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Civver Looking For PBEM Game...

Discussion in 'Civ4 - PBEM Games' started by Fuel68, Dec 26, 2006.

  1. soul_warrior

    soul_warrior Termite!

    Oct 25, 2004
    Sydney, NSW
    looking to expand the teachings of the JiveTalker (tm) into the realms of [civ4] pbem's.
    i have played it, and warlords before but it hasnt stuck.
    i am certain that a good team is what i need.

    i can do 1 turn a day, maybe more, if they get in before i go to work.
    i do not quit games, and i keep my deals within.

    civ 4 level: :blush: noob.
    (but ill kick y'arse on civ3 :D

    Location: GMT+2, israel
    Game Experience: [Civ3] for many years, trying to have a go at [civ4] again
    Favorite Civilizations: england/dont mind
    Gaming-Style: commited. honest. trust worthy.
    Communication: Email (get it via PM)
    Substitution Availability: depends on my workload.
  2. JHopkins19

    JHopkins19 Chieftain

    Jul 12, 2006
    Looking For: Novice CIV PBEM player here, but want to jump in ASAP (I am playing Beyond the Sword, version 3.13)
    Location: Raleigh, NC (EST)
    Favorite Civilizations: Hmmm, don't really have one. I would rather have us choose random start, but I can choose if needed.
    Communication: check email throughout the day, contact at jhubaseball@yahoo.com or send me a PM.

    I'll probably send out some invites myself as I'd like to get started as soon as possible.
  3. Ace of Gold


    Mar 17, 2007
    California, USA
    looking for a 3.13 beyond the sword pbem. any map, quick or normal speed and 4-5 players who can commit to doing atleast a turn per day.my gmt is -8 and my leader pick is either alexander percules churchill or any of the french leaders
  4. Fuel68

    Fuel68 Chieftain

    Dec 25, 2006
    USE the Format... it HELPS!!!:goodjob:

    To those of you who have posted & would like to get more bang out of your request for games, let's keep game-starting threads out of this one please. Start your threads elsewhere & not here so as to avoid the clutter that is already building. This is a PLAYER DIRECTORY for all intents and purposes.

    This thread was created in the hopes of getting many of us Civ-Fanatics to advertise ourselves that we are 'ready, willing, & able' to participate in some PBEM or PitBoss games. So just reply and ADD yourself to this thread to form a simple Player Directory for the community to use for player-slot filling in creating games.

    For those that may be interested, maybe copying the ‘format’ and adding/substituting other relevant features PBEM organizers are looking for could help make things easier for gamers in general. I like organization---probably due to my ocd! For example, I'm thinking probably filling in the basics of the following would help:

    Looking For: (Type of game, game specifics, preferences…)
    Location: Where you be! (GMT Time & Place)
    Favorite Civilizations: Name your flavors erm,... Civs!
    Communication: How to get a hold of you. Which works best?

    * Hopefully there others like myself out there looking for games that can add replies to this to make it worthwhile for PBEM organizers.
    Peace, yet again… Fuel :king:


    Looking For: I'd like to join any-sized (slight preference on 4-10 people but no biggie!), more or less default settings CivIV (Warlords or Vanilla) PBEM game; no preference on map; culture-specific starting locations on or off as I'm not picky. A fun, reasonable and committed group of guys & gals who are available to do 4-6 turns a week---and have fun when collaborating or running amok/suicidal. Having fun & taking lumps as you go. With regards to the game speed, forwarding the save as soon as possible is NOT a priority as it is ensuring everyone is able to make the turn---ie: getting the turn done in 6 hours before folks are ready is not as important as getting everyone done in 2-3 days! But I’m sure we’ll see how it goes per group & play it by ear. Thanks for everyone’s time and happy Civving!

