased food in water.

    EDIT 2: I have changed the worker and settler defense values to zero again. You can't capture the workers or settlers because of this. I have included updated biq files for both of the edited water and the one without.

    Attached Files:

  2. Plotinus

    Plotinus Philosopher Administrator

    Nov 14, 2003
    Moderator Action: Actually this looks like it should be in Completed Modpacks - moving it for you!
  3. Arexander

    Arexander The obvious lurker

    May 14, 2009
    Looks good. Unfortunately I can't download it just yet. Will do when I get to it.
  4. Crazykid

    Crazykid Chieftain

    Jan 2, 2007
    Thanks Plotinus, I was wondering where my post went!:)

    There are still quite a few problems to work out with the units. I need people to test this game and suggest any rebalancing. I already have a few things in mind, including making the Helicopter just a transport again. The bombard damage definitely needs reworking due to higher attack and defense power. I'll edit my post above to make some suggestions on certain units.

    EDIT: I have continued to play the Monarch game and noticed that the AI will build lots of Marines if it can. This is probably due to the fact that it has 24 attack. The marines do have low defense though. This shouldn't become too much of a problem when they get motorized transportation. They will then build tanks, I assume, cause no one has yet(that I know of). Now, this is my own preference, but I will probably include two files for this mod. One will have the coastal tiles(including sea and ocean) modified to have more food. I always thought that coastal tiles should increase more food. Maybe having the commercial dock as the second "harbor". The other file will be without the edited water specs.
  5. ieatturds

    ieatturds Chieftain

    Aug 20, 2011
    cant w8 to try. i know, its 2011, im way behind in my gaming... what can i say, this is a fun game!

    i wonder if im just talking to myself here... o.O

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