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Cold War/Imperialist "politics" XD


Sep 17, 2010
Ok,this is something that I liked in Rise of Nations,and I think that the puppet government in Civ V is cool too

but there is some cool "politics" that country like Uk (and most European) in 19th,and US and Russia did in the 20ht century that I really like , it's really using influence and wealth to get more power. Like helping Coup d'état, Guerrillas and using the Media to do some heavy damage.

I think that if Espionage get back to civ,we could be able to spend a lot of money in these things.

Coup d'état was something very common to do to a country in Cold War,Just see Latin America,
Maybe in civ it would need a lot of money,and the people of the country would need to be very low "democratized",then you would be able to change that low-power country that like your enemy and don't want to do your unfair commerce to a low-power country that loves you and do any kind of commerce,even if it is very unfair

Guerrillas would be cheaper,and would do a nice damage,here don't matter if the people is "democratized" or not,but if the people is Happy or not,and this would trigger a war in the nation,would be good to change a mid-power nation to low-power,or to eliminate the good ally of your foe,to a private army that can help you. one of the bad point of Guerrilla is that this could get out of control,just like Taliban did.

Media can affect your country and another country,but it effect yours.You could "help" some media corps.And then they would be more "helpful" to you.I mean,that war that is making a lot of people in your country unhappy could really be seen by another way,and then it goes on.
Or you could just make that City-state like you.Or you could make a city of your country or of another just "need" to demand something that would be very helpful to your economy

I think that these things were very common in the world,and cold be some nice add,and also,a little or a big empire would be able to do that.I think that also would be a nice "simulation" of history.
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