    Keep it clean, Peace, & much thanks, Fuel :goodjob:

    Location: GMT-8, California!
    Game Experience: Since Civ I’s inception,…
    Favorite Civilizations: America, Carthage, England, India, & Korea
    Gaming-Style: Honorable, easy-going, & committed.
    Communication: ICQ, MSN, yahoo!, VOIP enabled (TeamSpeak or Ventrilo), or Email
    Substitution Availability: Sure, why not? Just message me---as long as the game isn’t on turn 140 of 150!
  5. Ace of Gold


    Mar 17, 2007
    California, USA
    looking for: a 3.13 bts game no normal or quick speed 4-5 civs that can do 1-2 turns per day, no random civs

    location: gmt-8 california

    game experience: since civ 3 original

    favorite civs: France England and Greece

    Gaming-style: commited, wont quit (unless i lose my disk which only happened once)

    Communication:Karl_of_europe@yahoo.com (those are underscores not spaces) is my email

    Substitution Availability: sure, as long as its a civ i like or somewhat like and i am not being killed

    hopefully that was orginized enough
  6. Ben E Gas

    Ben E Gas King

    Mar 8, 2003
    Boston, MA USA
    Looking for a BTS 3.13 game.
    I could do about 1 turn per day.
  7. ShorHabar

    ShorHabar Chieftain

    Nov 14, 2007
    Hi , I'm looking to join a game

    Location: GMT+2, Israel
    Game Experience: Some - playing Noble…
    Favorite Civilizations: whatever
    Gaming-Style: Honorable, easy-going, & committed.
    Communication: MSN, Email
    Substitution Availability: Will do - depends on my free time
  8. zenspiderz

    zenspiderz Just some bloke..

    Apr 10, 2006
    Looking for - big games with long timescales (accelerated starts ok) with dedicated never stop even when losing players.

    - UK GMT 0

    Game experience - SMAC then civ3 and now civ4 (all expansions) - generally play monarch level SP

    Fav Civ - will play any but like pete of russia, saladin on arabia, sulieman of ottomania.

    - PM to start with.

    Sub avialability - maybe
  9. Aspix

    Aspix Chieftain

    Nov 29, 2007
    Looking For: an internet game with 2 to a handful of human players. I play warlords, usually epic/marathon. When I play 1 player its usually warlord level. Basically I’m up for most games – however I prefer opponents/other players at (or close to) my own level

    Location: Copenhagen GMT+1

    Game Experience: I have played since civ1

    Favorite Civilizations: Romans (but not nescesarilly)

    Gaming-Style: usually I either play cooperatively or aggressively

    Communication: MSN, or Email

    Substitution Availability: …
  10. Game_Addy

    Game_Addy Chieftain

    Jun 6, 2005
    Looking For: A BTS game with a few humans, AI optional. Mostly something to get my feet wet with 4-7 turns/week. I'll mostly be playing after I get off from work(2200 here)

    Location: U.S. Pacific(GMT -8)

    Game Experience: Played since Civ II; intermediate Civ IV, though I am a newcomer to online-play.

    Favorite Civilizations: Any, or Random. For leaders, I prefer Philosophical, Spiritual, Organized in almost any combination(though I lean towards Spiritual more)

    Gaming-Style: Builder. I like to make the games last, get ahead, and then crush the competition.

    Communication: AIM, YIM, MSNIM, or Email. Or PM here.

    Substitution Availability: As long as the game is in the beginning/mid part of the game.
  11. DNK

    DNK Member

    Apr 7, 2007
    Looking For: any vanilla game. Prefer larger maps and continents, and a high player/size ratio (~10 on standard), but just about anything would work. Prefer no barbarians. Honestly, though, it doesn't matter that much. Human co-op instead of vs. is also doable.

    Location: GMT-6, Illinois
    Game Experience: Civ3+Civ4 - Prince/monarch solo win ~90%, monarch maybe 40%, no multiplayer yet
    Favorite Civilizations: English, Germans, Chinese
    Gaming-Style: Honorable, friendly, builder although prone to crushing military attacks when necessary.
    Communication: E-mail
    Substitution Availability: Sure.
    Availability: Unsure.
  12. prenessa

    prenessa Chieftain

    Dec 30, 2007
    Hello, I would like to participate in any type of PBEM game (Civ4 BTS)

