Coastal Fortresses and ZOC...! ;o(


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Dec 27, 2001
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Ok, where do we start we these two so called features..?!

1. Coastal fortresses..!?

For starters, they do not seem to work well and their function is inappropriate to how the game mechanics work. Correct if i am wrong, but it would appear that naval vessels have to occupy 2 spaces in a turn adjacent to the coastal fortress for them to open fire?! The way the AI bombards me is to move in shoot and leave by the same path thus never actually passing through 2 spaces adjacent to the fortress....myself, i never have to worry because the AI never builds them anyway (not surprisingly as they are pish).

It would appear their only usage is their inherent bonus they give to the city's defences against naval bombardment!?

WHat a load of pants these improvements are.. The Ai also seems to reckon they are worthless too as they never build them or for that matter build city walls?! I reckon these need to be seriously improved so that not only would i value their inclusion, but the AI would too. :(

2. Same thing goes for the ZOC, this relatively ineffective feature not only doesn't cause enough damage, but only occurs every once in a while... the majority of the time nothing happens when an enemy passes a unit on a fortress or a unit that possess the ZOC attribute. :(

I'd much rather prefer to see the old ZOC rules from Civ2 be reintroduced again to bring back some semblance of importance of fortresses, etc...!

Any thoughts...?
yeah the zone of control thing disappoints me to, it forces you to rack up 3-4 units in there if you want a chance of killing something

mind you if you where trying to block routes into your empire it has the same effect as the 3 units strung out blocking

you also get the defensive bonus and can chosse the terrain its on so i suppose its not too bad

it forces attackers to destroy fortress units if they want to get past though (only if you got multiple units in there and yer fortresses are spaced just right)

a couple of spearmen, 3 horsemen and a couple of catapults in a mountain fortress can be a nightmare to assault in ancient times
Coastal fortresses seem so lame that I never gave them a fair chance to see if they're worth building.

Regular fortresses, on the other hand, can be very useful, esp. for protecting frontier resources.
Coastal Forts are worthless, put artillery along the coast and fire out to sea, lol.
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