CoL Discussion: Section A(Citizens' Rights)

Donovan Zoi

The Return
Oct 22, 2002
Here is Section A of the DG2 Code of Laws. This section deals with rights of the citizenry. Please propose any modifications that will make for a better ruleset, as well as identify any passages that are no longer needed.

A. Citizen Rights 
   1. Right to Assemble 
       A.  Citizens may form civilian agencies/groups to perform specific tasks or 
       promote specific agendas. 
           1. Examples include a history tracking group and activists for or 
           against war. 
           2. Citizen groups may lobby for candidates and agendas. 
       B.  Political parties (slate polling) are not permitted. 
   2.  Right to Free Movement 
       A.  Each citizen resides in a city of Fanatika. 
       B.  Citizens choose where they live and may change this location at will. 
   3.  Right to Free Speech 
       A.  Citizens may post their comments in forum threads wherever 
       B.  Citizens may post their comments in chats wherever appropriate. 
       C.  Citizens may create discussion threads on any topic. 
       D.  Citizens may create polls on any topic. 
   4.  Right to a Fair Trial 
       A.  A citizen accused of a crime is considered innocent until proven otherwise. 
       B.  Cases will be tried by the judiciary and citizenry through discussion and
       judged and sentenced by votes of the citizenry. 
   5.  Right to Representation 
       A.  The citizenry forms the Congress and thereby controls the passage of 
       laws and amendments. 
   6.  Right to Demand Satisfaction 
       A.  Any citizen may call to account any violation of the Constitution or 
       Code of Laws. 
       B.  Any citizen can request that a departmental leader post a poll that lies 
       within that leader’s responsibilities. 
           1.   If two other citizens agree with the proposed poll (proposal 
           seconded and carried) the request becomes a demand and the 
           leader must comply. 
   7.  Right to Vote 
       A.  All citizens have the right to vote in all public polls. 
       B.  No citizen will be forced to cast their vote against their conscience. 
       C.  No citizen will vote more than once in the same poll.

**You will see that Section B of the CoL is currently being discussed as an addition to our Constitution, so there is no need to discuss it here.

B.  Game Play Restriction 
   1.   It is unlawful to play through actions, move troops, make deals or take any 
   other action that would change the state of the playing game from that of the 
   saved game. 
       A.  Exception: The structure of peace renegotiation treaties requires an 
       action to be taken to view the bargaining possibilities. Specifically, once 
       the deal is broached it must result in a new deal or a declaration of war. 
       Once the bargaining possibilities have been noted the altered game must 
       be immediately closed without saving. Further activity in the altered 
       game is not allowed.
Change 4.A to:
"A citizen accused of a crime is considered innocent unless proven otherwise."

Thanks Cyc - I still remember the correction!

Look for a thread on Citizen Complaints that I'll be starting soon - it affects portions of 4.B.

Change 6 to Right to seek to a redress of grievances

-- Ravensfire
Are we done here? It certainly looks like no one has anything to add...
Going once .... (poll will go up in the afternoon)

-- Ravensfire
Going twice! :)
Whoops - the Citizen Complaint process, if it goes through as currently specified, will cause a slight change in this.

B.  Cases will be tried by the judiciary and citizenry through discussion and
       judged and sentenced by votes of the citizenry.
B.  Cases will be tried by the Judiciary and citizenry through discussion,  
    judged by the Judiciary, and sentenced by the votes of the citizenry.

-- Ravensfire
Poll has been posted here.

-- Ravensfire
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