    Location: Hungary, GMT + 1
    Favorite Civilizations: Depends on the type of map and game
    I can play my turn every day, more than once per day.
    msn, email: kmecseki@dotnet.ms
  13. blazer-glory

    blazer-glory Chieftain

    Jul 3, 2007
    Eh? Im right here silly.
    Me too. Im always up for a game :)
  14. daz34

    daz34 Chieftain

    Nov 28, 2007
    never played PBEM but would like to try as multiplayer is quick and dirty and i would like to think a bit. So is PBEM turn based or is there a choice.
    Location:Colombia GMT -6 i think
    experience: played bts SP since sept 07 been playing MP the last month.
    favourite civs: the less popular ones. everyone is inca, rome, dutch, in MP i have been trying to make Byzantium work because i dont see anyone using it.
    gaming style: i like it all. well spaceships i find boring and spies i am not good at.
    comms: email or PM me here
    substition: never played PBEM willing to learn
    availability:5-7 pm every day would be good.
  15. VeteranLurker

    VeteranLurker Warlord

    Nov 8, 2006
    Ann Arbor, MI
    Looking For: A BTS w/3.13patch game. Random larger 'normal' earth-like map settings for variety. Probably Epic speed.
    Location: GMT-5, Michigan.
    Game Experience: Started with Civ1 way back when, now Civ4 BTS. Some PBEM with Civ3-Warlords. Warlord/Noble level.
    Favorite Civilizations: None, even random could be interesting.
    Gaming-Style: Like to build, but you wouldn't like me when I'm angry.
    Communication: PM for now, E-mail once game starts.
    Substitution Availability: Maybe.
    Availability: Usually daily during the week, 1-2 turns per day max.
  16. LordDragonHat

    LordDragonHat Chieftain

    Jan 20, 2007
    Looking For: BTS, and nothing too long... :eek: any config is worth trying. Jus wanna play!!

    Experience: Used to noble, but now playing prince and winning! :) altough only used to hotseat games, i know can get used to new things... jeje

    Location: :scan: GMT-3, -4 now DS; Quilpue, Chile

    Favorite Civilizations: I think there are few some too overpowered... thats not my style :p Tryed celts little time ago, and liked MUCH

    Communication: gmail works terrific for me, check email every minute after another :crazyeye: PM the same

    Availability: Once per day sounds good... nightime preference
  17. Ulfang

    Ulfang Balrog

    Nov 6, 2005
    Morecambe, UK - GMT +0 (+1 BST)
    Me too. I've been playing some M2TW hotseat games recently which has put me in the mood. I always fancied playing a Civ IV PBEM but never got round to it.....

    Looking For: any really and the longer the better. I don't play Marathon games for nothing :)

    Location: UK so GMT +0 I can process a daily turn though

    Game Experience:Played since Civ 1 but not much experience of online play

    Favorite Civilizations: I probably play England the most but I'm not fussy who I play every civ has its own pro's and con's

    Gaming-Style: Co-op but quite happy with a bit of backstabbing :)

    Communication: MSN, or Email - gav_rocks@hotmail.com
  18. Arangarx

    Arangarx Chieftain

    Jan 13, 2008
    Looking For: Anything BTS 3.13 or earlier. I'm actually looking for several games so that I can do more than one turn per day, hehe. I'm up for pretty much any games with a lot of people. I want some epic games. I'm even willing to administrate a game.

    Location: GMT -7 . Utah

    Favorite Civilizations: No Preference, though germany is fun since i speak German.


    email: arangarx@hotmail.com
    aim: arangarx7
    yahoo: arangarx
    msn: arangarx@hotmail.com

    Email is a guarantee, though any of those chats will be the fastest if I'm on my computer.
  19. blazer-glory

    blazer-glory Chieftain

    Jul 3, 2007
    Eh? Im right here silly.
    I'll set up a game and send you one later! Thanks! ;)
  20. Arangarx

    Arangarx Chieftain

    Jan 13, 2008
    Are you the one who just sent me that Guarav vs Col game?

    Well, I played my first turn. Do you have players for the other two spots? Who should I send the game to next? I use a program to email people automatically so I need the emails of each of the four players and especially the email of whoever is playing Kublai Khan (the person after me).

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